tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRhair Entry Ch. 3

Rhair Entry Ch. 3


Frankie’s cock was an awesome sight. He was big, very big. I just stared at his beautiful cock a moment, my fist wrapped around the thick, rigid girth. Though he had just cum in my mouth he wanted me to continue to suck it" You hirsute whore" he growled, holding on to my head. "Lick it!" And then, slowly, I began to lick the shaft, starting from just above his balls, gliding my tongue upwards, running its wet surface over every inch of his taut penis.

I felt my hips being raised up and Johnny’s hard cock position itself in front of my pussy. Though I was wet I did not want to be violated by Johnny’s cock though in my subconscious I was enjoying it. He entered me in one motion and took long slow strokes and his pace began to pick up I felt a sharp shooting pain. I heard a noise and I saw that Bernadette had joined us with her two friends and as I looked over and saw that she was right next to me riding a large cock and enjoying it. Bernadette said “Don’t be a spoilsport I know you like being fucked see me I love Peter’s prick, doesn't he have a beautiful cock?"

I saw her grab the other man and say “Dado I want to suck your prick” and she leaned down and started to lick the top of his cock. Bernadette was sure loving being raped though I cant say the same for myself. Then bent down taking him between her lips and into her mouth, sucking his knob as she twisted his shaft in her hand.

"Aaaaaaagggghhhhhh that's it you hirsute babe, suck my big cock!" Dado barked as she sucked him for a while then suddenly pulled her lips away and brought them lower, to his balls. Now she licked and gently sucked that warm globe of male meat lapping away at the rough skin of scrotum, feeling the big, hard nuts with her tongue. Then she began to suck his cock again, as he growled and groaned, announcing his pleasure as he took her head in his hands and started pumping it into her, fucking her mouth furiously with his big dick.

My body was covered with sweat. I was breathless. I watched Peter walk over to Bernadette who now was being fucked doggy style by Dado. She looked at me and winked, her body shimmering with sweat her armpits also dripping with sweat. Frankie jerked me to my senses as he lay down and made me lower myself on his erect phallus. I sat down on him, pressing against his thick shaft with my pussy. From his moan of pleasure and the way he pushed back against me I knew that he was enjoying it and I certainly preferred it than be raped. At least I had control. I reached down and lifted his cock up vertically, rubbing the glans between my dripping lips. It felt impossibly big but I rocked my hips to and fro hopping he would cum without my having to fuck him but he would have none of it. He roughly pulled me on top of his penis and then I sat down on him, trying desperately to squeeze the tip into my opening. For a moment I thought that he was just too big; I would never get him inside and then I gasped with pain (maybe delight) as I felt the very tip of his glans slip inside me. I pushed harder and bit by bit my pussy relaxed and opened and I sank down on him; I ran my fingers up his shaft to see how much was in, I could that only a quarter had gone it and I could still touch the ridge of his glans. I was feeling dizzy with the ecstasy of it and I didn't even have the head fully in me. I paused a moment and rested my hands on the pillow by his head, I maintained a steady downward pressure on him and he responded by jerking his hips, thrusting up to me. I felt faint as he sank deeper and deeper, feeling his enormous girth stretching me, almost to the point where the pain was unbearable as inch by inch I became firmly impaled. Even Bernadette and the others started watching as Peter shoved his prick in my mouth and started fucking my face furiously. Johnny was examining the heavy soft silky hair in my unshaven pits and he started rubbing his huge prick against the tufty hair in my bushy underarms.

"Don't make me hurt you bitch! Just do whatever I say and you'll be okay," Frankie said and I felt his hands as they grasped my unshaven pits. He traced the crack of my ass even as I fucked his massive cock. I felt like it was indeed all a dream as I felt an orgasm coming and he could sense it too. "Yeah, you're a slut alright. Anyone who cums that easily has to be a slut”.

Peter was fucking my mouth hard. He was not as big as Frankie and I sucked on his, prick gliding over the roof of my mouth as he tried to force more in. His hands twined in my hair as he forced me to take all of him and I thought I would gag as his cock hit the entrance to my throat. "Oh yeah, you suck cock good slut. Suck my cock you hairy bitch, make it fill your mouth with cum, you know you want it," and he slammed into my mouth, his balls slapping my chin as I was forced to take all of him. I felt his begin to swell, knowing that his hot cum would soon spurt into my mouth. His grip tightened on my hair as I felt the first spurts of cum hit the back of my throat and his thrusts slowed as the remaining cum was deposited in my mouth and I forced myself to swallow it.

Frankie had pushed me off his cock and he made me bend over. He had already fingered my hairy asshole as he stroked his wet cock and soon I felt the head of his cock on my tight ass. I screamed out as the head of his cock pushed through and then I fought hard to relax as his cock pushed its way in. As he repeated this over and over again and I began to take it all in stride as the pain disappeared and I found myself wanting him to fill my ass now. Bernadette was shouting too, “Fill her hairy ass Frankie this whore is like her mother she likes cock too much even while being raped. Johnny fill her mouth with cock too.” Fancy my friend enjoying my being raped. She looked around and grabbed Peter’s semi hard cock and started stroking it. She bent down and shoved his prick into her unshaven armpits. It looked a bit strange a huge soft prick in the forest of hair in her furry armpits.

Frankie was ripping my ass with his thick meat which no longer hurt as his cock penetrated me over and over again and all of the sudden, my orgasm ripped through me and I started screaming muffled by Johnny’s prick which was moving in and out of my mouth. Frankie sank deep and I felt the jets of cum erupt into me as he collapsed on top of me.

My ass cheeks were spread apart, I felt the head of James cock prod at my asshole and he slammed into me as hard and fast as he could. Since he was smaller than Frankie it didn’t hurt as much. Bernadette was now being fucked in her hairy armpits and I watched in surprise as Peter left his sperm in her bushy armpits. Thick spurts of cum settled in the heavy pelt of jet-black hair in her unshaven armpits.

Tears were now rolling down my cheeks. James was fucking me anally and Dado was trying to insert his cock into my hirsute pussy. The one in my ass wasn't as big as the one in my cunt. They started getting some kind of rhythm going. One would slam in as the other pulled out I pushed back on the cock in my ass while enjoying the cock jamming in and out of my cunt. I could feel that monster cock shudder as he blew what seemed like gallons of cum in me. His friend started pumping even faster until he too came in my torn and bleeding asshole.

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