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Review: Hip Hop Groupies


An MTV2 Sex 2k Episode

The program begins with a disclaimer that reads: The following program explores diverse sexual lifestyles. It documents the lengths to which people will go to express themselves ... and to connect with others.

The show begins with a woman's voice-over and she says that she's seen women being felt up at concerts. While she speaks, pixilated shots of women showing various body parts in crowds of hip-hop enthusiasts are shown. Sexy women in videos are shown and a woman named Kizzy tells us that a 'chickenhead' is a person that will let anyone do anything to them and that person will do whatever you say. A factoid pops up: Some groupies in the hip hop scene are called chickenheads.

Project Pat, a rapper, says that his definition of a chickenhead is a girl that doesn't take care of herself and doesn't take care of her business. Iyeshia, a groupie, says that a chickenhead has no values and no mission; she doesn't want to achieve anything and has no self-worth. Two other women, Shermece and Dakia, talk about being in the studio with some rappers and that when some women arrive, one goes into the booth and starts sucking the guy's dick.

Kendria, a hip hop performer, says that there is room for all kinds of performers in hip hop and that when the young men in the business see the groupies, it causes a different kind of problem. Drag-on explains that there are a lot of freaks that will come back stage and do whatever you want right then and there. Shaheem, a hip hop journalist, talks about concerts where he's seen the rappers invite women onstage to dance and that they wear thongs and things like that. Sheek says that there are high class groupies and low class chickenheads.

A factoid: But not all groupies are chickenheads. Kizzy states that she's a groupie but not a chickenhead and another woman agrees, stating the same thing about herself. Another factoid: Kizzy is not a chickenhead; she is a groupie. Kizzy says that she's 24, has a child and started hanging out when she was 16, discovering that she was a groupie. She tries to meet as many rappers as possible. We follow her through her daily routine, seeing her at work, then going to get her nails done, shopping for an outfit and welcoming her girls over.

Kizzy says that she and her friends go to the deepest extremes, which usually means that they intend to go out, meet some men, get fucked up and do whatever. Her friend, Tiffany, wants to meet LL Cool J badly and a factoid pops up about her: Tiffany is a student by day and a groupie by night. She's 22 and is a groupie. She likes to socialize and explains that it lets her know that she's not the only one who's going through good and bad times. She says that she's not a chickenhead; she has her own stuff.

Kizzy tells about her life growing up and most of it is church. She goes to her dressmaker's house to change clothes because her mother doesn't like what she wears. Tiffany and her friends prepare to go out and she says that she likes meeting famous people because they've been different places. Kizzy says that she likes them because they can take her places she can't get by herself. Backstage at Club Kaya, Kizzy meets the Youngbloodz.

Tiffany says that she met Ludacris and Jagged Edge and that she likes what she's doing. Another factoid: Backstage at Club Kaya, Some of the guys try to push Kizzy too far ... One of the Youngbloodz entourage tells Kizzy that she's not a groupie because she didn't come back to their dressing room naked. Kendria says that there is a double standard and that you won't get backstage to meet the performers unless you are a groupie and put out.

Sheek gives the requirements of a groupie: they have to have sex and be sexy all night. They have to get anyone off that requires it, be it male or female. Tiffany and her friends leave the house, heading out to the club. It's Celebrity Tuesday and Jermaine Dupri is supposed to be out, giving a party for the Baltimore Ravens. A factoid pops up: At the Velvet Room that same night... Kizzy arrives with her friends and some of them have not brought their IDs so they don't all get in. Kizzy gets in and they go to the front of the VIP line.

Jesse and Nathan, two of Velvet Room's security personnel, tell what they go through with girls trying to get into the VIP area. A factoid: How far will some girls go? Kendria says that she's seen some girls screw some bouncers to get backstage; Iyeshia says that she's removed all of her clothes at an after party and Kizzy says that she showed her breasts to see LL Cool J and by the time she got back there, he was gone.

Tiffany scopes out the VIP area and flirts with a bouncer running security for the VIP area and gets in. Kizzy meets a guy that works with Too Short and gets to meet him. Tiffany spots out with Kenan from Kenan & Kel and dances for him but he seems less than interested. Tiffany states that she gave her number to Kenan and hopes he calls. Kizzy hangs out with Too Short and he offers to pull his dick out for her, but she won't let him do it in front of the cameras.

A factoid: After a night of drinking ... Kizzy's friend is upset that they sent someone home that she wanted to fuck. Kizzy is upset that Too Short was not the person that she expected and is going home. Iyeshia says that she's had her share of guys so she's happy. Sheek states that the artists don't care about the girls the next day. They'll talk about them but they won't call them again.

Tiffany and her friends got to lunch. Factoid: The day after the Velvet Room, Tiffany got a call from Kenan. She and her friends talk about Kenan but she says that he was not what she expected. Factoid: Tiffany and Kenan talk regularly and are becoming friends. Drag-on says that groupies are a part of life.

OPINION: Three out of four. I like the MTV2 series because they are hip and updated for 2005. I watched this with my 16-year old daughter who is a big hip-hop fan and I thought it was excellent in letting her know just what goes on behind the scenes and what the reality of being a 'groupie' is. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who has a daughter (but boys can do it, too!) who is so enamored of an artist that she's willing to exchange her body for the artist's attention.

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