tagInterracial LoveRhair Entry Ch. 4

Rhair Entry Ch. 4


I went back home weary with all the fucking and slept for hours. I didn't care if Bernadette had survived but I had not realized that two men had followed me home. I wondered how they had got in but they were there sleeping next to me in the nude with their big black cocks lying limp. I quietly got up to try and go out and lock the door and get help when one of them said "Honey we watched you yesterday at the beach and we know you love cock. If you could fuck those white cocks how about giving us a bit of your hairy pussy. Larry has a bigger cock than any others dudes and mine too is as big." "Yeah" said the other giant. Looking at me he said "Bitch when Sam is hard his cock is almost 12 inches long. I looked at his limp prick and he seemed unusually large.

Larry was on the bed stroking his large pole. "Come here honey and sit on my cock. "Please, please," I whispered, "please don't hurt me. I am still sore from yesterday's rape." Since I did not move Sam pushed me onto the bed and Larry entered me. I was dry and it made no difference. I gasped as I was completely filled by the black's cock. I had never taken such a large cock before and he continued to push deeper in my hairy pussy until finally the base of his cock pushed against my pubic hair.

Sam nuzzled his lips against my armpits and he made me put my arms behind my head and he licked at the heavy fur in my unshaven armpits. "Hhhhmmmmmmmm I love the taste of her bushy armpits. Its so llooooooonnnnggg and thick. I have never kissed a woman with so much hair in her armpits." Sam said. "Yeah you are right Sam I once fucked a Spanish woman who had coarse matted armpits. Her armpit hair looks a lot like this slut but this one has a real bushy one. These white women shave their underarms I wonder why this slut has so much hair in her underarms. I think her friend at the beach also had very hairy armpits too," Larry said.

He paused for several seconds and repositioned himself. I held my breath as he slowly pulled partially out of me. Holding himself steady he looked me in the eyes and smiled as he lowered himself, forcing the massive rod deep inside me. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh," I moaned softly as my body was filled with the cock.

Sam grasped the base of his cock. He ran the tip over my quivering lower lip and I started to turn my head away as he pushed the tip of his cock against my lips. Both of his hands grabbed my hair and he pushed his cock in and out. I groaned as the cock slide over my tongue and pushed against the back of my throat forcing me to taste the salty juices that were coming from him.

Larry settled in to a steady rhythm as he fucked me, the cock entering me on each thrust to the hilt. Sam told me to bend down and suck on his balls. I proceeded to do so since I was still shaking with sexual desire. I licked and sucked each ball sac in my mouth until I could no longer stand it and placed my mouth on his huge cock. I sucked him dry and even tried to pry my tongue into his cock slit to suck some more.

Larry pushed forward hard, forcing his cock into me bit by bit. I sighed again, eyes closed as I embraced the feeling of slowly being filled up. I was so turned on, so wet that my pussy seemed to pull him into her. He kept himself deep inside my hairy pussy as he began to slide his rock hard member in and out of my hungry cunt, using short strokes. He was now using full thrusts, his long cock pulling almost entirely out of my hairy pussy before slamming back. Larry showed no mercy, driving his rock hard cock deep inside me relentlessly.

I was taking more and more of Sam's cock into my mouth and down my throat until the whole damned thing was contained between my lips. "Holy shit!" he cried. "Larry this hirsute bitch loves sucking cock. I think she enjoyed sucking that big white dude at the beach." He was referring to Frankie who I had sucked off. His penis was bigger than my forearm and Sam's cock was not as large as Frankie.

Down on my knees, swallowing it, I was, for the moment, a slave to his big black dick. With one hand I twisted his shaft while with the other I reached and played with his balls. The rape was over and I was going to fuck them off their senses. I had enough and I would suck them dry.

Seeing me suck Sam's prick with such vigor excited Larry. He pushed Sam aside and showed me his large black prick. He put his hands on his hips while I got back up on my knees. The first thing I did was put my head under his cock so I could kiss his balls. They were big too, and all loose in his sac. I reached up and grabbed his shaft and squeezed it hard. It was so fucking thick I only just got my hand around it. His cock was right in front of my face. It looked massive. I licked the head of it, hard, all over and I opened my mouth wide and took the head in, let my lips settle on it as I started to bob on it. His cock was so thick it was almost impossible to get much more in. I knelt in front of him, riding the end of his thick black cock with my mouth harder and harder. His meat was still long enough that I could get a good hold of the rest of it too, so as I sucked him, I jerked him slowly, and then fast, then slowly again. Every time I jerked him fast he moaned as if he was going to cum, so I knew when to slow down.

Larry stood tall and motionless above as I went deeper still, my full, moist lips wrapped tight around Larry's huge tool. Sam was sucking my bushy armpits his tongue coursing the thick pelt of matted hair in my unshaven pits. My head bobbed taking more and more of Larry's incredible size into her throat. I had devoured about one-third of his cock as I felt Sam's dick against my thighs grow as he roamed the jungle of my bushy underarms. Intense waves of pleasure cascaded through me as I deep throated Larry's massive cock, and as my lips moved back and forth on Larry's huge tool, I felt him tense and the first squirt was incredible, almost like a trigger as his warm, jism soaked over my lips and tongue. I had never seen a man cum so much before and I reveled in the drenching Larry was rewarding me with.

Sam was in the meanwhile groaning with excitement as he replaced his tongue with his cock in my unshaven armpits. It was wet with a mixture of sweat and his saliva as he made me bend my arms and pushed his swollen prick in the slight opening in my armpits. His cock pushed into the heavy growth of matted hair in my pits as he speared the dark thick forest. He was now on the verge of depositing his seed in my furry armpits and I moved my armpits as hard as I could, jerking him faster and faster as he kept switching back and forth like that until he said, " I'm going to cum in this hirsute slut's unshaven armpits Larry."

I kept licking Larry's limp dick until suddenly Sam bucked and gave one huge, long moan and one thick spurt of cum after another shot from his cock all over my unshaven jet-black bushy armpits. A trail of white cum stuck in the thick pelt of dark hair in my bushy underarms.

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