tagMatureRevving Up Widow Jamieson

Revving Up Widow Jamieson

byEgmont Grigor©

The funeral was a mournful affair, the family cloistering Billie with umbrellas in the wintry wind-swept squalls that blow in from the Atlantic as this time of year. At least it wasn't snowing as the casket was lowered, the last ritual completed and the family escorted Billie back to her home on Elk Street.

At the house wine, beer and whisky loosened tongues and later someone sat at the piano and the black shroud of death surrounding husband Benjamin was chased from the home by drunken family and friends singing songs that Ben had loved.

A week went by and Billie was cheerful again, deciding that day to drop her daily visits to the cemetery, from now on making a monthly vigil. Four months later she decided to make the cemetery visit when she felt the need, a sign that she was withdrawing from mourning.

Widow Jamieson was thirty-two, fit and healthy and childless and Ben had been a fit and healthy 28-year-old the late afternoon he drowned at sea, having some sort of mishap with the high winds, boisterous seas and his aged wind surfer which was never found.

Six weeks after the funeral, the first male to make a solo call was turned away from the door. Perhaps twenty in all made the same futile visit pretending to be making a courtesy call with the ulterior motive of being first to get between the lovely thighs of Widow Jamieson, a former county beauty queen, since the loss of her husband.

Then arrived Fergus Lennan who walked in, uninvited, as the door opened.

"Please go, you're not welcome."

"Come on, Billie, you can't let that body of yours remain in self-denial."

"What about my grief, my loneliness the end of life as I know it – aren't those telling emotional impacts on my present life of interest to you?"

Billie thought she had cornered Fergus, whom she'd known since they were seven-year-olds. He would express remorse, she'd remind him he was married to Paula and he'd leave, apologizing for disturbing her peace.

"No – not at all. It's about time you exorcised those negative thoughts and empty holes and rebuilt your life."

"That's unkind of you Fergus, you should be ashamed talking like that to a young widow."

"I'm here to begin your rehabilitation."

"Oh yes, and what do you have in mind?"

Fergus took her hand and kissed it. "To take you to bed, to remind you what life is all about."

"You're disgusting, Fergus. Please leave."

"Undo your shirt and bra and let me fondle your breasts, Billie."

Ignoring the audacity of her friend, Bill said coolly, "If you're not going may I fetch you coffee?"

"Yes, a touch of milk, no sugar – two biscuits if that's not too much trouble."

Billie arrived back with the coffee and a plate of biscuits.

"You men are all the same, Fergus. You have the opinion that what hangs between your legs is the reason women have for living."

"So you are an authority. How many men have had you sexually, Billie – five, ten?"

"Just two, if you must ask. You on my graduation ball night, and Benjamin."

"Ohmigod, little wonder you are in jeopardy, you lack experience."

Billie found this conversation most stimulating. "What do you mean?"

"I gather among the men calling, you have been exposed to excellent potential suitors – but unless you react favorably soon they will stop arriving at you door and you will be left on the shelf, your vagina shriveling from neglect."

"How incredibly insensitive you are," Billie said, and added unwisely, "Anyway, what interest is my vagina to you?"

"If you allow me to enter it, I'll show you. We were green teenagers when I last plumbed your depths."

The cup in Billie's saucer rattled as her hands shook, and her vagina tingled, her nipples felt aroused and her nose flared as she began breathing more heavily. The bastard, he was warming her up! She couldn't believe she'd succumb.

"Why are we talking about my vagina?" she said weakly.

Fergus smiled, knowing he was almost there. "Because I am one of those men who totally believes that a good fuck makes people glad they are alive and sorry they are temporarily fatigued but happy that if they rest they will be revved up soon, ready to go again."

"You make it sound as if the vagina and penis are the centre of life."

"Couldn't have put it better myself."

"Well, Fergus, I'm sorry to do this to you but I'm not available to you; I don't do adulteries. If you truly want to rekindle my desire, send an A-List eligible man; remember I said one. Come on, out you go – good night Fergus."

He went quietly – and thoughtfully.

Two evenings later there was a knock on Billie's door and a man called Simon Plank called, saying Fergus had send him. After coffee Simon dropped his trousers saying, "Allow me to introduce you to Samson."

Within thirty seconds the front door slammed behind the disappointed Simon Plank, whose penis was the size of a hearty cucumber.

Teddy Wellington had awful breath, Duncan Meadows was conversationally inept and Murray Felder kept popping pills.

Then Marcus Todd called and Billie couldn't fault him – an office manager with a MBA, drives a new V8 Mercedes, and an art and wine connoisseur. However, the sole blemish arose just as he was about to insert it and he looked at the bedside clock and said, "Ella will be putting the kids to bed right now."

Yes, Ella was the mother of his three children. Marcus was thrown out and his clothes tossed out after him.

An angry Billie phoned Fergus and ordered him to get off her case. His taste in men was hopeless. She decided to let nature take its course, which it did.

Six months later Billie was staying with her aunt and uncle as their glorious holiday home on the shores of Fussell Sound. The next bay over from theirs was very private with trees coming right down to the golden sands. She loved its isolation and often sunned there in the nude. On this occasion she arrived through the trees to find a man on the beach, not only nude but masturbating. She'd never seen a male doing that so stood watching with fascinating, wondering where and how far his ejaculation would go.

An insect flew into her mouth and she coughed and spluttered. The guy cried, "Ohmigod" and jumped to his feet, only just managing to tent his erection with his hands.

"Hello, I'm Billie. I usually have this beach to myself but your company is welcome. Please carry on and I'll spread out by you."

"C-c-carry on?"

"Yes, of course. Oh, you haven't forgotten how to do it, have you?"

The red-faced man said, "I feel faint," and fell to the ground.

"Ohmigod," screamed Billie, who'd just taken off her bikini. She turned the man over and was about to thump his heart with her two fists clenched together when he opened his eyes, which widened in horror and he said, "Please don't hit me."

She rocked back on to her heels and giggled. "This is not how people usually meet on the beach, is it?"

"No – my name is Alex. Gawd, you have great breasts."

"Hi, Alex, my name is Billie and you're nicely hung – oh, where is it?"

"They looked down to find Alex's erection was no more – his balls dwarfed the deflated penis.

"I've never seen it that small," Alex said nervously. "It must be in post-shock trauma."

"Good gracious, what have I done to you - mind if I try something?"

"No, go right ahead," Alex said, his face heavily lined with worry.

Billie dropped to her hands and knees and she kissed and licked the tip. Nothing much happened so she moved closer, her breasts swinging and she bent in between Alex's legs to lick his balls. That positioned her ass quite close to Alex's face, allowing him to view the most delightful pussy he'd ever seen - Billie had shaved only a couple of hours earlier.

As she bent over Alex a little more, noticing he penis was beginning to swell, the movement opened her labia and Alex saw pink. His penis jumped to attention, straight into Billie's mouth. That sounds like a chance in a million, but the truth was Billie saw it rising and thought, what the heck, so went after it, mouth open and saliva dripping.

She felt one of Alex's fingers part her lips so shuffled cross-ways, lifting her right leg and straddling him, giving him complete access for his fingers and tongue which soon were very busy. She came twice before he swelled in her mouth even more. Being a first time together – it was not even a first date – Billie didn't swallow or lick her breasts and face clean; she let Alex do that.

They went down to the water, hand-in-hand and washed clean and squatted, half floating in the water, holding hands and talking, getting to know each other, while resting. Finally Alex said, "In getting to know you there is one question I must ask: Do you fuck?"

Billie stood up and led him back to the rug, saying, "I'll let you answer your own question."

The truth was Billie was used to having sex stretched out on her back and being vibrated and sometimes bruised by the poundings of her now deceased husband who wouldn't dare put his nose near her pussy unless she'd just showered and as soon as he'd finished he was of a mind to go to sleep.

Well, on this day she hoped she was in for some experimentation (for her) and would decidewhether she was a converted missionary person or found free-form sex more enlightening and more physically pleasurable.

She lay in missionary position but, smiling, Alex flipped her over and grabbling her hips, pulling her back on to her hands and knees. Ohmigod, she thought. He's going to put it in there – it won't fit!"

Instead she felt his tongue work into her - relatively easily it seemed from the rear, so she lowered her boobs on to the rug to open herself to him and immediately heard more enthusiastic slurping which excited her fluids to flow. He then pulled away, placed a hand on her right buttock and she felt his cock being guided into her.

Alex began banging away and with leg flex she began rocking back to meet him, not being instructed; it just seemed to be the right thing to do and the sensations for her increased. Her face color reddened, neither from exertion nor embarrassment: as that moment she realized for the first time in her life she was experiencing lust. She reveled it in and began thrusting back harder and her fingers searched for her clit and she lifted a little as his hand found her breast and began rolling the nipple.

A great sense of well-being and power began building in Billie, then the energy seemed to change into electric sensations through her body and her eyes just seemed to close themselves as the network of energized feelings seemed to rush together to fuse into one.

Billie's head jutted forward and holding up on two hands now she bellowed, scaring birds from the trees, and came copiously, an unbelievably large gush that pulsated from her. Her body took over from her and she felt her vagina squeeze and Alex, who seemed so remote from her, yelled some profanity and he jerked and she could feel him throbbing inside her.

When he caught his breath, he slapped her ass painfully, making her yelp. Then turning he looked deeply into her eyes and said, "Well babe, you certainly can fuck." At that her body convulsed, wanting to ejaculate the pleasure she felt as his tribute washed through her but regrettably nothing was left in reserve. She rolled on to her back eyes closed again and she drifted into a half-way state which suspended her in a peaceful state of bliss.

Alex let her be, wiping his dick and sweat on her towel as she found out later. For the first time in her life, Billie felt truly fucked and hoped she'd become pregnant as she was not on contraceptives and he'd not worn a condom. She opened her eyes to find him sitting on the sand, looking at her.

"Did you enjoy that?"

"Yes, it was wonderful. I hope I'm pregnant."

Alex looked alarmed. "You want my baby."

"Yes, I want a baby."

Alex thought for a moment and she began working his cock to full erection. "Then lie on your back – we'll go again as I'm not sure doggy position is the best way to ensure pregnancy. Is it the right time?"

"I really don't know, but if you live around here perhaps we can just keep doing this until we get it right. Are you married?"

"No, and wasn't looking to remarry until now."

"Is that some kind of proposal?"

"It is in my mind – but really, we know so little about each other. Hello, I'm Alex Stafford."

"The author?"


"Hi Alex, I am Bridget Jamieson but am known as Billie Jamieson."

"Ohmigod, the former star Olympic swimmer."

"Yes, I did swim rather well as a teenager."

"Are you married?"

"No, just a well-fucked young widow."

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