tagErotic HorrorRfH Ch. 04: Household of Three

RfH Ch. 04: Household of Three


Welcome back to the "Roommate from Hell" series (RfH). For those of you just joining us, this is Chapter 4 of an ongoing series. There will be some recap, but if you want to start from the beginning, please check out: "RfH Ch. 01: That Thing in the Corner," followed by "RfH Ch. 02: Between Secrets and Semen," and then "RfH Ch. 03: The Plans Best Laid." As always, feed back is appreciated.


Luck is a funny thing. Some people try to push it for a chance to get ahead. Some people shove it off a cliff to see what happens. I like to consider myself to be in the prior category, but recent events have made me reevaluate the wisdom behind some of my decisions.

The decision to stay in an apartment with a violent murderer comes to mind. I'd also been apprehensive about the slithering abomination growing out of the living room wall, but at least he stuck to his corner and didn't attack anyone unless stepped on. Most recently was the decision to accept my aforementioned roommate's invitation to spend Friday evening with her and her guest.

Last time she had a guest over, I had witnessed some pretty hot action between her and a very well endowed stranger, but I'd also witnessed a murder. I found myself eager to get more involved with one of those activities, but had reservations about getting wrapped up in the other.

Looking back on that night, she had been at the mercy of her male suitor the entire time, exposed and vulnerable. Had he chosen to, he could have lashed out at any moment prior to his final, ill-fated attack. While she had stabbed that hapless fuck to death, he had blatantly and unambiguously attacked her. Her reaction was extreme, but it was also technically in self defense. The knife she kept hidden under the couch had proven to be a worthwhile failsafe last time, but there was too much that could have gone wrong.

Maybe Melissa wasn't looking for an accomplice, so much as protection. But protection from what? Did she really have to bring all these strangers over? Was it really too much work for her to meet them in a public place first, and confirm that they weren't a serial killer before bringing them back to the place I sleep at night?

I spent many a sweaty night dwelling vigorously on the upcoming get-together, speculating what would happen, what could happen, and what I wanted to happen. I didn't know what to expect. Melissa hadn't exactly given me an itinerary, she didn't really give me any details at all. Just the date, time, and a vague expectation of me being there before she stormed off to her room.

Whether she married, fucked, or killed her guest, it was pretty clear that she required me to at least bare witness to the act. But what if she asked me to get involved? I guess I could handle fucking up a dude if he threatened to attack a woman, but what if she wanted me to get involved sexually? Would we take turns, or just grab different ends? What if our balls touched? Was she expecting me to get sexually involved with a man?

That would be just so typical Melissa. I could just imagine her sitting there as the man from last time used his massive, powerful hands to tenderly caress my cheek, before taking the back of my head and slowly but firmly forcing me down onto his engorged manhood. I could clearly picture her cackling mercilessly at my tear-filled gasps and gags as he made me his bitch, all the while pleasuring herself with a pair of my stolen underwear.

This vision haunted me as I woke up late on Friday and got ready. When I walked into the kitchen for breakfast, Melissa cracked open her bedroom door and peaked out.

"Hey, I was gonna have breakfast and take a shower for tonight." I told her, hoping to spark a conversation and maybe get some more information on what was expected of me.

"Fine." She answered simply, and slammed her door shut. I clearly wasn't going to get anymore answers from her today. It looked like I was going to have to go into this thing blind. I finished breakfast, did the dishes, took a shower, and was ready to go by noon. This left a lot of time to stew and fester on what was to come while I periodically tidied the place up.

As the sun set and the hours dragged on, I began to get concerned that Melissa had forgotten and slept through the whole affair. This fear was reinforced when I heard a knock at the door, but at that exact moment; Melissa burst out of the room completely cleaned up and wearing the same gorgeous glimmering sequined dress she had worn last time. She smelt of herbal shampoos as she stormed passed me, and I briefly wondered if she was forgoing underwear again.

"That's my guest, get the door." She barked while she finished putting in her other earring and stormed into the kitchen to get the wine ready. I would have liked to spend more time enjoying Melissa's magnificent appearance. It was so rare that she cleaned up, and it was always a treat when she did. But as the mysterious stranger knocked at the door a second time, I tore my eyes away and went to let him in.

I took a deep breath before I put my hand on the handle. All the possible appearances for this man ran through my head, along with that particular image of dominance that had been plaguing my mind lately.

I had so many questions. What if he's ugly? What if he thinks I'm ugly? What if he has a bigger dick than me? What if he expects me to suck that dick? I have no idea how to suck dick! What if he is unsatisfied and gets mad? I didn't exactly have any experience, and it never came up in the highschool locker room. Even if he really was gay, I still didn't know if he was a top or bottom, and I had no idea what the proper protocol was for approaching the subject. Flip a coin? Wrestle?

My heart was pounding, and I was blushing like a school girl as I nervously opened the door.

At first I was confused. Instead of a well dressed model of masculinity like last time, there was a tall woman in a strange costume. Her massive cape hid the contours of her body under it's sky blue, silky fabric. The fur lining at the edges tossled the gaze with their icy white tufts. Though her body was hidden, her face was beautiful. She had a piercing blue stare that matched her cape, and silvery locks that shimmered with her every movement.

I found myself trying to come up with a way to apologize to this beautiful woman, and tell her that she had the wrong door. But as I stood there gaping, Melissa interrupted.

"Well?! Aren't you going to let her in?" She snapped at me with a hint of soreness. It took a moment of looking between them for me to make the connection.

This was her guest! Not a grizzled axe murderer, not a flashy Casanova intent on emasculating me, but a woman! And a gorgeous one at that!

"Of course, come in!" I piped up a bit more loudly than I meant to. Getting my shit together, I offered to take her coat. Cape? Cloak?

What ever it was, she stripped it off before I had even closed the door, revealing the smoothest satin, straight out of the most expensive lingerie catalogs. The fabric was a glimmering Prussian blue, with white lace along the top of the bra, stockings, and panty line. The outfit was held together by a garter the shade of spider silk, with a pair of ribbons streaming from her underpants where they clasped to the bustier.

Her body was slender and pale, towering over Melissa's laterally bountiful frame. Her features were subtle and concise, as if carved and polished from birch.

"Well, aren't you going to be a gentlemen and take my coat?" Her voice was soft, like velvet straps gently tightening around your throat.

I realized that I'd been staring again, and quickly apologized as I took her heavy over garment and daintily hung it on the coat tree. I made a point to lock the front door before returning to the living room.

The mysterious guest was comfortably sprawled out on the easy chair next to the TV. Melissa was glowering at me from the couch. I'm not sure what she was so mad at me about, I hadn't even done anything yet.

"I like this man of yours. He's... endearing. Tell me, did you fascinate him yourself?" She asked sweetly.

"Get us wine David." Melissa seethed softly.

"Yes David, we're very thirsty." The guest added.

"Yes mam." I replied automatically without taking my eyes off the sexy stranger straddling in my living room.

"Now David!" Melissa snapped.

"I'm on it." I responded reassuringly as I rushed into the kitchen to grab the wine. The wine glasses had already been set out, so I sloshed some wine into each one and brought them back.

"He's so polite, he knows to serve guests first. You must have him trained so well." She commented as I handed her the glass. I don't know why she was being so nice to me, but I appreciated the compliments. It was very refreshing after I'd been subjected to nothing but cold indifference for so long.

"Sit down David." Melissa growled. I turned to see the only spot left in the living room to be the space on the sofa next to her. Was she really inviting me to sit next to her? "Now David!" She demanded.

I quickly rushed across the room to follow her orders, sitting down next to her, but at a polite distance.

"So you must be Melissa Wildes. It's nice to finally meet in person." Our guest explained courteously.

"Is it nice? I was kind of enjoying the errand boy you sent last time." Melissa responded with a sneer.

It seemed like they were going to catch up on some girl talk before getting into the hardcore activities, so I took a moment to take stock of the two beautiful women sitting in my living room. I wasn't sure what they wanted from each other, but they certainly weren't dressed for scrabble.

"Errand boy? You mean Marcus? How has he been? I haven't heard from him lately." The woman inquired politely.

"He stopped by the other week and we had an invigorating conversation, but it seems that I wasn't the only one who found him delicious." Melissa told her sumptuously.

I wasn't entirely certain on the logistics for two women having sex with each other. Would they want me? Did they even like dick? I was getting concerned until I absent mindedly noticed that the topic had turned to talking about men, so I guess I had nothing to worry about.

"What a shame, he was so skilled. I should have known better than to waste a talented gentleman on someone such as yourself." The tall woman relayed woefully, with a hint of resentment.

"It's been fun and all, but next time you try to kill me, you can show up yourself." Melissa spat disdainfully.

I was kind of spacing out on the conversation, but it sounded like things were heating up. Lost in thought, I speculated on the hypothetical dynamics of three way intercourse. I had no idea where to insert myself were they to ask me to get involved, but I was eager to learn. However it worked out, I saw no way that this could possibly go wrong.

"Kill you? And what ever makes you think I'd want to do that?" The woman responded coyly.

"We both know damn well how much you had to gain from fucking me over Samantha. You tried, you failed, now get the hell out of my city." Melissa threatened.

Samantha casually set her wine down onto a coaster while my roommate glared silently. She leaned over the coffee table provocatively, and defiantly whispered into Melissa's face: "Make me."

"Hey so like, If I stick my penis in one of you, who is going to stick their penis into the other?" I blurted out in curiosity.

Before I could even finish my sentence, there was a rapid blur of motion as Melissa leapt to her feet. In an instant she had gone from sternly sitting on the sofa, to standing over our guest with her knife at her side. Her eyes blazed with malice and fury. Drops of blood trickled down the blade onto the floor, their source was revealed moments later as Samantha's neck split open, exploding into a gory spray all over the coffee table. She choked wetly as she thrashed herself onto the carpet, spewing blood everywhere. She twitched pathetically as her final gasps squeezed themselves out through her dying lungs.

I stood there dumbfounded for a moment before reacting.

"What the hell Melissa?!" I declared in shock.

"Bitch crossed me." She responded unremorsefully without taking her eyes off her fallen victim.

"So you killed her?!" I hollered in bewilderment.

"She would have done the same. If I'd acted any later, it would have been one of us bleeding out on the carpet!" She retorted defensively, taken aback by my sudden outburst.

"You don't know that..." I argued weakly. This woman seemed harmless, gentle, nice even. But at the same time; I couldn't argue that there was no threat considering how suddenly her previous guest had turned on her without warning. "Well you could have at least waited until after!" I whined.

"After what? After she killed us?!" She shouted back, flinging blood around the room as she swung her knife around in dramatic gesticulation.

"Maybe?! Couldn't you have at least waited until after the sexy part?" I asked pathetically.

"The sexy part? Why would I have had sex with her?" Melissa responded perplexed.

"I don't know, I guess I thought it would be like that guy you fucked last time!" I blathered out in exasperated disappointment.

"What exactly, would you know about what happened last time?" She asked me coldly. She glared at me murderously. It was the look of someone about to kill, a look I was becoming increasingly familiar with. I suddenly became explicitly aware that she was still gripping her knife furiously in her blood stained hand.

Maybe revealing that I had spied on her and almost let her die at the hands of her would-be killer wasn't such a good idea. It looked like I was seconds away from joining our late guest as a cadaver on the floor. I don't know if she would have gone through with it, I guess I'll never know, because just then we were interrupted by the most horrible noise.

The wet goopy, ragged sound sputtered out in rapid bursts. We thought someone was coughing, or even choking until we recognized the pattern and regularity to be something else entirely. Turning back to the crime scene, we saw the clearly deceased woman on the floor place her hand on the coffee table, and lift herself up.

Clearly she thought something was hilarious as she chortled in vulgarity, I briefly wondered if this whole thing had been a prank. I turned to Melissa for clarification, but she looked just as appalled and baffled as I was.

I was about to ask the poor woman if she was ok, when she suddenly lunged at Melissa. Caught off guard, Melissa was knocked to the floor. The injured person lulled her jaw open and slammed her head down at my roommate's throat. Melissa managed to bring her arm up to block it, but shrieked as those teeth dug into the flesh of her wrist. Melissa tried repeatedly stabbing her attacker with her free hand, but it had little effect.

"Get this bitch off me!" She shouted as the fifth stab to the chest failed to register. Her shout suddenly snapped me out of my stupor, and I leapt into action. Going with my first instinct, I kicked our wounded guest off of my helpless roommate. The frail woman was so light that she caught air before hitting the ground by the TV.

I held my arm out to Melissa politely, half expecting her to swat it away. To my surprise, she accepted it and lifted herself up, bleeding on me in the process. We turned to find the mutilated body of that woman standing there, grin spread across her pale face, freshly bloodied from the bite.

Her bones crackled as she forced herself to stand up straight. Just as we thought she'd reached her full height, her feet lifted off the ground and she towered over us.

"What was that for?" the dead body chuckled. And I don't mean her, the grinning face of the woman we had invited in tonight bounced and jiggled lifelessly as the gap in her neck opened articulately and formed words. The fucking gash was talking to us.

"Shit, she's possessed!" Melissa snarled, strangely the most rational observation she'd made all day.

"Come on David, I thought we were friends? Don't you still want me? I know she doesn't let you touch her David, but I will! You can have me any time, in any way you want. All you have to do is kill her David, kill her for me!" It whispered sickeningly.

"Let's end this cunt." Melissa spat with disgust, and for once we both agreed.

We charged the floating cadaver and restrained her arms. Despite both of us tugging, it didn't drag her body down even an inch.

Worse still, she opened her maws, letting out a pair of horrific screams simultaneously. One was the wail of a woman in agony, one was the howl of the demon inside her. The windows and glasses began to shatter under the sound of her aberrant shrieking. Melissa let go right away, clenching her ears, but I managed to grit my teeth and hold on.

An infernal draft swept the room, and the entire place started shaking. Objects and furniture drifted up from their gravitational resting places to float around us unnaturally. The possessed thing began to rotate slowly, dragging me with it.

Melissa finally overcame the oppressive noise of those unholy screams and leapt onto her foe, sinking her knife into the demon's back. It yelped angrily, trying to reach her with it's free hand as we all spun. Melissa adjusted her stab and sunk her blade lower into the woman's back, deliberately severing her spine.

Snarling furiously, it used its free hand to lift me above it. Unable to keep my grip, it threw me across the room into the wall. The air was knocked out of me, and I think I broke something when I smashed into the floor from there. I lay there bruised and broken as the fight raged on above.

Fighting off unconsciousness, I lifted my head to see that thing lashing out violently at Melissa. She was doing her best to stave off the attacks with her blade, but the monstrous corpse relentlessly flailed its broken and mangled limbs headless of the abuse they received.

Melissa was mercilessly lashed and beaten as it forced her to give up ground. At last one of the strikes knocked the weapon out of her hand and well out of our reach. The possessed being took its less damaged arm and effortlessly thrust it through my roommates feeble defenses, clasping her throat, and lifting her above it's gruesome face. Unable to walk, it hovered to the wall and bashed her into it violently. The human mouth blubbered and wailed inconsolably, the demon gash was repeatedly rasping "die," in obsession.

I painfully lifted myself as my roommate helplessly struggled under its aggressive throttling. Its assault was unexpectedly halted, when a veiny tendril shot out and wrapped itself around the neck of the demonic corpse.

That thing in the corner, of course! It had always followed Melissa's every command, and while she was incapable of giving it any coherent orders at the moment, it seems that it wasn't willing to just let its master die. Several more oozing appendages latched onto the demonic entity's limbs and body. The woman's possessed arm tried to hold onto the neck of its victim, but that thing in the corner squeezed the bones of her wrist so hard that they snapped and released their prey.

Line after line, the slimy tentacles wrapped themselves around the demonic invader, tearing themselves out of the walls to free up more available prehensile graspers.

"Yes!" I found myself leaping up and cheering. The triumphant shout hurt my bruised ribs and battered lungs, but I didn't care.

Melissa coughed and cleared her throat as she pulled herself up. "It's over Samantha." She wheezed.

"I will never stop Melissa. You can never kill me." The demon spoke over the sound of its host's skeleton audibly snapping under the increasing pressure of our servile shrub's relentless constriction.

No sooner had it finished threatening her, than the easy chair soared across the room and smashed into that thing in the corner. Its grip slackened, not quite enough for the demonic entity to escape, but you could tell that our ever present watcher was hurting. It's body was indented and misshapen, black ichor seeped out of spots where its fleshy surface had been broken. I'm no expert on monstrous abominations, but it didn't take a botanist to tell that it had been badly injured. Despite the severe damage, it had managed to survive and maintain its grip, but then the couch hovered into place for launch.

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