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Review: I, Spy


Thrills. I, Spy.

Starring Lauren Hays (as Felicia Reynolds), Kira Reed (as Cassandra), Fleur Cooper (as Nicole), Justin Kyle (as Sean), Dillon Silver (as Gavin), P. Adam Walsh (as David), Sasha Peralto (as Tori), James Tindel as (Willy Raines) and Jessica Lee (as Raquel).

Erotic magazine reporters find their scoops are being leaked to competitors.


Tori is sleeping when Sean wakes her and tells her that their Sherpa guides have left with all the food and supplies. Sean says that he's already called for help but that it will take 48 hours for help to arrive and Tori tells him that they'll be dead by then, adding that it was his stupid idea to do an article on Mt. Everest in the first place. He tells her that they have to have sex to keep warm and she goes along with the idea until a voice calls from outside. Some men from the Australian team have intercepted Sean's call for help and when the Australian asks if there's anything they can do to help, Sean pleadingly asks them to come back in an hour, eyeing Tori's breasts. Of course, they don't and the twosome is rescued.

Back at the office, the editor's meeting is about to start and everyone files in, asking Sean how Everest was. Felicia comes in and is upset. When asked why, she shows the team that a magazine called Rumors has stolen Sean's story about sex on Everest. She announces that there's no reason to get upset and that Thrills Magazine has a spy.

Later, at a club, Nicole and Cassandra are enjoying dinner and they see Sean at the bar. Their brief conversation turns up the fact that Nicole likes Sean but is too shy to talk to him because he's a top writer and she's just a stringer. Cassandra takes things into her hands and walks over. She convinces Sean that there are better things to cheer him up other than bourbon and pulls him away from the bar. Nicole prepares to meet him and is upset when Cassandra walks by, taking Sean to the dance floor.

Cassandra offers him a quick fuck on a couch in the ladies room and just as they are about to head there, Willy asks to cut in. He wants to dance with Cassandra and won't take no for an answer. It seems that Willy is the one who stole Sean's article for the other magazine and Sean punches him when he won't go away. Willy arises, claiming that his neck is hurt but easily turns his head when Felicia breaks some glasses. After Willy leaves, Felicia warns Sean to watch his temper and when Nicole comes over to find out if he's all right, he leaves.

Cassandra takes David back to the office and he's apprehensive. She tells him that she's been waiting for months and he says okay. She puts on a red wig to look like Felicia and the two begin to playact that she's Felicia and that his article was horrible. When he asks what he can do to make it up, she orders him to ‘take her'. With the cameras watching, he kisses her, then drops to his knees and sucks on her pussy. She takes her shirt off, pushes him down and they begin to roughly fuck with Cassandra telling him to call her Felicia.

As Felicia watches this with her security guard, she says that she thinks she ought to be flattered but it's too weird. He shows her highlights from the other offices and it seems that there are others having sex. She laughs and says that she should charge them rent.

In between segments, Thrills runs some of the results of sex surveys that they taken. The question asked was: Do you like being watched? According to their readers, 31% of men and 85% of women like being watched.

At the next editor's meeting, Felicia tells everyone that she doesn't want any more screwing around in the offices. That night, Gavin, the security guard is watching his monitor and notices that Cassandra is coming by to visit Sean. She tells him that she wants to celebrate becoming his new office mate and he turns her down, citing work that he has to do. She strips off her clothes, pours two glasses of champagne and says that she won't take a rain check. While the guard watches on the monitor, Sean nervously tells her that he only wants to be office mates. Cassandra is upset to also hear that he has a thing for Nicole and isn't interested in doing her because of that.

Another reader's poll pops up. This time, the question is Do You Like Watching? 97% of men and 45% of women said yes.

Cassandra ducks around a corner to avoid Gavin, who leaves to do rounds, then enters his office, checking the view on one of the monitors. The next day at the office, Sean finds Nicole working and sits next to her. He offers to help her with her article and they make plans for dinner. Just then, the intercom announces that Felicia wants to see Nicole in her office immediately and Sean accompanies Nicole there.

Gavin and Felicia are waiting and he shows Nicole what he found her hard drive: a copy of Sean's newest article. Nicole has never seen it before but Felicia says that she's the spy and asks the men to leave. When Nicole pleads her case, Felicia lets her in on a secret: that Felicia was the one who planted the article there because she wanted to use Nicole as a decoy and tells her that she's the only one she can trust. Felicia gives her a plane ticket and tells Nicole to stay at her lodge in Aspen until she's sorted things out.

Later at the café, Sean, Cassandra and David discuss the day's events. Sean gets up to leave and David asks Cassandra if she'd like to go back to the office and she declines. Once the men are gone, Cassandra meets with Willy, the owner of Rumors, and he gives her an envelope with money in it and Cassandra promises to provide him with Sean's new story. She heads to the office and surprises the security guard with a bottle of champagne. She pours him a glass and starts to do a strip tease for him. He passes out from whatever was added to the liquor and she heads to Sean's office.

Cassandra sits down at Sean's desk, activates his laptop and just as she's about to start, Nicole switches on the light, catching her in the act. Sean comes in seconds later, saying that someone called him saying that there was an emergency. Cassandra blames Nicole, leaving Sean confused and the two girls start fighting. Seconds later, Felicia enters and Cassandra runs to her, claiming that she caught Nicole in Sean's files and that the woman attacked her. Felicia acts indifferent and Gavin comes in with a videotape.

The tape shows Cassandra coming into the office alone and the security guard escorts her out, leaving Sean, Nicole and David. Sean notices that Cassandra was just about to e-mail his story to Rumors and the threesome decide to send him another story instead.

A final reader's poll pops up with the heading: Hottest "Spy Cams" We'd Like To See: 5. Bill-and-Monica Cam; 4. Britney Spears Shower Cam; 3. Miss Universe Dressing Room Cam; 2. Women's Prison Cam; and 1. Felicia's Office Cam.

Raquel and David share drinks with Felicia, eyeing the newest copy of Thrills. One of the articles is about Rumors magazine being sued and Raquel says that they can't believe that Willy published the story Nicole sent without checking the sources. David agrees, saying that the funny thing is that they can't admit they stole the story from Thrills in the first place.

At the office, Nicole is searching for Sean and finds a path of rose petals. She follows it to the conference room where he's waiting with a picnic. She starts by kissing and removing his shirt. He nervously responds, pulling her dress off and laying her back on the bear skin rug he's brought. Sean sucks on her pussy until she cums, then they change places with Nicole riding his cock until they cum together. They share a glass of wine after, joking about still being videotaped.

OPINION: One and a half out of four. The storyline was very good although the sex was cheesy.

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