tagMatureRich Bitch Pt. 02

Rich Bitch Pt. 02


I hope you enjoy this story.


Ivan starts working for me

After the weekend with Proctor and Sally, I was ready to take on a different persona, play a different role and be someone other than the old rich bitch Mercedes. I didn't want to lose the hard-driven executive persona for the benefit of my two businesses. I thought that in spite of the fact most people didn't like me they did respect me. Let's face it I had built one business from scratch and was improving the business Mr. Freedman made the deal for me to run.

Importantly, I now had two friends; Proctor and Sally. I had spent more personal time with them the last two weeks than I ever had with anyone. They were two terrific people and I found their open relationship very refreshing. I recognized that they very much loved each other and used swinging occasionally to spice up their relationship. Sunday morning, they were generous with praise for my activities with them. I found out a lot about their family. It felt good to know someone in this intimate way. A new experience for me. Until now, I only cared about people's work performance not who they were. I felt I knew these two people. More than any people in my adult life.

On Friday, the Director of Security came by to see me. He asked me if I would take on a person as Proctor's replacement on probation. His reasoning was that I hadn't liked anyone he had presented to me so far so why not just try someone from the outside for a couple of weeks and see what happened. The person he wanted me to try was highly recommended. He did caution me he was young and didn't have the experience of the other candidates or Proctor.

In typical bitch mode I said, "So you want me to break in one of your guys instead of finding the person I want. Maybe we should be recruiting for your position instead."

He was used to me, so he didn't over react, "Anytime you want me gone just say so. But until then, this is my recommendations. Take a couple of weeks and see if you are satisfied with him. His name is Ivan Orlov."

I scoffed, "You are giving me a Russian!"

He said, "Just try him. Who knows you may be surprised."

I relented, "Okay but I am sure he will not be acceptable. I will do it your way but don't stop looking. Proctor will be hard to replace."

He smiled at my frown and said, "Thank you. Proctor was special. Please keep an open mind."


Ivan was at my door 7:30am Monday to drive me to work. I had done my daily workout and dressed in my typical power suit. When I saw him, I had a visceral physical response. He was tall, dark and extremely handsome. He had to be at least six two. He was wearing a suit, but his V-shaped torso couldn't be hidden. He had thick straight black hair that was just a little long for someone in his profession. He had a strong jaw line with perfect facial structure. His eyes were sky blue that penetrated anything he looked at. A shot of pure female stimulation went through me.

After the first reaction which was, 'Please fuck me now', the logical Mercedes kicked in. He was too young for this job. He couldn't have enough experience. Too bad he would be pleasant to look at every day and well business trips might really be more fun. I had to tell myself, 'Stop, take a breath, give him a chance and stop these thoughts of sex.' Yeah, right.

He drove me to the office with nothing said between us. He opened the door for me and I thought I saw him give my legs a glance as I got out of the car. Again, the primitive female thoughts came to my mind. I said to myself, 'Mercedes you have to stop this.'

As he escorted me to the door, "What should I do now?"

"Get an appointment with me sometime today. I want to talk to you. The Security Director will give you directions when you aren't with me. Today, you will take me home at six. Come by my office later today."

Ivan smiled at me, he could melt iceberg with those looks, "Yes ma'am."

Ivan did get on my schedule at the end of the day. At five he was announced by my assistant, Denise. I had been anticipating this all day. Inside me was a battle between old and new Mercedes. I could hardly think. I needed to be the old Mercedes.

I stayed seated behind my large desk as Denise brought him in. She directed him to seat opposite me as she handed me his resume. Neither of us said anything while I reviewed his resume which I knew by heart by now.

I finally said, "So you have been in the military and decided you had enough?"

He said, "I wouldn't exactly say I had enough. I just decided I wanted to leave the army life. As I am sure you see, I served several years in combat. While I believe in serving my country, I just decided I had done enough."

"I see you joined at eighteen and have served for eight years. Never wanted to go to college?"

"Yes ma'am. I am first generation American. My parents immigrated from Russia. I was something of a hell raiser when I was in high school. Didn't make very good grades and I really don't think I'm cut out for school. Not like you Dr. Ricci. I thought the Army discipline would be good for me."

"How did that work out for you?"

"I think pretty well. As you can see, I did straighten my life out. I was promoted to sergeant and received several commendations."

"So, no more hell raising?"

"Well, a little more disciplined hell raising anyway. I would say, I am now smart about it."

"You know I am worried that you are not mature enough for this job. Can you satisfy me you will be reliable?"

"Dr. Ricci, I was responsible for keeping myself and four other people alive in the overseas combat assignments. I would say that forces one to be more mature than the normal young man. I am sure if you gave me a chance I could make you feel secure in my ability to protect you and the firm."

The sexual vibration this person threw off was incredible. He was ramrod straight, he spoke with perfect diction, his voice resonated deep inside me and his eyes seemed to be reading my very inner being. I was almost certain he sensed the primitive female inside me being activated. It was with tremendous effort I kept up the old Mercedes façade. I wanted to strip naked and beg him to do whatever he wanted to me. I could almost smell my sex.

We looked at each other for a long time, until I finally said, "I think I am willing to give this a try but know you are on probation for some time. You know that part of this assignment includes accompanying me on trips that can last a week. For me those are most important. I must feel that someone I trust is there to protect me. It is then I feel the most venerable. Is there any reason you wouldn't be able to make those trips with me? Is there some obligation that would be an obstacle?"

To be honest I was trying to find out if he had a wife, fiancé or steady girl. He said with a killer smile, "Nothing Dr. Ricci, I don't even have a pet. I am single, live in a condo and while I do date, I have no firm commitments."

"So, you aren't ready to settle down?" I knew I was over the line but couldn't help myself.

He gave me a sinister smile like he had me, "Is that important to my employment?"

"No, but since we will be around each other quite a bit I just wanted to know."

"No, I am still having fun. What about you? Shouldn't this go both ways." Again, he had a sinister smile on his face like, 'I really know what you want.'

I was losing my inner Mercedes. I knew he was beginning to get the upper hand. "Maybe but not your business."

It was now well after six. I said, "That is all for now. Pick me up at seven. Is there anything else you would like to say?"

Then he turned on a charmed look that made my toes melt. "Dr. Ricci, I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity. I won't let you down."

I smiled in spite of myself, "I don't think you will."

The rest of the week, we were employer and employee. Only my body stayed in a hyped up sexual state. The more I looked at him the more I wanted to have sex with him. Every night that week I masturbated thinking about him and what he would look like naked. At night, I would lay awake thinking about him or sleeping and dreaming about what he could do to me.

Thursday night I did what I had done so often since the cosmetic surgery, I got naked and looked in the mirror to evaluate myself. I did this trying to see what other people saw but this time imagining what Ivan would think. When I looked at my big broad ass with its round shape and soft protruding mounds, I kept thinking what Proctor said about how perfect it was. I thought, 'You've done all you can with it.'

My tits were large, full and stood out nicely. There was still the faint red line under the breasts, but you really had to look close to see the scars now. They sagged ever so slightly on either side of the line. It was like a rope was pulling them up to the nipple keeping them elevated with the flesh drooping on either side. I had a little paunch at the navel but flat and hard just above and below. I had trimmed back the heavy growth of black curly pubic hair. I thought about Sally and how pretty her pubis was. I wondered if I shouldn't do something more dramatic than just trim in order the wear panties without the hair visible. My legs were long, muscular from the work I had done with personal trainers.

I was most pleased with the changes to my face. One had to see me before the surgery to would know I had surgery. I would also bet that people would guess I was younger than my forty. No one knew my birthday but me anyway.

I closed my eyes and thought about Ivan. We had a most pleasant conversation on the way home about trivial items. What we each liked. What color, foods, wines, and so on. I felt the fluids seeping. I had to do something. I went to bed and took one of my many vibrators and slid it into my wanting womanhood. I kept thinking about Ivan and what Ivan would do to me. I masturbated myself to sleep. Still nude I awoke in a sweat still holding the vibrator, turned off, in my hand. I realized I had been dreaming of very nasty things Ivan would do to me. My vague recollection was the he fucked me with a lot of other young men watching, then when he finished it was one of his young male studs after another taking me. I remembered how rough they were, and it seemed the rougher it was the more I wanted. I could feel my abused pussy wanting more of the vibrator. I had to get control!

I got up and took a cold shower, put the vibrator away, put on pajamas and went back to bed only to dream more of the nasty slutty dreams. I awoke the next morning with my pussy still in an agitated state. I worked out, had breakfast served by my cook, dressed in a power suit, and waited for Ivan to arrive that Friday morning. I was in such a state, I thought I would just have to fire him to get my sanity back. I knew how unfair that would be as he had been nothing but professional.

As he drove me to work, looking at him in the mirror my dreams came back. I now remember how he looked in the dream. His muscular body taking me in every way I could imagined. I wondered if his manhood was as dramatic in real life as it was in my dream. In my dream if was long and pushed into me as deeply as I could ever take a penis. It fit my vagina perfectly. I had to stop this. I was making my vagina wet just thinking of this.

He looked in the mirror and I just knew he knew what I was dreaming about. I looked away. I had to get control of myself.

After I got to the office I went directly to the bathroom to clean myself up. Really that is what I wanted to do. But as soon as the towel touched between my legs I had a big orgasm and only got wetter. I was afraid to touch myself again but if I didn't, my skirt would show a wet spot and my panty would be damp all day. I closed my eyes, thought of a math problem and rubbed the juices away. This time I succeeded in cleaning myself off without further eruption. But the seeping wouldn't stop. If I couldn't control myself I would have to start wearing Depends.

When I got back to my office I called Sally. I asked if she and Proctor could have dinner with me. She said, "Well, we were going out to dinner anyway and would love to have you join us."

I said, "It is my treat."

Sally said, "In that case you pick the place."

I said, "Good. I will have a car pick you up at seven."

I have dinner with Proctor and Sally

Ivan dropped me off at my home a little after six. I hired a private limo for the evening.

We were all dressed for an upscale restaurant. I noticed immediately that Proctor was wearing my watch. In spite of Sally's age, she was still a lively, perky red-head. She was the most likable person I had ever known.

At the restaurant, after some small talk I got to the conversation I wanted. I told them about Ivan and the thoughts I had about him.

I said, "He is in my head all the time. I can't be professional around him. All I can think about to what he could do to me."

Sally said, "Well, why don't you do something about it?"

What I didn't know was that Proctor knew Ivan and had recommended him. He and Sally had cooked up this situation. They thought that a rogue like Ivan was the person I needed to help me sow some wild oats. Someone who had a lot of experience, attracted a lot of sex crazy people and would have the ability to conquer me. What I now know is that Proctor was giving Ivan ideas about how to play it. And Proctor was collaborating with Sally. They were puppet masters playing me.

I said, "To start with I am more than a decade older than he. He wouldn't be interested in me."

Proctor said, "Age is just a number. There are very few twenty-five-year old's as sexy as you. You just need some experience. And it sounds like this guy that could give it to you."

I smiled at Proctor, "I appreciate the complement but let's get real. I do agree he could give me experiences. I also don't believe there would need to be any commitments made by either of us."

Sally said, "So your worst case is you give it a try and it doesn't work. You would just look for someone else. But you might get yourself one good fuck if he is even close to your dreams."

I said, "Even half of my dream would be out of this world. But somehow we have to keep work and play separate."

Proctor said, "I bet he would want it that way also. Remember, your company has hired him as a very young man in a responsible position. I bet he would do nothing to jeopardize that." Again, what I didn't know was that Proctor and Sally had cooked this up. He knew Ivan was open to a work and play situation and he would keep them separate.

I looked at him quizzically. "How can you be so sure?"

"The person you describe isn't stupid. Maybe not book smart but street smart. Otherwise, you wouldn't be attracted to him."

Sally chimed in, "I think Henry is right. He would keep the professional and play separate."

I said, "Okay, but how do I start it. Call him into my office Monday and ask him if he will be my fuck buddy?"

Proctor said, "Maybe, but I think there is a better way."

Sally said, "Wouldn't it be better to be on his turf? Any time he is on your turf, on company time, you are in control."

Proctor added, "Remember how it is when you are working. I agree with Sally. Why don't you just call him and ask if you can go see him. You have his number. Go talk to him and see what happens."

Proctor and Sally already knew what he would do, kind of. I don't think they knew Ivan well enough to understand the depths of his depravity or the situations they were getting me into.

We all sat and looked at each other. The meal was over. I had paid for it.

Finally, Proctor said, "Are you girls ready to call it a night?"

Sally said, "Almost, I need to hear what Mercedes is thinking. Or maybe I want to hear what the new Mercedes is thinking."

I looked at Sally, "The old Mercedes thinks she needs to be careful. The new Mercedes wants to call him and ask if she can go to his place tomorrow."

Sally laughed, "I know who I am betting on."

Proctor laughed, "Me too. The new Mercedes wins this one every time. One more dream and it may be tonight."

I said, "Oh, you two. You are incorrigible."

Sally continued to giggle. "Guilty but we love you and think that playing with Ivan would be good for you."

I got up and hugged both of them. "Thank you for listening to me, caring and being my friend. I owe you."

Sally said, "You owe us information. We want to know what happens."

I said, "That is the least I will do. Thank you both."

The limo carried Proctor and Sally home and then me. I was determined to not touch my pussy tonight while I thought about what to do but I couldn't control my dreams. I had one wet dream after another. I woke up in the morning in a sweat and in heat with a wet spot on the sheets. But as I worked out, I knew what I was going to do. The new Mercedes had won for now. At least for the weekend.

I go see Ivan

Saturday morning 10 am, I called Ivan on the mobile phone given to him by the company. He answered, "Hello Dr. Ricci. Do you need something?"

"Well sort of. I would like to come talk to you."

"Are you sure you don't want me to come there? Is there a problem?"

"Well sort of. I would like to come talk to you at your condo. I don't want to talk about it on the phone. It is something personal. Not related to work."

"Really and I am somehow involved?"

"Well, yes."

Ivan gave a long pause before continuing, "This is very unusual. Isn't it?"

"It is. I need your word that you will never tell anyone I am doing this."

Ivan said, "Well sure. I am not at the condo now and won't be until about five. I do have plans tonight. Do you know where I live?"

"It is in your personnel folder. I don't think it will take long. I don't want to interrupt your plans."

Ivan said, "Okay. I will see you at five. Sure, you don't want me to pick you up or come there?"

"I am sure. See you at five. Thank you, Ivan. Remember, no one is to know about this."

"No problem."

I struggled the rest of the day. What specifically was I going to say? What did I really want? I knew I didn't want to be his girlfriend. I didn't want a relationship. I just wanted him to fuck me. That was it. I just wanted a bad boy for a buddy. I wanted some of my wet dreams to become reality. I was going to a young man's condo. What do you wear to a bad boy's condo? Ultimately, I gave up and wore a pair of designer jeans and a blue shirt.

I drove myself to his condo. It looked like a nice place. The condos were in a large circle around a common area. It looked as if all were two stories and narrow. The common area had what looked like a meeting hall, a tennis courts and a large swimming pool. There were a few young men and women at the pool. I thought the dress code must be very lax as a couple of the women were topless. I knocked on the door.

Ivan opened the door. He was wearing jeans and a tee shirt. The tight tee shirt showed off his ripped torso "Come in Dr. Ricci. Let's sit at the kitchen table. Would you like something to drink?"

"I would like some water."

He handed me a bottle of water and we sat. He said somewhat uneasily, "Have I done something wrong?"

"Oh no. Don't worry it is nothing bad and you certainly haven't done anything wrong. I have something of a personal problem I think you can help me with. Would you consider helping me with a personal problem?"

"It depends on what it is. Do you want someone killed?" He laughed as did I.

"No, not yet. I, ah, haven't always looked like I do now. In fact, most of my life I was ugly, fat and only worked to build my businesses. A couple of years ago I decided to do something about it. With a lot of work, I hope you see that I am no longer ugly or fat. Do you?"

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