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Review: Goth Sex 01


The program begins with a disclaimer that reads: The following program explores diverse sexual lifestyles. It documents the lengths to which people will go to express themselves ... and to connect with others.

Over different shots of BDSM, Michelle, a young girl with black hair and a pierced bottom lip, explains that once she started questioning her sexuality, she got into domination and that there's only so many ways that you can have sex with someone and it gets boring.

An explanatory line pops up: Goth State Of Mind and Phoenix, a young man with black and red hair and a pierced bottom lip, says that goth is more of an attitude. An unnamed young man adds that a certain amount of alienation can bring someone to a gothic state of mind because of the music and says, "You're going to listen to those CDs when you feel alienated." He likes the passion and the look of being goth and he likes a lot of the people. An unnamed young lady says that just because someone's wearing black lipstick doesn't mean that they're a dominatrix but it doesn't mean they're not. Gothic people, like anyone else, are interested in a rainbow of sexual flavors, she continues.

The next segment is Goth Sex. Batman is standing next to a coffin and says "We're not going missionary tonight. Let's try something a little different." Michelle admits that she likes to be spanked, likes to be tied up and likes bondage. Clint says it's penetration of the psyche that gets to him. Christa says that you are able to tap into that part of yourself that can spit in a woman's face and call her a whore and tells her that she's worthless garbage. Phoenix says that goth sex includes a lot of things that mainstream people would consider strange or wrong. As he says this, he is shown wrapping his girlfriend, Michelle, in blue saran wrap like a mummy. Then he is shown, wrapped in cloth like a mummy and blindfolded and Michelle places a piece of ice on his throat.

Explanatory lines to the next segment: Michelle, Hairdresser, New to Goth Sex. She says that she got into the scene when she was eighteen and started going out to clubs. She was very prudish and didn't know much about life. She always felt like she didn't fit in and thought that the girls that walked around with black hair looked so beautiful and mysterious.

Michelle's mom says that first, it was the Madonna phase, then the grunge phase and the latest is the gothic phase. Michelle shows a picture of herself when she had blonde hair and explains that she was going for the Marilyn Monroe look. She says that she likes to ease her Mom into the strange stuff that she does. Michelle's mom says that she doesn't think Michelle is extremely involved in S & M and Michelle says that her mother considers people who are into S & M to be sick and perverted.

Michelle explains that there are girls that can go out, meet a guy, have sex with him and immediately cum and they are completely satisfied with that. "That's great for them but I don't necessarily fit into that category." She says.

Christa, an older woman with a red and black bob and pierced nose, says that as a young child she was very sexually aroused by the movie, Alien, and thought that the creature in the movie was the sexiest being she'd ever seen in her entire life. She says that she was torn between wanting to fuck it and wanting to be it. Explanatory lines for this segment pop up: Christa, Poet, Old School Goth. She says that she didn't want to date like her friends, didn't want to go to the 'malt shop' with a boy, but that she wanted to tie him to a tree. She is shown being bound: she is sitting on a bench facing a panel of wood in front of her and her wrists are tied with rope behind the panel. She explains that having a safe place for your monster to come out and play is the only way to be a really, healthy person.

Christa says that if you go to church and pretend that you don't feel these things and seal yourself in a suburban coffin with a white picket fence around it and never acknowledge your own inner monster, that it doesn't go away; that it's in there weight-lifting and getting stronger and more bored like any prisoner.

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