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Review: The Marine's Wife

bySean Renaud©

I'm going to start this review off with the simple truth. The story that you've just read is mostly true and to a large extent is my story. I believe that I have a right to tell my story in whatever fashion I choose. As I will mention several times through out this review. Thank you to everybody who read this or any of my works. Thank you to anybody who left comments that I couldn't reply to because you didn't leave a name. Thank you to everybody who votes and to everybody who sends anonymous or not anonymous feedback. Thank you all!

This story was written primarily as a way for me to deal with all of the feelings that I had about the situation. For me to deal with my own life and meant to be judged by others purely on its ability to convey a story, emotions, situations. With that said I will explain each of the major characters and what I meant for them to represent.

I understand that there is a crowd of fanatics on this site who completely abhor anything having to do with extramarital sex. It has become something of a joke amongst the authors that this genre will get a lot of negative feedback. I think we as authors should be proud of that. Stop telling your fans that they shouldn't read things they find disgusting. The fact is that you have them and they can't turn away. I had a comment on this very story about somebody who was so disgusted with my story that they went and read all the rest of my work. I need to disgust more people. My only wish is that more people who leave emails so that I can respond, I appreciate everybody who take the time to write me so I hate not being able to show my appreciation.

Trina. She is meant to represent every woman in the world. That isn't to say you are all whores or would all cheat. Trina, especially at the beginning of the story is meant to represent the way (I imagine) all women feel when they have to deal with long periods of absence of their lovers. She is lonely, she is frustrated, she is in need of attention. How she chooses to deal with this feelings is wrong. It's wrong because she hurt somebody and it's wrong because she felt it was wrong.

In my personal opinion it is really unfair to expect these ladies to remain faithful while we are away. Most of them do but that doesn't make it a fair request to put upon them. The most mature military men I know separated from their significant others when they went overseas. Not to end the relationship but so that she was free to do as she pleased while he was away with no consequences. As bad as it is for men who go over seas we often forget about the women who are overseas and have the same problem only worse. I don't view Trina's actions as evil. They are wrong but I don't meant for her to come across as an inhuman beast.

Kevin. He was meant to represent every man. He is seen as being blameless throughout the story mostly because he isn't in the story. It isn't about him and that was the way that it was meant to be. His actions good, bad or indifferent aren't seen and for good reason. Cheating isn't about what the other person is doing, its about what you are doing. If you're lover is having an affair that doesn't make it ok for you to do it. It makes them a piece of shit, if both of you are scum then maybe you are made for each other. It doesn't make you better people. This doesn't apply to swingers as honesty means it isn't cheating.

Jeremy. Another universal character meant to be anybody. How many of you would pass up a lovely lady? He doesn't know she's married, I keep that quite clear that he is unaware of what he's doing. There isn't much to blame him for. He wasn't meant to be a fully rounded character, he was just supposed to represent what Trina was doing.

Trey. In a lot of ways was my concession to the normal cuckold stories. They always have the white wife with the black man. I've never been really sure what the lure of this pairing was but it is the way things are done around here. He was also supposed to be Karma. He was the first of a line of bad things that happen to Trina because of her poor decisions in her life. He mistreats and abuses her and was supposed to make the reader feel a bit of Trina's pain and pity her. He is also a "friend" of Kevin's so he's put there as a betrayer. He gets his in the end as all truly bad people do.

The story itself was supposed convey my individual feelings and as a result I'm incapable of apologizing for the way I made many of you feel. To me it means that I did something well because art should be disturbing. I have accomplished the goal of any writer to get a strong emotional response from the reader and I'm not sorry. The fact that I got so much feedback, negative or otherwise is proof that I had your full attention. What more can I ask for?

So thank you to everybody who took the time to write me a response from the people who wish me death to the people who enjoyed it to the very end. Thank you for reading my story and for all the feelings you had connected to it. Please email me and post your individual feelings about this series as they are what drive me to improve as a writer.

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