tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRich Bitch Downfall Ch. 03

Rich Bitch Downfall Ch. 03


Ch. 3: The Degredation

I spent most of the day at home watching the storm and drinking Bailey's. Rick was working on a major project and would not be home until late then out of town for the next week on business.

I thought of calling Megan and did around 4. She was very upbeat and bubbly. She sensed my blue personality and told me the storm will pass then we could go golfing again. She giggle like a schoolgirl when she mentioned how much she enjoyed the coed antics in the locker room.

The bile in the back of my throat caused me to tell Megan that I was feeling a bit under the weather and needed to go. She wished me well and said she will call tomorrow for lunch.

Rick came and went in the evening mentioning he would grab something at the country club for dinner. Ugh, the club, I thought. Please don't mention that name to me again.

It was seven so I primped myself for my eight o'clock meeting. I pulled on a light green top and a pair of khaki slacks, grabbed my purse and keys. I found a park in a parking garage not far from the shop and walked the 100 yards or so to the coffee shop. It was a few minutes before eight and I entered the establishment.

As instructed in the e-mail, I ordered a non-fat latte and sat down at a table facing the street. There were a number of people milling about outside and in. I did not recognize one person on the street or in the store.

At ten minutes past eight I got up and made my way to the ladies room in the back. It was locked. A voice responded to my twisting of the door handle, "Be right out in a sec, hold on."

I thought I may have recognized the voice but when the door opened, it was the clerk that made my latte. I thought to myself, hope she washed her hands.

I entered the room, closed the door but left it unlocked and waited.

It seemed like forever but finally there was a slight knock on the door. My hands and body were trembling and a small squeaky reply came from my mouth, "Yes?"

The handle twisted and the door opened slightly. A hand came in and turned off the light and a figure entered. I backed up slightly pressing my body against the wall.

I stood frozen in the dark not knowing to scream, fall to the floor, or do anything. I heard some commotion near the door and light switch. Finally the lights cam back on.

I blinked a few times and tried to readjust my eyes. Before me stood the bitch from the club. Liz Whatshername! My mind scrambled for her name.

I tried to think what to say or do but my mouth hung open in shock and she quickly took control.

"Hello Anne. So nice to see you again and dressed this time too!" Liz began the conversation chuckling and appearing to be a woman in control.

"We don't have much time in here so here is the drill. You will do as you are told and meet me down by the river in ten minutes. There is a small park just south of the new restaurant. Oh, you will also need to lose the bra, khaki's and your panties. Put them in here and put on this skirt," as she handed me a bag and the skirt.

"And if I refuse?" I replied somewhat bewildered and yet defiant.

Liz kicked an innocent looking picture album over to me.

I bent down, picked up the book, and opened it.

Inside there was a photo essay of me in various stages of undress, me and Megan in the shower, and in multi-orgasmic states. I flipped farther back and saw excerpts from the Club security camera from the front gate. The video stills clearly showed me, my car and license plate damaging Club property.

"Don't worry about that Anne. I deleted the film from the Club Archives but I did keep an insurance copy," Liz said matter of factly.

Lifting the clothing bag and pulling out the skirt I noticed the color and length.

"Uh, Liz, there is no way this is skirt is going to fit," I explained. "I am six feet tall and this is for a person that is much shorter. People will see my bottom as I walk."

"Good point," Liz hissed. "Then you don't need any bottoms!"

Liz grabbed for the skirt but I pulled them back into my chest away from her. She was winning control over me and making me submissive to her.

I stood there protecting something I did not want to wear and conceding my own clothing to her mentally before I actually turned them over to her physically.

"Oh, I see Anne. No problem. Since you want to make it hard on yourself," Liz replied matter of factly, "the consequences will be up to you. Keep in mind the website can manage a high number of members and guests. I am sure the other members will enjoy seeing one of the more established women in very compromising positions."

I stood there frozen like a deer in the headlights as the car quickly approached me.

I could feel the proverbial front fender of the car about to hit me with her next comment.

"Anne, your choice as earlier today. You will make your own decisions to set a course of events in to motion. I am walking out of the door in a second with the photo book and heading over to the park. What you wear is up to you. But understand that the choice you select will make your future painful or pleasurable. And if you decide not to show up at the park, that is also your choice," Liz said to me as she opened the door and it closed with a click.

If I were on the roadway, I would have been road kill. Wham!

I looked at the skirt, my slacks, and I thought of the website and the e-mail movie I saw earlier today. I dropped the bag and the short skirt on the floor and unbuttoned my khaki's and slid them off my long, tanned legs.

My reflection in the mirror showed me a woman succumbing to a more powerful younger woman.

I could not look at myself as I hooked my thumbs into the elastic of my panties and I pushed them down letting gravity do its job as they fell to the floor.

I pulled on the skirt and turned around to see how much of my bottom was showing in the mirror. Just a hint of skin showed.

Grabbing the bottom of shirt, I pulled it lower and adjusted the skirt. Now, even though the skirt was short, my bottom was covered. For the time being anyways I feared.

I gathered my khaki's and panties, folded them, and placed them in the bag Liz provided.

I opened the door and walked out of the coffee shop heading toward the park believing every eye on the street was staring at my long legs and my bare ass.

I could feel the warm breeze on a part of my body that there should be no breeze. I shuddered and shivered even thought it was hot and muggy.

A car honked on Main Street as I crossed the street in the crosswalk.

A group of three young men hooted and yelled something about where do those long legs lead to. Pigs. They drove past as I gave them an icy stare and they continued their sophomoric commentary.

I pressed on to the park to meet my tormentor.

Liz was sitting on a bench smoking a cigarette looking out over the water. I walked up to her and she smirked. Another reason I would grow to hate her, a smoker!

"Love the wardrobe selection!" Liz squealed, giddy as girl on her first date.

She invited me to join her on the bench. "Come on Anne, please sit down."

My submission was growing. I not only decided to wear her short skirt but also accepted a simple order and request to sit down.

Liz began to talk to me. "Now listen up. I am going to walk over to the two trees over there," Liz chatting and pointing to two large silver maples away from water and closer to a parking lot.

"When I get over, you are to spread your legs and face in the direction of where I am standing," Liz continued her instructions.

"You will keep your legs open and spread for me until I wave my hand, got it?"

I responded with a quick nod of my head. My mind and mouth could not coordinate a verbal response.

Liz got up and moved toward the trees. When she reached the trees, she looked over at me and I stared back. Bambi was back in the headlights.

"Hello?!?" Liz yelled at me.

Slowly, reluctantly I spread my legs. I felt the warm muggy air on my labia. Was the air really muggy or was I perhaps a bit excited.

No way! I thought to myself.

Sensing my reluctance, Liz gave me an order, "Left leg up and on the bench, start rubbing your kitty for me with your right hand."

My left leg seemed to have a mind of its own. It moved up and the sole of my left foot was flat on the bench and legs were open. My right hand seemed to stop half-way to my pussy.

Liz, with hands on her hips, directed a one word challenge to me, "Well?"

My mind thought of the pictures, the e-mails, and oh that video. My right hand moved to my pussy and began to rub slowly at first.

I closed my eyes for a few seconds and when I opened them, Liz was no longer standing where she was. I stopped and removed my hand and looked for her.

Liz came out from behind the tree with a palm video recorder in her hand. She was moving toward me.

"Ok, as I walk towards you, I want you to take both hands and pull your labia apart. Show me the goods slut." Liz was driving the car again looking for the next deer to run over.

I moved my bottom to the front of the bench and spread my legs. My left and right index fingers found the right point on my sensitive lips and pulled them open. I cold hear the whir of the lens coming in for a close up of my pussy.

"Open them," Liz said calmly as though she had done this a thousand times. I did pulling the lips a bit more open.

"Did you drink your non-fat latte?" Liz queried me as nonchalantly as though we were just two friends sitting in the park.

I nodded my head affirmatively.

"Oh goodie, now let the latte find it's natural path out of you and release it," Liz directed me.

How did she know I needed to pee, I asked myself.

I sat on the bench as my patient tormentor stood a few feet from my staring at my wide open legs and pussy.

Finally, I let a stream go and Liz recorded the event. The recycled latte splashing on the dirt about a foot in front of me.

"Very good slut," Liz complimented me on my urinating capabilities. A puddle stood between Liz and me.

Liz continued our one-sided conversation. "In the next few days you will be contacted about your video. You will need to follow the instructions and do what is required of you. Do you understand slut?"

I was no longer a woman with a name. I was now labeled and named 'slut'.

I watched as Liz walked away, my legs still open and spread. I closed them as the first chapter in my submission came to a close.

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