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Review: Payday


Passion Cove. Payday.

Starring Caroline Ambrose (as Samantha), Brian Linton (as Geoff), Cameron Masters (as Jack), Ginger Lynn Monroe (as Melanie), Amber Newman (as Carrie), Chuck Martinez (as Mr. Handleman) and Wendy Lauren (as Girl #1).

Screenwriters are inspired by their latest script..

* * * * *

Mr. Handleman is entering a gated community and is talking to Samantha about a deal he's made. He's hired two guys to write a screenplay for him and he wants to put them someplace that's isolated so they can finish the work. When Samantha suggests that they might need a little more 'life experience' instead, Mr. Handleman is rude and asks if she has a house for him. She replies that she has the perfect house for him.

Geoff and Jack arrive at the house and are very impressed. Geoff discovers a note that informs them that the TV and phone are turned off so that they can do nothing but write. It also states that if they meet the deadline (in three days), they will be paid $200,000 dollars. If not, they get nothing and Geoff sits down and starts to work. Geoff informs Jack that they still need a line for a character in their story but Jack is too busy observing two women that are outside, dressed in exercise clothes and playing with each other.

Melanie bites Carrie on the ass and wrestles her down to the sleeping bag and the two women begin to kiss. Jack watches as Melanie removes her jacket and rubs her breasts against Carrie's, then the girls lie down together, licking and sucking. Melanie puts her hand into Carrie's panties and masturbates her to an orgasm as Jack continues to watch through the binoculars. Geoff takes the binoculars away and tells Jack that the girls are not worth two hundred grand. Jack agrees and they start working again.

An entire day passes and Geoff and Jack work on the screenplay, finding that they are having problems. Jack suggests that they finish for the day and Geoff agrees. The next morning, Geoff heads downstairs, yelling to Jack that he's late in getting up when there's a knock on the door and Melanie and Carrie introduce themselves. Seems that an RV drove over their tent and they need to borrow the phone.

When Geoff tells them that they have no phone and that their ride is not coming back until Monday, Jack breezes in and suggests that the girls stay in the vacant wing. Geoff fusses about the situation but eventually goes along with it. Geoff makes Jack promise him that they will not touch the girls because of the screenplay that they have to complete. Jack, of course, swears that he won't touch them.

The girls proceed to romp in the pool and hot tub naked, distracting the guys and Geoff finally goes out and asks them to go down to the beach because the sight of their nakedness is causing problems. The girls agree and head to the beach. That evening, the guys are working when a towel-clad Carrie pops down to ask to borrow some shampoo. Jack says that he has some and will bring it up to her. Geoff expresses concern but Jack brushes him off, saying that he'll be right back. When Jack takes her the shampoo, Carrie asks if he would scrub her back and of course, Jack says yes. He undresses and joins her in the shower.

A simple back scrub leads to kissing, then he moves behind her, biting her neck and rubbing her breasts and shaved pussy. Jack then moves her into the corner and plunges into her, fucking her for a while until he turns her to the wall and takes her from behind. After they cum together, Jack heads back downstairs where Geoff has been waiting impatiently. Jack agrees to type the revisions in in the morning and they part for the night.

Melanie finds Geoff reading on the balcony and they talk for a few minutes. Geoff wants to know why girls find some guys irresistible and Melanie says that she likes shy guys. After Geoff finally finds the balls to make a move, he takes her into the house and undresses her, spending a lot of time on sucking her nipples before letting her push him onto the couch. Melanie goes down on him, then he returns the favor, sitting her in a chair in front of the fire. He moves between her legs and fucks her, then changes positions to take her doggie style.

Jack and Geoff talk about the 'girlfriend' character and are still having problems with it until Melanie walks into the kitchen. She gives Geoff a kiss and leaves, then Geoff says that he's heading out for his morning run. Jack takes over the computer, then heads outside with Melanie. She says that Carrie told her about her shower and when Jack suggests that she go take a shower, Melanie starts to undress. Geoff sees her from the road and comes back, clearly upset.

Melanie tells Jack to take a cold shower and after she leaves, Geoff tackles Jack, upset over Jack's flirtation with Melanie. Geoff decides that he doesn't want to work with Jack any longer and they split up. Geoff goes to the girls' wing and hooks up with Melanie, after making sure that she's not interested in Jack. Both Melanie and Carrie undress him and they all begin to make love, fucking in various positions until they all cum together.

The next day, Geoff boasts to Jack that he fucked both girls and Melanie pops in to say that they found a ride and that they're leaving. Jack and Geoff realize that they don't have a script and sit down to work. Mr. Handleman drops by to pick up the script and the guys give it to him. Handleman is overjoyed with their efforts then tells them that he asked a couple of actress friends of his to come out and distract them so he could see what they were worth.

The doorbell rings and the two girls explain that they were hung up with a movie and never made it out. Handleman gives Jack and Geoff a check.

OPINION: One out of four. Lame. No other words are necessary. Just plain lame.

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