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Review: Gun Shy


Women: Stories of Passion. Gun Shy.

Starring Anneliza Scott (as Penny), Tony Ervolina (as Billy), James Black (as Cop), India Dupre (as Young Girl) and Elisa M. Rothstein (as the Interviewer).

Lonely lady cop meets an attractive pimp.

* * * * *

Penny is sitting in her car, waiting for the Interviewer and when she shows, she invites her in. Penny asks if she's writing a book about love and the Interview says sort of, then Penny tells her she should wear her hair down because it doesn't look as cold. She used to be cold before all this happened, before Billy. Penny says that she doesn't know how much she knows about love, but that she woke up and realized that she'd been sleepwalking through other people's dreams and nightmares.

We transition to Penny's house, where she is doing sit-ups in the living room. She does as many as she can, then prepares for work. Penny is a cop and explains that her father was one also. She loved him and that was the reason that she became a cop. She didn't want to be like her mother, sitting around and waiting for her man to get home but she became both: a cop and terribly alone.

She recalls things that her father told her: stay out of the darkness, stay in the light and to draw a line down the middle of the street and always remember what side they're on and what side you're on. You have to keep a cold, hard shield around you or else it will get to you. She watches a pimp and three of his whores and says that it doesn't bother her because it's just another job in the world; besides, it's Vice's problem, not hers.

As she watches transactions between the pimp and a couple of sailors, she says, "She likes him, he likes her. I wonder how long it will last." A car drives by squealing its wheels and distracts her. When she looks back, Billy, the pimp, is now standing beside her car. He asks if she's looking for love. When she asks him to repeat what he said, he says, "Never mind. Happy Valentine's Day."

Back home, she pops a beer and lays down alone. In her dreams, Billy's words ring again and she is suddenly on an elevator, gun drawn, exploring a residence. She opens a door and finds two naked people caressing each other and is surprised when the woman raises her head and makes eye contact. It's herself. The woman returns to caressing the man, who is Billy, as Penny watches, wishing that it really was her and begins to cry. She awakens and still alone, she wipes her tears and contemplates the dream.

She doesn't know how it happened but Billy has gotten to her and she knows that she has to see him again. She finds him with another girl, caressing and kissing her and all she wants is him to do the same to her, to bring her out of the darkness and into the light. Penny watches them enter a room and she draws her gun, entering a few seconds later. Billy is brushing the girl's hair and she jumps up, gibbering something about her parents. Penny tells her to leave and Billy watches her go.

Penny wants to know why Billy came on to her and he says that it was a mistake. She asks, "You really think you're something special, don't you?" and he responds, "At least I know what I am." She says she came to him for her job but he knows it's not true and asks her again. She breaks down and tells him that she wants to know what it would be like to be with him.

Billy takes her hat off and gun belt and sits her on the bed, loosening her hair before kissing her deeply. His hands move down and unbutton her shirt ... now they're naked and he kisses his way down her body. Then they're making love and their voiceovers talk to each other, romantic words of want and need. They finish, then have a bit of conversation, then begin again. Finally, they cum together and collapse into each other's arms.

Sometime later, dressed again, Penny sits on the side of the bed to say goodbye. Neither wants to part but they each know the role that they have to play: Penny as the cop and Billy as the pimp. Penny returns to her car with the new knowledge that she is not alone. The next day, she goes through her regular preparations for work, but leaves her hair down. She gets a call about an emergency at a hotel and finds out that a couple of girls tried to leave a pimp and that he is holding the hostage.

When she finds out that it's Billy, Penny offers to speak to him. Penny offers to exchange herself for the women and he takes the deal. When she asks why he is doing this, he says that they wanted to leave him and without them, he's nothing. Penny disagrees, telling him that he has her. He is not sure whether to believe her or not, but they start kissing and then undressing. Their lovemaking is hard, passionate and fast but before they can finish, he takes her gun, begging her to come with him. She cannot; she is still a cop. He leaves and is shot before he can even get out the door.

Back in the car, Penny tells the Interviewer that she turned in her badge that day and doesn't miss the job because of the horrible loneliness. She doesn't know what she's going to do know what she's going to do know but enjoys having a choice in the matter. Before she leaves, Penny tells the Interviewer that she hopes she finds what she's looking for, confusing the woman as she pulls away. The Interviewer watches her leave.

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