tagLesbian SexRhea Takes The Train

Rhea Takes The Train


Married in the thirties, with a bubbly kid and a boring workaholic husband is perhaps the story that most contemporary women can relate to.

Born to affluent parents meant, I never had to struggle for anything. It also meant I could never experience real happiness. Whatever I required, I had to just ask and I would have it.

In such environment, life breezes by. Before you know it, you complete college, close friends fade away, join the corporate world, work your butt off to a managerial role, get married to your prince charming and realize the prince doesn't have the time for you, bear a child that requires you all the time.

And somewhere through this, you sacrifice. Sacrifice your little joys, your simple wants, yourself.

At such a juncture in my life, came the train journey that promised to change my life, forever. The cyclonic storm forced my flight to be cancelled, and I had to book myself on the first train available, as I couldn't have afforded to miss the board review, where I had to present a new product from my team.

Having lost touch with the railways, I stumbled onto the busy platform with my suitcase in one hand and the laptop dangling from my left shoulder. The stretch of people that started in front of me seemed endless. I panicked.

For a second, I lost my mind. I had no consciousness of where I was and why I was there. I let the suitcase go from my grip and it fell down on the hard tile with a thud. I blinked and then regrouped myself.

I dragged myself to a bench and closed my eyes for a couple of minutes. This is just a sixteen hour train journey that will fly by. I convinced myself that everything is going to be alright and stood up.

I went to the boarding display and identified my train. I went to the platform and was glad to see the beautiful blue train sitting alongside it.

Childhood memories flashed by with me holding my dad's hand and singing to my favourite song, that I often forced my dad to sing along.

I smiled at the thought, just as I reached my coach. I got into the first class compartment and slowly found my place. Things have changed since I last took the train.

The bay was more spacious back then but the cushions and the interiors have definitely improved. It was a four seater with a couple of bottle holders, a huge tinted window, power sockets for laptops, rich textured curtains, a magazine holder and a surprisingly plush table.

I locked my luggage in the little cabinet under my seat and relaxed into my seat. The white cotton trousers I wore along with my striped formal shirt made me feel light and I was smiling, almost enjoying the unexpected luxury of train travel against the congested seats I usually get on my flights.

The ticket collector came by, checked my ticket and looked blankly at my opposite seat. I glanced at the seat wondering if he was able to see somebody I couldn't. Having noticed my bewilderment, he explained he was expecting another passenger to join at my station.

I shrugged my shoulders. He gave a calming smile, bowed to me and left the cabin. That never happened before on the flights. I picked up a magazine from the stand just as the train started to pull away from the platform.

Out of nowhere, a woman, maybe a good five years younger to me, burst into my cabin, panting. Her eyes were bloodshot and she was completely out of breath as she sat down.

She was about 170cm tall I guessed, some two inches taller to me, broad shouldered with an awesomely beautiful face with sharp features. Oh those lips! Angelina Jolie would've suffered from serious inferiority complex looking at them. Pouted and full of life, they looked like sweet candy.

She was not slim, but had it right in all the right places I felt. She was wearing a girly top with front buttons with a flowery print all over. Her hair was thick and short, yet beautiful, like that of Princess Diana, although this one's all black.

She wore denim jeans that fit to her legs beautifully, accentuating her wide hips. Before you start getting ideas and let your imagination run wild, I wasn't into women. But she was definitely the kind for whom I could change my preferences perhaps.

I poured water into a glass, readily available on the table, and offered her. She grabbed it and drained it down her throat in three big gulps. She closed her eyes and rested her head back on the backrest of the seat.

She slowly regained colour in her face and opened her eyes. She smiled and I melted. That was the most amazing smile that ever hit me. I smiled back and said, 'Hi. Rhea here.'

I offered her my hand, which she shook as she said, 'Margaret. Friends call me Mag.' Husky was an understatement to describe her voice.

I looked on expecting her to explain her wild entry. She laughed looking at the expression on my face and said, 'Well, I lost my bag in the station. Just had enough time to lodge a complaint at the police cell before I could jump into the train, just as it was leaving. Luckily I still have my wallet and my ticket in my pocket.'

She took it out and yelped, 'Eek. They are wet from all the running I did. I'm so sorry Rhea. I'm sweating like a pig. I wish I had my bag.'

I gave her a comforting smile, put my hand on hers and said, 'Don't be embarrassed honey, shit happens. Just relax for a while.'

She smiled back and laid her head back on the headrest. Sweat continued to trickle from her face in spite of the air conditioning. Man, this girl does sweat a lot.

She opened her eyes and said, 'Mind if I get a little comfortable with my dress? I can't stand it.' Without waiting for my consent, she opened the buttons on her top and gave me a shock. She wasn't wearing a bra. And she was definitely not built to go without one.

She was lucky her top was thick else with her sweat, her nipples would've been clearly visible through it. She had a sexy cleavage even though she was not wearing a bra. Her top parted in between to show her lovely moulds with either side just stopping at her nipples.

Sweat droplets glistened on her fair skin on her breasts. I was never attracted to women. Not even tried it at college, where everyone experiments. Wasn't in the least interested even to look at my friends while we showered together. I was so hetero. And here I was, gawking at a complete stranger on a train. So much for a dull marriage.

Through the next ten minute or so, I learnt she's an architect. She was going home to her parents. She used to be an athlete at school but career took priority and the good things faded. She still liked to dance and pub occasionally. Gee, this girl talks a lot.

Fifteen minutes of air conditioning and her getting 'comfortable' with her dress didn't seem to improve things for her. She was still sweating and even her thick top was getting wet. And I was strangely getting aroused at the sight.

I could feel my nipples standing up. I hoped it was because of the air conditioning. But I knew it wasn't the reason.

I hesitantly ventured, 'Mag, you are still sweating. I guess you need to get out of that jeans. You can take my night pants if you don't mind.'

She gave that magic smile again. 'Thanks Rhea. That will be great.'

I took my suitcase out, opened it and handed her the night pants. I expected her to go to the restroom to change. Instead, she just stood up, turned away from me and unzipped her jeans.

She pulled the jeans off her hips and struggled to get it off her full thighs. Her black panties slipped a little showing the top of her ass crack. It was the most erotic sight. I kept looking at it not caring if she would notice.

She finally managed to get her jeans away and got into my night pants. She pulled the night pants up her thighs with difficulty. I realized then how slim I was compared to her. I wished I was built like her. Oh those thighs.

Finally she managed to get the pants till her hips but it was impossible to get the pants over them. She turned around, smiled sheepishly and said, 'Guess they are a little tight for me. I'll try without the panties. You mind?'

My night pants over a stranger's private parts without underwear. And all that sweat. Mind screamed 'Yes I mind!'. I somehow said, 'No Mag, go ahead! I'm ok.'

She took the pants away and put them on the berth. She then pulled off her panties as if she was taking off a glove or a hat, crumpled them and put them inside the pocket of her jeans.

No wonder my pants didn't fit her. Her ass was magestic. All curvy and so fleshy. I suddenly wanted my hands on them. And more. I was losing it. If she was smaller than me, perhaps I would've entertained thoughts of even raping her.

And that ass crack. Splitting her cheeks perfectly, the line looked like a painter's dream. The dream burst as she pulled my pants over her hips and she sat down. 'Rhea, I can't thank you enough for this. I feel like in heaven now. I shouldn't have come in jeans in the first place.'

'No problem Mag. You got great hips by the way,' I managed. 'Ha. Thanks Rhea. I do get that compliment often from men. But to get it from a woman as beautiful as you is an honour.' She patted her left buttock and said, 'Am sure they are happy too.'

I smiled back at her. She picked up a magazine and began to read. I looked into my magazine as well but my mind was filled with images of her ass. Those awesome curvy cheeks.

I looked up and that face looked so lovely with the hair on her forehead falling over her eyes. I let my glance fall lower and was delighted to a part of her left nipple poking out of her shirt. Thank you God!

I ogled at it for a minute that seemed like a second and then said, 'Mag, your shirt opened a bit wide.' She looked up at me and then at her shirt and quickly covered the nipple. 'Sorry Rhea. It was almost as if I was seducing you. Am happy there aren't any men around. I would've been raped by now. So much for my bag getting lost,' said Margaret.

'Yeah I know. I would definitely have raped you by now if I was a man.' I said that? Oh my, she is going to run away now.

'You are funny', she laughed. Just that the train screeched to a halt. I looked out and we were in the middle of nowhere. We looked at each other and wondered what happened. We sat for a while and when forty minutes passed with the train not moving an inch, I got up and went out of the cabin.

I found the ticket collector in the adjoining coach and when I reached him, he was already explaining the situation to curious passengers around him. 'There is a national power grid failure. The North West region of the country is blacked out. It could take three hours perhaps for the power to resume. The backup power will last about an hour maybe in the train. We are twenty miles from the nearest town. You can walk the distance or stay with the train. You can apply for a refund at your destination station.'

The crowd erupted in agony at the ticket collector who tried pacifying them, but I understood the situation. Nothing much he could do. Definitely he can't produce electricity.

I walked back to my cabin and explained the situation to Margaret. 'Oh damn! What a wretched journey. First my bag and now power failure,' Margaret put her head in her hands and closed her eyes blurting a few usually censored abuses.

'What shall we do?' I asked.

'You tell me. What will you do?' she asked back.

'I surely can't walk twenty miles. I guess I'll just wait.'

'I feel the same.'

So we waited. We waited hoping the power will return. Slowly the hour passed. And then first the air conditioning went away. And slowly the lights flickered off. The cabin was dark but for the little light coming from the window.

I saw the dim form of Margaret stand up and lock the cabin door in the dusk light. She returned to her seat opposite me and said, 'I really don't want to be raped.' We laughed together.

With the air-conditioning gone, I began to sweat as well. Knowing that she won't mind I announced, 'I'm getting out of my dress. Can't get the pair spoiled.' I stood up and took off my shirt and then wriggled out of my trousers. By now the cabin was pitch dark.

I had a satanic thought and felt an adrenalin rush. I unhooked my bra and put it on the seat along with my dress. And then I stepped out of my panties and they joined the heap. I sat back on my seat with folded legs. I was naked with a stranger and she has no clue about it.

I put my head back and closed my eyes.

'Rhea?' said Margaret. I opened my eyes and looked in the direction of her voice. 'Yes Mag?'

'I'm a little scared of darkness. It is OK I sit beside you?'

Shit! What if she touched me and realized I was naked? I didn't have the time to put back my clothes and then reply to her. I had to confess, 'Mag, actually, I'm not wearing any clothes.'

'I'm aware. You didn't take any out of your suitcase. I don't mind that.'

'You don't understand Mag. I'm not wearing any clothes at all. Not even my underwear.'

She exclaimed, 'Wow Rhea! What made you do that?'

'I don't know Mag, just felt like doing that in this hot cabin. And since the lights were out, I didn't think I needed to inform you. I apologize. I thought I would stay this way for sometime and then wear them back.'

She giggled, 'That's actually interesting. I'll get out of my dress too. Don't want to spoil your night pants with my sweat either.'

I heard her clothes ruffle and then she sat down next to me on my seat. The thought that she was as naked as I was excited me beyond imagination. I was burning hot and I was sure my pussy was drenched. My armpits were soaked from the sweat and my whole body felt like I was in a steam bath.

I imagined what she would be like in this state.

'Mag?' I called out slowly.

'Yes Rhea?' came her voice very close to my ear in a husky whisper. It was too close to my ear.

'Just checking where you are,' I responded.

'Do you want to check me more?' asked her while her finger touched my shoulder. Then her finger traced down my sweat hand along my bicep, elbow onto my wrist and held my fingers in hers.

'I don't know Mag. I never did this.'

'Don't worry, you won't regret it. Did you like watching my sweaty body?'

I gripped her fingers hard.

'Did you like watching my ass?' she added as she took my hand and kissed it with those lovely lips. They felt like wet cotton.

'Did you dream of licking me?'

'No. No I didn't,' I managed to say.

'Do you want to?'

I didn't say no. I just looked on into darkness with lust filled eyes. Yes I wanted her. I wanted to lick her, eat her and devour her. I wanted this woman so bad.

I felt her soft big breast on my shoulder. And then that poking nipple. She put her hand over my shoulders and turned my head towards her. Her sweaty, surprisingly hairy armpit was on my shoulder. I could feel her wetness.

Her breath was hot as I felt it on my face and she said, 'Rhea! Can I take you?'

I again didn't say no. I couldn't resist her.

Her lips found my cheek, licked a little with her tongue as they traced a path to my lips. She parted my lips with her tongue and I lost all inhibitions with that touch.

I opened my mouth and sucked her tongue into my mouth. She yelped at the unexpected aggression and winced. I held her head with my hands and said, 'Yes Mag, I want you. I want your boobs. Your lips. Your ass. Your pussy. I want you all.'

I talked with my lips playing with her lips. She held me closer and her saliva poured into my mouth. I loved the taste of it and sucked on her even more.

My hands moved onto her back and I the sweat was amazing. It made her back slippery and lovely to touch. I fell on her as I pinned her to the seat and our breasts met. Our nipples poked at each other.

I quickly grasped one in my hand and pressed it. I held it in my hand and brought my lips to it. I flickered my tongue on it and chewed it. She put her head back and enjoyed the sensation of my hot tongue on her sweaty breast.

When I'm done with her breasts I moved lower and licked her belly button. She yelped and said, 'Damn you Rhea. I didn't expect this animal in you.'

'I replied as I sat on the floor and put her thighs on my shoulders, 'You haven't seen half of it yet'. I leapt into her bush like a tiger and started to lick the hair. They were moist already in her sweat and I could smell the aroma of her pussy.

I shifted to her thighs on either side and licked and bit into them. I'm sure I gave her hickies that would last a week. I licked the crevices where her legs ended.

She pushed my head towards her pussy and said, 'Bitch. Lick me. Don't kill me with your teasing.'

I giggled as I put my hands under her legs and held her wet ass cheeks. I pressed them hard as I kissed her pussy lips with my lips. She was oozing big time. I kissed her hard.

Then I held one of her outer lips between my teeth and pulled at it. She was panting now. The aroma got muskier and then my teeth were welcomed with lovely juice that spurted out of her. I licked it all and dove in.

My tongue ventured in and out of her as my finger played with her clit. I moved my tongue slowly in circles my lips grazed on her outer lips. I dug deep inside as far as I could go and it was a waterfall I was wading through.

With my other hand I caressed her ass and traced her ass line with the side of my hand.

'Inside. Inside.' She panted.

I obliged and put my hand inside her ass while I devoured on her pussy lips.

'Touch it Bitch. Touch it. Touch it please.'

My little finger hovered around her asshole for a little while before touching it. It tried to suck me in. I didn't know it was possible.

I allowed her and she grinded my ass on my finger till my finger got in. With my tongue deep in her pussy and my finger playing with her ass, she erupted with a scream.

She drenched my face with her squirt and I had to close my eyes so that it didn't go in. She continued to wriggle her ass as I sucked on her pussy and three minutes into it she held my face in her hands and brought it to her lips.

She hungrily licked her squirt on my face and she was actually crying from the joy. I held her close to me and she managed, 'This is the best oral I ever had. Thank you Rhea. Thank you so much.'

'What's with Rhea? I thought my name was Bitch.'

She giggled as she hugged me close and said, 'I hope the power doesn't come back for another hour. I got work to do.'

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