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Thrills. Sex & Sweat.

Starring Lauren Hays (as Felicia Reynolds), Chris Prince (as Will Roark), Angela Davies (as Maggie Ford), Jill Sharp (as Jodi), Angela West (as Clarissa) and Chino Jesus (as Tak).

A sexy female personal trainer loves to make sure her clients get an excellent workout. Both male and female fitness buffs can learn something from his professional. She won’t stop until she’s made you sweat.


The heading of this Thrills segment is: Personal Trainers Exposed!

Two brunettes wearing towels enter a pine sauna. They talk about how exercise makes them feel ‘turned-on’. One lady has just finished working the punching bag and feels like her blood is boiling sexually. Suddenly, one of the ladies removes her towel, rubs herself and then apologizes. She tells the other lady that her legs are so long and shapely that she knows why the men are after her. Brunette #2 takes the bait, touching Brunette #1 while telling her that she wished she had her breasts.

Soon, the women are French-kissing and touching each other’s bodies. Brunette #2 licks and sucks Brunette #2’s breasts, then Brunette #2 makes her way down, giving Brunette #1 some oral pleasure. Brunette #1 then moves onto her knees and Brunette #2 finger fucks and licks her while frigging her own pussy. They end up breast to breast, massaging each other’s bodies when a man walks in. Brunette #2 laughs as she grabs her towel on the way out and says, “We could have used you five minutes ago!”

In the Thrills boardroom, the editor begins a brainstorming session, announcing that the next issue is the ‘Sex & Sweat’ issue. Will says that everyone knows that there is a connection between exercise and good sex. For the anchor interview, he suggests Maggie Grant, a top trainer on the West Coast who has an impressive clientele list. He tells Felecia that he’ll get an interview with her because she’ll do anything for him.

At her home, Maggie is stretching and it’s obvious that she has a beautiful body with nicely shaped muscles. She spends some time getting sweaty on the treadmill, then moves to the free weights. In front of a mirror, she removes her clothes and views her body shape from different angles, then heads to the pool to cool off. Will arrives poolside and asks her to do him a favor and she says “Definitely not!” While she dresses, he tries to talk her into the interview, offering her anything she wants. She says that she’ll do the interview on one condition: she gets to train him.

In between segments, Thrills runs some of the results of a sex survey they’ve taken. According to their readers, on the subject of sex and exercise: 83% admit to fantasizing about sex while pumping iron and 13% admit to fantasizing about pumping iron while having sex.

Will complains to his editor that he is not going to train with her because she trains professional athletes. When Felecia reminds him that he was a Marine, he says that he was only a field reporter. Clarissa tells him that he needs to get into shape and he claims that he is a prime example of manhood as he closes a bag of potato chips that he’s been munching on.

At Maggie’s house, she says that he looks terrible and hands him a healthy smoothie, then orders him to undress so that she can see his body. He takes off his short and pants and she makes notes. He stops at his underwear and she tells him that she wants it all off. He complains, then removes them. Training begins and it’s obvious that she’s a tough but good trainer. She makes him do several push-ups, then straddles him as he does crunches. The camera shows that his focus is on her breasts and he admits to her that he thinks about sex while exercising.

Maggie gives him a massage afterwards as they lay by the pool and she says that she doesn’t do this for everyone. He tells her that he was once in love with this fitness chick (her, of course) and she says that the reason she didn’t get involved was that maybe it would ruin their friendship. They begin the interview and he asks who her sexiest male client is and she responds, Tak.

In a flashback, she arrives at Tak’s house in a shirt and underwear. Tak removes the panties and dives in, sucking on her pussy. They jump in the pool and he takes her from behind, pumping for a few strokes, then turns her around, giving her a kiss before moving down to her nipples and sliding into her under the water. They move from the pool to the grass and he goes down on her again. Afterwards, she straddles and rides him, then changes to sit on his lap, pumping until they both cum.

Will knows that they had been dating and asks what happened. Maggie responds that Tak moved to Florida and asked her to go with him but though she loved him, she knew it wasn’t right. When Will pulls his cigarettes and a candy bar out of his pocket, she snatches them away and tells him that he can’t have them during training.

Another magazine factoid pops up: Every year, 11,000 sex-related injuries are reported. Testosterone, a hormone produced during exercise, is a powerful aphrodisiac.

Will jogs over the Maggie’s place, hoping to catch her with a client. He’s just in time as Jodi comes up and Maggie introduces them. Maggie and Jodi begin the workout which includes a lot of close contact and touching.

Results from another sex survey is run. The question was: The woman your girlfriend would most like to do (even if she won’t admit it). 5. Madonna; 4. Britney Spears; 3. Jennifer Lopez; 2. Her Personal Trainer and 1. Her Best Friend.

Will works out in the boxing area while Maggie swims nude. Jodi asks Maggie what’s going on between her and Will and when she says nothing, Jodi decides to ask him out. That night, Maggie is restless and unable to sleep, she pumps iron, trying to get Will off her mind. It doesn’t work. She rubs oil onto her breasts and body and says his name. When she opens her eyes, Will is standing there. He says that he feels the same way about her as she feels about him but she’s scared that they’ll end up hating each other and that she doesn’t want to lose his friendship. Will tells her that it won’t happen because they were meant to be together.

They start to kiss and he pulls her forward on the work bench, kissing up her thighs until he reaches her panties. He removes those, then goes down on her. He fucks her on the workout bench, her legs on his shoulders, then changes position to take her from behind, still standing by the weight machine. They both cum, then cuddle. Maggie awakens on the weight bench alone and goes looking for Will. She finds him upstairs where he’s been preparing some things and tells him to never leave her alone again.

Will has covered the bed in plastic and puts Maggie on it, coating her breasts with Hershey’s syrup. After ripping her panties off with his teeth, he sprays her with whipped cream and begins to eat her pussy and torso clean. Maggie straddles him, riding his cock as she squirts chocolate syrup onto his body and they slide together until they cum.

OPINION: One out of four stars. I liked that the personal trainer aspect was a female, instead of the usual male counterpart but the plot was kid of thin and as usual, no penetration. Wasn’t bad to pass the time but if you’re looking for real porn, skip it.

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