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Review: Fantasy Nights


The Best Sex Ever, Episode Nineteen (19) Fantasy Nights.

Starring Angela Davies (as Veronica), Keri Windsor (as Jenny), Frank Harper III (as Jason) and Wendy Rice (as Heather).

A happily married couple tries to spice up their stale sex lives by acting out their deepest fantasies one night a week.

* * * * *

Angela Davies stars as a radio talk show host, Veronica, and her role serves as the recurring base theme throughout the series. Her character introduces each segment by posing a question to her audience. In Fantasy Nights, she asks the audience about their sexual fantasies.

The first caller, Jason, claims to have lived out several of his fantasies and says that his secret is trust and understanding. Jason starts by describing his past with his wife, Jenny. They met in college and have been married for six years. The scene segues to Jason arriving home and finding Jenny and her best friend, Heather, trying on skimpy lingerie. Jenny is a dark blonde with size Ds and Heather has long, dark hair and is also a C cup. Jason relates that Heather seduced Jenny once in college and ever since he heard about it, he hasn't been able to get it out of his mind.

He states that his number one fantasy is to see his wife and her friend get it on. The scene moves from him in bed, kissing Jenny to Heather and Jenny kissing in their college dorm room. Jenny takes Heather's sweatshirt off and Heather returns the favor. Jenny then removes Heather's thong and starts chowing down on her best friend's pussy, kissing her inner thighs and working her way down. Heather trades places with Jenny and gives her a taste of her blonde pussy.

Finally, scissored together, Heather and Jenny rub their pussies against each other, each climaxing and afterwards, they lay together, still kissing and touching.

Back at their house, Jason and Jenny are lying in bed together and Jason is watching TV. Jenny takes the remote from him and confronts him about the fact that he was not mentally there during sex. She goes on to say that she and Heather discussed that he might be entertaining fantasies while having sex with her and that they should share them. After much thought, Jason agrees and they flip a coin to see who will go first. Jenny wins.

Jason sets up a photo shoot in their living room and a glamorous Jenny appears, dressed in sexy lingerie. The shoot begins with Jason taking pictures and rapidly progresses to Jenny getting undressed. Jason drops the camera, pulls her panties off and gives her pussy a few licks. After he undresses, he stands her up behind the chair and takes her from the back. Jason bangs his wife to a mutual orgasm and they collapse on the chair together.

Jenny shows Heather the pictures that Jason took. He has had them developed and mounted in a beautiful album for her. Heather says that she thinks Jenny is hot and then tells Jason that she thinks that all women are beautiful. Jenny pats his knee and reminds him that it's his turn next. He wants to tell Jenny his fantasy about Heather and her but he freezes up.

Veronica asks him why. He says, "Sometimes when you want a fantasy so badly and it's staring you in the face, that sometimes, you drift off into reality." He says that he doesn't think that Heather and Jenny are ready to relive 'the incident', as he calls their one-and-only make out session so he decides to go slow and build things up.

Jason decides to use another fantasy of his, one that he's had from his days of pool cleaning, of going to clean a client's pool only to find that she wasn't expecting him. In pool cleaner's uniform, he arrives and goes to clean the pool at his house, encountering his topless wife in a black wig, swimming. He says that he and his wife went back and forth for weeks, exploring their fantasies and he watches his wife start to masturbate on one of the pool chairs. In no time, he joins her and has her sit backwards on him, bouncing until they cum.

Days later, while barbecuing some steaks, he decides that it's time to tell his wife his number one fantasy. He looks across the pool and watches Jenny and Heather, both topless, spraying sunblock on each other and promptly drops one of the steaks on the ground. He asks Jenny to come inside because he needs to talk to her and standing by the window, he begins to kiss her, telling her that it's Fantasy Night and it's his turn.

Heather, who is watching, begins to get hot and bothered and rubs a chunk of ice around her nipples, making them rock hard. Inside, Jason throws Jenny onto the couch and Heather, now curious because she can't see them, goes to the door. She tries to get in but it's locked and she watches helplessly as Jason and Jenny get it on, kissing and licking each other. Heather starts rubbing herself and masturbating as her best friend and her husband continue licking and kissing and brings herself off, just as Jason pumps Jenny full of cum.

Jason says that Jenny was so excited that Heather was watching, she came twice, something that hadn't happened in months. Veronica says that it's very erotic but it wasn't his true fantasy. He explains that he had to make sure that Heather was into it and that he decided to tell Jenny about his fantasy before his next turn.

Unfortunately, fate intervenes when Jenny gets a call from Heather. Heather is moving to Boston to be closer to her boyfriend, Danny, who lives in New York. Since Heather is leaving Sunday, Jenny asks Jason if they can go over and help her pack. Jason, of course, says yes. On Sunday (Fantasy Night), Jason tries to get Jenny to trade him turns but she says no; she has something planned and it can't be changed.

Jason is upset but starts to pack some books. Meanwhile, Heather comes in, states that it's hot and removes her sweatshirt, uncovering a lacy, see-through top and Jenny brings in a bag of clothing and lingerie, asking Heather what she plans to do with it. Heather says that she was going to throw it away and if Jenny wants anything, just take it. Jenny removes her pants and shirt and starts trying on lingerie. Heather does also and Jason stands there, his mouth handing open.

Now, dressed in lingerie, Jenny and Heather start kissing and Jason tells the audience that all along, Jenny knew what his secret fantasy was because it was her also and that she and Heather decided to do it for him. Jenny pulls the teddy off of Heather and licks her nipples, then goes down on her. Heather, of course, returns the favor and Jason joins in, creating a fantasy threesome. While Jenny deep throats him, Jason sucks Heather's nipples, then while Jenny straddles Jason's face, Heather fucks Jason. In a tangle of legs and pussies, all three cum, then change positions: Heather on the bottom and Jason fucking Jenny from behind.

Jason states that sharing his fantasy with his wife was wonderful and that it was the best sex he ever had.

OPINION: One out of four ... or maybe less. More vanilla sex and the plot was limp. Also, both women had fake tits. They weren't huge but when they don't slide into the armpit, that's a telltale sign. I wouldn't want to watch this one again. Boring!

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