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Review: Hearts On Fire


The Best Sex Ever, Episode Thirteen (13) Hearts On Fire.

Starring Angela Davies (as Veronica), Greta Dolan (as Dr. Grace Reese), Glen Meadows (as Kevin), Monique Alexander (as Sherry) and Dru Berrymore (as Sonya).

A psychotherapist starts to lose her objectivity when she begins fantasizing about a handsome fireman who can't seem to find the right girl.

* * * * *

Angela Davies stars as a radio talk show host, Veronica, and her role serves as the recurring base theme throughout the series. Her character introduces each segment by posing a question to her audience. In Hearts On Fire, she tells the listening audience that she wants to talk about forbidden sex, 'where breaking the rules is part of the erotic charge', as she puts it.

The first caller is Dr. Grace Reese and Veronica asks her to explain to the audience how 'crossing the line' led to her best sex ever. What follows is Grace's story.

Grace is a psychotherapist and relates that the story has to do with one of her clients, Kevin, a fireman. She further explains that most of her clients are romantically dysfunctional women and that she was very glad when Kevin came seeking her help.

The story segues from the radio studio to Grace's office and we can see that Grace is a young woman with long, dark hair and a thin build. Her office is very professional as is her wardrobe, a plain black jacket and pantsuit. She describes the nature of Kevin's problems, stemming from commitment issues and difficulties with finding the right woman and that part of the session always involves discussing his latest dates, of which, she notes, there never seems to be a shortage.

Kevin is a young man with nice features and a thin build. As he describes his latest date with Sherry, we move to his apartment, where he is cooking for the young woman. He tells her that firemen make the best cooks and they share a long kiss. Sherry tells him that she's been hot for him ever since she saw him in the gym and with that confession, Kevin asks if they can hold off on dinner. She agrees.

Kevin takes Sherry and sits her on the countertop of the kitchen's island and begins to undress her, first by removing her shirt and bra. Sherry has nice real breasts, a medium-sized B cup with smallish nipples. It's nice to see real breasts for a change instead of those floating devices a lot of actresses employ in furthering their careers. He pays a small amount of time to sucking her nipples, then clears off the island with a sweep of his arm and pushes her down onto her back.

He goes back to enjoying kissing her bare skin and removes her jeans and panties, then spends a good couple of minutes noisily sucking her pussy while she writhes in happiness. With his lady nicely lubed, Kevin pulls his own pants down and slides into her, drawing her upright so that he can bang her properly. They both cum together at which point, we return to Grace and Kevin in her office.

Kevin states that he probably will not see Sherry again because he doesn't see it working out between them. Grace doesn't believe that his 'dates' are true accounts; she knows that he's looking for Ms. Right but that each account sounds like an adolescent fantasy. She doesn't know why he keeps coming to see her when he's just out for great sex. If he wants to find Ms. Right, he has to change his tactics. Kevin agrees and says that he'll try something different on the date next time.

Meanwhile, at home, Grace calls a gentleman named Tom and reaches his answering machine. She leaves a message explaining that she has some free time and that she'd love it if he'd give her a call when he gets the time. Hanging up, she is clearly disappointed and sits down to a candlelit dinner for one – herself and a book.

A few days later, Kevin returns to her office. As they sit down, he notices that she seems a little sad but she brushes it off. He comments that his fellow firemen claim that she's 'getting off' on hearing about his conquests which she also brushes off, with a smile. She asks if Kevin took her advice and he states that he did, this time with a spicy brunette, Sonya.

We segue to a car and Kevin and Sonya are French-kissing, he fully-dressed while she is wearing a shirt and a thong. After paying tribute to her breasts, she unbuckles his pants and gives his cock a few tantalizing licks, removes her thong and turns her back to him, impaling herself. It only takes a few minutes before they cum.

Sonya thanks him, dresses quickly and jumps out of the car, saying that she'll see him around some time. Kevin buckles his pants, calling after her and asking her to wait. He asks why she won't give him her number after this is the third time she's stopped by for an afternoon fuck. She tells him that he's sweet and sexy but that he's not boyfriend material.

Grace asks him how that made him feel and of course, he's upset. He doesn't know why she would say that about him. When Grace asks what he wants from a woman, Kevin responds, "Great sex." Grace tells him that he needs to find out what's in his heart and asks what kind of woman is his type.

Kevin tells her that he loves the action of his job and looks forward to taking care of fires and the accompanying situations. He says that he wants someone who understands the risks he takes every day and someone to whom he can talk to when he gets home. He also says that he wants a woman who will let him cry if he needs to and Grace praises him for his honesty. When he asks about what her type is, she avoids the question and sends him home to think about what they've talked about during the session. He asks her to dinner and she turns him down, citing ethics and he leaves.

Taking a bath alone at home, Grace finds herself thinking about the fireman and fantasizes about him coming into her home. He comes into the bathroom and surprises her. She happily undresses him and whimpers as he stands her up and goes down on her, soap and all. Rinsed and clean, she steps out of the bathtub and allows him to press her against the tiled wall, his hard cock spearing and claiming her hot pussy. He thrusts again and again and she is catapulted toward an orgasm when suddenly ...

The phone rings and the doctor awakens from her fantasy. It was him on the phone but she missed the call. In a voiceover, she continues the explanation to the radio host, talking about how she now faces an ethical dilemma because she can't treat him while wanting to be the object of his desire.

At the next visit, Grace tells Kevin that she can no longer see him and explains that she's lost her objectivity. He is upset and leaves, believing that she doesn't want him, either; that he's not 'boyfriend material' as another woman previously stated. Grace returns to her life but it's obvious that she's still thinking about him

She decides to visit his firehouse and makes small talk with him. During a call a few days later, he discovers where she lives and comes by for a visit. Grace decides to tell him why she released him from her care. She tells him about being jealous of the women he talked about, about that fact that she wasn't the woman he was dating and that she ended things because she was fantasizing about him.

When she asks why he came by, Kevin tells her that he was angry at her at first but that he started comparing all the women he went out with to her and that they all failed miserably. He tells her that he's falling for her and asks if he's boyfriend material. Grace says, "Definitely."

Grace and Kevin remove each other's shirts and then he removes her bra. Grace is a beautiful woman, with long, dark auburn hair and gorgeous breasts, capped with dark rosy nipples. Kevin wastes no time in sucking on them, then removing her pants and tasting her pussy. She returns the favor, pulling his pants off and allowing him to enter her from the back on the tiny couch. They stand and move to the back of the couch, where he again enters from the back while she holds onto the couch.

Grace adds to the phone call that he became the best relationship of her life and that he's since proposed. She says that even though the ethics of her job made the relationship impossible at first, she knows that doing something forbidden is not necessarily wrong.

The call ends and Veronica ends the show by again asking her audience the forbidden love question.

OPINION: One out of four. I was in the book store last year and a woman came in and asked for romance novels, but she wanted ones without graphic sex. I was puzzled; I didn't know that there was anything like that. A romance novel without gratuitous sex? Surely it must be some kind of oxymoron, yes?

No. I have since read romance novels that are as vanilla as artificial McCormick and this series runs along the same lines as those. The breasts were lovely: real, pliable and nipples responded as they should and the ladies, while not inordinately beautiful, were striking and interesting. They also were not stick-thin: no ribs or knobby knees here, giving the illusion that they were regular gals like you and me (or ladies that you know).

However, I am a huge fan of penetration. Nothing gets me hotter than seeing a hard cock sliding into a fat pair of pussy lips and exiting with the glorious icing of pussy cream. All I saw was the same humping my grandmother saw when she caught me with my husband years ago. They might as well have had their clothes on as we did. In its defense, I have to say that it is a cable series but I've subscribed to the Playboy Channel in the past and found exactly the same thing.

Long live penetration!

Go rent a real porno!

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