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Review: Erotic Confessions


Erotic Confessions, Vignettes: "Arresting Developments" & "Messy".

Starring Ava Fabian (as Jacqueline Stone), Craig Stepp (as Andrew Davis in "Arresting Developments"), Rebecca Ferratti (as Rebecca/Ms. Mary in "Arresting Developments"), Darcy DeMoss (as Alycia in "Messy"), Chona Jason (as Cassandra in "Messy") and Tom Paris (as Jeff in "Messy").

In "Arresting Developments", a tax attorney finds out that crime does pay and in "Messy", a little maid service brings a new spark into a married couple's life.

* * * * *

Jacqueline Stone is a writer and is a beautiful brunette with C cup-sized breasts and dark brown eyes. Standing naked in her waterfall pool, she opens a letter from a male fan and begins to read it. Andrew says that being a fan of hers doesn't exactly match with his profession of being a tax attorney and that since she likes stories of passion and romance, he has a story like hers, but it began with someone breaking into his apartment.

Andrew, a tall, older man with short dark hair, arrives home to find that his apartment has been trashed and immediately calls the police. The officer, Rebecca Torres, arrives and she is a short woman with her long, dark hair pinned up and dark eyes. At first, he is upset that only she has arrived to solve his crime but he relents when she states that she is quite capable of handling things. He apologizes and she says that she was robbed a few weeks ago.

Andrew drops into a dream, a dream in which she is interrogating him, her hair streaming across her back. He is sweaty and his tie is undone. He won't answer her questions so she says it's time to break him. She pulls her shirt off and caresses her breasts while writhing on the table in front of him and using the tie to pull him near. He tries to resist but the sight of her naked breasts are too tempting and he bends down to kiss her.

He is startled back into reality by Rebecca's calls. She needs to take his fingerprints to exclude him and he asks if she likes her job. She says she does because she likes to be in charge. She gives him her card and he stops just short of asking her out. That night, he tosses and turns, again dreaming about her. This time, he is in a jail cell and she is outside, in a shirt, bra and no panties, telling him, "You can look but you can't touch." She tantalizes him by performing an erotic dance just out of his reach.

Andrew is awakened by a knock and is surprised to see Rebecca. She has stopped by to check on him and explains that life is too short and that when she sees something she wants, she goes after it. She pushes him into the bedroom and handcuffs him to the bed, then begins to undress. First pants, then shirt drop to the floor and she straddles him, releasing his hands. He takes off her bra and panties and they start to make love. He flips her over, sucking on her nipples.

Andrew finishes the letter by saying that it was one of the most incredible nights of his life and says that in some cases, crime does pay.

Jacqueline opens yet another letter from an admirer, Jeff and he says that he and a lot of his married friends complain about the monotony in their relationships but that he and wife shared an experience that they both needed and won't soon forget. Since then, their relationship has become fantastic.

The segment starts out with Jeff, a dark-hair man with a slight build, sitting in a messy living room and his wife, Alycia, who has long, dark hair and C cups, is picking up things, throwing his items at him, stating that she needs his help because her parents are coming over. He says it's not his fault that she invited them over. Upset that he can't watch his game, he says that he'll do it. She kisses him, saying she's heading to the store and that she'll be back at 7.

At 6, Jeff is in the messy kitchen and is distressed to find the dishwasher filled with dirty dishes. What's worse, there is no dishwashing liquid and he can't wash the dishes. He makes a phone call and Cassandra from the Maid Service comes in. Cassandra is a petite Asian woman with long, dark hair and B cups, wearing a maid's uniform. She begins cleaning as he lies on the couch, watching her. The kitchen is next and she makes easy work of it, all the while, knowing that he's watching.

All finished, Cassandra tells Jeff that it's very sweet to surprise his wife like this and asks how they keep the fire going in their marriage. Jeff says that he doesn't know and if he did, he'd be a lot happier. Cassandra says that maybe they've lost the imagination and need a spark. She begins to massage his tense shoulders, then slides into his lap, unzipping her uniform. He leans forward and touches and licks her breasts, then she straddles him for a few minutes before going down on him. He returns the favor and just as he's licking her foot, his wife arrives home and he frantically dresses while Cassandra laughs.

Cassandra introduces herself while Jeff runs upstairs to take a shower. Alycia and Cassandra start talking and Cassandra starts massaging Alycia's shoulders. Soon, Alycia is topless and the two women begin to play with each other in the darkened kitchen. Alycia goes down on Cassandra while she's sitting on the counter and Jeff comes downstairs and discovers them. For a moment, Alycia wonders if he'll be upset, but he joins in, stepping behind his wife and massaging her breasts.

As the clock rings 8, Cassandra leaves a lipstick kiss on her business card, sticks it on the hall table and lets herself out of the house. Jeff and Alycia are still in the kitchen, playing with honey. He drips some on her breasts and licks it away. Alycia drizzles some on his cock and licks it off. Next comes canned plums and they rub them all over each other's bodies and they become quite playful. They forget that her parents are on the way over and the doorbell rings.

Jeff says that after that night, they thought about inviting the woman back, they thought about doing a lot of things that they never did before and that it was like meeting his wife for the first time; their passion was re-ignited.

OPINION: One out of four. These stories look as if they've been edited down to fifteen minute segments from half-hour shows and you can tell. Everything happens too fast and it's difficult to get into the story. The story for "Arrested Developments" was cheesy but "Messy" was much better. Still, I'd rather have no plot and penetration over a cheesy plot any day. Buy some good porn and avoid this!

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