tagSci-Fi & FantasyRhymis and Hannah Ch. 02

Rhymis and Hannah Ch. 02


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"Hannah!" Rhymis Kejn calls out to the crimson-haired slave as she strolls down the street, drawing the looks of the men standing at the many vendor stalls. The tall woman turns with a brilliant smile on her face for the dark haired man.

"Lord Kejn," she bows respectfully to him. She is dressed in the same outfit he met her in weeks ago, a high cut black loin cloth and the braided straps of silk that with hold her ample breasts. Her red hair pulled up high on her head in a tight ponytail a large chunk of her hair has escaped from her ponytail and is draped over her right cheek.

Rhymis pants slightly from running in the abysmal heat but he smiles at her brightly. He clasps his hands to keep from reaching out to touch her smooth skin. His eye rove over her both out of lust and concern. Having not seen her in weeks, he had grown concerned for the woman's safety. He frowns as his eyes fall on several fading bruises on her wrists, ankles and thighs.

Hannah nervously slides her hands behind her back as she watches him, unable to conceal the other marks from him. "They are nothing, M'Lord."

"Nothing? They are hardly nothing. Who did this to you?" he demands under his breath. Before she can answer, he takes her arm in his hand and pulls her close. Her neck is still free of a collar and he doesn't ask as he pulls her into the inn.

She doesn't resist as he pulls her along next to him. She merely walks at his side as he holds her arm firmly. He produces a key and throws open one of the rooms downstairs and pulls her inside before shutting and locking the door behind them.

"Now, answer me. Who did this to you?" He holds one of her bruised wrists up before her. His eyes filled with rage.

"M'Lord, I don't know." She trembles before him, her eyes turned away from his, towards the door. Her cheeks are flushed as he gazes down at her.

"What do you mean, you don't know? You were there, weren't you?" he bellows and releases her arm. She kneels before him, her head still bowed towards the floor.

Her voice is barely a whisper as she starts to answer. "He...he didn't tell me his name, Rhymis. He just took what he wanted and left."

He breaths hard before her, gazing down at her as she cowers before him. His hands slowly relaxing. His eyes soften as he gazes down at her, his body shaking.

She continues, "He was just back from a battle. A Frigarian had escaped from him. He grabbed the first woman he saw and that was me. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time is all. It is his right to do what he did."

"His right?! His right to beat you? You did nothing to him, Hannah! Did he force you to have sex with him? Did he hurt you more than these bruises?"

She flinches as he yells, crouching lower on the floor before him. "Please, Rhymis, don't."

"Tell me!" he demands. "I command you to tell me what that bastard did to you, Hannah!"

"Yes! Yes, alright!" she raises her head, her hair sliding off her cheek, revealing a deep purple bruise across her cheekbone. "He tied me to the bed and he fucked me for hours! I screamed until he knocked me out. When I came to...he was still on top of me, using me." Her eyes fill with tears. "It was like I wasn't even there to him. I was just a warm hole to...cum into."

Rhymis stares down at her for a moment and kneels in front of her. He slowly wraps his arms around her and pulls her to him. He feels her flinch and then relax. The feel of her reflexive tensing in his arms hits him with even more fury than her bruises, remembering how willing she was to come to him, how fearless she was of his touch. She buries her face against his neck and he strokes her bruised cheek. "It is my fault, Hannah." He whispers to her.

"How could it be your fault, Rhymis? You weren't there."

"Exactly. I should have collared you that night weeks ago. He wouldn't have been able to touch you."

"Rhymis, don't." She starts to pull away but he holds her tighter.

"Don't what? Don't protect you? Don't hold you? Forget it, Hannah. I want to. I want you."

"This is my life, Rhymis. This is what I was born for, don't you understand that?"

"To be the punching bag for some brute?! Be serious, Hannah." He gently turns her bruised face up to his and winces at the angry purple mark. "You are beautiful and charming and sensual. Any man would be lucky to have you. I would be lucky to have you."

"You think I am this precious thing. Something special. But I am not. I am a slave, just like every other woman. My only purpose is to serve and pleasure any man that sees fit for me to do so. Anything else would be blasphemy."

"What kind of God tells men they can beat a woman to death and it is alright? What kind of God lets you be hurt like this?" he asks angrily. She gazes up into his eyes, a look of pleading behind the deep blue. He slowly calms down, not wanting to frighten her more than she already has been.

"Hannah, please, I am begging you. Let me put my collar on you. Let me keep you safe from the others." He kisses her forehead gently.

She sits still in his arms for several minutes, not giving him any answer. Finally she nods, "Alright, Rhymis. If that is what you wish, I will serve you."

He kisses her softly on the lips. "I wish for you to want to be with me."

She returns his kiss softly, her body growing more relaxed against his. The touch of his lips acting like a balm on her battered body. She answers him with a soft moan against his lips.

He slides the collar he bought the day after he met her from his pocket and gently slides it across her neck. His initials, RK, are carved into the gold. He looks down at the gold around her neck as he fastens it in place and locks it. He smiles and runs his fingers over the smooth metal. "There. Not too tight, is it?"

She shakes her head and touches the collar gently, her fingers brushing his. "No, it is fine. Thank you, Master."

A shiver runs up his spine as she calls him Master. He smiles at her and stands before her. She remains kneeling at his feet. "Now, you should meet your sister." He turns his head away from her and calls out into the room, "Ka'ri!"

There is a flash of white light and heat from across the room. Hannah lifts her head and glances in that direction. Across the room a demoness with dark red hair and full leathery wings appears. She drops to her knees and bows to the floor to Rhymis. "You called, Master?"

He gives the demoness an affectionate grin and crosses the room to her, leaving Hannah looking after him. "Yes, my Pet. I have a surprise for you." He reaches Ka'ri and takes her arm and brings her to her feet.

The demoness moves with the grace of a large cat, seeming to glide across the floor at Rhymis' side. She is wearing even less that Hannah. Her sex barely concealed behind a couple of this straps of leather that cross between her thighs. Her breasts are bare, unrestrained. The erect nipple of her right breast brushing against his upper arm as she walks with him. She smirks down at the red headed human woman kneeling on the floor before them. "Ooh, Master!" She hisses excitedly. "Is it for me?!" The woman's eyes narrow at the slave and she licks her lips hungrily.

He chuckles, "No, Ka'ri. This is Hannah. She is going to be staying with us."

Ka'ri looks the woman up and down, glancing disdainfully at her bruising. "She looks a bit worse for wear, don't you think, Rhymis?"

He gives her a quick swat on the ass as Hannah's head bows lower. "Be nice, Ka'ri." He states in a low voice. Hannah's head bows lower at the other woman's words. A bright blush colors her cheeks. Rhymis scowls at Ka'ri. She seems almost bolstered by the swat.

"I just mean she looks like she has been ridden hard and hung up wet is all..." she shrugs.

Rhymis grabs her wrist and pulls Ka'ri over to the bed. She offers no resistance to him and in fact seems to be enjoying herself quite a bit. He forces her to kneel in front of him and he secures her wrist and ankles in solid steel restraints. Once restrained, she jerks at the chains, clearly not liking the sudden sway of events. Rhymis turns on his heels from the demoness and returns to Hannah's side. He kneels next to her and strokes her cheek gently.

"Don't mind Ka'ri, Hannah. She is just a bit excitable is all. She is really very sweet once you get to know her. I hope that the two of you will be very close." As he speaks, he caresses her bruised cheek gently.

Hannah nods obediently without looking up at him or the other slave. "As you wish, Master."

Rhymis tilts his head slightly as he looks down on the woman before him. He takes her hands slowly. "Let me show you something, Hannah." He rises, still holding her hand. She rises with him and he gently leads her to the bed where Ka'ri is still thrashing about and looking quite disgruntled. Rhymis guides her past Ka'ri and onto the bed. He motions for her to sit down which she obeys.

"Now, there is something you should know about Ka'ri." The demoness hisses in the background, thoroughly displeased at her predicament. Rhymis ignores her and continues, "She is much more than she seems. Ka'ri is my familiar. She is also a succubus." Hannah's head raises slightly and she glances over at the woman who is now sitting with her arms folded over her chest, smirking up at Rhymis.

"I was a teacher at a magic school very far from here. I taught music and advance forms of magic to the students there. Our city was attacked. I am not sure by who but I barely escaped with my papers and the clothes on my back. I was working on some research there and I didn't want to leave it behind. I was walking down a deserted road outside of town and she appeared. We fought, I won, but we were both drained from the fight. Next thing I knew, I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head and I woke up here days later and Ka'ri was still with me. Apparently, beating her in our fight bound her to me so when I was brought here, she came with me." Ka'ri shifts uncomfortably as he tells the story.

"She is quite powerful in her own right." He grins over his shoulder at the demoness who scoffs at him. "She can get a bit testy but she isn't allowed to feed on souls by my command so that would account for the fussiness. She thought you were a special treat for her.' He runs his fingers through Hannah's silky hair as he talks to her. "Which of course, you are not. I want you to be comfortable here, Hannah. This is your home now until my house is completed." He waves his arm around the room and for the first time, Hannah notices the boxes of papers and books stacked haphazardly against the walls. A violin rests atop one of the crates, its bow is laying next to it on the same crate. Rhymis watches her gaze and asks gently, "Can you read and write, Hannah?"

Hannah glances over at Ka'ri who has started to wrestle with her restraints again and then back at Rhymis. She nods her head, "Yes, I read and write Common, Elven, Dwarven. I can understand some Abysmal." Rhymis looks at her, clearly impressed at her claim.

"Wonderful, you can help Ka'ri with organizing my papers and books then. I am afraid they became a bit disorganized in my flight from the school." Ka'ri gives a sniff of displeasure from her perch at the edge of the bed. "It is not a request, Ka'ri." Rhymis replies sternly.

Hannah's mind races as she listens to him speak. Her eyes wander over to the succubus, beautiful and dangerous, even in her restraints. Ka'ri too has waist length red hair but horns crown her head and wide, leathery black wings spread out from beneath her shoulder blades. Her lips are blood red, her eyes glitter black with no pupils which seem to draw her in. Without realizing it, Hannah's body leans towards Ka'ri as she gazes at her, entranced. Ka'ri's lips curl in a grin and her tongue again snakes over her pouted lips.

Rhymis places a finger on Hannah's chin and turns her gaze from Ka'ri. He shoots the succubus a disapproving gaze and she shrinks back slightly. Hannah blinks as Rhymis' brown eyes replace Ka'ri's. She looks a bit dazed, almost drunk. He leans closer to her and kisses her lips softly.

She shivers, the touch of his lips on hers is stronger than any touch she has ever encountered. A soft moan of pleasure is muffled against his lips. Rhymis returns the moan and kisses her harder. His hands slide up her arms to her shoulders where is fingers hook the leather straps of her top. He gently slides them down her arms as his lips continue to eagerly explore hers. Her firm, round breasts slide free of their restraints. She presses hard against him, crushing her breasts to his chest. Her mind feels muddled, foggy. Her only thought on how to make the intensity of his touch, his kisses last. Goosebumps rise on her arms where his fingers touch her. Her breaths come hard, fast against his cheek. Her lips part, her tongue brushes against his lips, seeking entrance to his mouth.

Rhymis pushes her onto her back on the bed, his body falling over hers. His lips part and he moans as her soft, warm tongue slides against his. He wrestles with her tongue as his hands wrestle with her clothes as she writhes beneath him. Her hands push between them, pulling at his shirt, pulling it free of his pants. Her bruises and the succubus forgotten, she grips the top of his shirt and pulls roughly at it, popping the buttons off as she tears his shirt open. Her ears catch the faint sound of chanting but it sounds far away, a mere buzzing in her ears. She cries out into his mouth as his now bare chest presses down onto hers. Her nails scratch his belly, causing a grunt of pleasure from his lips against hers. His hands move down to caress her thighs, pulling them up around his waist. He grasps the sides of her loin cloth and tears the fabric from her hips. Her fingers wrestle with his belt, her thighs slide up his side. He growls against her mouth, sending shivers through her prone body. A dull ache spreads through her from her sex, throbbing through her entire body. She can feel the hardness of his cock straining against the smooth fabric of his pants as she feverishly works to free him.

Feeling the hardness of him between her legs fills her with a burning need for him. The same need seems to possess him, his hips thrusting against her, pushing his cock against her sex even before his belt comes loose from his waist. His fingers dig into her thighs roughly, pulling her thighs higher, tilting her hips up against his. A constant stream of moans escape her lips. Her fingers tug at the buttons on his pants. She finally frees his cock and the smooth hard, flesh slaps against her sex. Before she can react he slams his hips against her, driving his cock deep into her walls. She screams in pleasure, thrusting her hips up against his, her walls jerking and shaking around his throbbing flesh. Her juices coat his cock and drip down his thick shaft. Her legs wiggle against him, forcing his pants down over his hips and drawing him into her body.

Rhymis growls loudly into her mouth, his hips thrusting hard, deep into her tight, convulsing sex. Each movement sending jolts of pleasure through them both. His tongue wrestles with hers, pinning it onto her mouth as he claims her. His fingers grip her sides roughly, pulling her hips into his brutal thrusts. His wide head pounds against her cervix, trying to break into her womb. He tears his lips from hers. His eyes glare down at her. His lips twist into a smirk and he takes a deep breath, breathing in the heady scent of her arousal. He attacks her neck, biting and sucking his way up to her ear. His voice husky above her moans and cries of pleasure. "Mine." He hisses against her ear.

She shakes beneath him. Her nails score his back in long scratches, making him writhe against her. Her tight walls cling to his cock, making her sex hotter around him. His thrusts become harder, more urgent, his precum working into the tight walls. Her body jerks beneath his. Her hips lifting up against his into his thrusts. His arms wrap around her, his hands on her shoulders, pulling her against him. His pants are bunched around his knees.

The buzzing of the chants continue to ring in her ears, as his wide head finally breaks through her cervix. Her back arches, driving her hips against his cock, sinking his head deep into the velvety walls of her womb. "Ohh...Gods damn, Hannah..." Rhymis grunts into her ear. His thrusts becoming short and hard as he keeps his entire cock buried into her. Each thrust makes her cry out lustfully, her body tensing beneath him, her fingers digging again into his back. Her thighs grip his hips tightly. Her sex squeezes his cock like a fist inside her, stroking him into her womb. Her back arches and she screams as she cums around him. Her walls milking him into the fertile core of her sex. Her hot juices run down the shaft of his cock. His heavy, cumladen balls slap sharply against the smooth skin between her thighs.

He grunts as she screams, his fingers dig into her shoulders, pinning her squirming body beneath his. His back arches and he roars with pleasure as his balls tighten and force his seed through his shaft. The thick cream splatters over the clinging, shivering walls of her womb, the caress of her sex forcing his seed deep into her. Glob after sticky glob races through his shaft to fill her full of the hot, potent seed. The sounds of her screams of pleasure fill him with a sense of power, of lust. He buries his face in her full cleavage. His tongue dragging over her damp skin. Her walls twitch around him, forcing out the last of his cum into her. She trembles, her eyes glazed as she turns her head from side to side. His cock keeps her sex stretched around him, his hips moving slowly back and forth, sliding his cock within her cum filled womb.

Hannah's eyes close as she savors the feel of this man, her Master moving within her. Her touch becomes softer, caressing his scratched back. He rolls over onto his back, pulling her on top of him. He kicks his pants off his feet. She pulls away from him and sits up tall on him, rolling her hips slowly. The motion of her hips like waves lapping at his body. He gazes up at her, watching as she rides him, his cock still rock hard within her tight, hot body. He grins wickedly up at her. "Does my Pet want more?"

She nods her head, her fingers slipping up into her hair, releasing the clasp at the base of her ponytail. There is a hiss that sounds far off as she lets down the crimson locks. Her large breasts sway with her movements. The sight of the heavy orbs moving above him makes him reach up for them, grasping them tightly. His fingers pinch her nipples tightly, making her sex squeeze his cock tighter and a yelp escape her lips. He sneers up at her and sits up, pinching them harder. She grinds her sex against his wantonly.

"Does my little whore like that? Do you?" He growls as his mouth covers one of her pointed, swollen nipples. He sucks hard upon it, biting it. She squirms and cries out. Her fingers in his hair. She thrusts her hips down hard on his cock, cum leaking around the base of his cock, onto his swelling balls.

"Yes." She whimpers. Her body shaking as she rises up and down his throbbing cock. His mouth moves from one nipple to the other as she rides him. Jolts of raw pleasure race through her body. She jumps as his hand comes crashing down on her firm ass, leaving a welt in the shape of his hand.

"Yes, what?" He growls, biting down sharply on her swollen nipple. A sharp cry of pain escapes her lips but she rides him harder, breathing fast.

"Yes, Master," she cries out, her sex throbbing around him.

"Mmm...that's it, Hannah. Do you want more of your Master's cum in that tight pussy?"

"Yes, Master. Please give me more. You feel so good. I want to cum again." She pleads, her body bouncing on his cock, driving his head against the sticky walls of her womb.

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