tagLesbian SexRhythm Ch. 01

Rhythm Ch. 01


I can't believe it's nearly been a year since I posted my first story, I've got two more on the go and this is the first part of a third.

This is all build up, no sex, should only be one more part but may stretch to three, will try to do finish it by next week.


'How much do you love me?' Tom asked his sister Laura.

They were waiting to get into The Square, a local nightclub for a one-off gig by a local band that had gone global and had returned for an intimate gig with fans where it all started for them. Tom had managed to get hold of tickets for him and Laura as she was a big fan of Raging Lizard.

'Honestly Tom, I reckon you're going to be able to live off this for many years. I'll let you know when my gratitude has run out.'

Laura hadn't been able to stop grinning since Tom told her about the tickets. She had been to the club many times as it was renowned for good music, including live bands and a friendly atmosphere. Although not strictly a gay bar it was well known for being welcoming to all and had zero tolerance for any form of abuse towards anyone. Friday and Saturday nights were normal club nights with a DJ but most of the other nights specialised in live music.

The Raging Lizards were an all-girl rock group that had shot to fame a few years ago but their first proper live show was at The Square. They were a regular feature for a few months before being picked up to support another artist on tour. Since then they hadn't looked back but when their record company suggested a celebration of their first album's 10th anniversary there was only one place they would go.


Unbeknownst to the fans waiting outside there was doubt that the show would happen at all that night. The band's drummer, Kim had slipped down the stairs and hurt her arm, it didn't appear to be broken but she was in a lot of pain, on her way to hospital and it was clear she wasn't up to the gig that night. The reason that the gig hadn't been called off immediately was due to the deeper connection with The Square that only those who really knew the band were aware of.

When the band started it consisted of two sisters on guitar and bass, Susan and Donna, then Fiona as the lead singer and Charlie as the drummer. Friends of Charlie's parents owned The Square and that's why the group got gigs there when they first started. When it became clear the band were going places Charlie decided to pull out, she didn't want to leave and go on tour, she'd just been doing it for a bit of fun. This is when they recruited Kim to replace her, with no ill feeling whatsoever.

In the ten years since Raging Lizard's first album Charlie had taken over the club and made it into an even bigger success. The band and their manager, Dave were currently in Charlie's office pleading with her to take Kim's place for the night.

'C'mon Charlie, it's not like you don't know the songs and I know you still play - who else has their drum kit in their office?' This was from Fiona, who had been the closest to Charlie when she was in the band.

'But I haven't played for anyone since I left the band.'

Dave tried the business angle, 'You know it will be a lot of fuss and paperwork if we have to postpone or cancel the gig...'

Charlie couldn't argue with that and was fast running out of excuses. In the end she relented, 'OK fine. Give me 10 minutes to make sure the team know what they are doing without me and then we can go over the set list.'


When the fans were let in, Laura and Tom managed to get close to the front. The stage was in complete darkness, the crowd was restless with excitement. Out of the darkness, the bass line of the band's first single began, after four bars Fiona's vocals came in singing the first verse with the simple bass line. With the pause before the chorus the whole club seemed to hold their breath, before the chorus crashed in with the drums and guitar, as the lights came on to loud cheers from the crowd.

After the cheering had died down after that first song, Fiona started with their prepared speech, talking about how great it was being back where they had started and how much they were looking forward to the next few years. She finished with the explanation about Kim.

'Those of you that can see will notice that it is not Kim behind the drums. Earlier today Kim had a minor accident - she's completely fine but her arm was too sore to play tonight. We are VERY grateful that our good friend Charlie is here to rescue us in our hour of need. Not only does she own this fine establishment, but she can also play a little...'

Having been caught up in the first song, not many of the fans had noticed that it wasn't Kim sitting at the drums. When Laura looked properly as Fiona was talking, she couldn't believe that she hadn't noticed the difference. Kim was of average height but her most noticeable feature was her bright pink, spiky hair. Charlie was slightly taller with jet black hair slicked back from her face. As they started up the second song, it became obvious to Laura how good a drummer Charlie was, she was at least as good as Kim and seemed to anticipate some of the beats more, playing more naturally. Charlie was wearing black jeans and a black vest, she didn't seem to notice the crowd at all, but Laura couldn't keep her eyes off her, and the gig seemed to be over in the blink of an eye.

After the last song there were more speeches by the band and then a surprise announcement that the club would be remaining open for two more hours and that the band will be at the bar, giving a rare chance for the select group of fans to get to know them better. By then, Kim had got back from the hospital and had her arm in a sling, though it didn't need a cast. Tom was trying to get Laura to go and speak to the band, but she was too shy. They were still arguing by the bar when a voice behind them said, 'I can introduce you if you want. They don't bite.'

Laura spun around and saw Charlie casually leaning against the bar, now with a black shirt over her vest. Laura was tongue-tied starring at Charlie, who was exactly her type. If she had tried to conjure up a fantasy woman in her mind, Laura would be very happy with her subconscious producing Charlie. She had just the right amount of masculinity in her features, while still being undeniably female. Her shoulders were strong and powerful, her stomach was flat, and Laura could only imagine the muscles hidden under Charlie's clothes.

Tom was close enough to Laura to know what Charlie must be doing to Laura, so he stepped in and said, 'That would be awesome, my sister here seems to have lost the ability to speak. You're an amazing drummer by the way.'

'Thanks,' said Charlie. She was looking at Laura as she continued, 'You know, it's difficult for me to make introductions without knowing your names.'

Laura snapped out of her day dream, held out her hand and said, 'Sorry, I'm Laura and this is my brother Tom.'

Charlie smiled at Tom, took Laura's hand and said, 'Very nice to meet you, I'm Charlie. Now tell me, who is your favourite member of the band - I can tell you their dirtiest secret...'

'You wouldn't know a dirty secret if it slapped you in the face, which is what I might do if you scare off this vision of beauty before I get to meet her.' This came from Fiona, the only gay member of the band who had walked up behind Charlie. Charlie realised she was still holding Laura's hand and quickly dropped it, turning to Fiona she said, 'Fiona this is Laura and her brother Tom. Laura, Tom, this is Fiona and let me tell you the only reason she is the lead singer is because she has the biggest mouth!'

Fiona had witnessed the interaction between Laura and Charlie and thought she might be able to nudge them both in the right direction, 'outing' Charlie was the first step - although not one that they needed considering how they were looking at each other. Fiona playfully swatted Charlie on the arm and said, 'Is that any way to speak to your former lover?'

'One that's as gobby as you, yeh.' Charlie said smiling at Fiona.

Tom cut in, 'Is that how you know the band then Charlie, you used to date Fiona?'

Fiona fielded this question as well, 'Firstly, I wouldn't call it dating, more like experimenting, a bit of fun and stress relief. And secondly, no, Charlie here was a founding member of Raging Lizard. She got us our first few gigs but when we were about to hit the big time she decided to pack it all in - who wants fame and fortune anyway?'

'Who wants to be cooped up in a tour bus with you more like?' Charlie shot back with a grin.

Fiona gave her the finger and continued, 'Anyway, the main reason Charlie was able to save us today is because she still writes 90% of our songs, so she was only playing what she already knew.'

At this, Laura nearly spat her drink out, 'You're Charlotte Rodgers?'

Fiona continued, 'Charlie to her friends.'

'I do have my own voice you know Fiona.' Charlie wasn't sure what Fiona was doing and couldn't tell if she should be pissed or not.

'Yes, but it doesn't seem to be with you.'

Laura was still stunned, 'Sorry, I just can't believe I'm talking to Charlotte Rodgers, you've written some of the greatest songs of this century and not just for Raging Lizards.'

At this Charlie blushed and muttered 'Thanks.'

Laura looked at her watch and said, 'Oh damn, Tom, we've got to go, I'm on the early shift tomorrow. Charlie it was great to meet you, you too Fiona, the gig was amazing. I wish I could stay longer and talk, but duty calls.'

Fiona was nudging Charlie as she could tell that Charlie was not picking up on the obvious signals. While Laura and Tom were getting their coats, Fiona was whispering furiously into Charlie's ear, 'Give her your damn number you idiot, she wants you.'

'What are you talking about, she's just being friendly, and is a big fan of the band.'

'She didn't look at me or the others for more than a second after you started talking to her. Just give her your number or I will.'

'Ok fine, but I think you're wrong.' Charlie caught up with Laura just as she was leaving. She put her hand on Laura's shoulder and said, 'Hey, umm, there's a new band coming through in a few weeks, a lot like Raging Lizard. If you like their music you'd enjoy them. If you want, I can put you on the guest list, just give me a call on this number.' With that she handed Laura her card and then turned back to the bar without waiting for Laura's response.


In the taxi home, Laura was gazing out of the window, still gripping Charlie's business card. Tom couldn't help teasing his sister a little, 'Just remember that she won't be up as early as you, you need to wait until at least your second break before calling her. Also, you might want to put that card in your purse or the number in your phone. If you keep holding it like that it may disintegrate.'

'Huh? What are you talking about? I can't just call Charlotte Rodgers, do you know the people she has written songs for, she must have so many famous people in her phone.'

'What does that matter? She gave you her number which in the normal world means that she would like you to call her.'

'What would I even say?'

'I'm so glad you asked, about time you appreciated my expertise in lesbian dating etiquette. For God's sake Laura, what do you think you should say? Just say that it was nice meeting her and ask about that new band she mentioned. Stop thinking of her as Charlotte Rodgers, think of her as Charlie who works at the club. If it's easier, why don't you send her a text tomorrow afternoon and see what happens.'

'Yeah, maybe.' Laura carefully entered the number into her phone and finally put the card in her purse for safe keeping.


Little did Laura know that back at the club, Fiona was having a similar conversation with Charlie. Charlie was still insisting that Fiona was wrong, and she wouldn't hear from Laura. Fiona couldn't believe that Charlie was so clueless. 'I know you're not exactly a player but how can you be so blind, she couldn't take her eyes off you.'

'If she was so into me, why did she run out of here so quickly?'

'I got the impression she was a bit overwhelmed when she found out who you were.'

'And whose fault is that?'

'Look, I'm sorry if I screwed up but you are far too modest for your own good and she would've found out eventually, better she knows who you are before starting anything with you.'

'That's if she does start anything. Still, not much I can do about it now. Where are you off to tomorrow?'

'Nowhere for a while, just a few more interviews. Thankfully Kim's arm should be better before we need to play again - we won't have to drag you to Tokyo with us.'

'You would have to sedate me and put me in a cage and that's just to get me on the plane, no chance of me actually playing.'

'I know, I'm never going to understand it, but I do know. One more drink for the road?'

'Sure, you guys are paying the full tab anyway.'


Laura thought about calling Charlie all the next day but knew that she was so in awe of her that she would be tongue tied and make a fool of herself. On her way home, she decided to take Tom's advice and sent Charlie a text instead. She was proud of herself that it only took her 45 minutes to be happy with the wording.

[Hi Charlie, it's Laura from the gig last night. I wanted to text you so that you had my number and to ask for the details of the new band you mentioned. Thanks, L x]

She'd hesitated with the kiss at the end but decided that she ends most of her messages that way and it's not like she would mind if Charlie took it as flirting. Once she had sent the message Laura went to have a shower and get changed. The benefit of working an early shift is that she is home by 4 pm and can still do something with the rest of the day.

Charlie was surprised when she received Laura's message, she really didn't think Fiona had read the situation correctly, but it turns out it was Charlie that had been dense. The memory of Laura flooded her senses and she finally admitted to herself how taken she had been with her the night before. Now that she realised the game was on, she was more than happy to play it. She sent a quick response to test the water.

[Hey, thanks for the text. Happy to send you the info if you give me your email. I have a copy of some of their songs, if you want to meet up you can listen to them? xx]

Laura was shocked that Charlie had responded so quickly and in such a positive manner. She was sure that Charlie was way out of her league. She had just got out of the shower when Charlie had replied, she opened her towel and looked at herself in the mirror, feeling happy about what she saw. She was slightly shorter than average with a petite frame and long wavy blond hair, she wasn't particularly toned but had nice, soft curves where it mattered, and her breasts were larger than a handful. She sat down on her bed and replied to Charlie.

[Sounds great, I'm on early shift all this week so am free after 4pm each day. L x]

Laura was more than a little startled when her phone rang almost instantly and nearly had a panic attack when she realised it was Charlie calling. She tried to stop her hands trembling as she put the phone to her ear.


'So, are you free tonight?'

'Tonight? Umm yes, I'm free.'

'Excellent, the club is closed today, want to check out that CD, maybe have dinner first?'

'Um, sure, that sounds great.'

'Great, text me your address, I'll pick you up at 7 pm.' Charlie said as she hung up the phone.

Laura sat looking at her phone in disbelief, not sure how things had moved so fast. She sent Charlie her address before she lost her nerve then tried to figure out what she was going to wear.

Charlie was almost as shocked as Laura, she was usually much more cautious. When her brain finally caught up with her mouth she was stunned. She phoned to get a table for the evening and then picked up her drum sticks. For her, a session on the kit was better than time in the gym, providing the physical exertion but also allowing her to clear her head.

Just before 7 pm Charlie knocked on Laura's door. When the door opened, Charlie's mouth dropped to the floor. Laura was wearing a pale blue summer dress that ended just above the knee and the v neck was deep enough to show a generous cleavage. She had taken the time to put her hair into tighter curls and looked good enough to eat. The smile on her face was what made Charlie's heart stop though and it took her nearly a full minute for her to say something. In the end it was Laura that bit the bullet.

'You seem a bit shocked to see me, weren't you expecting me to answer my door?'

'Sorry, that was really smooth of me wasn't it? Let's try again. Hi Laura, it's lovely to see you, you look amazing.'

'Thanks Charlie, you're looking pretty wonderful yourself.' Charlie had gone for black chinos with a dark green dress shirt, with the sleeves rolled up a little from her wrists, showing a hint of her powerful forearms.

'Ready to go?' Charlie asked, offering her arm to Laura.

'Absolutely, where are we going for dinner?'

'El Toro, I figured tapas offered enough of a range to mean there would be something you liked and allowed for any dietary preferences - are you vegetarian or anything?'

'Oh no, I'll eat anything.' Laura said flushing profusely when Charlie's eyebrows shot up at the statement. Laura carried on, trying cover her embarrassment, 'I'd heard that El Toro was really hard to get into, always fully booked. How did you get a table at short notice?'

'I just called in a favour, must've got lucky with a cancellation.' Charlie said as she opened her car door for Laura. When she was settled in the driver's seat she continued, 'My apartment is not far from the restaurant, so I was planning on parking there and then walking, saves trying to find a space right outside - is that ok?'

'Of course, but why didn't you just ask me to meet you there? Save you driving just to pick me up.'

'Wouldn't be much of a date if I didn't pick you up now would it?' Charlie said with a smile. 'So, what is it that you do that causes you to get up so early?'

'Oh, I'm a nurse, on the children's cancer ward, I rotate the shifts but am doing 6 am starts for the next couple of weeks.'

'I'd better not keep you out too late then.'

'It's ok, I had a nap earlier. I didn't want to fall asleep on you.'

'I don't know, I wouldn't mind...' Charlie said in a sultry whisper. In an instant Laura was embarrassed but also aroused and she wasn't sure how they had got there so fast. Not wanting to embarrass herself anymore, she decided to remain quiet for the rest of the drive. In a couple of minutes, Charlie pulled into an underground garage and parked up. She then opened the door for Laura and led her back to the street. Laura realised that El Toro was just down the street on the other side of the road, meaning that Charlie's apartment was in a very nice part of town. She started to feel overwhelmed again, convinced she was out of her depth with Charlie.

Charlie must have sensed this because she changed the subject onto safer grounds. 'So, have you had tapas before?'

'Not really, certainly not in a proper Spanish restaurant. How about you?'

'Yeah, I love it - I'd like to say because of the variety available but then I always seem to order the same few dishes anyway.' As they got to the restaurant and were shown to their table Laura looked around and was really impressed with the tasteful but bold atmosphere of the restaurant and noticed that every other table was full. She looked at the menu but was a bit bewildered by the choice. Looking up at Charlie she said, 'Anything you can recommend?'

'Of course, but we could just go for the introduction to tapas selection if you want, 6 dishes, meat, fish and vegetables - including 3 of my favourites.'

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