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Review: For The Sake of Science


Women: Stories of Passion. For The Sake of Science.

Starring Kimberly Rowe (as Josie), John Furey (as Shawn), Bryan Moeller (as Augustine), Kira Reed (as Marlene), Jamison Jones (as Student #3), Christopher Brandi (as Dr. Luck) and Elisa M. Rothstein (as The Interviewer).

An experiment contributes to a student's sexual awakening.

* * * * *

In the dark of night, Josie is sleeping, having a sultry dream, until hands awaken her, remove her glasses and begin to caress her. While she sucks someone's fingers, another pair of hands unbuttons her nightshirt, rubbing her exposed breasts. The camera pulls back to show that there are three people around her: two men and a woman. The woman is at the head of the bed, feeding her her fingers while the men hover over her, stroking her body and face. Josie suddenly awakens, looks over at her sleeping boyfriend, Shawn, and flings herself back into the bed.

She tells The Interviewer that she had this dream almost every night and that it felt like it was happening to her. She says that she and Shawn did make love but that it was pretty much elemental. We watch as Shawn just pumps into her, kissing her cheek while he's taking care of himself. She goes on to say that he was the first person she ever made love to and she thought that that was what it was supposed to be. Josie says that she loves him but after two years together, she's never had an orgasm.

She explains that she doesn't think that much about it because she spends about 10 hours each day in the lab, pursuing her graduate degree in biochemical research. She says that the semester was great because she had been accepted into a tutorial from Dr. Luck and that she admired his holistic approach to research.

While she's in the lab, she has a daydream about Dr. Luck coming behind her and squeezing her breasts and the beaker that she's holding, filled with thick, red fluid, crashes to the floor. Dr. Luck hears the crash and his shout wakes her. She's still holding the beaker and he tells her that whenever she's ready, to come inside.

His lecture begins with a speech about the arousal of a woman. On a rubber dummy, he points out the nipple, the ear, the back of the neck, the inside of the thighs, the clitoris ... Marlene, a student says, "And the elusive G-spot?" Dr. Luck says that it exists but Marlene doesn't believe that it does. She thinks that it's a cruel hoax. Dr. Luck tells the students about a plethysmograph, an instrument that measures the size of a body part by the amount of blood that flows through it. Marlene is very interested in finding one and when Dr. Luck says that the school doesn't have one, she suggests building one.

Marlene asks Josie to come in early because she has the keys and she wants to do a little work in the basement. When Marlene asks if it will put a cramp in her Friday night, Josie says no, knowing that her life is boring. As evidence, the next scene shows Josie and her boyfriend, eating dinner while sitting on the end of their bed, transfixed by the mating habits of scorpions. She and the class clandestinely begin to build a plethysmograph in the basement of the lab building. She becomes close to Augustine, an exchange student who has been very quiet and shy and finally, the machine is done.

When it's time to test it, everyone looks to Josie, who quickly bows out. Marlene steps right in, happy to try it out. She undresses while the students look on and electrodes are attached to her nipples and various other parts of her body. Augustine hands her the wand, slipping a rubber onto it and she slips it under her panties and into her vagina. The switch is flipped and Marlene begins to react to the vibrator buried in her cunt. The two male students check the machine and say that it's not working because she's moving too much and causing the readings to jump. Marlene complains that they're making her nervous and sends them away, leaving Josie to work the box.

Josie tells The Interviewer that she was supposed to be helping Marlene document a sexual climax and she didn't even know what one was herself.

Back in the lab, they re-start the experiment and Josie feels a little embarrassed and turned on at the same time. Marlene puts her hand into her panties and masturbates herself. Josie finds herself getting more and more turned on, then Marlene cums and the machine powers down. The guys complain that she was too loud and too fast and say that they want to rig up something a little more sophisticated.

Days later, Marlene catches Josie in the hall and asks her to be in at eight because the guys have rigged up something special. But this time, they're going to try the machine on her. Josie says no and gives Marlene the keys, telling us that even though she said no, that she really wanted to try it. In bed with Shawn, he sees that she's not enjoying things and asks what's wrong. She doesn't really answer and he finishes, leaving Josie unfulfilled. He offers to go down on her but she just tells him to go to sleep.

She dreams again, about the hands touching and stroking her and is rudely awakened by the alarm clock. She has decided to be the guinea pig for the device. Josie is hooked up, she's given the wand and everyone watches as she goes to insert it. It drops on the floor and Josie apologizes, embarrassed. Marlene tells the guys that they are all going to have to help stimulate Josie and her dream begins to come true. Augustine touches her hair and rubs his fingers on her lips and Marlene uses the wand on her skin while the other student watches, then starts to rub her leg. Marlene inserts the wand and the experiment begins.

With the team stroking her, she imagines Dr. Luck above her, telling her that she's doing great and she hurtles toward an orgasm, her first. The machine gives a print out and the experiment has been a success. Back in class, the team listens to Dr. Luck but secretly smile to each other, knowing what they've built and its implications. That night, Josie takes the machine home and attaches it to Shawn so that he can understand what having an orgasm and having someone else involved with it means. As they fuck, they both orgasm together and the machine blows up.

OPINION: One out of four. The plot was cute but the story was sometimes hard to follow. Skip this one, too!

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