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Review: Tokio Private Police


***** 'Hentai' literally means pervert in Japanese. Today, most everyone knows that 'hentai' is anime pornography. For those of us who love cartoons and especially anime, the Japanese version of cartoons, these adult cartoons fulfill our mature fantasies while remaining based in the medium of our childhood. No Yosemite Sam blowing up innocent rabbits here. You may find people getting their heads cut off, lesbians, vampires, etc., but it's so cool because it's ... a cartoon! If you have a chance to find some 'hentai' online or download some, ENJOY! *****

Tokio Private Police – Rated X – Green Bunny Prods.


The sign reads Mobile Police Platoon #1 as Noriko cleans the desks. Yasuo comes in and is very tired. He says that he had a hard time sleeping. Noriko assumes that it's because he saw Isamu and Kayoko fucking after training. Noriko she saw it, too, and admits that she was excited from seeing it.

Yasuo goes to hang out with the mechanics but tells Noriko that he can't stand it any more. He wants to do it for real but Noriko isn't interested. Isamu comes in and tells Yasuo that he's a wimp. Kayoko even tells him to just attack the woman. Yasuo tells them that it's not sex that he wants, but working with the Crab Cop's equipment. When he says that he couldn't get excited about Noriko, she belts him and all goes dark.

Tokio Private Police.

Shibata, who is the manager and Yamagami, the assistant, tell Isamu, Yasuo, Kayoko and Noriko that they have done well in their training and will now be allowed to do combat training with the Crab Cop machine. Isamu will be navigator and Yasuo will be pilot for Machine Number 2. Kayoko will be navigator and Noriko will be pilot for Machine Number 1. Kayoko and Noriko pass the first test with Noriko scoring perfect on the shooting portion. Isamu and Yasuo come next and Yasuo's shooting is so bad that Isamu beats on the bonnet.

Kayoko and Noriko talk while in the steam room and things end up with Kayoko giving Noriko a little training session, licking her breasts and sucking her pussy but the young woman is unable to reach an orgasm. The next day, Noriko is more intense in the shooting portion of the training and Kayoko senses that she's opening up to her sensual side. Meanwhile, Isamu quizzes Yasuo on Noriko, teasing him about Noriko's crush on Shibata.

Noriko seeks out Shibata in the garage and helps him with repair work on one of the machines. Shibata asks her to dinner and recalls a past event when he saw Noriko naked. Just as they are about to kiss, Yamagami interrupts. Noriko rethinks her attraction to Shibata, decides that she wants Yasuo and leaves. Shibata meets Yamagami in his office and the two have a hot fucking session.

An armored car is attacked by a tank and the call comes into the TPP Mobile Platoon #1 for assistance. Yamagami sends Kayoko and Noriko's team to help. Yasuo and Isamu are upset. Noriko and Kayoko are in front of the tank. After ample warnings, the thieves attack the girls but they retaliate, smashing the tank to pieces. The men decide to escape with the money but the ground patrol catches them. The girls return to base.

Isamu and Kayoko head out for a quickie but Noriko stays to write the report, noticing that Yasuo is sitting alone, upset because he was not involved in the action. It takes a lot of begging but Noriko gets him to help her with the report. While printing out the report, she tells him that he should have been called to duty but he disagrees, conceding that she was chosen because she was the best. Even though Yasuo has fallen in love with the machines, he has decided that something has become more important: Noriko. And what a coincidence! Noriko has discovered that Yasuo is equally as important to her as well.

Their revelation to each other lands them in the shower, then in bed. With Yasuo's help, Noriko is able to move past the horrible first encounter she ever had and has an orgasm with her new man.

A new call comes to the Mobile Police Force and both squads are activated. Noriko leaps into her machine and looks across at Yasuo who offers her a 'thumbs-up' sign. Fellow colleagues and lovers, they accept each other and head out to conquer the problem.

OPINION: Two out of four. I would choose this for a collection as being decent in the artistry department and great in the sex department. I wish they would have shown more detail with Kayoko and Isamu's lovemaking but the encounter with Noriko and Kayoko is very hot.

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