Rich Bitch Ch. 1


Karen woke me up when she got up, "Come on Bob. You have your special assignment starting today," she said and I rolled out of bed. I put on my uniform and headed out, Karen gave me a big kiss, "Last night was great honey. But my ass is a little sore." I drove to the station and sat through roll call and then got in my vehicle and drove out to Barnett's.

Alfred answered the door and showed me in to the study and told me to have a seat. Mr. Barnett came in, extending his hand as he approached me, "Thank you again Officer," he said as he shook my hand. "That's what we're here for Mr. Barnett," I replied. He gathered up his briefcase and headed for the door, "Take good care of my daughter Bob," and he was gone to a waiting limo.

Alfred came in and talked to me next, "Mr. Barnett has given me the next two days off, sir. He has left the home in your hands," and he left too. I began to explore the downstairs, what a place! I slowly crept up the stairs to check out the second floor and as I opened the first door, there was Melissa, sleeping in only panties, on her bed. I watched those great ass globes for the longest time, then I watched her tits move as she breathed, I pulled out my handcuffs and slipped up to the bed and savagely grabbed her hands and cuffed them behind her back.

She struggled until she saw it was me, then just smiled up at me as I watched her tits heave into the mattress. I sat down on the bed and peeled her panties off, caressing those beautiful globes as I did and moved her panties to my nose and breathed them in. I twisted them and wrapped them around one ankle and stretched it out and tied it to the bed post, an evil smile came on her face. I picked up her bra from the chair and tied her other ankle to the other post, her legs now spread wide.

I took off my gunbelt and then my clothes and climbed up on the bed and sat on her back, facing her legs and slid my cock up and down her ass crack and she moaned. I got up and headed downstairs and her eyes followed me out of the room, wondering what I was doing. When I came back she stared at the flyswatter and ice bucket I had in my hands, I sat the ice bucket down and swatted her ass with the flyswatter and she screamed, I watched the waffle pattern of the swatter come up on her cheek, then swatted the other cheek and she screamed again, "I don't like this Bob," she told me.

"Tough," I said as the swatter connected again causing her to scream some more. Her ass was solid red before I stopped and I could feel the heat as I touched her cheek, I saw tears on her face and I picked up an ice cube and ran it over her ass cheeks, watching it melt and the water run into her crotch, making her shiver. As the ice cube got small, I pushed it into her rectum and got another one and repeated the process. Melissa was beginning to like this as she moaned each time I inserted the remainder of the ice cubes.

Suddenly, Melissa began to squirm on the bed, "Untie me!!" she screamed, and I swatted her ass with my hand, "You don't tell me what to do!" I replied. "No, please Bob, I need to go to the bathroom," and then it hit me.

The melting ice in her ass had worked like an enema, and I laughed and started untying her ankles and she bolted to the bathroom, hands still cuffed behind her and dropped on the commode, just in time. I had never really watched a woman go to the bathroom before, and it was slightly exciting seeing her sit there and I started playing with her nipples, "Stop it!!" that made it even more exciting that she didn't like it and made me pinch her nipples as they hardened, and she kept trying to pull away from my hands. I grabbed her head and brought my cock to her lips and she tried to turn away, "Suck it Melissa!!" and I rubbed it over her lips and she kept her mouth tightly closed, so I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled and as she screamed, I pushed my cock in.

She wouldn't suck it at first, so I held her head and fucked her mouth, excited at the uniqueness of the situation. She eventually began to suck and I released her hair and she began taking me deep in her mouth as she bobbed on my cock and I heard little moans from her throat. I reached down and squeezed her tits as she sucked me and she began writhing on the toilet seat as she sucked my cock, and took me in her throat and I shot my load deep in her mouth and throat and she started shaking and she came also, banging herself against the back of the commode.

She slowly calmed and I removed my cock, her head leaning forward to retain it in her mouth as long as she could. I peeled her off some toilet paper and put it in her handcuffed hands to wipe herself and then pulled her to her feet and led her back to the bed and tied her ankles with her face down this time as I moved onto the bed and pulled her ass up. It was nice and empty now and I intended to fill it, as I moved my cock to her ass. I slowly pushed my cock in her tight little ass and she began moaning again and begging me to give it to her.

I pushed it in until she engulfed it all and she screamed for me to fuck her and I began my movements as I reached for the flyswatter and it landed on her ass cheek. "OWW!!" she yelled as I filled her ass and slapped her cheeks at the same time, "OHHHH YESSS!!" she screamed as I punished her ass with the swatter and my cock together. She started pushing back, raising her ass even higher as I assaulted it and soon she was writhing as well, "I"M CUMMMMMMMIIIIINNNNGGGG!!!" she screamed as she jerked on the bed under me.

After my recent orgasm, it took me awhile and I brought her to climax twice more before I filled her red little ass with my cum. "Oh Bob, that was great!!" she said as I withdrew from her ass and I smiled at myself, because I thought it was pretty damn good too, and I knew Karen would never let me do that to her.

My cock was still quite hard and I eased it into her upturned pussy, causing her to groan as she pushed back, trying to capture all of it. "Spank me with the swatter," she begged as I fucked her underused pussy now and I brought it down on her already red ass with a whack. "God yes," she cried and bucked against me. Another orgasm soon came over her as she fought at her restraints and her juices flooded my cock. My cock was hard, but I did not feel an impending orgasm, so I just fucked and swatted her ass and she came again, before I pulled out and sat next to her. She moved over and took my cock in her mouth and sucked it, savoring her own orgasm as I lay back and watched her mouth work on me. I guess her jaws got tired, and she soon quit and lay back down and I moved and untied her ankles and she rolled over and I stared at her gorgeous naked body.

She was hot, that was for sure, but really, Karen had just as nice a body. We fell asleep and slept until almost 5, when I woke up to her sucking my soft cock, getting it harder as she worked on it. I smiled down at her eyes, staring at me as she swallowed my cock in her mouth. I reached over and got the key and uncuffed her and her hands joined her mouth on my cock as she sucked even harder. I looked over her back and saw her still red ass cheeks as I watched her head bob up and down on my cock and then she took me deep and held me and I could feel her throat constrict around my cock and I blew, sending my cum in her throat as I clenched my fists and curled my toes.

She gradually pulled off my cock, licking her lips as she did. "I figured that would be the only nourishment I would get," and smiled at me. We got up and went down to find some dinner, as I watched her red ass cheeks wiggle in front of me as we walked. We had some leftovers and sat at the table and I watched her beautiful tits all through dinner. The phone rang and I gathered it was her father as she told him that she was in good hands and then said she loved him as she ended the conversation and moved to do the dishes.

I watched her red ass wiggle as she moved doing the dishes and saw her lovely crotch as she bent over to put dishes in the dishwasher, and my cock hardened again. I moved behind her as she bent over and slammed my cock in her pussy, causing her head to hit the rack in the dishwasher and grab the door to keep from falling. I fucked her hard as she braced herself and moaned at the sensations my cock was giving her pussy, and I stopped and told her to stay where she was and pulled out and rummaged around in the refrigerator until I found a good sized cucumber and returned.

I greased the cucumber up in her pussy and worked it into her ass as she squealed with delight and when it was halfway in, I reentered her pussy and she had an immediate orgasm from having both holes filled and I though she would rip the door off the dishwasher as she did. I fucked her pussy and the exposed portion of the cucumber hit my pubus as I hit bottom, slowly pushing it in further which really drove her wild. I came, sending her head into the dishwasher rack as I did and pinning it there as I squirted my jism in her hot pussy. I pulled out and went over and sat back down and she didn't move for awhile and then came over and sat down, with the cucumber still in her ass, being careful not to push it all the way in.

Her face was flushed as she leaned there to one side and took ragged breaths and stared at me and smiled, "I told you this would be a wild couple of days." After about a half hour, she reluctantly pulled the cucumber out and lay it on the table, all slick from her anus. We went on a tour of the house after we rested and she showed me around the game room and teasingly grabbed a pool cue and jacked it like a long, skinny cock. I told her to wait and to hold that thought as I ran back to her bedroom and got my cuffs and returned, pulling her arms behind her and cuffing her and pushing her over the pool table.

I held her down with one hand and rubbed the pool cue over her pussy with the other as she moaned out loud, and gyrated her hips. I took the fat end and slowly inserted it making her jump at it's intrusion, and then twisted it around inside of her, watching her pussy try to grasp it as I did. I slowly fucked her with it and she moaned even louder, 'this bitch was a nymphomaniac,' I thought to myself. I left it in her and stood there watching as she tried to use her pussy to fuck herself with it and it moved slightly in and out, this made me real hard.

I stroked my cock as I watched her and when I couldn't take it any more, I jerked the pool cue out and pushed my cock into her ass. The cucumber had opened her up and she took my cock easily as I pumped it in and out and she vocalized her approval, "Fuck my ass Bob. Give it to me!!" and I hammered her ass and began to slap her still red ass. "YES!! YES!! SPANK ME, FUCK MEEEEE!!!" she screamed as her orgasm built. She was roughly moving her chest over the felt covered table, scaping her hard nipples as I fucked her, "I"M GOING TO CUM!! I"M CUMMMMIIIINNNGGGG!!!" she screamed as she bucked against my cock and I lost it too, filling her ass as I slapped it.

I slipped my cock out of her ass and sat in the chair, trying to recover, this girl was wearing me out! She lay there, sprawled over the end of the pool table and I could see my cum oozing out of her cucumber stretched ass and running down her legs.

I helped her get up and half carried her back to her bed and uncuffed her and lay her down as I went in to take a shower, enjoying the warm water flowing over me. I suddenly felt a hand grab my cock, "Jesus Melissa, don't you ever get tired?" I asked her as she came into view. "Not of this," she said as she pumped my cock with her hand and moved her mouth in and kissed me, darting her tongue into my mouth. 'This was one horny woman,' I thought as I felt my cock betraying me and hardening at her manipulations.

She hardly took her hand off my cock the whole shower and when we got back to the bed she sucked my balls into her mouth one at a time as she jacked my cock. She sucked on my balls and jacked me and I could feel my orgasm building and she increased her manipulations and as I came, she directed it over her face and I looked at ropes of cum, dangling from her nose, eyes, mouth and chin and even some in her hair, that pretty blonde hair.

She sucked the last bits from the head of my cock and got up and went to her dresser and got a camera and had me take a picture of her cum streaked face. Then she channeled as much of it as she could to her mouth and got up and washed her face and then we went to sleep in each other's arms. I woke up the next morning alone and got up to look for her, seeing her in the pool, swimming nude. She saw me at the door, "Come join me," she yelled and I looked around to see if anyone could see me. Satisfied that the fence blocked everyone's view, I joined her, feeling the cool water on my warm body. She swam to me and we kissed and I felt her hand on my cock again, "Melissa, I have to go home tomorrow. I'm sure my wife will want something left for her," as she continued to stroke me, "Tough, let her find her own. This one's mine, for another day anyway," and she went under and pulled my cock in her mouth, while pushing me to the steps so she could suck me and not drown.

She was a great little head giver I had to admit as I watched my cock disappear in her mouth and felt her tongue swirl around it. Then she took her hands and stroked her hard nipples against my thighs as she sucked and it made me cum so hard as I grabbed her head and emptied myself in her mouth. She came up and licked her lips, "Thanks for the breakfast Officer," and kissed me, rubbing her pussy over my crotch as she did. I was nervous being outside and prompted her to go inside, where it was more private and she led me by the hand as we went back to the house.

As we passed through the kitchen, she cocked her head, "Want to get a vegetable Officer?" and laughed as she eyed the cucumber on the table and took off running to her room. I got a fat, thick carrot this time and headed up to her room to find that she had already cuffed herself. "OOOHHH," she said as she saw the carrot and proceeded to get on her stomach and elevate her ass as she smiled.

I rubbed the carrot in her pussy, juicing it up and then poised it at her anus. It wasn't as big around as the cucumber, and went in easy as she moaned and pushed her ass back taking almost all of it. I worked it in and out , getting her hot and then pulled it out and jammed it in her hot pussy as I replaced it with my cock, spearing her ass and causing her to shudder uncontrollably. She came long and hard, having both cavities filled once again and I picked up my fly swatter and went to work on her ass again. "YESSSSSS!!!" she screamed as all of her senses seemed to be alive at once and I continued to flail her cheeks as I fucked her.

I came long and hard as I joined her orgasm and she thrashed on the bed under me. I withdrew and lay next to her as she kept her position and enjoyed her carrot a little longer. I pulled the carrot out and rolled her over and stroked her hard nipples, then swatted them with the swatter, she went nuts!! I saw her squirt from her pussy, 'damn' I though and continued swatting her tits as they reddened and she kept screaming. I moved over her head and sank my cock in her mouth as I swatted her tits and saw her nipples get red and hard, she really enjoyed pain, as she moaned louder and sucked me deeper, causing me to cum in her mouth as I rubbed her red tits and yelled out.

I sat there on her face, letting my cum drain down her throat, wondering how such a gorgeous girl could get so turned on by pain and wondered if maybe her father had spanked her a lot and that started her. I raised up, pulling my cock from her mouth and uncuffed her and grabbed some of the water that used to be ice in the bucket, and soothed her red tits and stroked them gently. "How did you ever get so turned on by pain?" I asked her and she got on one elbow and looked at me, "Daddy used to always spank me when I was bad. In the beginning, it hurt like hell, but I soon found myself getting wet from it and before long, I would purposely fuck up, so he'd spank me and I would have an orgasm right there on his lap." I stared into her beautiful eyes, "Didn't your mom ever stop him?" Her eyes dropped, "Mom died when I was 3, been me and dad ever since," and I pulled her chin up and kissed her and then asked, "Don't you ever get enough sex?" and she smiled, "NEVER!!!" We fell asleep with her stroking my cock and me soothing her tits and woke up like two spoons against each other.

I lightly stroked her nipples and she woke and turned and kissed me, her tongue almost choking me as she did. She crawled on top of me and rubbed her pubic patch over my cock, making it rise as she did and then she worked it into her pussy and raised up and rode me as I played with her tits. she came very vocally, screaming out my name as she did, and just as I was about to cum, she pulled herself off and jacked me the rest of the way, shooting it all over her tits and then sucked out the last little bit before rubbing my cum into her slightly red tits.

"Just like Lanolin," she said as she rubbed and smiled at me. We took a shower after that and once again, she sucked my cock on her knees as the water ran over us, swallowing my load after she made me explode. "Karen's not going to have anything at this rate,' I thought as she licked my cock . We got dressed, she put on a purple bra and matching panties and then slid into some tight shorts and put on a loose fitting top as I put my uniform back on. We lulled around the house most of the day, her playing with me and me trying not to let it go too far, thinking about Karen and her father got home around 3pm.

She ran out and threw her arms around him and he grabbed her under her tight little ass cheeks to hold her off the ground as she kissed him. "Has she been a good girl Officer?" he asked me as he approached the front door, "The best, Sir," I replied and he thanked me and I headed for my car and back to the station. Karen was cooking dinner when I got home.

"Hi Babe," she said as I walked in.

"Tired?" and I nodded that I was.

"Well, we can go to bed after dinner, I'm tired too" and I was afraid to disappoint her so I said it sounded good to me. We pretty much ate in silence and after the dishes were done, headed upstairs. She went in the bathroom to get ready for bed and when she came out, I was already in bed and she climbed in next to me.

All the while she was in the bathroom, all I could think of was her ass and my cock got hard, I reached over and rubbed her ass and she jumped.

"What's wrong baby?" and she said she didn't feel well and I had startled her and did I mind if we just went to sleep. It was odd that she would turn down sex, she never had before, but I rolled over and went to sleep. Her ass felt real hot as I pushed mine against it and she jumped again, and I apologized and we went to sleep.

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