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Review: Grip Till It Hurts




Women: Stories of Passion. Grip Till It Hurts.

Starring Siena Goines (as Mya), Lawrence J. LeJohn (as Alex), Bahni Turpin (as The Angel), Scott B. Smith (as Stan), Bonita Brisker (as Kelly), Courtney Delancey (as Lindsay) and Elisa M. Rothstein (as the Interviewer).

A young woman who works as a grip on a movie set tries to seduce her boss.


This installment begins on a movie lot and a couple of people are unloading some heavy duty equipment from a truck. Thick, duct-taped electrical lines are coiled on the ground and the team does their respective duties, setting up the equipment. Mya says that she’s a grip, a film technician that does things dirty, dangerous or high. She’s a problem solver and if it moves, it’s a job for the grips. The Interviewer’s voice says that she doesn’t look strong but Mya says that she is. She may not be able to build a house but she’s skilled enough to know how to do it.

Mya says that her best friend, Kelly, works the camera; Guitar’s union title is Best Boy, Electric but she’s far from being a boy; the Assistant Director is Lindsay and that they’re good at what they do. She then asks what’s the difference between a pig and a film director and the answer is absolutely nothing as we watch Stan talk with Lindsay, giving her directions, then leering at her as she departs.

He apologizes to Mya, asking for a raincheck and she replies that it never rains in L.A. We find out that they were together for three months before he kicked her to the curb for a no-talent actress. Stan asks Kelly about the dailies and she gives him the information, then rolls her eyes when he departs. Mya explains that there’s always a ‘suit’ (company executive) on the set who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground but they keep everyone working so she respects that.

A commercial for a haircare product is being shot and Mya, Kelly and Lindsay watch in interest. Take after take happens without a decent shot and finally, Stan stops the process, asking The Angel what the problem is. She says that since she’s an angel, she needs to feel light radiating on her wings. They take ‘five’ and Alex, the suit, argues with Stan about how much everything’s costing. Stan goes to see The Angel, telling her that she can’t cut the scene, that it’s his job. She is obviously upset and says that she can’t work because of the women watching her. The Angel wants them kicked off the set.

From his response, it’s obvious that Stan and The Angel are together and he tells her not to let Mya or anyone else ruffle her feathers. She complains that she’s tired and sore because he tried to kill her (with sex) last night and they start kissing. Stan puts his hand under her costume and caresses her breasts, kissing and licking, then removes his shirt. She sucks on his nipples and removes her costume.

Meanwhile, everyone is waiting for The Angel to return and Mya notices that some lights are flickering and that some of them are in The Angel’s dressing room. She goes to check and finds The Angel giving Stan head. Their eyes connect and she runs off, upset. She reminds herself that her friends teased her about dating a ‘one-night stand’ and now knows that he’s an empty vessel. Stan and The Angel redress themselves and when she sits down to the make-up mirror, the lights don’t work. Stan calls for Lindsay who calls for Mya, who is pacing the back lot, still upset. She collects herself and goes back inside.

Alex tells Stan that there are more scenes to shoot and that he’s going overtime. He also says that he hasn’t seen the dailies and that he’s not going to authorize any extras. The Angel pipes up, saying that she thought she was the only one in the commercial. Mya enters, repairs the lights and as she leaves, she and Alex have a connection. Mya tells the interviewer that Alex was not like anyone that she’d ever dated because he was everything that she was not. As the camera pans away, the interviewer asks Mya is her story is reality or fantasy and she answers, “Both.”

Mya says that Alex requested her for five additional commercial productions and that he never approached her on-set because he was a professional. She notices that he watches her and wonders if he’s afraid of heights as he watches her climb a ladder. Stan comes up and tells Alex that he wants to talk about advancing his career, but Alex is more interested in watching Mya. Stan notices and tells Alex to forget about her because she’s hardcore and that he has someone else that he should meet.

She dreams about taking him right there on the set with everyone else watching and she strides over, suggestively dancing with him as she undresses him, commenting that he always smells good and she hopes he tastes good as well. In her dream, she is lying on the bed where the commercial is being shot, blue skies and clouds behind and he licks her feet, then she straddles him. He sucks her small breasts until the nipples are erasers and licks his way down to her navel piercing.

Mya decides that she has to get Alex alone, away from the set because she’s falling in love with a man that she’s never kissed. After work, the ladies go out back, putting items away before they leave and Alex comes up, asking if anyone wants to wait for the dailies. He thought the dailies were people and not the previous day’s shots. Kelly and Lindsay depart and Mya tells him that she appreciates a man that can laugh at himself. After a bit of conversation, she asks him over and he accepts.

When Alex arrives, Mya takes his jacket and pours him a glass of wine. He’s very nervous because he has a thing about heights and open spaces. She goes to get ready and he removes her boots, giving her a gentle shoulder massage, then kneels to paint her toenails, telling her that he’s never done it before. Then he makes a confession: he already knows a lot about her. She begins to tell him things about himself that she’s noticed, about his education, his management skills and his past lover.

Alex says that he’s wanted to ask her out but knew that she was dating the director. She asks if he likes his women hard or soft and he responds a little of both. While she’s dressing, he writes in a daily diary and she thinks that it’s related to the production. He surprises her by reading poetry that he’s written to himself about her. She realizes that he is her soulmate, her mirror.

They begin to make love, kissing on the couch, then moving into the bedroom. They strip down and he enters her, gazing into her eyes. Positions change from her on top to her on her stomach, with him sliding into her pussy from the back, each sensuous and gentle.

The interviewer says that she’s been able to make her erotic dream come true and Mya answers yes and that it hasn’t ended. She invites the interviewer to come back and talk to her again.

OPINION: Two out of four. It was fantastic to see women in male positions and the women were very beautiful, especially Siena Goines. It was also nice to see a black-oriented production as well. Nice eye candy!

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