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Review: Lover From Another Planet


Women: Stories of Passion. Lover From Another Planet.

Starring Amy Lindsay (as Jenny), Stephen Peace (as Billy), Morgan Englund (as the Alien) and Elisa M. Rothstein (as The Interviewer).

Aliens provide an unfulfilled housewife with a mate.

* * * * *

As various headlines regarding UFO sightings and aliens flash by on the screen, Jenny tells The Interviewer that she never believed in UFOs but after what happened to her, she believes that anything is possible. She says that from the first time she saw Billy, she thought that he was God's gift but says that he never noticed her until the summer she turned 21. She shows a picture of them and she was a bleached blonde cheerleader and he was a football player.

The scene segues to a convertible parked underneath the shade of trees and Jenny is sitting on Billy's lap in the backseat. They are fully dressed and his hands are inside her cardigan. She says that he was her first and she thought she was going to be his Homecoming Queen forever. He pulls her sweater off, then her bra and she covers up, embarrassed to show her beautiful breasts.

As he leans forward to suck on her nipples, she enjoys the sensation. Billy wrestles her jeans off, then undresses himself, pulling a condom out and promising to take her to the stars. Within seconds, he's inside her, pumping while he whispers niceties to her. It's not long before they cum together. Five months later, they marry and she complains that he took her directly to the Starlight Trailer Park and after five years of marriage, nothing has gotten any better. She finishes her make-up and grabs a tray that has a rose, two glasses and a bottle of wine that she's prepared since it's Valentines Day and tries to pry him away from the game.

Billy is not interested in having sex with her and tells her to go get dressed because the guys are coming over. Her pleas fall on his deaf ears until she throws a coat over her provocative outfit and tells him that she's going over to Sparky's, a local watering hole to find a real Valentine. He follows her out, yelling that no wife of his is going to go out the way she's dressed but she drives away, despite his shouting that if she leaves, he doesn't want her to come back.

Upset and crying, she heads down the road until a bright light blinds her and she crashes. She awakens later and finds herself in a spaceship. A voice tells her that she will not be harmed but she wants her clothes back. The voice tells her that unless they learn the lost art of reproduction, the race will not survive and she's been chosen to teach them. She laughs in disbelief and tells them that they've picked the wrong girl because she has no sex life. She cries as she tells them that she's only slept with only one man in her entire life and that he doesn't even want her.

The voice responds that he feels her pain but if she will help them, he will help her. She agrees to help and he asks to enter her mind to assume the form most pleasing to her. Moments later, the Alien appears, looking like a handsome young man in a suit. He is free from disease, he assures her, and is quite perfect. He steps closer to her, opens his arms and says, "Let's mate!" Jenny backs away and tells him that he has to set the mood, that he has to make a woman feel wanted. She suggests candles, flowers and soft music.

With a wave of his hand, he changes the scene and candles and flowers abound. At her suggestion, he changes her clothing from the silver blanket she's been clutching to a blue and silver dress, then adds shoes and make-up. Jenny begins to dance for him, slinging the feather boa around his neck, then loosening his tie. The shirt is next and she rubs her ass against his crotch. When she slides his pants down, the sight of boxers turns her off and she asks the alien if they can try something closer to home.

He agrees and reappears, seated on a horse. She laughs and tells him that he's missing something and when he slides down, he's dressed in jeans. He tosses her on the bed and she tells him that he's too rough, that he needs to find a balance. She tells him that women like intimacy, kissing and cuddling before sex and that love is the ultimate prize. He pulls his pants off and jumps on her and she complains that he smells like a two-dollar whore. When she asks to try something a little more upscale, he notes that she is interested in something that appeals to all of her senses.

They start to kiss and he pulls her dress and bra down, sucking on her nipples. He kisses all the way down to her pussy and starts to kiss her through her panties but just then, she thinks about the first time in the car with Billy. The alien picks up on this and stops. The scene changes again and she's in the car with Billy, asking why he stopped loving her. He says that he still loves her and she asks him to take her to the stars.

They begin to kiss and both remove their clothes, making love like they did the first time. Afterward, the alien cuddles with her, saying that he now understands what it is to make love and says that she's a good teacher. She says that she wishes she could take him back with her and thanks him for giving her back her dreams.

Back in the car, she tells herself that the man of her dreams is waiting at home for her and that she just has to go back and find him. When she gets home, Billy is still standing outside and is upset, ordering her inside to fix some food. She realizes that the man she loved is gone. She starts packing a bag while he watches the TV and when he notices that she's leaving, she tells him that it's something she should have done a long time ago. He follows her out again, telling her to come back in but she drives away.

OPINION: One and a half out of four. The sex was horrible as usual but the storyline was intriguing. I'd still say pass this one by.

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