Rhonda's Two Little Secrets


"Is that bear for me too?

"No sweetheart, this one is for your mommy; big girls like bears to, besides, do you want yours to get jealous?"

She grabbed me by the hand and we walked into the kitchen announcing that I'd brought her mom a present.

"Well, that's nice she said wiping her hands. Now we'll both have our own bear," she said smiling and giving me a welcome kiss. "I hope you're hungry because I've outdone myself tonight, " she said reaching for the bear.

The only difference between the two bears was that Rhonda's bear was holding a red heart in its hands. I made a tiny slit in the top of the heart and slipped in the ring so just the diamond and top showed. When Sara said that mommy's was the same as her's, I told her no, there was a little difference.

"Honey, mommy's bear is holding my heart in its hands and something just for her," I said now looking at Rhonda.

She got this puzzled look on her face as she looked at the bear again. I guess she saw the heart but when she looked again she yelled out, "Oh my God," as she saw the ring.

"Oh my God Steve, is this what I think it is?" She said slipping the ring on her finger. Without her knowing it I'd measured her finger so it slipped right on but was still a little big.

"I guess I'm suppose to drop down on one knee or something like that," I said as Sara was wondering what the heck was going on.

"Yes, yes I will marry you," she said jumping into my arms kissing me.

"I guess I don't need to say the words but I'm going to anyway. Rhonda will you me do the pleasure of becoming my bride?"

There were about ten more yeses while Rhonda continued jumping around. After about forty-five minutes of this Sara asked if we were ever going to eat, because she still didn't have a clue what all the commotion was about.

"Honey, Steve is going to be your new daddy," she told Sara.

"Is he going to live with us?"

"No honey, you're going to live with me in my house," I told her.

"Will I have my own room? Can I have a dog?" And another dozen questions came out of her mouth as we all sat down at the table.

"Steve, do your parents know?"

"Told them the other day. They're both ecstatic about you and Sara joining our family. They love the two of you almost as much as I do if that's possible."

I don't think she ate more than a couple of bites; all she did was look at the ring on her finger and smile.

"Boy, are you going to get lucky tonight," she said giving me a sexy smile.

"You mean all it took to get you in bed was a little ring," I teased.

"Steve, Sara's listening."

"Oops, I guess I'm going to have to watch what I say from now on with two little ears in the house."

That night as I lay in bed waiting for Rhonda, I felt I was about as happy as a man could be until I saw her walk out of the bathroom. Wow is about the only word I can use to describe her. I'm not sure what she was wearing, only that it was red, almost see through and white hot.

"You just lay there and let me see how much more momma can get you turned on."

She put on the music softly and started to dance and strip for me. If I wasn't totally hard before, I sure as hell was now. When she opened the top two buttons, and started playing with her breasts I thought my dick would rip through my shorts, but when she pealed it down to her waist and move it to the side to show me her pussy I just about came. I was now sitting up resting up against the headboard as she started slinking over to me. Hell, the only thing missing from her dance was a damn pole. When she finally let it drop to the floor and crawled on all fours onto the bed I could feel my pre-cum starting to ooze out. But when she took me into her mouth it took less than two minutes to give her my mother load.

"Holy shit Rhonda, that was so hot," I said kissing her. "Talk about sexy," I said now flipping her onto her back. "Until I recharge, I'm going to eat you like you've never been eaten before."

I sucked, licked and did every thing I could think of. There was enough saliva and juices flowing that both holes got a good workout. At one point she went still and I thought she'd swallowed the pillow before she came with a scream. I sucked her clit and slid in two fingers as she bucked below me. I got between her legs and for the next twenty minutes pounded that pussy and made it mine. I filled that condom up to almost overflowing, before I pealed it off, dumped it in the toilet and settled back with her for some tender kissing.

"I never knew you could be so slutty," I said kissing her. Immediately the mood changed.

"Slutty?" she said looking at me.

"Yeah, you know sexy, slutty whatever."

"Steve, there's a big difference between sexy and slutty."

"Honey, you know what I meant," I said trying to back pedal.

It took me an hour to get her out of her funk. I apologized for whatever I said and told her she was the sexiest woman I ever met. Finally, finally her mood changed back.

"I'll never make that mistake again," I said to myself. The only problem Rhonda never did her little dance for me again. I guess I had only myself to blame. Hell, I can't say she is a prude, but she she's a far cry from being adventurous in the bedroom, it always seemed she was holding back. Maybe after we get married she'd loosen up a little.

The next two months were nuts. Rhonda and my mom planned the wedding. When I asked about her parents she just told me that she'd handle it in her own way; I didn't argue. When we were finalizing the guest list I brought up her family again.

"Should we allow for a couple on your side?"

"I'm not inviting them. They disowned me and Sara and I don't really want them here to ruin our day." That's when I fucked up; I made the decision to contact her parents and invite them. She'll thank me for it I thought.

It was a no brainer to find them; I had their names and town where they lived in Ohio. I sent them a short note ahead of time and told them I'd call them the following weekend. I figure I'd give them some fair warning so it didn't look like I was springing anything on them.

I called them the following Saturday on my cell phone from my car. When her father answered and I introduced myself he went quiet.

"I just wanted you to know that Rhonda and I are engaged and would love you and your wife to attend our wedding."

"Rhonda doesn't know you've made this call does she?"

"No, she doesn't, I thought it would be a wonderful wedding surprise."

"Steve, I wouldn't walk across the room to see that harlot get married to you or anyone else."

"I know you two had a falling out, but can't you burry the hatchet and be there for your daughter," I pleaded.

"I have no daughter. Rhonda died in my eyes when she turned her back on the Lord and did what she did," he told me in a deadpan voice.

"Sir, I know about Sara and I plan on raising her like my own. She's a beautiful little girl, she'd love to see her grandparents."

"She'll burn in hell along with her mother because of what Rhonda did, and I'm not just talking about her unholy birth."

"I don't understand?"

"She sold herself like a common whore when she moved out with Sara. We tried to stop her, but she told us we were the ones who were crazy. A slut telling two God fearing parents that we were the ones who were wrong. After that, we washed our hands of the two of them. They can rot in hell for all I care. And, if you think I'm lying, she was giving herself to the devil at the Top Hat Club, check with them, they'll surely remember her. Son, I'll be praying for your soul and if you're a God fearing man you'll dump that woman and not marry her." With that he hung up.

"Well, that was interesting to say the least. Talk about a fucking nut, no wonder Rhonda didn't want to invite them," I said putting my phone away. No way in hell I was going to tell her I called them and I was positive they wouldn't be calling Rhonda any time soon. The only thing that stuck in my craw was the statement about Rhonda selling herself. There is no way Rhonda would do something like that, so I drove it from my brain.

One week later, while on the computer checking something out, I Googled in Top Hat Club in Ohio. When it came up I realized it was a high-end gentleman's strip club. The website was very descriptive and even had pictures of all the models; I looked at all of the pictures and didn't see one that looked like Rhonda. She was right, her parents were nuts.

It was three weeks before the wedding and Rhonda and I were finalizing a few things.

"Steve, you and John need to get fitted for your tux this week," Rhonda said going over a check off list.

"Don't worry, I've got everything covered. Also, don't plan anything for me Friday night; John and a few of my friends are taking me out," I said trying to look innocent.

"Don't tell me, a strip club right?"

"Something like a right of passage," I told her. "And don't worry, I'm not driving but I won't be home until probably after midnight."

"Shall I have coffee waiting on you? Or should I have a trash can ready by the side of our bed?" Rhonda asked in not the greatest mood.

"Don't worry, John said he'd take care of me," I told her.

"Knowing John, that's what I'm afraid of."

I got majorly fucked up. I got boobs pushed in my face, a lap dance or two with girls in g-strings and about ten other things I didn't remember. I smelled like booze and women when I walked through the door, and Rhonda was waiting for me.

"Steve, I thought you said John was going to look out after you?" she said looking at all the stains on the front of my slacks. "It looks like there was more going on than just drinking," she said trying to look pissed with her hands on her hips.

"Don't worry," I slurred. "I didn't get laid or anything like that, I just had a little fun that's all." That's when the alcohol in my brain took over my mouth. "By the way, just what did you do at the Top Hat Club anyway?"

Rhonda's lower jaw hit the floor, she turned white and started yelling at me.

"How do you know about Top Hat club? Who told you? How long have you known?" Rhonda peppered me with a dozen other questions as I stood there awe struck.

"I called your dad and invited them to our wedding and he told me that you were selling yourself at the club. You weren't doing that were you?" I kind of spit out.

I don't even know why I brought it up, I hadn't thought about it since I got off the phone with her dad. I guess it was still somewhere in the back of my mind or subconscious and the alcohol made it come out. Whatever it was, It was now out there and Rhonda was upset, crying and yelling at me.

"I told you not to call my parents but you did anyway. You have no idea what my life was like back then; you'll never be able to understand. You couldn't just leave my past alone could you? When were you going to bring it up? Before the wedding, on our damn honeymoon? Now I know why you called me a slut that night; that's what you think I am."

All right, ninety percent what she was saying was going right over my head as I now struggled to remain upright. She was crying hysterically and saying something about how I'd probably lost all respect for her and how could she marry a man who thought she was nothing more than a slut.

"If you would have asked I would have told you everything; but I guess you didn't trust me enough to think I'd tell you the truth. This is a mistake, I don't know why, I thought you were different," she said going down the hall to the back bedrooms, while I struggled to stay upright.

When she came out with Sara bundled in a blanket I asked where she was going?

"Anywhere, I won't be judged on something that happened years ago."

"Was I shocked at what was happening? Hell yes! Did I understand what was happening? Hell no!" so I did what every drunk does, I fell asleep.

I woke up with the biggest hangover I'd ever had. I wanted to puke but realized I didn't have a thing in my stomach to upchuck. When my brain started working again I started remembering bits and pieces from last night, starting with the club and finally when I got home.

"Rhonda?" I yelled out as I walked down the hall. I looked in our bedroom but she was gone. I then went to Sara's room and she was missing also. I struggled to recall what happened when I got home and then it hit me, Top Hat Club. I remember asking her about it, I think anyway, and something about me calling her a slut and her leaving. Nothing made sense at this point.

I called Rhonda's cell but got no answer. She's probably still asleep I thought as I headed to the shower.

A cold shower and breakfast at McDonalds made me feel almost human again. Something happened last night and after another unanswered call I went to her apartment. We were getting her stuff ready to move into my place before the wedding, so most stuff was in boxes. I rang the bell three times before she answered.

"Steve, what do you want?" she said answering the door.

"Honey, I just want to talk to you about last night," I said trying to judge her mood.

"At least after last night I know what you think of me, but I won't go through it again, I can't. The wedding is a mistake and don't worry I'll be out of your life as soon as I can. I guess it's better find out now before we got married," she said shutting her door.

I knocked on the door and called her phone but she ignored me until I got frustrated and left. "What in the hell is going on?" was the only thing that came to my mind.

It wasn't for at least four hours that I finally put two and two together. "Shit, now I remember; I asked her about the Top Hat Club, that's when it all went downhill last night," I said to myself trying to remember if she said anything. After two more days of silence Rhonda found me camping on her doorstep when she got home from work with Sara in tow.

"Steve, I don't want to get into this right now, especially with Sara here," she told me, but I'd about had enough.

"Sweetheart, you want to watch The Little Mermaid before dinner?" I asked. When she said yes, I put the DVD in the player and told her that her mom and I would be in her bedroom if she needed us. Grabbing her hand, I dragged her back to her bedroom.

"Rhonda I don't remember everything that happened Friday night, but what I do, leads me to believe we need to talk and talk right now."

"Steve, you said it all Friday night what you really think about me, and why did you call my parents?"

"I wanted to surprise you. I figure it would be a great occasion for you to reconnect with them; I guess I was wrong."

"So, they told you I worked at The Top Hat Club didn't they?"

"Your dad did and I even looked it up on the internet but didn't see your picture, I figured your dad had just lost it."

"The reason you didn't see my picture is because they only list the current dancers. If you'd looked at the archive photos you would have found me in all my glory."

"You were a stripper?"

"We called ourselves erotic dancers, but yes I was one of them."

"But why? How could demean yourself like that?"

"Money, plain and simple. When my parents didn't like the way I was raising Sara I was given a choice; their way or the highway, I guess you can figure out which one I took. I had no money and just the clothes I could pack up. A friend on mine let me stay with her but I had a hard time finding any work. When I saw an ad for dancers I applied and nearly shit when they told me what I'd be expected to do. I had no money and the only thing that stood between me and life on the street was my friend Carol and this job; so I danced. Carol watched Sara at night when I went to work and soon as I started making money I hired my own babysitter so I wouldn't tie Carol up every night."

"Rhonda, I can't believe you of all people were a stripper."

"Steve, you'd be surprised at just who strippers are. I've met single mothers, wives and damn accountants; all trying to make a little extra money or make ends meet. It paid enough for me to put food on the table, buy clothes for us and put me through one year of college. I only did it for a year but that was a long year."

"Your dad said you were prostituting yourself at the club, where did he get that idea from?"

"Steve if I'd been dancing fully dressed, I'd still be selling myself to the devil in his eyes. The Top Hat was an exclusive men's club, there was no prostitution going on, the furthest it went were lap dances in which no touching was ever allowed."

"So, that's why you got so upset with me that night when I mistakenly said you looked slutty."

"No shit Steve. I did nothing but dance. There was no funny business, touching or anything else. I never met guys outside the club, like some of the other girls. I never went to the private parties because I heard they got too wild. However when I met a guy and he found out where I worked, he thought I was some hooker who he could have whenever he wanted. If a guy found out, he either dumped me or I dumped him eventually. So now you know my whole shady past. I guess I'm not totally proud of what I did, but I'm not ashamed either. I never took a handout or went on welfare to take care of my girl; and believe it or not, I was pretty damn good at what I did. So if you don't mind, I'd like to ask you to leave so I can make dinner for my daughter," she said now taking off her engagement ring. "I really did love you no matter what you think."

"Rhonda, what the hell are you doing? Have I asked you for my ring back? We've got a wedding in a couple of weeks and we need to finalize the remaining details."

"You mean you still want to go through with it? You want to still marry me after all I've told you?"

"Rhonda, answer me one question, did you sleep round or prostitute yourself at the club?"

"No, I all ready told you that."

"Well then I believe you, case closed. Like with Sara, I just wished you'd trusted me enough and had guts to tell me before I found out from someone else, your father no less. Trust and honesty is what I expect from my wife, nothing less. Now for the last time, is there anything else you haven't told me yet?" I asked her. She shook her head, no. "Good, now let's have dinner, finalize our wedding plans and then maybe later you can show me a few more of those moves you've been hiding from me all this time," I said grabbing and kissing her.

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