tagFetishRevolutionary Love - Heavenly Breasts

Revolutionary Love - Heavenly Breasts


***It is 1917 in the heat of the Russian Revolution. Borya seeks pleasure and release in his own private fantasy where men cling eagerly to giant, milk filled breasts.***

They hung in the night sky like big, soft globes, surrounded by sparkling stars and the foggy expanse of the Milky Way. Some up high, some below, dozens of them. Beautiful round milk-swollen breasts, bigger than a man, hanging and waiting quietly. Was this a dream, or a vision? Or perhaps a very real place that Borya entertained in his mind during his long and trying days? It was a wonderfully comforting thought, a private refuge that he would visit after falling asleep at night. In this vision he would begin to float up out of bed, naked, free and at peace, like a soul going to heaven. Thru the roof and up into the sky, higher and higher above the lights of his troubled city, the soft sound of wind in his ears. His tired eyes would open as he looked up into the cool, dark night sky, seeking the comfort of the breasts as they hung in mid air patiently for their visitors to arrive.

At last he could see them, their rounded undersides, way up above him. He began to pump his arms as if swimming, trying to move quicker, eager to get to his goal. Closer and closer they came, perfect and milky white. They were magnificent and awe inspiring in its size, eclipsing everything else. The sight caused his cock to throb in anticipation, until it quickly was standing up straight, as if paying tribute.

He came to a stop, floating, in front of one of them. The giant nipple jutting out was perfectly smooth, soft and pink, ready to be coaxed firm and red. Borya took his arms and wrapped them around the front of the breast and clung on like a little baby. He drew his legs up and pressed his knees against the breast so that his firm cock was pushed up against the soft flesh, stimulating his now fully erect cock.

He had been here before, many, many nights, when he needed to soothe his troubled mind. He had learned how to hold onto these enormous breasts, how to fill his belly from the big, erect nipples and how to experience a deep, satisfying orgasm.

He first had to open his mouth very wide and work the nipple into his mouth. The act of allowing himself to surrender to being filled with the huge nipple was incredibly comforting. As the nipple began to engorge and swell, it would lock him on. Then his mouth would be wonderfully stuffed full, held in place and ready to receive the nourishment he so desperately needed.

He could feel the nipple getting bigger and bigger as his gaping mouth sucked firmly. He moaned, squirming against the big warm breast. He then began to stimulate it with soft caresses, squeezes and kneading. His hands roamed everywhere, stroking as he softly whimpered. The attention and loving caresses would, when done correctly, cause the breast to orgasm, inducing the release of its supply of warm milk. It was Borya's job to please the breast, to stimulate the nipple, to touch and seduce his soft rounded host into an ecstatic relinquishing of its sustenance.

After several moments of gentle kneading and steady sucking he could feel the breast begin respond. It grew warmer and started to gently pulse, responding to his tender, loving touch. His cock throbbed as he relished the sensation of the breast quivering and undulating with growing intensity. Soon he began to feel the breast pulsing more strongly, throbbing and bumping against his swollen cock. The giant breast was becoming more and more excited, trembling as he clutched to it tightly, continuing his seductive stroking and sucking. Suddenly a sudden jerk signaled its orgasm was approaching. Borya hung on tightly, his eyes closed, lips wrapped tightly onto the nipple and cock pressing into the shaking softness. He moaned as milk began to leak from the nipple, a sure sign the breast was about to orgasm. He sucked and swallowed eagerly, his mouth completely filled with the leaky, swollen nipple. The breast then began to shudder violently, throbbing and bucking underneath him. He kept sucking as hard as he could, until the nipple released the first big burst of warm creamy milk. It shot deep into his throat as he quickly swallowed, bracing for several more powerful ejaculations as the breast continued to tremble and spurt. Eagerly his tongue lapped and caressed the nipple, encouraging it to continue to give. The bursts then steadied into a satisfying stream that Borya would settle into, sucking and swallowing his comforting, nourishing meal.

It was at this time that the breast would fully respond to his efforts by opening a tight, warm slit. With his eyes shut and his mouth busy nursing, he took his hand and guided his cock into the opening. He gave a muffled cry as his cock was fully enveloped by the breast. It began to squeeze and massage his cock as it was held deep inside. Borya clutched tightly to his mother breast, his every need being attended to. As he nursed from the engorged nipple, he slowly thrust his swollen cock in and out of the wonderfully soft, warm opening, delighting his thick, needy organ that throbbed and pulsed with pleasure. Hanging in space, he felt like the only man alive. Attended to. Doted on. A belly being filled and soon, the blissful release and emptying of his weighty balls.

But he was not alone. As he nursed, other men began to float up to the breasts, all naked and hungry, lost in the same dream world among the stars. Men of all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. Poor peasants, lost souls, lonely comrades and war weary soldiers released from their boots and burdens, all quietly floating up towards the promise of love, care and release. Borya looked thru half closed eyes as he watched the men float skyward. They drifted silently by with erections pointing upwards, their heavy balls full of milk, ready to please and serve the big mothering breasts. Each man found a breast and with open arms embraced it and clung tightly. With legs spread and hands grasping, they all began sucking and teasing the nipples into semi erect buds. Borya heard the moans and the whimpering as the men let everything go and willingly became needy, eager babies. All of their troubles and pain, their fears and loneliness, falling away as they clutched the breasts tightly, stroking and caressing, starting the breasts on their journey to orgasm and the release of their coveted milk. The new men who had just found this place watched to see what the others were doing. Some had been coming for many years and had perfected the technique to get the breasts to respond quickly and intensely. Other men enjoyed taking their time, relishing the peace and acceptance they found here. The men who had the hardest and loneliest of lives were usually the ones who wanted to prolong the visit as long as possible, each clinging onto their big soft breast, absorbing the warmth, pleasure and love. It was the only thing that kept them going thru their hard days, the only place they could take shelter to be nurtured and refilled.

Below him, above him and off to each side, Borya listened to the slurping, sucking, moans and muffled cries of bliss. He too, was lost in his own private headspace, unashamedly displaying his vulnerability and need as he embraced his breast, completely naked and suckling like a baby. It did not matter if he was the leader of his country or a poor peasant scruff, a wealthy merchant or a farmer. Here, all men were equal, with the same needs and desires that needed fulfilling.

Soon many of the breasts around him started to tremble and quiver as their orgasms approached. He could hear men's muffled cries of excitement as they held tightly to their shuddering breasts. The cries turned to gratified whimpers as milk began to burst into the men's waiting mouths, at the same time warm, tight slits began to open for swollen erections to slide in to. Loud moans of pleasure filled the night sky as men from all walks of life and ages received well-needed pleasure and nourishment.

Many of the men who had not been with a woman in a very long time, or ever, could not hold off their orgasms. Shamelessly with their legs spread around the giant breasts and their cum swollen balls dangling, they began to pump furiously, moaning and crying out as their heavy sacks swung about with each rapid thrust. The cries of pleasure multiplied as a sky full of men pistoned in and out of those tight slits, until, almost in unison, the men began to climax loudly. With knees and legs lifted up high, the men threw their heads back and cried out in surrender as their cocks began their intense contractions. Load after load of thick warm milk began to be delivered deep into the breasts. Cocks jerked and anuses winked, holding the men captive as their thick, swollen organs released their cream with tremendous release.

Hearing the cries and watching the men lost in their own personal ecstasy finally pushed Borya over the edge. He could not help but join in the chorus of pleasure cries, becoming one of the many voices crying out into space long and loud. His body was wracked in great spasms as his cock shot load after load, helplessly thrashing against the bouncing breast along with everyone else. The skies were filled with the cries of release and erotic joy as each man bucked and shook until their balls were completely and utterly drained.

Breathing heavily, Borya nuzzled and kissed the nipple, which was still dripping. He looked at it lovingly with half closed eyes. With a belly full of warm milk and the satiating peace that followed after an intense orgasm, he was ready to return back to earth and soldier on with the duties and dangers. He let go of the breast and free floated in front of it for a moment regretfully, then closed his eyes as his body began to drop gently back down to earth. Eventually, all of the men would be coming back down, back into their own beds, bunks and sleeping rolls, returning to the slumber from which this wonderful experience had sprung.

A vision? A dream? A real and accessible place? As Borya settled gently back into his own bed, sleepy and fulfilled, he was not sure of the answer, and he was not sure he ever wanted to solve the mystery.

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