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Review: Perky & Punctual


A Real Sex Xtra: Pornucopia: Going Down In the Valley Series, Episode 1-1, Perky & Punctual.

Pornucopia: Going Down in the Valley is a 6-part documentary series on the current state of the adult entertainment industry in Southern California's San Fernando Valley.

The premiere episode of this adults-only series provides a look at the World Modeling Agency where hopefuls audition for a shot at porn stardom. Also included are an examination of the industry's fertile heritage, a visit to the Adult Video News (AVN) Awards in Las Vegas; and a profile of JK Productions, owned by Jill Kelly.

* * * * *

The segment opens with a wide shot of a set with two porn stars going at it. Katie Morgan says that people would be very surprised to find that most porn stars are normal people. "We have different views on things but we're not nymphomaniacs." Next is a montage with music of various porn stars doing various positions superimposed with shots of sunny California.

Constance Penley, Professor of Film Studies at the University of California-Santa Barbara, says that hidden away in homes in the San Fernando Valley are crews of people shooting porn films. Christian Mann, President of Video Team, says that he's heard it referred to as "Hollywood's Dirty Little Secret". Paul Fishbein, President of Adult Video News states that in 2003, there were 900 million video rentals.

After the opening credit and a few scenes of busy California, a factoid pops up: American porn is a ten billion dollar a year business with most companies located in Southern California's San Fernando Valley. The camera zooms in on a business sign: Figure Models Needed, World Modeling Agency. Inside, the halls are packed with men and women, a few flashing each other. Jim South tells his a colleague that there are 94 people here for the casting call and another factoid pops up: Every year, more than a 1,000 new hopefuls come to the World Modeling Agency for a shot at porn stardom.

Jim South, Talent Agent for World Modeling, talks about how important it is to find that new girl and to get her first. Suze Randall, an erotic photographer, says that to keep your erection, you have to have a new girl and that that is how guys are. Clive McLean, Director at Instinct Video, explains, "Where else can an uneducated girl make $4,000-5,000 dollars a week for consistently for 2-5 years?"

The next factoid pops up: Today, 138 women audition for 7 minor roles in the new movie, "Space Nuts". One of 11,000 x-rated films being made this year. A pretty black woman with nice breasts comes into the office and is greeted by Jonathan Morgan of Wicked Pictures. He explains a little about the movie: it's the largest picture of the year and he's looking for new talent, hoping to find a diamond in the rough. He takes pictures of each person nude both front and back and we're treated to seeing different auditioners disrobe. He asks each woman what the perfect sex scene would be that she could shine in. One likes a mixture of boy-girl and girl-girl and especially like anal. Another likes girl-girl in which she uses a strap-on.

Morgan explains that they ask these questions because the last thing they want is one of their actors or actresses to do something that they are uncomfortable doing in front of the camera. So he will run through a list of sex types and positions that will appear in the film to further determine if the person is compatible with their needs. A girl named Katie Morgan is interviewed and Morgan and his associate focus on her, agreeing that she's what they want.

Next factoid: Katie Morgan lands a small part in "Space Nuts", joining the ranks of the 12,000 people employed by the Valley's porn industry. It shows her at home, leaving for work and she has three small dogs. She explains that she always takes her dogs with her but leaves them in the dressing room because she doesn't want them to see what she's doing. She says that she only works about 10 days a month and only half-days at that. On her role in "Space Nuts", she says she's an alien that has sex. She knows that she only has one or two lines and hasn't looked at the script yet because if she kept reading the lines, they would be boring.

She explains that she was out on bail when she did the movie and when asked what her crime was, she says that she got caught crossing the border with 100 pounds of weed. And laughs about it. It was to pay the rent, she says and she's learned her lesson: don't break the law.

On the set, the director gives a little instruction: start with a little kissing, then oral on her co-star, Steve, then do the deed. And filming starts. According to Katie, people don't understand that it's all performing but that doesn't mean that she's not cumming because that's a physical response that her body has. While they're fucking, the director comments about how good something is that he's eating. Katie says that you're paid by the scene and a great month is $10,000. She mostly makes $6,000-$8,000. She also says that a lot of people said that their first scene was weird but she loved hers.

The next segment is Porn Star Reflections: My First Scene. Jenna Haze, star of "Flesh Hunter" says that her first scene was supposed to be a blow job scene with two guys and she got into it so much that she ended up fucking both of them. Randy Spears, star of "Saturday Night Beaver" says that he just stood there shaking. Stormy, star of Trailer Trash Nurses #6, relates that she was sitting in the makeup chair and everyone was saying, "Look at the new girl. This is her first scene," and her friend told them that she was 'old news' because her first scene was the day before. Evan Stone, star of "Flesh Tacos" says that his first scene was the easiest because he didn't know what was going on.

Constance Penley explains that pornography is a Victorian construction and cites that erotic scenes on old Grecian crockery and frescoes in Pompeii were not considered pornography. Some Victorian gentleman came along and decided that those images should be locked up and that only people with 'proper sensibility', such as himself, should be allowed to view the images. As she speaks, old black-and-white pornos are shown. "That's when it became not part of our every day lives and became pornography."

Paul Fishbein says that there are 300-400 companies in the Valley shooting pornos and says that the jobs add to the local economy and are tremendous. Factoid: Every year, the pornography industry generated more than 30 million dollars in sales tax for the state of California. Constance Penley states that porn has become so mainstream, that it mirrors Hollywood and points out the Porn Oscars that are held in a splashy ceremony and sponsored by AVN (Adult Video News). Factoid: Once a year, 3,500 people gather in Lax Vegas at the Adult Video News or AVN Awards to celebrate porn excellence. Scenes from the bash are shown and a few celebrities as well: Gene Simmons and Joey Buttofuco (sp?) appear backstage.

Another factoid pops up: 6,000 porn movies compete in 95 categories, from "Best Anal-Themed Feature" to "Best Spanking Tape" . Clips of actors receiving the awards follow along with speech snippets. Al Goldstein, former publisher of Screw Magazine, says that his favorite part is the winner of the new girl award's speech in which she thanks their parents. He laughs that they takes these awards seriously because all they did was suck a dick!

Jenna Haze talks about winning Starlet of the Year and Best Solo Sex Scene (Masturbation) awards and part of her speech is shown. Then she's on set preparing for a masturbation scene and introduces us to her partner, a 12-inch vibrator. She says that she gets a lot of fan mail from prison but that she also receives it from men at Harvard.

Jill Kelly, owner of Jill Kelly Productions, talks about Jenna Haze and the fact that she's been with Jill's company for about a year. When she was signed, Jenna was doing 100% anal and said that she was going to give guys up because she was in love. Jenna says that everyone told her not to get a boyfriend because it would fuck up her career and it happened any way. He was a cameraman.

Now on the set of "Cynara's Dream Scenes", she does a girl-girl scene and says that she loves to have him filming her having sex with women because it makes her even hotter. She says that she can't live without men, but she could live without women. That's why she likes her relationships with men and her fucking with women. She says that he filmed her doing a boy-girl scene once and she didn't like sucking another man's dick in front of him. A girl-girl-girl scene with Jenna is shown and Jill Kelly says that not doing boy-girl scenes is killing Jenna's career and that once it filters down, that her fan base will drop.

Jenna states that she's aware that it's hurting her career but that she didn't plan to do this the rest of her life. "Love is much more important than money." As night falls in the Valley, another montage closes the show.

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