tagSci-Fi & FantasyRhymis and Hannah Ch. 01

Rhymis and Hannah Ch. 01


Chapter 01: The Beginning

**This is my first story in what I hope is many more to come. Rhymis and Hannah have a long history together which until now, remained between just the two of them. I dedicate every line of these stories to Rhymis. His character, like Hannah was born of years of online role playing together and while Hannah is entirely my creation, Rhymis belongs to another who has graciously allowed me to tell their story together. I hope you find at least a small amount of the pleasure in the story that we have had in creating it. Comments are more than welcome!**


The man watched as the slave girl knelt at his feet. Her hair was long, nearly to her ankles and tied back in a tight ponytail at the top of her head. She was dressed in the manner of her station, gold restraints were attached to her ankles and wrists, on her they might as been jewelry. The highly polished metal gleaming brightly against her tanned skin. She wears a simple loin cloth strapped at her waist. Her blouse for lack of a better term is no more than straps of silk braided and criss-crossed over her ample breasts. She is young, one of the newer girls, her skin unmarked by scars or age. As she kneels, he catches a glimpse of her eyes, twin sapphires that reflect the bright desert sunlight.

"How may I serve you, M'Lord?" She asks, her head bowed to him, her gaze obediently falling at his feet.

Rhymis Kejn tilts his head slightly, the girls beauty taking him aback for a moment. Most of the women here never approach a man unless summoned, serving reluctantly in their duties to please the men of the city. This girl not only approaches but even offers her service to him and in a sense her body to him willingly. "What is your name, girl?" His eyes look to her neck, checking for the collar that would mark her as an owned slave and off limits to any other man in the city.

"I am called Hannah, M'Lord." Her voice is confident, not at all shy as though she is completely at home in the hostile surroundings.

"Hannah, that is a beautiful name for a beautiful girl." He nods his head feeling the name does in fact suit her well. "Tell me, Hannah, do you wear another man's collar?"

She shakes her head, making her long crimson locks sway down her back. The effect mesmerizes Rhymis for a moment causing him to almost miss her reply. "No, M'Lord. I am not owned. I am free to serve any man that requires my services."

"Free to serve. Isn't that a bit of a contradiction, my Dear?" At hearing her deny a Master. He reaches out and gently strokes her bowed head. His fingers slip down and caress her smooth, soft cheek. She notices how much softer his hands are than most of the men in the city that is constantly at war. His touch so much softer and gentle than the brutish men that have claimed her for a night and left her to tend to whatever wounds and injuries she endured at their hands. The contrast in his touch makes her shiver in a way that cannot be mistaken for being cold. The latter nearly impossible considering the temperature in the town center must be nearly 100 degrees.

"Perhaps in a way, M'Lord. But true none the less."

He takes a closer look at the magnificent feminine specimen before him. His eyes wander hungrily over the well defined curves of her body. Her arms are stronger than most of the women in the city, nearly that of a warrior. She is tall too, nearly as tall as he is he judges, having watched her walk across the square to him. She is not willowy or emaciated like some of the Elven and human slaves he has seen. She seems to have been properly cared for. "Are you a prisoner? A captive of the war, perhaps?" He asks her. The war having provided many of the females that now serve as slaves to the city.

She shakes her head slowly. "No, M'Lord. I was born here. Many generations of the women in my family have served here." He notices almost a note of pride in her voice at the statement. He smiles softly at her and shifts in his seat.

"Well, I could use a bath to get out of this heat, Hannah. Perhaps you would accompany me to the bathhouse?" Rhymis pats her head gently and withdraws his hand, letting it rest on this crisply pressed slacks.

She nods her head. "Of course, M'Lord. It would be an honor to serve you." She sits up a bit straighter and rocks back on her feet. She stands before him, her head still bowed politely. She steps back giving him room to rise.

He does rise, surprised a bit at his own eagerness. He pauses and straightens his shirt, brushing out an creases from sitting. He takes the bag that was resting next to him and slides the strap over his shoulder. "Come then, Hannah." He takes another look at her as moves past her and leads her to the bathhouse across town. She falls into a respectable distance of two feet behind him, her pace matching his.

Rhymis descends the stairs and pushes open the door into the darkened, cool bathhouse. One of the few places in the city that remains outside of the grip of the oppressive heat. He holds the door open for her and she reluctantly passes into the large foyer ahead of him. "Thank you, Sir." She bows to him as he joins her in the darkened door, her eyes slowly adjusting to the change in lighting. The sounds of laughter and screams can be heard coming from the already occupied rooms off of the main chamber. A pale Elven man approaches them. He bows to Rhymis, ignoring Hannah as he greets him.

Master Kejn, will you be requiring a bath, M'Lord?" He asks, a clip board and a ring of keys clutched in one of his hands.

"Yes, I believe we will. The heat is just awful out there today, Shavani." Rhymis reaches into his pocket and hands the man a coin. The man nods his head, examines the clipboard and takes a key from the ring. He hands it to Rhymis.

"Third door on the right. It should be sufficiently away from our more...vocal guests. Though, you can never tell for sure. Master Saviant brought in one of the captives earlier to have a bit of fun with. I think he fancies breaking her to own her himself." He steps back and extends his arm toward the hall where their room awaits.

"Come along, Hannah." Rhymis smiles to her as they leave the elf behind. Coming to the door of their room, he slips the key into the lock and again holds the door open for her to pass before him.

Hannah walks into the room before him and waits just inside the door. Rhymis closes and locks the door behind him and gives a weary sigh as he slips the key into his pocket.

She moves over to a cabinet and opens it. Inside are neatly folded towels, bottles of soaps, lotions of various scents, sexual toys of various uses and sizes. Rhymis watches her for a moment and then looks around the room. The floor is made of matched granite stone, laid neatly around a deep tub of clear, warm water heated by the natural springs below the city. Across the room carpets are laid out in front of a roaring fire. The fire gives off little heat, there more for the visual effect than keeping them warm. The mage fire burns constantly, never needing fuel or tending, trapped within the magical barrier around the fireplace. From the ceiling chains dangle down off to the corners of the room and shackles have been bolted to the stone floor for the use of restraining slaves and prisoners at their permanent or temporary Masters whim.

By now, Hannah has gathered up the items needed for his bathing and is bent over before him, laying the items out along the edge of the tub so they are within her reach while she bathes him. He watches the short, narrow strip of fabric the lays across her firm ass rise, barely covering her. "If she were to just bend over a little more..." he thinks to himself, licking his lips as he watches her rise, her long hair doing more to conceal her back side from him than her loin cloth. She smiles and turns back to him, noticing the way he is looking at her.

Rhymis blushes slightly, knowing the beautiful woman has caught him. "May I undress you, M'Lord?" She asks softly as she walks back within arms length of him.

"What? Oh, yes, of course. Yes, you should do that..." he replies a bit flustered as she approaches.

She moves gracefully to him, her eyes still averting his as a woman is not allowed to look into a mans eyes without his permission. She reaches out and touches his chest, her hands sliding over the raw silk slowly making their way to the buttons that run down the front of his shirt. Her body brushes against him as she moves closer. One by one she unfastens the buttons with a practiced air and she slowly opens his shirt. Her fingers brush against his exposed skin as she draws the fabric down over his broad shoulders. His chest is hard, muscular though he is more slender than the barbaric fighters that inhabit the city. Noting his neatness, she steps back, carefully folding his shirt. She sets it neatly on the stone bench next to them.

Turning back to him, she presses her lips to his bare collarbone, laying soft kisses on his warm skin as her hands move to the belt at his waist. The touch of her lips on his skin makes him moan softly, his breaths becoming harder. His arms wrap around her shoulders, his fingers moving to the long, crimson locks of hair. He fumbles with the clasp in her hair, tugging on her hair a bit as he tries to unfasten it. She smiles against his skin. Her fingers leaving his belt long enough to reach up to help him release it. Her thick hair tumbles from the open clasp and falls loose down her back. He groans in pleasure as he buries his hands into her loose hair. Her fingers return to his belt. He feels his slacks loosen around his waist. Her fingers brushing against the hard bulge already forming in his pants as she unbuttons the front of his pants and slides them down his legs. She slips from his arms as she kneels and helps him step from his pants, removing his shoes and socks at the same time. She again folds them all neatly and sets them on the bench with his shirt.

Rhymis' hands reach down for her. He pulls her back up again him. "Take off your clothes, Hannah." He commands her, tilting her chin up to him, forcing her to look into his eyes. She can see his desire burring in his dark eyes. She nods her head and reaches behind her neck. She unfastens her top and slides it off. Her large breasts freed from their restraints press against his chest. Her breasts are warm and soft against him. She unties the loin cloth and lets both flutter to the floor at their feet.

"Shall I bathe you now, M'Lord?" She can feel his hard, throbbing manhood pressing against her flat stomach. Her hands slide around him, caressing his back gently. He is strikingly handsome. His chin strong, his eyes a soft brown, a light tan covering his features. His hands caressing the curves of her body, sliding slowly down her sides to her hips.

"Yes...that would be nice, Hannah." He starts to move slowly with her into the water, down the graded entrance to the tub. Her body moving against his, each step making him want to touch her more. They sink together into the water. He sits down, chest deep, pulling her with him. She kneels, straddling him. Her eyes gaze into his as her wet body moves. The wide head of his cock pushing up against her sex making her gasp slightly at the size of him. He pulls her closer* "You should start that bath now if you are going to give it to me..." he whispers huskily to her. His mouth moving to her long neck, tasting her skin for the first time. His hands playing happily in her long hair.

She nods and reaches around him for a bottle of lemon grass shampoo. She uncorks it and starts to run her wet fingers gently through his hair. A soft moan escapes her lips nearly against his ear. The sound like music to him, he answers her with a moan of his own. His hands caressing her strong thighs beneath the water. Her fingers slowly work the shampoo into his hair, surrounding them in the fresh scent of the lemon grass. "M'Lord, I assume you will be wanting me for other services today?" She asks softly as she enjoys the gentle feel of his hands on her skin.

"Yes, Hannah. And please, call me Rhymis when we are alone." He moves his lips down her neck, making her sit up higher, his hips grinding up against her, though he doesn't try to enter her yet. His mouth nipping at her silky, wet skin. His hands cup her heavy breasts with a groan of desire. "Gods, you are beautiful. How have you managed to avoid someone placing a collar upon you?"

"No one has asked. It seems that the captives get most of the attention now a days, M...Rhymis." She blushes as she says his name. Her loose hair floats on the water around them. She rinses out his hair with a pitcher, her hand gently supporting his neck as she bids him to lay back in the water. She sets down the pitcher and continues her work. Her hand grasps a sponge from the ledge and she lathers it in think lavender soap. She carefully washes his face with her soapy fingers and wipes it off with a cloth to keep the soap from his eyes. He feels her sex slide against his, rubbing low against his thick shaft as she works. His hands reach around her and grasp her ass cheeks firmly, pulling her harder against him, making her clit rub against his textured shaft.

"Can you stand for me, please, Rhymis?" She asks softly, hesitantly. Slaves do not ever give orders to anyone. Much less a Lord or Master they are serving. He smiles and rises to his feet, pulling her along with him. Out of the water, she lathers his chest. Her own becoming soapy with his, making her heavy breasts rub slickly against his chest. Her hands reach between them and she grasps his hard cock in her hand. She strokes him as she soaps up the shaft slowly, drawing a string of moans from him. He cups her soapy breasts with his hands and squeezes them softly, testing the weight of them in his hands.

"Damn, woman. You are perfect." He nuzzles his face into her neck. "Rinse us off, I want you now."

"As you wish, Rhymis." She uses the pitcher to rinse them off. His hands still caressing her breasts. Her nipples hard beneath his palms now. He releases them and pulls her close to him. His mouth covering hers as he kisses her hungrily. She responds to him in kind. Pressing her lips willingly to his. Her body following, crushing her breasts against his chest.

He guides her deeper into the pool. The warm water rising up to their chests as he pulls her against him. His hands slide down her back, over the curve of her ass, down the back of her thighs. His fingers sink into the tender flesh as he lifts her up and wraps her legs around him. His cock pushes against the open lips of her hot sex. Her arms wrap around him as he pulls her up against him. Her long, wet hair clinging to her body. His hand moves up her back and into her hair. He pulls her head back, breaking the kiss, he thrusts his cock into her, wanting to hear her moan as he enters her.

Hannah cries out lustfully as he stretches open her tight entrance. Her walls tremble around his cock, clinging to him as he pushes deeper into her. He can see her pulse pounding in her neck as he holds her head tilted back. Their weightlessness in the water lets him drive himself into her almost effortlessly. His grip on her hair tightens and he lowers his mouth to her exposed neck. His teeth scrap her throat as he kisses and nips at her neck hungrily, a low moan of pleasure rumbles in his chest.

Hannah's thighs grip his waist. Her thrusts meeting his, driving the wide head of his cock against her cervix. She moans deeply, her body trembling against his. Her walls remain tight around him, stroking his cock inside her as it moves between the silken walls. The sounds of her moans and cries only spur Rhymis on, his cock thrusting into her faster, harder, his wide head pounding against her cervix, trying desperately to seek entrance into this enchanting creature's womb. The need to hold her, feel her, possess her grows within him. He holds her tighter, closer. His mouth feasting on her throat. His fingers dig into her shoulders, pulling her down into the hard, rough thrusts.

"Gods," she whimpers. Her body trembles with pleasure as he forces her down on him. Her arms tighten around him, her fingers buried in his short black hair. Her breasts heaving with her labored breaths. She tilts her head back down and kisses him hard on the mouth. Her lips soft on his, her tongue stroking his. His hand slides down from her shoulder. His fingers grab her hip, his fingers digging roughly into her skin. He turns her, pushing her up against the wall of the pool. Her feet press against his ass, pulling him into her. The smooth stone wall presses against her back, holding her firmly against him as he ravages her body. Her cries grow louder, muffled against his lips. His moans echo her passion and lust. His eyes ablaze with his need for her.

His cock twitches within her tight, hot walls. His body pressing hard against her. Her walls tighten around his cock, her body tensing against the wall and him. Her strong arms hold him tightly against her as her body starts to shake. She breaks the kiss and tilts her head back, screaming out his name as she cums. A gush of hot fluid flows over his cock, warmer than the water surrounding him. He growls against her neck as her walls contract around his cock, squeezing him rhythmically, milking his cock into her. The sensation of her climax overwhelms his senses and his cock jerks as though trying to escape her tight walls. His hips slam into her and his own hot cum floods the tight, convulsing chamber, filling her to overflowing with his seed.

The two lovers cling to each other, unable to speak for several long moments. Hannah is the first to slowly recover. She tilts her head back down slowly, panting, trying to catch her breath. She nuzzles his neck affectionately. Her soft lips brush against his damp skin, drawing a shudder from him.

"You are amazing." He whispers against her neck. His breaths washing over her skin, raising goose bumps on her smooth skin. She smiles softly as she nuzzles him.

"You are quite amazing yourself, M'Lord." She says, forgetting in her pleasure to call him by his proper name. If he notices, he says nothing but holds her strongly in his arms.

"Can you stay for a while, Hannah? If you have other duties, of course, I understand..." his voice trailing off. He dares not to hope that she would stay with him willingly.

She smiles and lifts her head from his neck. Her fingers trace his jaw and her lips brush against his. "Rhymis, you know that I can do whatever you wish for me to do. If you wish me to stay, then I shall stay. If you wish for me to go, then I shall. A woman has no say in such matters."

He gazes into her clear, dark blue eyes, loosing himself in their depths momentarily. "That isn't what I meant, Hannah. I want it to be your choice. Where I come from, women do have such choices. It is important to me that you want to be here."

She tilts her head slightly and nods, a slight look of concern in her eyes. "I can stay." She studies his soft brown eyes, notices soft flecks of green within them that sparkle as they meet hers. "May I speak freely, Rhymis?" She inquires.

"Always, Hannah. You have nothing to fear from speaking your mind to me." His hands gently stroking her perfect skin, his cock still buried within her. His lips laying soft kisses along her long neck.

"It is dangerous, the things you have said to me. Women not so dedicated to their positions might betray you for uttering those words. It is considered treason here to have such opinions. An affront to the God we serve." She tilts his head up to look back into her eyes. "Please, be careful who you say such things to. This city can be a very dangerous place."

Rhymis smiles and runs the back of his fingers across her high cheekbone. "It is very sweet of you, Hannah to show such concern for me. And I will take your warning quite seriously, thank you." He kisses her lips softly. "For now though," he grins, "let us get out of this water before we both shrivel into quite unattractive prunes."

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