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Review: Sing, Sing Me the Blues


Women: Stories of Passion, Episode #1.33, Sing, Sing Me The Blues.

Starring Sara Melson (as Jenny), Jeff Kober (as Vincent), Jesus Nebot (as Tomas), Wilson Rocha (as the Bartender) and Elisa M. Rothstein (as the Interviewer).

A woman's life takes a sudden turn after a slow spin on the dance floor.

* * * * *

Jenny, an attractive woman with dark curly hair, is sitting at a table outside her home when the Interviewer, a redhead, walks up. Jenny invites her to sit and to have tea, then explains that her husband, Michael would 'freak out' if he knew that she was talking to her. From the conversation, it's obvious that Jenny has made an appointment with the Interviewer to talk about sexual fantasies. She explains how after seeing the ad in the newspaper, she was at first skeptical, but then couldn't stop thinking about it.

She states that she was very rebellious up until a year ago. She was 21 and was running a gallery in New York City and her best friend, Laura, invited her to their family's annual party. The woman is in the greenhouse, admiring the beauty of the plants and says that the house was like being in a movie because it was so beautiful. She's startled by Laura's uncle, Vincent, who doesn't recognize her after such a long time, but they slip into easy conversation. When he asks why she's hiding out in the greenhouse, she replies, "I like it here."

Jenny further explains that she's had a crush on Vincent since she could remember and happily agrees to help him with some planting. Now dressed in an apron (having removed her fancy party dress), she works next to him, telling us in a voice-over that she'd heard about his divorce and the trouble he'd gotten into in the city but that she's always liked dangerous guys. Nervously, she rubs her hands against his, then they kiss.

Vincent lifts her onto the table and is suddenly reluctant to do anything but she pleads with him, unbuttoning her shirt in the process and revealing a white lacy teddy. He pulls the straps down, revealing A size breasts with light pink nipples and they continue to kiss. As she says that every fantasy she ever had included Vincent and that now it was finally happening, the scene changes and they are on a blanketed floor beneath an afghan, changing positions as they make love. Jenny says that she was wildly in love with him and would wait for him in his cabin on the property.

Later, Vincent gives her a bath and after hearing her declaration of love, he tells her that she doesn't know him. She agrees and asks him what happened in the city. He was working as a stage hand at the city opera and there was an accident; a cellist got killed on his shift. It wasn't his fault but since they were going to pin it on him, he had two choices: either go to jail or tell them what was going on back stage with the hookers and drug dealers, etc. He started receiving death threats and calls to his home and so his wife took their daughter and left. Vincent left town as well and has been in the cabin ever since. Jenny doesn't care what he's done but Vincent does.

Later on, at home in the city, Jenny writes poems to Vincent during the week and he seems happy to receive them. She says that things began to change when he lost visitation rights to see his daughter. Jenny is awakened by a phone call at 3 in the morning and it's Vincent. He started drinking and doing drugs again and would drive into the city in the middle of the night, threatening to wake up everyone in the house if she didn't meet him right away. Sobbing, he clings to her and she realizes that no matter how hard she loves him, she will never be able to save him from his dark side.

They broke up and Jenny goes through a bout of insomnia, waiting for his phone call and would eventually go back with him. But her body won't respond to him any more. Out of the blue, he asks her to marry him and she says, "No." Vincent is upset and drives her to a bar outside Sing-Sing. He has to pick up some drugs for a friend and leaves Jenny to fend for himself while he goes to fetch them.

Tomas startles her and asks her to dance as she stands by the jukebox. After making a selection, he asks her to trust him and dance with him. While they're dancing, Tomas asks her what she's doing with that guy and she explains that she loves Vincent. "But he makes you unhappy." Tomas replies and she agrees. Tomas tells her that she is too good for a man like him. His words touch on her innermost fears: of leaving Vincent and worrying about what would happen to him and about not being able to return to who she was before she started dating Vincent and she kisses Tomas, feeling alive again.

They continue to kiss and dance and she fantasizes about making love with him while his hands roam greedily over her body. Vincent comes out to the rail and sees them and is instantly incensed. When she opens her eyes, Tomas is gone and she is dancing by herself. The dance has rekindled something between them and Vincent takes her outside and fucks her against the wall. Afterwards, they realize that it was over and she never sees Vincent again.

Back at the table with the Interviewer, she says that met her husband a month later but she didn't know she was pregnant until after they got married a month after their meeting. She relates all this to the Interviewer, begging her not to tell anyone because she's never told a soul about it.

OPINION: Three out of four. You may be wondering how I can give this extremely vanilla cable porn three stars and I'll tell you why. I liked that this was a 'woman's' series, that it focused more on emotions and connections than just penetrations and sweat. The beast in me keenly misses the sex but I can't honestly put this into the same category as regular cable porn. It was also strange to see a 'legitimate' actor, Jeff Kober, in this type of movie. Look him up on the internet and you'll be surprised at how many movies you've seen him in and yet never knew his name because he's a character actor. If this was a 'regular' porn movie, I'd give it maybe a half star but for the frigid woman out there looking for a little fun, I think this would be a good way to work a hand into her pants and into her mind.

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