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Review: Gifts


Erotic Confessions, Vignette: "Gifts".

Starring Ava Fabian (as Jacqueline Stone).

In "Gifts", a medical student becomes the object of his boss's affections.


Dressed in pearls and a black dress, Jacqueline opens a gift and finds a silky piece of lingerie. She removes the dress and puts the gown on, giving the viewers a taste of her lovely breasts before picking up the letter.

It begins, "Many people question the ethics of dating someone at work." Dr. Lamar continues that the mixture of business and pleasure is looked down upon even more at a grad school, where it's perfectly legal. He proceeds to tell her about some trouble he got himself into. He knew it was risky but not without its pleasures. Dr. Lamar is a black man and is sitting at a centrifuge that holds 12 vials of a substance. He tells Nadine to use the figures he gives her with an equation and adds that it should come out correct.

Nadine says that she hopes he's correct and he states that if it doesn't, he may have to find another lab to assist. He gives her a kiss and says to call Dean Daniels. The Dean is a redhead and she is snippy to Dr. Lamar. She says that she'll come down to the lab in a half-hour and calls her secretary, Beth, in. It seems that Dean Daniels has received a gift and Beth says that it was on her desk this morning and doesn't know who it's from.

Dr. Lamar tells Nadine that the Dean is coming down to view the results and relates an experience he had with her at a party, that she stared him down like a hawk. She says not to be so nervous and they start kissing. Nadine unbuttons her dress and Dr. Lamar kneels at her feet, kissing her thighs and stomach, then sucks on her nipples until she arches backward. This quickly leads to fucking and they go at it amongst the medical equipment. They move onto a chair and fuck until they cum. As Nadine leaves, Dean Daniels enters the lab to view the equation results. She asks where the assistant is and when he tells her that Nadine left after lunch, she seems satisfied.

He hands her the files on the equation and she asks him to sit. Seconds later, she asks, "Have you ever had an affair on campus?" Dr. Lamar answers once and that he would never do it again because it was terrible. She gives him a roundabout hint that she knows of his affair with his assistant and that she doesn't approve of them. Dr. Lamar understands. Dean Daniels says that she'll return the equation file in an hour and departs, leaving Dr. Lamar to ponder her words.

Another gift arrives for the dean and she opens it, finding a red silk bra and panties. She gets a call from her husband, Jack and talks to him while checking out the underwear. The dean returns to the lab and tells Dr. Lamar that the equation was spectacular. She says that she apologizes for what she said earlier and that she doesn't want to make things uncomfortable around the office. As she says this, she strokes his hand and removes her jacket. She hints that she liked the red one but he doesn't know what she's talking about.

She unbuttons her dress, telling him that she was observing him at the department meeting and she says that she realized he was the one behind the gifts. He still doesn't know what she's talking about and she tells him about the anonymous gifts of lingerie that she's been receiving. When she offers herself to him, Dr. Lamar is a little worried that it might be risky and he doesn't want to ruin their work relationship but Dean Daniels doesn't care.

She needs him, she says, telling him that her husband doesn't satisfy her and Dr. Lamar answers that her husband's a fool. She unbuttons his shirt and kisses his stomach, begging him to make love to her. He yanks her panties off, clears his desk and penetrates her roughly. They change position and he takes her from behind, the look on her face rapturous. Nadine returns to find Dr. Lamar's office a mess and thinks that the Dean didn't like Dr. Lamar's work. He says that he doesn't know if she liked it or not but that she found out about their relationship and ends it. Nadine is okay with it but she leaves as Dr. Lamar's assistant.

OPINION: One out of four. The storyline was a little flat but it was nice to see black and white together. Always such a striking combination in my book!

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