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Review: Teacher's Pet #3


***** 'Hentai' literally means pervert in Japanese. Today, most everyone knows that 'hentai' is anime pornography. For those of us who love cartoons and especially anime, the Japanese version of cartoons, these adult cartoons fulfill our mature fantasies while remaining based in the medium of our childhood. No Yosemite Sam blowing up innocent rabbits here. You may find people getting their heads cut off, lesbians, vampires, etc., but it's so cool because it's ... a cartoon! If you have a chance to find some 'hentai' online or download some, ENJOY! *****

Teacher's Pet: Body and Soul, Part #3 – Unrated – Green Bunny Productions

Part #3.

Inside the school, Kawata sits before an easel, deep in thought. She looks down at a photo of Haru, her sister, Mariko and herself and daydreams ...

Chitose awakens Professor Haru. She has made their breakfast and is dressed in an apron and nothing else. Though she complains of having to get to practice, it doesn't take him long to convince her that she wants him. He quickly has her subdued, hands tied behind her back and starts sucking on her pretty pink nipples. They have a good, albeit it short, fuck and Haru seems to take extra notice when Chitose says that she'll be late to practice with Professor Tagami, the swim coach.

Chitose apologizes to Professor Tagami for being late. Haru catches Tagami's eye and walks off. Haru hears an argument in the staff room and finds a student, Kawata and Professor Akagi talking. Kawata runs off and Akagi explains that he's warned Kawata about the dress code. When Tagami approaches, Akagi asks her about her impending marriage to Haru, who obviously knows nothing about it. Haru silently walks away and Tagami hangs her head in shame.

Student Izumi invades Haru's space, bringing snacks and informing him of a drawing session that she wants to have to bring Kawata's spirits up. It's raining and Kawata waits for Haru under a shop awning. She is happy to see him until Chitose shows up. Haru tells Chitose of the drawing session on Sunday and Kawata sadly watches them leave, arm-in-arm.

Tagami finishes morning laps and finds Haru waiting. She tells him that she won't say anything about his relationship with Chitose and that they should be more discreet. Haru reveals that he knows that he knew that Tagami watched them fuck and got off on it. She pretends to be upset but she's not. She wanted to be on the receiving end of that fucking. Haru decides to let her beg for a fucking from him. When she can't say the words, he threatens to leave but when she quickly recovers, he knows that he's got her.

While other teachers are teaching students, Haru and Tagami are in the pool. He takes advantage of her need, pinching her nipples and thrusting his fingers into her pussy. He makes her beg and finally gives her the fucking she asked for.

Kawata enters the artist studio and uncovers a painting of a girl and her father. And falls into another dream ... she's naked in her room and her father sits down behind her, explaining how lonely he's been since her mother died ...

When Haru touches her shoulder, she explodes in anger until she sees that its him. She apologizes just as Izumi arrives with a model for the drawing session, Professor Tagami. Fully clothed, she sits for Izumi and Kawata while Haru supervises.

Kawata fills Haru in on the story behind her painting. Her father married after the mother's death and she was gang-raped not too long after. She has never trusted the touch of a man's hand since. She expresses her love for Haru and begs him to help her leave her past behind. Haru takes her in the studio, slowly undressing and caressing her. She seems to be embarrassed about her body but when he starts licking her pussy, she forgets everything and gives herself over to the sensations.

Their lovemaking continues and Kawata tells Haru that he's healing her and that she wants to feel more. Under the light of the brilliant moon, Kawata cums, taking Haru with her. Afterwards, when he asks who the man is in the painting, she laughs and says that she was preparing for when she sees her dad. Haru closely resembles him and she thanks the professor for his love.


I'd give this a 2 out of 4. The graphics are great. Pussies look tasty but they don't really get into graphic detail of Haru's schlong. Breasts and nipples look good and move like real flesh. Still, the story itself is lightweight and there's not enough sex to truly make it worthwhile.

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