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Review: Club Plasma


Thrills. Club Plasma.

Starring Lauren Hays (as Felicia Reynolds), Antoinette Abbott (as Cheryl), Duke Champagne (as Rob), Catalina Larranaga (as Portia), Charles D. Cherrier (as Vince), Roland Martinez (as Aurelius), Raquel Ann Moore (as Sex Ghoul #1), Logan Degan (as Sex Ghoul #2), Susan Hale (as Sex Ghoul #3), Alberto Bosi (as Bouncer) and Anna Godwin (as Bartender).

A reporter's former lover claims to be a vampire.


Vince, from the bomb squad, and Cheryl, a reporter are staring at a bomb that's steadily counting time down. He says that there's nothing he can do to stop it and radios for everyone to get out. She calmly reaches over and snips a wire, stopping the countdown, explaining that she's there to cover a story and not to become wallpaper. She radios that the situation is holding and that they need thirty minutes to clean up, then turning to Rob, she tells him that he hasn't thanked her for saving his life yet.

They begin to kiss, then she turns her back to him so that he can unzip her jumpsuit, releasing her breasts. He rubs and kisses them, turning her to face him so that he can suck on her nipples. Pretty soon, their suits come off and Rob rubs his face on her belly and kneels to suck her pussy. They change places and she gives him some head before straddling him and riding his cock right next to the bomb. After they finish, he asks her how she knew to cut the black wire and she says, "It was easy. It's my favorite color."

Felicia tells Rob that she wants him to pursue a story and he responds that he doesn't think it is one. She says that it is and that he'll need a fearless partner. Cheryl immediately volunteers, despite Rob's warning that she should hear what it is before she commits herself to it. He explains that Felicia introduced him to a woman named Portia and that they dated for awhile but there was something strange about her. Felicia says that Portia's a vampire and Rob argues, saying that Portia only thinks that she's a vampire. Anyway, Felicia wants a story done on her so they agree to do it.

In between segments, Thrills runs some of the results of a question that they put to the readers. The question: Have you fantasized about being a vampire? 83% answered Definitely, 15% answered Not My Thing and 2% said that they were already living the fantasy.

Rob and Cheryl go to the club and they split up with Rob going to look for Portia. He stops at the bar for a drink and two women proposition him and he brushes them off. Cheryl has ventured downstairs and finds a man in a mask. She tries to fight him off but he hypnotizes her and she faints. He places her on a couch and pushes her shirt up, licking and sucking on her nipples and she wakes up. She spreads her legs and he enters her, fucking her hard and fast until she cums. When she comes to, she is alone and she straightens her clothing and heads back upstairs to the bar.

The same women who hit on Rob drink blood from a plate at the bar and Cheryl runs off, disgusted. In the main room, ______ addresses the crowd, announcing Portia and from his vantage point, Rob watches her act. A scared young woman is tied to a bed in the center of the room and Portia begins by rubbing her legs, then frees the woman's breasts along with her own. She licks the young woman's body as the others move closer, then baring her fangs, she bites the girl's neck as the others toast her.

Another Readers Poll Survey appears. The five sexiest places for a love bite: 5. Lips, 4. Earlobe, 3. Neck, 2. Belly Button and 1. Upper Thigh.

Rob finds Portia in her dressing room and he explains that he's come to see her because he's worried about her and the vampire obsession. He doesn't believe that she's a vampire and she bites him to prove it. Meanwhile, Cheryl is looking for him outside and they bump into each other. She tells him about the people in the basement but not about the fuck she had and he rubs his neck, complaining of feeling drained. They agree to leave for the night and Portia sits back in her chair and smiles.

In the morning, Rob returns to the club but everyone is asleep. He finds Portia in a coffin bed and tries to listen to her pulse but finds none. Next, he takes her temperature and it's 58 degrees. He shakes and kisses her, trying to get her to wake up but the mention of bringing a doctor to examine her does the trick. She opens her eyes and pulls his mouth down to hers. She pulls his shirt off, then licks his chest. He does the same for her, sucking her nipples before he pulls her dress off and has her straddle him. They rock together, then they change position with Rob plowing her from behind. When he wakes up, he's lying next to her in the coffin bed and cannot wake her up again.

Back at the office, Cheryl finds Rob working in the dark. Seems he doesn't like the light and even puts on a pair of shades. She's brought him the absinthe that he asked for and notices a bite mark on his neck. When she asks about it, he explodes telling her that he wants her to stay away from the club and away from him. Cheryl doesn't want him to see Portia by himself and follows.

The last Readers Poll Survey pops up and the top five answers to the question, What is the best way to spend eternity are: 5. Goofing off, 4. Playstation, 3. Watching the tube, 2. Having sex and 1. Anything with Charlize Theron.

At the club, Rob enters, checks the short stake in his pocket and goes looking for Portia. Cheryl enters and wanders through, looking for Rob but the Masked Man finds her and yanks her into a bedroom. He pulls her shirt up and feasts on her nipples, then forces her to pay some attention to his cock. He takes her again, standing as he pumps into her. Afterward, she removes his mask and finds that it's Vince from the Bomb Squad.

A factoid appears: Absinthe: A hallucinatory drink made from the wormwood plant. Extremely poisonous to vampires.

Rob finds Portia in her room and tells her that he still doesn't believe that she's a vampire. He wants to know why she bit him and she says that she wants him to be her lover for eternity. He pulls out the bottle of absinthe and she reels away. He wants the truth on how she became a vampire and she tells the tale of Aurelius, who bit her at the age of eighteen, and made her a vampire and a woman. She and Aurelius have hot sex before he bites her.

Rob resists her and tries to walk away but her two minions return and she hypnotizes him. They begin to make love, licking and sucking and Rob goes down on her, just as he pulls the stake out, raising it high above her chest. Back at the office, Cheryl reads the article and says that Felicia will love it. Rob replies, "I had a big stake in it." Rob heads back to the club and Portia is waiting for him. She wasn't sure that he was going to return but he bares his fangs and assures her that he wasn't going to give all this up.

OPINION: One out of four. Horrible. Story line was decent but the music was overpowering and the sound editing was so bad that at times, there were sounds of moaning with no one moaning on the screen. Pass this one by!!

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