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Review: Lights, Camera, Action


The Best Sex Ever, Episode Twenty-One (21). Lights, Camera, Action.

Starring Angela Davies (as Veronica), Julian Wells (as Gwen), Jonathon Grey (as Alec) and Michael Aranda (as Bennet, the Instructor).

Two acting students struggle to recreate the passion they found while recording their rehearsal of a love scene.

* * * * *

Angela Davies stars as a radio talk show host, Veronica, and her role serves as the recurring base theme throughout the series. Her character introduces each segment by posing a question to her audience. In Lights, Camera, Action, she wants to talk about passionate encounters that took a little work to get there and opens the phone lines.

Gwen is the first caller and says that her story is about a daydream that turned into reality. She says imagine a really hot guy and that you can direct him to do anything you want. The scene moves to Alec standing in a gold lame shirt. Gwen walks behind him, unbuttons and removes it, telling him to show her what a stud he is. She tells him that it's magic time and snaps her fingers, making a bed appear.

They move toward the bed and Gwen removes her shirt, fiercely kissing Alec. He lays her back on the bed and goes down on her, eating her pussy until she cums, then slides into her. After a few strokes, he pushes her on top of him and lets her ride them both until she cums. Another change of position and he is behind her, pushing up into her until someone calls her name.

Gwen snaps out of her daydream, finding herself back in class with the instructor asking her if she's with them. She apologizes and says that she is and he asks her to lead the 'mirror' exercise. She stands in front of the class and asks everyone to pair up. The classmate, Alec, whom she was daydreaming about, ignores welcoming looks from other women and heads straight for her. She's nervous and she tells everyone to focus and concentrate to learn from his or her partner. She asks Alec if he wants to start and they begin with simple hand mirroring.

Gwen confides to Alec that she loved him on the soap opera Forever Salem and he says that he wishes that she'd tell the producer about it so he could get more screen time. The instructor has everyone sit down except for Gwen and Alec and gives them a selection from his latest opus called 'The Captain's Mistress'. He gives them a brief explanation of the characters and tells them to start. They read the lines but they're very stiff. The class laughs. When they have to kiss, Gwen offers him her cheek and Alec is pissed off.

The instructor tells them that they need to imagine that they're on a real set. Alec wants to change partners but the instructor says no. He tells them to take the scenes home to memorize them and suggests videotaping themselves so they can see exactly how pathetic they are. The instructor says that next week, he wants to see some passion and Alec rolls his eyes and walks away, clearly exasperated about completing the assignment with her.

Gwen tells Veronica that they were stuck together and it was a disaster in the making because he couldn't stand her and she would go all weak in the knees when she was near him. Still, they made plans to meet at his place but she was a basket case and he wasn't interested in rehearsing with her.

Gwen arrives at Alec's house and starts to set up his video camera, asking him a question. She wants to know why he's in the class when he's already a working actor and he lets her in on a secret: his producers are making him take the class because they think he needs to challenge himself more. Gwen doesn't agree; she thinks he's wonderful. He asks the question back and she talks about growing up on a farm in Wisconsin. She says that she has a lot of passion to be in this business and he tells her, no offense, that it takes more than passion to make it in the business.

Gwen does take offense, thinking that he thinks that she's not good enough and she cuts the small talk, turning the camera on and grabbing her script. They begin rehearsing and when they get to the kissing part, things suddenly get hot. Scripts are thrown away and he rips his shirt off, pulls her dress off and pounces on her nipples. Her underwear is next to go as he kisses his way down to her pussy, spending a little time there before going back to her nipples.

Gwen puts him on his back, rubbing her breasts against his skin and face, then moves down to unbuckle his pants. He enjoys her mouth on his cock, then sits on the couch, pulling her on top of him and sliding into her wet cunt. They both cum together.

Veronica tells them that it sounds like they did what they set out to do but Gwen says that the moment she turned the camera off, there was a distance between them, almost like what they did didn't happen.

Gwen and Alec awkwardly say goodbye when he says that he has to meet a guy in an hour and she heads home. Later, at class, they get up to perform their scene. It's worst than the first time. There's no passion in it and they're cold to each other. After class, they argue but agree to meet at his place in an hour.

Gwen tells Veronica that she was so mad at him because he acted like the sex hadn't happened and decided to prove that she could rise to the occasion again. Veronica asks what happened next.

When Gwen arrives at Alec's place, they immediately start arguing and segue right into the script, barking their lines with anger instead of the caring and tenderness required. It's not working and Gwen suggests setting up the camera. As soon as the camera's rolling, they start the scene from the kiss and end up making out again. The scene dissolves into the two of them in front of the class, delivering their lines and this time, there's much more emotion and care in the words, just as the script requires.

But Gwen stops and asks to start over. Bennet, the instructor, says that they can and she fishes her video camera out of her bag, asking him to record them. Gwen and Alec start the scene again. This time, it's the best, filled with believable passion. The kiss goes well and the instructor gives them kudos. Days later, Gwen goes to visit Alec, saying that they need to talk and he agrees. They talk together and discover that they enjoyed working together but she thinks that they should go their separate ways. Alec says that he's a little upset but she pulls out her camera and says that they can go rehearse in the shower.

They make out in the shower, kissing and licking then they head to his room, doing even more kissing and licking. Lying on their sides, he slides into her, fucking her gently until they change positions, this time, with him behind and Gwen impales herself on his cock, rocking until they both cum.

Veronica listens as Gwen tells her that they don't see each other much any more because Alec moved to New York but every time she's in town, they pull out the video camera and 'rehearse' for old times' sake.

OPINION: Two out of four. This was a playful take on acting and I liked it. I would recommend this series for those who are not interested in seeing full-on penetration and are more interested in a romantic edge.

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