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Review: Truth or Dare


Truth Or Dare.

Starring Kim Dawson (as Belle), Griffin Drew (as Colette), Shannan Leigh (as Lauren), Jack Ketchmark (as Jack) and Johnny Quaid (as Dylan).

A beautiful girl seduces her friend's manservant.

* * * * *

Belle is a woman who runs an exclusive whorehouse and helps her clients achieve satisfying sexual relationships. At the mansion, she, Lauren and Colette are enjoying glasses of champagne and are being served by Dylan, the manservant. Belle proposes a toast to old and new friends and the girls drink. She then relates something her grandmother told her, that the key to happiness is good friends and good sex and that she was a very happy woman. She hints that Colette is happy, too, and wants to know what's going on.

Colette happily tells them that she's seeing her shrink. While she and Belle banter back and forth about this relationship that she's having with a married man, Lauren can't understand how they can just talk about something like that so easily. Belle says that they should play a game, truth or dare, and that the rules are: if you opt to tell the truth, then you must tell the absolute and complete truth. If you take the dare, because you're in Belle's brownstone, things are handled differently. Colette is excited and decides to go first.

She chooses the truth and Belle asks her to tell about the best sex she ever had. Colette starts telling a story about sex that she had at the brownstone with her best friend, Jack. It was a fantasy because he'd never made a move on her before and Belle took care of that by setting up an evening for the two of them.

It begins with Colette sitting on Jack's lap as he caresses her body, then quickly progresses to partial nakedness. Jack kisses her neck while his hands squeeze her breasts and slide down the sides of her body. Sitting back on the trunk between his legs, she frigs herself to an orgasm while he strokes her body, then removes her panties to go down on her. Finally, they move to the bed and she straddles him, riding his cock for awhile before trading places and they cum together. She says that it was so perfect because it was both what they wanted.

Dylan stands quietly, giving Lauren the eye as Colette tells them that she and Jack never had sex again and that she believes there's no such thing as a perfect relationship. Belle notices that Lauren and Dylan are making eyes at each other and asks him to replenish the champagne and strawberries and adds chocolate. As soon as he's gone, Belle tells her that she thinks Dylan is her type.

Colette tells Belle that it's her turn and she chooses truth. When Lauren starts off by saying that she wants to know everything about Belle, the ladies laugh and tell her that every relationship should hold a bit of mystery, that there should be some secrets. Lauren doesn't understand that; she says, "You're supposed to know your partner as well as you know yourself, right?" They disagree and say that mystery keeps a relationship interesting. Lauren asks Belle her truth question: what is your most mysterious affair?

Belle relates a story about a time that she was depressed and hadn't gone out of her bedroom in a week. Then one night, a beautiful masked woman stole into her room. The masked woman ties her hands down and begins to caress Belle's huge breasts, removing the bra and rubbing her nipples until they get hard. She moves around and goes down on Belle, making her cum multiple times. Belle returns the favor and they writhe together, rubbing each other's bodies and stroking each other's pussies.

Belle says that she never took her mask off so she doesn't know who she was but she has her suspicions (she looks over at Colette). Lauren doesn't understand why she never took the mask off and asks why she wasn't frightened of a total stranger entering her room. Belle tells her that it was exciting and Lauren says that she wishes she was as brave as they are. Colette asks what frightens Lauren about relationships and why she's afraid to acknowledge Dylan's attention. She replies that she doesn't want to look easy.

Belle gives her a dare: be bold with Dylan and take that bravery as far as she's willing to take it. She takes Lauren up to a bedroom and gives her a little coaching on what to say. When Dylan arrives with champagne and strawberries, she quips, "What, no whipped cream?" He gives her a confused look then excuses himself to go get her some whipped cream. She tells him to stay, that she was just joking and that she'd rather be kissed instead.

The scene changes to Lauren sitting on Dylan's lap, enjoying his hands moving all over her clothed body. The bra falls away as do the rest of her clothes except for the panties which Dylan removes when he goes down to suck her pussy. They move to the bed and she spreads her legs wide to let Dylan fuck her hard. They change positions, this time, with her on top, riding his pole until they cum.

Belle returns to Colette and they joke around a little before Belle tells Colette that she never got to thank her for being the masked lady. Dylan tells Lauren that he remembers the first time they met and Lauren starts to brush him off as if he's spouting come-on lines but realizes that he's telling the truth. Dylan asks to see her again and Lauren says yes. Later, Lauren thanks Belle for the experience.

OPINION: One out of four. Boring storyline and Lauren's breasts were so large (and fake!) that I could hear her poor skin screaming. Skip it.

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