tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRewarding Those That Deserve It

Rewarding Those That Deserve It


Author's note: This story is part of the NUDE DAY STORY CONTEST 2015. If you liked it, please feel free to vote. Thanks to Lovelyinlingerie for valuable comments.


Professor Jenny Taylor stood on the shore and watched the boat come in, the wind catching her dark curls. The ship usually brought necessities to her marine field station about once a week, but this time it was bringing something different. On board that boat were five of her former college students.

She had invited them there to give them the type of course she felt they deserved. It had been frustrating to teach marine biology without leaving the class room, but the tight budget of her university hadn't allowed for a single excursion. Admittedly, it probably would have been lost on most of the students, but the group she now awaited was a particularly brilliant bunch. Even with limited resources, she had managed to spark an interest within them and she was pleased to know all of them had gone on to pursue careers within her field. She strongly felt that hard work should be rewarded, and had offered them the opportunity of a tailored course at her field station.

The pristine location would have been enough reason to accept this unique invitation, but a course like this would also look good on their CV:s. Jenny Taylor was a big name in marine biology, famous for both her passion and outstanding analytical mindset. She knew they idolized her, but at least it was honest appreciation and not empty flattery.

She felt increasingly excited as the boat came closer. A year had passed since their graduation and it would be nice to see them again. She genuinely cared for this group and felt that she had developed a special bond with them. Maybe it was because they were the first class she had taught after becoming a professor, but she also found them all to be smart and ambitious, qualities that she respected. She knew this course was a good idea and felt that it would be nice to have them around.

As the boat got closer, she could spot "the twins" in the bow. The two were similar in many aspects, both of them average height, athletic body type and short hair, but with Dave being bright blonde and Eric black, the nickname was partially ironic. They always hung out together and back when she was their teacher, she had rarely seen one without the other. They shared a competitive mentality, and she recalled how they always seemed to try to outdo each other in anything they did. She smiled as they jumped ashore, raising to be the first to tie up their side of the boat.

As the twins secured the boat, Camilla and Miguel disembarked, walking hand in hand. The blonde girl still wore her signature hairdo, with plaits on each side. They were both exactly as Jenny remembered them - Camilla walking slightly before Miguel, dragging along her devoted boyfriend. Jenny had always felt that he would follow Camilla around the world, and from what she understood, that's exactly what he had done since graduation.

"Hello Ms. Taylor, so good to see you again!" Camilla said in her unmistakable Norwegian accent and greeted her former teacher with a warm hug.

"Likewise, Camilla," Jenny said and accepted the embrace. Such informal behavior wouldn't have been acceptable back at the university, but here it seemed like the natural thing to do.

"Hi Ms. Taylor," Miguel said. Following his girlfriend's lead, he too hugged Jenny. "Thank you so much for inviting us here."

"Hello Miguel. I like the beard," Jenny said and she meant it. It was dark and thick, giving the young man a more mature look.

"Yeah, I told him he had to grow one if he was going to make it in this business," Camilla said and giggled, looking up at him through her long blonde lashes.

"It also protects against the cold," Miguel said and smiled. The couple were both exchange students, and Camilla had asked him to move back to Norway with her after graduation. It obviously required a bit of adaptation for the Spanish young man.

Before Jenny could inquire more, she noticed the twins running over. With the boat secured, it seemed they both now wanted to be the next in line for hugging their former teacher. It was a tie, and neither of them was prepared to yield. Jenny laughed at their awkward embrace, but in back of her head, she registered what great shape they were in. Undeniably, it felt good to have two hot guys pressed against her.

And Jenny was herself an appealing target to embrace. As she usually would around the research station, Jenny was wearing khaki shorts and a tight fitted shirt that showed off her hourglass figure. The endless amount of time spent in the water kept her in great shape. She had always had a curvy body, and these features had become further accentuated with age. Approaching 40, her tits weren't as high on her chest as they had been when she was 20, but they were ample and round. Likewise, her ass had got a bit bigger, but she didn't mind. Its full shape actually fitted perfectly with the image of her as the impressive woman she knew she was.

She had to pat the guys' backs to signal that it was time to let go.

"So, did you manage to lose Phillip?" she asked, but just as she said it she could see him walking off the boat, looking flustered.

"Welcome," she said. "Glad you could make it."

"Sorry, I was preparing this presentation and didn't notice we were arriving," he said.

"No worries," she said. "We're apparently hugging here today, so you get one too." His face turned from stressed to pleasantly surprised as she invited him in for a hug.

She had to stand on her toes to reach around the neck of the tall young man. She remembered him as the shy and quiet of the group, and while his thick-framed glasses still made him look quite nerdy, she could tell that the past year had done him good. He seemed a bit more certain of himself and had buffed up quite a bit since she last saw him, making him far less lanky then she remembered him.

In fact, the whole group seemed to be in good shape. They were all the outdoorsy type, and she couldn't help noticing that they were all quite fit. She couldn't help thinking that this was another reason she would enjoy having them around.

"All right," she said after some chit-chat. "You're only here for two weeks, so we better make the most of it. Go unpack and we'll meet in the lecture room in 30 minutes."

She had asked them all to prepare a presentation on what they were working on. Even though it was a small crowd and knew each other well, they all seemed rather nervous. It was obvious they were really directing their talks at her rather than the group, and she could tell they were all trying to make a good impression. The way they idolized her hadn't changed since they last met.

Each of her former students gave short speech, and she was delighted to hear all about their ongoing projects.

"Thank you," she said after the last presentation. "I really enjoyed all your talks, and I'm looking forward to our weeks together."

The students all looked pleased, cherishing her approval. She went on to give them the schedule, explaining how they were going to focus on excursions in the beginning and then do more theoretical work towards the end, putting what they had found into perspectives. She also told them she would give them a test at the end.

"I'm sure you're tired after the trip here, so go get a good night's sleep," she said as she wrapped things up. "We start early in the morning, and we're going scuba diving to study the ecosystem on a nearby reef, so make sure you bring your wetsuits."

The students all shared a room of bunk-beds next to Jenny's private room. She heard them laughing and chatting, and could tell they were all really excited to have been invite for the course. They were in a festive mood and she guessed that they were sharing a few drinks. She couldn't make out all they were saying, but she overheard them talking about her, saying how stoked they all were to have her as a teacher again for the week. She smiled as she drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, she met them at the beach. She had instructed them to pack the boat, and because they were so eager to please her, they were already done when she arrived. They were sitting around in their wetsuits waiting for her as she arrived. She wore her khaki clothes over her bikini and quickly realized she would have to strip down there in front of them. She could tell the whole group was looking at her, trying but not succeeding at being discrete about it.

Jenny was accustomed to wearing her bikini in public and generally didn't think much about it, knowing she had nothing to be ashamed of. But disrobing in front of her students was somehow different and it felt like it would take away a formal distinction between her as a teacher and her students. Her first thought was to go away and get changed elsewhere but she decided not to. On a course like this, it was inevitable that the students would see her in a bikini. The small talk among the students ended quickly as she started unbuttoning her shirt, curious to see more of their adored teacher.

"Did you all sleep well?" she asked, sounding casual as she undid the last button of her shirt.

The group all answered absentmindedly, their attention focused on her body as she discarded the shirt. The group remained silent as she proceeded to unzip her shorts and peel them of her round ass. Her bikini wasn't overly skimpy, but the group seemed very eager to take in her figure. She wasn't sure exactly how to react to this attention. Thinking about it, it was a fair guess that at least the guys of the group had fantasized about her over the years. She was a sexy woman and the perfect embodiment of the hot teacher. Naturally they were curious to get a glimpse of what she looked like under those clothes. Different rules applied out here on the beach than in the classroom setting she was used to, and she was not quite clear exactly what they were.

She slipped on her wet suit and then told everybody to get in the boat. She pushed the boat off the shore and jumped in and after starting the engine she steered it to the reef. Even with her wetsuit on, she could tell that the students kept glancing at her, enjoying the way the suit hugged her curvy figure. She was unused to this level of attention from her students, but she noticed that she wasn't bothered by it. Not bothered at all...

She also knew they were there for a purpose, and as they arrived at the diving location, she made sure everybody was clear about the objectives of the dive. She was glad to see that the students hadn't been distracted, and they carried out the dive without any problems, collecting data that they were going to use later in the week. Sitting in the bow of the boat, she made a recap of what they had seen. She was pleased with their performance and thought it was important to let them know.

"Really nice job today everybody," she said. As if rewarding them for their efforts, she lowered the zipper of her wetsuit, treating them to the view of her cleavage.

She asked Eric to drive the boat and she remained in the bow as they headed back to the field station. The sun was up, making it too hot to stay in the wet suit and she peeled the upper part down. Once again she was treating them to the view of her round bosom, only covered by her bikini top.

"Nice day today," she said. "It's such a nice view here, isn't it?"

The students all agreed, and as she realized the double connotation of her question, she wondered if they picked up on it as well.

The students all followed her lead, also pealing down the upper parts of their suits. Undeniably, she enjoyed the view of their fit young bodies and a growing part of her was actually excited about the idea of flaunting her body. She noticed that the guys occasionally glanced at Camilla too, which was understandable because the blonde girl was looking very sexy in her bikini, its yellow triangles covering her perky tits. Still, Jenny could tell that the guys were mainly looking at her, even more than they had in the morning. In fact, Camilla seemed to sneak as many glances as the guys. Looking down on her chest, Jenny could tell why they were all having such a hard time diverting their eyes. As the boat bounced over the waves, her tits were swaying hypnotically for them, moving in resonance with the ocean itself.

Again, her heart started beating hard in her chest at the thought of her body being the center of attention for her students. A part of her thought she should try to cover up a bit but there was increasing urge inside her to let it continue. There was no harm in having some fun, right? The students had worked hard and if they found the sight of her so intriguing, maybe this was the right way rewarded them. She could tell they were making an effort to be discreet about their prying, but they weren't succeeding. With a crooked smile, she leaned back and closed her eyes, allowing them all an opportunity to stare at her without the apparent risk of being caught.

This excursion set the mood for the rest of the week. The students all worked hard, but there was also time for some fun. For the rest of the days, most of the excursions didn't require diving. Instead, they collected most of their data by snorkeling. With the warm water, there wasn't really any need for a wet suit and Jenny spent most of the time walking around in her bikini. She figured the students would get used to seeing her in it, but they seemed to remain equally fascinated by her body. They constantly tried to hide it, but she noticed them sneaking peaks at her. She had to admit that the attention was growing on her.

They also found time to get to know each other better, chit-chatting about marine fauna and life in general. Camilla was particularly eager to talk to her, obviously seeing Professor Taylor as a role model. Jenny couldn't really say that they were bonding as friends per se. She was the teacher and whenever she talked, they listened carefully, even if what she was talking about was unrelated to her work.

They all kept thanking her for the opportunity to take this course, constantly letting her know how much they admired her work. She was used to people praising her, and had learn to distinguish honest compliments from manipulative flattery. The attention from these students were of the former kind, and therefore quite enjoyable. She also noticed that their awe for her work seemed to correlate with the lustful gazes she received -- the more grateful they were for what she was teaching them, the more interested they became in the body of woman they found so inspiring.

As time passed she also started socializing with the students in the evenings, usually sharing a few beers or some wine. While the mood was informal, Jenny remained the center of attention, and sometimes the student's eager efforts to gratify her crossed the line to flirtation, particularly from the twins. Even Phillip seemed to make an effort to charm her. They all came off a bit awkward as they tried to switch between flirting with a sexy woman and impressing a distinguished professor. She found it comical but couldn't deny that she enjoyed the attention, knowing that any of these young guys would gladly follow her to her bed if she so asked them. It was certainly tempting, but she knew there was a risk it could be interpreted as her taking advantage of her position. However, she didn't find any reason why she couldn't enjoy their attention, and therefore made no effort to dissuade them. They deserved a bit of fun, and quite frankly -- she did too.

"How did you become such a good public speaker?" Camilla asked one evening as the group shared a few beers after hard day's work. "I would be so nervous talking in front of a big audience, but you always look so confident." Her Norwegian accent grew more pronounced with each drink.

"I don't know," Jenny said. "I guess I never had any major problems talking to a big crowd."

"So you never used to get nervous?" Miguel asked.

"Sure I did, you just get used to it," Jenny replied and took a sip of her drink. "Oddly enough, I think for me it was actually always harder to present for a small crowd."

"So how did you get over it?" Phillip asked, eager to get any tips on how to get more confident when he presented. "You sure don't seem nervous when you present for us."

"Like I said -- you get used to it," Jenny said. "But I noticed it kind of works better if you focus on one person at the time." Jenny emptied her bottled and put it down before continuing. "And then it's of course the old trick of imagining the students are naked."

She realized as she said it that by referring specifically to "students", she was hinting that she was talking about them. The group all looked curiously at her to read the significance of her wording, interested in the prospect of their teacher imagining them in the nude. She however made no effort to distract them from this connotation, finding it quite amusing herself. If she allowed them to flirt with her, she had to allow herself to play the game too.

"Oops," she said, covering her mouth in feigned shock.

The students all started laughing.

"That's OK Ms. Taylor," Phillip said. "I'm sure we all imagine our teacher naked too."

The moment he said it, his face turned bright red with embarrassment, realizing he had been a bit too honest. The group laughed at him but it was a nervous laugh, as if he had just given them away. Jenny was however far from shocked.

"I'm sorry Ms. Taylor," Phillip said. "I've obviously had a glass too many."

Jenny didn't reply. She suspected that Phillip's words had made all imagining her naked now, and she felt a tingle run through her body at the thought of being surrounded by people who were thinking about her in the nude.

"Do you stay out here by yourself a lot Ms. Taylor?" Camilla said eventually, breaking the silence.

"Oh, yes. I love it here. It's such a nice spot, don't you think?" Jenny replied, and they all agreed. "Staying here always makes me feel so close to the ocean. When I'm here alone, I often go swimming naked through the waves. It's an amazing feeling."

The group stared wide eye at her, and she was sure they again were imagining her naked.

"Maybe I shouldn't have told you that," she said, pretending to regret it. "Well, you know what they say - in wine there is truth," she said and finished her drink. "Right Phillip?"

"Right Ms. Taylor," he said and smiled nervously at her.

"I think I'm going to call it a night," she said and stood up. She could feel them looking at her as she walked away, undressing her with their eyes. To gratify them, she exaggerated the rocking motion of her hips, making her ass sway seductively in her tight fitted khaki shorts.

After the first week, it was time to leave the field work behind and move the course into the classroom. Jenny felt somewhat disappointed that she wouldn't have the opportunity to walk around in her bikini anymore, and she suspected the students were even more disappointed. Over the week, they had worked out some silent agreement where she would make sure she gave them plenty of opportunities to check her out, posing for them while pretending to look in a different direction so they wouldn't have to feel shy about peeking. She also made sure she walked a few steps in front of them when they walked on the beach. The group never spoke much then, and she could feel their eyes on her ass, which would sway in a mesmerizing way as she marched before them. With her new-found interest in exhibitionism, she regretted that she hadn't scheduled more bikini activities.

Still, she could dress up for them a bit. On the morning before her first lecture she put on gray skirt and a white blouse, knowing it would make her look both professional and sexy. To accentuate her features, she chose to wear a push-up bra. With the blouse hugging her body, she knew she would give the students an eyeful. She normally never wore high heel shoes around the field station, but to emphasize her well-toned legs she decided to make an exception.

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