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Jody sighed when she noticed the return email address, but clicked on it anyway.

She was bad that way. Well, bad in a lot of ways, but especially bad that way. Always doing things she knew she shouldn't be doing, and sometimes even having fun doing them. Somehow she knew this wasn't going to be one of those times.

But she clicked on it anyway.

"Fuck you, bitch, I TOLD you not to review any more of my stories! I don't fucking CARE what an official, vibrator-toting, clit-sucking, tit-licking lezbo thinks about what constitutes "real" lesbian fiction, I just write it 'cause it gets me off! And it gets a lot of other women off too, judging by all my email, so FUCK OFF!

"PS: Attached is my latest. I dare you to read it and then tell me I don't know what the fuck I'm writing about!


Jody rolled her eyes and sighed once again. She had to admit this "Lesbodomme" wrote some pretty hot stuff, but she always had this niggling feeling in the back of her head (among other places) that "she" was a "he" and a part of her resented the fact that a guy could write stuff that made her get all tied up in knots.

She stared at her computer screen and noted the attachment. Part of her wondered if it was real or maybe a nasty virus sent by the putz. She wouldn't put it past him. For months now, she'd been writing reviews online about lesbian fiction on websites and, while several writers took offense at the way the reviews were written, only this Lesbodomme seemed to hate the fact that she reviewed lesbian fiction in the first place. Katy told her over and over that she was just plain being silly worrying about it, but she couldn't help it.

She was just one of those people who worried about the sky being blue.

She reached out a finger for the "enter" button. Then drew it back. She looked down in the corner of the screen to make sure the Anti-virus icon was there.

She reached for the "enter" button again. Then drew back. When was the last time she updated the database? Yeah, yesterday morning. No, this guy might have been one hell of a fiction writer, but she doubted he was a crack computer hacker.

She reached for the button again. Then drew back. What if it really WAS good? Should she review it anyway? Maybe it was better not to read it at all if she was going to be tempted to review it against his wishes?

She stared at the screen for another moment, then got up to get a drink.

She passed Katy's bowling ball next to the front door on the way to the fridge and sighed once again. It was the only thing that kept her sane, knowing that Katy could never use a house ball on Wednesday nights. Here it was, Tuesday morning and it really helped to know that she'd be back. She could leave behind her clothes, her make-up, her favorite videos - but she had to come back, if only to get the ball.

She opened the fridge and grabbed the leftover bottle of Kendall-Jackson. She reached up into the cabinet for a glass, then noticed the ball out of the corner of her eye. Closing the cabinet, she popped the cork and sat down on the sofa. She took a swig and stared at the computer screen from across the room.

Five minutes later, she grabbed the remote and started surfing.

Ten minutes later, she turned off the television and dropped the empty bottle onto the coffee table in front of the sofa.

Then she stared at the computer screen from across the room again, the email screen being long ago replaced by the screensaver.

Closing her eyes, she drew a deep breath.

And jumped off the sofa to the computer table.

And clicked on the attachment.

Slowly, lines of text started to fill her screen, but they didn't make much sense. Her first thought was a virus that her program didn't catch, but the characters continued to display for only a moment or so, then up came an error message asking her what program she'd like to use to display the file. Reacting quickly, she went to close the file and breathed a sigh of relief when it seemed to close without any problems.

But just to be safe, she ran her Anti-virus program anyway. More disappointed than anything else, she turned back toward the sofa...

...and let out a tiny gasp.

"What? Is that all you've got?"

Jody took two steps backward, away from the...thing...sitting on her sofa.


With horns.

And a tail.

And boobs waaaaay out to here.

It seemed a bit disappointed when her next instinct was to check under the coffee table to see if it had hooves. "Fucking writers," It muttered. "Not even a scream."

It lifted a bare foot (complete with toes) up and plopped it up on top of the table and sighed. "Happy?" Not waiting for an answer, it stood up and looked up through the roof. "Why do I get stuck with all the ones with fucking imaginations? Used to be all I'd have to do is pop in, say a few words in Old English or Latin and they'd keel over from heart attacks. Now they want to see ID cards or check for wires and smoke machines. Fucking Hollywood."

It jumped up on the table and stared down at Jody. "Okay, where do you want to poke first?"

Jody's cocked her head and her eyes instinctively and naturally gravitated towards exactly where you would expect them to.

"Let me guess," it sighed as it opened its legs showing her its womanly folds. "Porn, right?"

Again, not waiting for an answer, it waved its hand and a cherry red Palm Pilot appeared in its hand and it started reading. "Jody Tarant, 25 years old, lesbian-leaning bisexual, schooled by nuns, her issues have issues, likes to be tied up and dipped in..." it raised an eyebrow... "chocolate sauce, and then licked clean?"

Jody meekly raised a hand. "Uh, it's really about the licking part..."

"Oh, bother," it snapped its fingers and the small personal business instrument vanished as quickly as it came. "don't expect ME to do any creative culinary stuff, girlfriend, this personal demon doesn't DO Emeril, period!"

"No, really, it's the licking part..."

It looked at the back of one hand as its fingernails started growing inch by inch... "Really, you must've pissed off someone, darling, because we don't come cheap. I'll have you know I used to be the top flight, best-dressed, ready to torment at a moment's notice, personal demon back in the day..."

"It was only a review..."

"Well, whoever it was, sweetie, must have connections -- probably already sold whatever soul he or she had." It winked at her and she felt a draft and looked down and noticed her sweat pants and T-shirt had vanished. "Probably why whoever it is writes so effectively."

"Well, he's really kind of rough..." Ignoring, for the moment, that she was pretty much nekkid.

"Oh, honey," it chuckled and Jody felt something coarse and shaggy crawling over her feet, "you ain't FELT rough yet. I've been promised if I do a good job on you, I get to retire. And I promise you, honey, Mama's READY to retire."

Jody looked down and her eyes got wide. The green shag carpet of the apartment was slowly making its way up her legs. "Wow," she muttered under her breath.

"Wow?!" The demon rolled its eyes as the plush synthetic fibrousness wrapped tightly about her knees and stopped. "That doesn't even rate just a LITTLE gasp of fear?" It raised a hand towards the window and the flowery curtains that Katy had bought last Christmas came flying off their rods and drifted through the air. "Not even a little tremble?"

"Sorry," Jody shrugged and tried to look scared as the curtains wrapped around her upper arms, pinning them fast against her body.

"I don't want apologies, you little tart, I want awe and horror and sheer TERROR!" it said a bit halfheartedly as a few sparks flared from its eyebrows. One after another after another, sheets of tissue paper flew out of the Kleenex box on the inn table and flew in circles around Jody's face. She started to tremble.

"Ah, success at last!" The demon moved up close and stared into her eyes as pieces of flowery tissue (Aspen cedar scent, to be specific) zipped here and there about the girl's neck, ears and face. Studying her eyes for barely a moment, its smile turned upside down rather quickly. "Wait a minute." It jumped back and the red Palm Pilot appeared in its hand again.

"Wonderful," it grumbled. "A fucking sub. Those damned imps in research and preparation are gonna really get it when I get back."

"Sorry," Jody repeated. One of the tissues tickled her nose and she fought the urge to sneeze.

"Oooooh, I could just..." It got even redder, if that was at all possible, and the handheld tool vanished in another puff of smoke. "I'm so mad, my fucking NIPPLES are on fire!"


Jody's eyes squinted as she peered at the two small flames dancing yellow on the tips of it's rather long, dark nipples. It snapped its fingers and a cigarette appeared. "You don't mind if I smoke, right?"

She opened her mouth to answer, but the moment she did, three of the tissues stuffed themselves into it.

"Thanks," the demon snickered and lit one of the smokes on its right nipple. Suddenly finding herself gasping for breath through her nose, Jody swore she could smell cinnamon. "Fucking clueless imps..." it muttered after taking a drag. "Now I gotta improvise."

Just when she thought she would end up with the horrible taste and feeling of scented paper melting in her mouth, the tissues vanished. "Hmm," the demon muttered to itself. "Oh, yeah, that'll do for starters," it smiled, devilishly.

"Uh..." Jody began, only to find her lips curling around a ball gag that suddenly appeared in her mouth. The carpeting around her feet retreated and she fell to her knees, still bound by the Christmas curtains. The demon bent down and blew some more smoke in her face. Lemons.

"Fortunately for you, sweetie," it said after taking another long drag, "I've gotten pretty good at tormenting on the fly over the past thousands of years or so." There was a puff of smoke nearby.

Jody blinked and felt her lips tighten around the gag. Sister Mary Beth Garner, complete in habit, fell from nowhere onto her ass on Jody's carpet, two feet in front of the bound woman. Well, it certainly LOOKED like Sister Mary Beth, anyway. Even sounded like her. From ten years ago, maybe.

"Wha...?" Jody's old high school English teacher seemed at a loss for words. Maybe for the first time. Jody looked around and noticed the demon was gone. Mary Beth's mouth dropped open when she spied the naked and bound Jody staring at her. "J...Jody?"

Even though she knew this was a wicked trick, Jody's face paled, even as her chest reddened. "Lord, child, what is going on here?" Mary Beth found her voice, though a very weak one. "I...don't..."

Then, suddenly, the nun gave a gasp and threw her head backwards. "Oh..."

Jody struggled with the curtains, but lost her balance and fell face forward onto the carpet. In front of her, Sister Mary Beth gave another moan and her knees came together quickly in front of her. "Oh, Lord...oh, my..."

Looking and feeling rather like a butterfly still in the cocoon, Jody rolled around on the carpet, still trying to free herself from the possessed window linen. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Sister Mary Beth's knees slowly being opened by an unseen force. "Oh, no, Jody, please, what is going on?"

The younger woman started to gnaw on the ball gag, then suddenly remembered that this just couldn't be real. It was all in her imagination. None of it was happening. She relaxed a bit.

"Oh, please, Jody, I don't...ohhhh, understand." Sister Mary Beth's legs were spread now, her white cotton panties just two feet from Jody's face. "Oh...please, Jody..." Mary Beth's head raised from behind the black and white of her robes to look the bound woman in the eyes. Tears were running down her cheek. "So...hot..."

Jody closed her eyes and tried to think of horses, chocolate sundaes, disco lights, anything but Sister Mary Beth.

"Oh, Jody, ooooh, God, what...? Oh, GEEEZ...too hot...please, Jody..."

Christmas trees, candy canes, Frosty the Snowman, pretty blue ribbons.

"Oh...please...Jody...I knew you watched me...saw your eyes...felt your stare when I wasn't looking."

Jody exhaled sharply and her eyes shot open of their own accord. The nun's legs were parted now, her panties gone and Jody could see her folds as they slowly quivered. Invitingly. "Please, so fucking hot. Can't cum." Mary Beth let out a deep, breathy moan. "God, I NEED you, Jody. Need to feel your tongue. Oh, God, so hot."

Jody once again closed her eyes. Pumpkin pies.

"Never told you I was a lesbian, Jody...oh, Lord, how hot."

Giving one final strain against the curtains, Jody bit down hard on the gag. Not enjoying success in either endeavor, she settled for writhing forward, closer to the nun, determination now settled in her eyes.

"Yes, please, Jody..."

Closer. She could smell her now.

"Oh, yes...YES!"

The gag vanished in a puff of peanut butter, mixed with chocolate.

Jody craned her neck out, stretched out her tongue.

And just as quickly as she had come, Sister Mary Beth was gone.

Actually, she never did come. "EHEHEHEEH!" Taunted a demonic voice from everywhere in the room. "We're just getting started here."

A whiff of mesquite filled the room and the demon reappeared, holding a rather large and ominous-looking thermometer in its hand. It bent down and tapped a finger gently on Jody's pussy. "Hmm, getting a bit warm in there, are we?" She impulsively and unsuccessfully to move away from the long, probing fingernail. "Just hold still a moment, this won't hurt a bit," it smiled, showing a compete set of pearly whites, each with its very own razor-sharp tip. With a sudden (and extremely quick) snap of the wrist, it managed to stick the thermometer into Jody and pull it out in one fluid motion.

The captured girl gasped despite herself as the demon giggled. "One of the perks of the job I just absolutely ADORE," it laughed as it pulled the thermometer up to its eyes.

"Hmm," it mused. "Lukewarm." It looked disappointed as the thermometer disappeared from whence it came. "I thought I'd done just a LITTLE better than that."

"Quack!" Jody said. Her eyes opened wide. "Quack?" she asked.

The demon rolled its eyes. "No, no, darling, this isn't a silly sex game with silly safe words." It flicked another wrist and a rolled up newspaper appeared in its hands. "This is the REAL thing, honey," it swatted the air above Jody's head, causing the girl to flinch.

"QUACK!" she screamed and the ball gag appeared in her mouth again. The demon let out a long deep sigh and Jody swore she could see and smell smoke.

"Well, now," it mused and quickly slid the newspaper between Jody's thighs, "let's see what else we can come up with on the fly, shall we?" Jody closed her eyes tightly, feeling the cold of the newsprint slide across her wet and aching lips. She locked her legs together tightly, then felt the paper as it was yanked out again suddenly. She shuddered.

"Oh, yes, yes, I think this will do nicely." She heard demonic chuckling and opened her eyes. It had unrolled the newspaper and was reading the damp spot. "The best of times, the worst of times, otherwise known as..." And it snapped its fingers...

"...high school." Jody heard the last in her head, not in her ears. She could see nothing at first, the whole room was dark, but she certainly felt cooler. She sensed she was somewhere...else.

And her arms were suddenly free. She flapped them, shook them and otherwise rubbed them up and down to make sure they were in working order. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she heard voices from nearby.

Familiar voices. And a smell.

A familiar smell.

"Hey, Janet, don't fucking waste it!" came a deep, yet feminine voice from close by, yet far away.

A voice from hell. "Give me that, stick-ass!"

Vera Hymes. Living proof that devils CAN wear a plaid skirt and a uniform. Wherever she was, Jody didn't want to be there. She started to turn and face the other direction, then stopped cold when she heard the other.

"Sorry, Vera."

Janet? Her best friend coughed the way she always coughed when she smoked a joint. But this was wrong. So wrong.

She turned back around and peered through the darkness. "You got the money?" That hellish voice asked.

"Uh, yeah." Jody could see them now, sitting close to the front of the storage shed, the only light coming from the crack under the door. "But the other..."

"Yeah, yeah," Vera took a drag on the joint with one hand as she reached down to the bottom of her blouse with the other. "Let's see it."

"You first."

"Not a chance, stick-ass, you've already had five hits," Vera said and extended her hand.

Jody bent down now and bit her lip as she watched Janet reach a hand down the neck of her white blouse, pull out some bills and hand them to the heavyset girl. Vera handed the thin blonde girl the joint then started counting the money. Janet took another drag and managed to suppress a cough.

"Cool" Vera smiled and put the money on the dirt floor beside her. "If you ever, EVER..."

"I...won't," Janet shook her head as Vera finished unbuttoning her blouse and shrugged it down her arms to her elbows. Her bra strained to hold in her boobs. She might have been a bully, but she had the absolute biggest, more enormous breasts in the entire school. Jody heard rumors that she used to show them to the boys for money, but never in her wildest dreams did she think that Janet...

"Neat!" she heard her best friend mutter as Vera reached back to unfasten her bra. Not Janet...

Jody felt a tingle down below. Fact was, it was leftover from Sister Mary Beth and had never gone away. She had simply tried her best to ignore it, to tell herself it wasn't true.

"Wow," the blonde girl's eyes widened and she took another drag as Vera slid her bra down below her boobs. Her aureoles looked to be as wide as the lid of a coke can. She reached an arm below them and lifted her bosom up. Her other hand grabbed the joint away from Janet, who could only continue to stare.

Despite herself, Jody found a hand moving slowly down her naked belly towards that tingle...

"They're HUGE!" Janet exclaimed as she leaned closer.

"Quiet!" Vera scowled as she reached one hand and grabbed her blouse, moving it back over one shoulder. "Fucking Dennis could come around and hear."

"Oh, yeah, sorry," Janet whispered and brought a hand to her mouth. "It's just that..."

Vera took another drag and brought the blouse up over the other shoulder. "Yeah, yeah, I know." Her eyes moved down Janet's blouse. "Your turn."

Janet's face went white and her arms instinctively crossed in front of her chest. "What?"

"Oh, c'mon, don't be such a dork, stick-ass," Vera snorted as she adjusted herself on the ground and reached out her hand towards the other girl's top. "I wanna see what you're always so afraid to show."

Jody inched closer. Janet had never showered with the other girls and she had to admit to herself she was curious. Not to mention hot as hell. Her fingers slid down her thigh...

"NO!" Janet cried and gave a swipe at Vera's hand, accidentally knocking the joint away. All three girls watched it fly and land in the dirt of the floor, about two feet away.

"What the fuck?" Vera blurted, her anger overwhelming her sense of caution. She slid her knees through the dirt to where it landed. "You fucking idiot!"

Janet looked on in horror. "Oh, Geez..." she stammered as Vera picked at the smoldering butt in the dirt. "I'm sorry."

Vera turned her head towards the smaller girl and sneered. "Sorry, my fucking ass!"

"It was an accident!" Janet started to jump to her feet. "I swear!"

Before Janet could make it all the way up, the large girl dove at her and grabbed her roughly by an arm. "Fuck that!" she growled and pawed at the uniform blouse with the other, her meaty fingers pulling off two buttons and sending them flying in separate directions.

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