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Review: Naughty By Nature


The Best Sex Ever, Episode Twenty-Five (25). Naughty By Nature.

Starring Angela Davies (as Veronica), Ava Vincent (as Valerie), Randy Spears (as Ned), Mandy Fisher (as Aimee) and Matt Dalpiaz (as Jim).

A camping trip leads to lust among the pines when a conservative husband and wife learn to open up thanks to a much more liberal couple.

* * * * *

Angela Davies stars as a radio talk show host, Veronica, and her role serves as the recurring base theme throughout the series. Her character introduces each segment by posing a question to her audience. In Naughty By Nature, she asks listeners to tell her about the best sex they've ever had outdoors. She says there's something raw and unbridled about being naughty in nature.

Jim is the first caller and he says that he never liked camping until he went with his wife. He grew up in Queens and didn't know anything about camping but his wife, Aimee, was studying plant extinction as part of her studies at the university and she recruited him to go with her. Unfortunately, he went but was not very happy because the weekend meant dusk-to-dawn sports for him.

Aimee and Jim are hiking along a trail. Aimee is admiring the beauty of the outdoors while Jim is trying to get the game to come in on his hand-held radio. He complains that he can't get the game and she says that he's supposed to be enjoying the outdoors. When he suddenly shouts to stop, she thinks he's seen something like an animal or a plant, but he's just able to find a station. She's upset but he's happy, saying that life is improving now that he's found a station. He doesn't care what game it is, as long as it's a game.

Aimee comments that the air feels nice and that being alone in the woods with him kind of turns her on. She kisses him and rips the earplug from him, commanding his attention. Jim's worried that someone might see them but she tells him not to worry. They take off their back packs and jackets, then shirts as they continue to kiss. He pulls her shirt off and sucks on her nipples, sliding down to remove her pants and panties. Jim leans Aimee back against the bridge rail and goes down on her. When she's nice and wet, he pushes into her from the back, fucking her until they both cum.

Later, at the campsite, they start unpacking and when Aimee starts to unroll the tent, he stops her, saying that he'll do it. Aimee decides to go start with her cataloguing and Jim says that he'll set the tent and the rest of the site up. While Aimee walks around, checking out the plants, Jim wrestles with the tent and is obviously having problems getting it assembled. Just as he's about to throw the pieces down in frustration, a camper drives up. He watches as Valerie helps her husband, Reed back the vehicle up into an adjacent space.

While Reed hooks up the electric, Valerie meets and makes small talk with Jim. Reed helps Jim set the tent up. That night, the two couples roast marshmallows together and they start talking about the best sex they've ever had. Valerie tells a story about how she and Reed had sex while the neighbors were watching and Reed says that sometimes, a tweak in the program, can make things much better. As he says this, he rubs Valerie's breast under her shirt, then gives her a kiss.

Valerie asks Aimee and Jim if they've ever had sex in front of anyone and they reply, "No, just the dog." Uncomfortable, Aimee stands to clean up and Valerie and Reed go into their tent. While Aimee watches, Valerie and Reed begin to kiss. Jim joins her, worried that they're being rude, but Aimee tells him that they watch them to watch. Reed takes his shirt off, then Valerie's and rubs her breasts. Next, he pulls her shorts off and lays her down on the sleeping bag, then goes down on her.

Aimee and Jim head off to their own tent. Reed pulls his pants down and moves behind Valerie, pounding into her from behind. They change positions with Reed lying on his back and Valerie straddling him, her back to him. She rides him until they cum.

In the morning, Aimee and Jim are making breakfast when Valerie and Jim come over. Aimee offers breakfast but Valerie says that they ate awhile ago and are going hiking. She invites them to go but Aimee says that she has a lot of work to do and Jim wants to listen to the ball game. Reed tells Jim that he's welcome to watch it in their RV on the TV set and check his e-mails on their computer.

After Aimee returns, she joins Jim in the RV and they end up kissing on the bed. Kissing turns into undressing and he rubs her breasts while eating her out. Then, he moves up behind her, taking her from behind, then lets her ride him until they cum. Valerie and Reed arrive back with the excuse that they forgot their sandwiches and catch them naked, which embarrasses Aimee. She want to move to another campsite but Jim calms her down, telling her that they came back early to catch them in the act because there are no sandwiches in the fridge.

That night, the couple is hanging out again and Aimee and Jim tell Valerie and Reed that this is their last night and that they want to try something they've never done before. They want to make love under the stars and Jim leads Aimee to a makeshift bed he's made up outside the front of their tent. Valerie and Reed head over to their own blanket and both couples begin to kiss and undress. While Jim goes down on her, Aimee watches the other couple and closes her eyes.

OPINION: One out of four. Liked the camping motif, but the sex was boring as usual. Skip it.

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