tagMatureRich Bitch Pt. 04

Rich Bitch Pt. 04


I hope you enjoy this story.


Back to normal. Well at least the new normal

Again, Ivan picked me up Monday morning like nothing had happened that weekend. We treated each other like the previous week. We were again employee and employer. But my imagination kept going back to Kiko's party and the wonderful young cocks I had entertained. I was happy that my story stood up. I was even happier that I, a cougar, had pleased four young studs.

I wasn't quite the same hard bitch at work. It wasn't that I was so much easier to please but I more prone to listen before reaming someone.

The head of Security was on my schedule. After discussions on several topics, he asked, "How is it going with Ivan? I know you were skeptical about taking on him."

I smiled, I think this caught him by surprise, "You were right. He is the right person for the job. While he can never replace Proctor, he is fine. We've an out of town trip next week. If he does well then, I am in favor of taking him off probation and giving him a raise. If you are."

"I've been very happy with his performance. He seems to like it here and fits in very well. That will be a month. I would like to give him positive feedback now, if you are okay with that."

"I am. Tell him how pleased I am with his performance. I feel very safe around him." I didn't say what a wonderful dick he had but I wanted to.

"Good. I must say that you have changed a little. You are somehow more, ah, well, relaxed."

I said, "Don't get too comfortable with me. I am still a bitch. But I have mellowed a little bit with success. But never think I will compromise my businesses."

He said, "Understood."

That week I continued to use the anal plugs. I could wear the medium sized plug without pain. I wore them to work to remind myself I had a separate life. I was successfully keeping my Sofia life separate from my Dr. Ricci life. But I found sexual fantasies entering my thoughts more at work than before. I would be working on a tough problem with a team at work and would remember Alex fucking me doggie style. One time one of my engineers asked me if I were okay. At the moment, I was imagining Ivan's beautiful dick in my ass. I shook it off but had to really concentrate to keep the sexual thoughts out of my head.

I was becoming obsessed with young men's penises. I was dreaming about them. I couldn't keep it from happening. I was also getting wet more often. Now that I knew sex could be so much fun, it seemed to escalate my sensitivities. My nipples seemed to always be agitated which in turn turned my pussy into a pool of excitement. My panties had wet spots every day. I wanted to masturbate every night. But I decided I needed a little discipline, only I didn't know where I would get my next sex fix.

Ivan had told me that he and Kiko were going to the mountain for the weekend. Since we had him going with me on a business trip the following week, he got Friday off. I was worried about what I would do on Saturday. I needed some cock. And I was ready to try it in my ass. I thought about trying a bar again. I mean in spite of Proctor's warning, it had worked out when I picked up Bob. In fact, I decided Bob's smaller penis would be a good one to start with.

Then it hit me. I had promised to call Bob. I sent my assistant Denise out to get me a throwaway prepaid phone. I called him as soon as she got back.

Bob answered, "Hi this is Bob Thomlinson. How can I help you?"

I said, "This is Sofia." I remembered that we had talked about him much more than myself, so I could use the same story I told Ivan's posse. The good thing was that the story I had told was mostly true. Plus, I had enough time to get it perfected.

Bob said, "I am so glad to hear from you." It sounded like he really meant it.

I said, "I just wanted to find out how you are doing?"

Bob said, "Well not so good. I would really like to see you. I have to be in your town for a meeting on Monday. Would you have Saturday night free? I would come into town early, if we could talk."

I said, "That would be great. Want to meet at the bar again?"

He said, "Yes, I am staying at the same hotel. Just a preview. I did confront Maxine and it didn't go so well. But I would rather tell you the story when we meet. We could have dinner there at the hotel. Is six too early?"

I said, "No that is fine. Bob, I am so glad I am going to get to see you again."

He said, "Me too. I look forward to Saturday night."

Okay, now I was excited. And it got better.

Thursday morning while Ivan was driving me to work he said, "Thanks for giving me tomorrow off. Kiko and I are really looking forward to seeing her brother."

"You guys have fun."

"The boys wanted me to give Sofia a message."

I smiled, "Sofia is ready to hear what the boys have to say."

"The posse is going to the home opener for the Blaze. Kind of a tradition. It is a blast. We drink lots of beer and act crazy. They asked me to invite you. Actually, they said for me to beg you to come."

I giggled a little, "So the boys want Sofia back?"

"Yes, ma'am they certainly do."

"I would be happy to but what is the Blaze?"

Ivan laughed, "Sorry, ma'am. They're the college football, I mean soccer team. A lot of the people in this condo happen to be European so they are big on soccer. This is strictly minor league but we enjoy them. In fact, the posse plays in the city league. I expect they will want you to come to a game when the league starts up."

"Well, I guess I need to start studying soccer."

Ivan said, "I am sure you will be an expert in a week. After all you mastered poker in no time."

"Put I lost!"

Ivan laughed, "No I think you won exactly what you wanted to win." I nodded and smiled. "Anyway, the boys will be so happy you are coming. Ray wanted me to remind you that, you owe him."

"Tell Ray, I remember. What should I wear?"

"The guys have an outfit picked out for you already. Don't worry Kiko is helping them pick it out."

"Will Kiko be there?"

"No, she is slammed at school and has to sit out this one."

"Too bad, I really like her company. Is there anything I can help with?"

"Just wear what the guys pick out. The guys will be happy to see you in the outfit they pick out."

I smiled, "Sounds like fun. I will learn about soccer."

Date with Bob

I worked at home Saturday morning. But by noon, I started thinking about my date with Bob. I was again faced with what to wear. This being a cougar was hard work. For the office, I just pick any of my power outfits. The only office worker cougar outfits I had was the one I wore the last time with Bob and the pink outfit Kiko had gotten me for the poker party.

I went to Target. Yes, you heard correctly Target. I assumed this is where an office worker would shop for fancy clothing. I found an outfit that I thought might work. It costs me less than fifty bucks for the whole thing. It was funny how much I enjoyed shopping for this outfit. For many years I had a professional shopper buying my clothes. Before I became rich I bought black slacks and baggy shirts. It was not so much shopping but picking the cheapest thing on the rack. In this case, I wanted it to look sexy on a budget.

I got home just in time to shower and dress. The idea of trying anal with Bob excited me. I had worked up to the largest anal plug which I knew was larger than Bob. Just thinking about having a man fucking me in such an intimate way was making me wet. As I showered, I fought to keep my hands off my crotch. As I used the anal plugs, the more outrageous my fantasies had gotten.

I put on the Target panties and dress. The dress was a navy blue deep V neck long sleeve Evening Party Cocktail dress. It draped to the waist leaving a gap between my breasts. No bra could be worn with it. Luckily my boob job forced my full F's to stand up with just a small droop. Except for a faint scar between the nipple and base of my breasts, you would never know they were doctored. The dress was tight around my hips with a stretchy gauzy material pulled tight in back by a zipper. The material was doubled layered to below the crotch and single layers to mid-thigh showing most of my thighs. The workouts had made my large thighs tight, muscular, and shapely.

I added the cheap costume jewelry I had bought at Walmart. I wore a large blue white glass necklace that hung between my large breasts and matching large earring. Cost all of twenty-five bucks. I wore a pair of blue expensive pumps from my normal wardrobe. I didn't think that Bob would notice that they were very expensive designer shoes. The professional shopper purchased them for me so I could only guess how expensive they were. But I knew they weren't from Target. But, men never notice shoes anyway. Do they?

I looked in the mirror and thought that it looked sexy. It certainly showed off my new and improved breasts. And while I was still a big girl, I now had a waist. My large hips, 40+, had a nice shape that this cheap dress showed off. While looking in the mirror, I decided to have my professional shopper buy me a similar outfit for Dr. Ricci. Up until now I avoided all social events that would allow this sexier look.

I put lip stick, cash and anal lube in my new ten-dollar Target blue and white beaded evening purse. A taxi transported me to Bob's hotel. The anticipation was overwhelming. I was wet between my legs. I was glad that I had on thicker cotton panties to soak up some of the fluid.

I walked into the lobby and there was Bob. He was dressed in a blue business suit without the tie.

Bob said, "My gracious Sofia, you are beautiful."

I beamed, "You mean you like this?" I made a 360 turn to show him my bare back, tight material stretched across my ass and most of my legs.

"Like it. You are a vision. I wish I looked better."

Ok, I had to admit, he didn't compare to the studs who had fucked me the previous weekend. But still, I felt a connection with him. He was balding, had a middle-aged spread, not as tall as me in heels, and was probably never on the handsome side. But a girl needed a little variety didn't she. After all, can they all be big dicked young studs?

I gave him a big hug and said, "So glad to see you."

Bob said, "Want to have a drink before we go to the restaurant?"

I said, "Sure."

We went to the hotel bar. As I walked through the lobby I got plenty of head turns. It was different for me to attract this kind of attention. Before my make-over no one looked my way. With the weight off, better shape and sexier clothes, I was definitely an attraction. To both men and women. For the women, I thought it was a combination of disapproval, lust and jealousy. This was all so new to me. My senses seemed far more acute. I was a bundle of sexual excitement, apprehension, pride and embarrassment. I was accustomed to being commanding as a geek manager entrepreneur but not for my looks.

We got a drink as Bob said, "Well how are things going for you?"

"Just fine but I am more interested in you. So, you told Maxine?"

"I did. On the flight home, I made the final decision to confront her. I don't think I would have had the nerve to do it without your help. Just the fact that you spent the evening with me gave me more confidence. I decided I didn't deserve to be treated like she was treating me."

"Glad I could help." It did make me feel good about myself. Plus, any doubt about what I was doing was gone.

"I wanted to make certain that I was right about my concerns. I asked a friend, who happened to be a PI, to follow her and find out what was going on. It didn't take long before he had all the evidence I needed. The first day he had photos of she and her boss going into an apartment not far from her office that was rented in his name. The PI managed to get a pen camera installed in the bedroom. He recorded an entire episode."

I said, "Oh my goodness. And you watched it?"

"Every minute. I have reservations at the restaurant across the street. Ready to go?"

We walked across to a very intimate upscale French restaurant. I knew about this restaurant but had never been. Although I didn't think anyone would recognize me as the blue-eyed blonde in Walmart cougar clothes, it was better that this wasn't one of my normal spots. We were seated in a quiet secluded corner. Most of the patrons were couples. The lighting and decor was definitely on the romantic side. Bob ordered us a nice bottle of wine.

After we ordered our meal, I asked, "So you got evidence of her cheating. What happened next?"

Bob frowned, "The PI got information that her affair had been going on for years. Apparently, the boss's secretary talked after the PI plowed her with liquor. I waited until last Saturday to confront her. At breakfast, I asked her if there were anything she needed to tell me. She said there wasn't. Asked what I was talking about. I said, 'About the affair you are having with the boss.' She claimed there was nothing going on."

Our salads were served. I said, "I am so sorry Bob."

"Not your fault. Anyway, I showed her the photo of her entering the apartment with him. I said to her, 'What is this?' She said, 'We just had a business meeting. It just happened to be in that apartment.' I said, 'You expect me to believe that you were meeting in his apartment when you have an entire office building to hold a meeting.' She said, 'I don't care what you believe.' Sofia, how could she be denying it?"

I said, "It is hard to believe. I mean really."

Bob said, "And what's worse she seemed to make me the problem. She said, 'I can't believe you had me followed. And for what. To find out I had a business lunch with my boss. Look I have to do things like that to make my salary. How dare you not trust me. Look, I bring home a lot of the money.'

"My goodness she has nerve."

The waitress brought the main course and another bottle of wine. I was beginning to feel the effect of the wine. In spite of the subject I found myself very entertained.

Bob continued, "I said, 'Maxine, are you sure you want to stick with that story.' She did. I said, 'Then how do you explain this.' I put my laptop in front her and showed her the video. The video was grainy but clear enough to see all that was happening. She undressed to music in a very seductive manner. I didn't know she was as sexy as the video showed. In fact, it had been a long time since we had much in the way of romance. She was wearing a pair of shear white bikini cut panties and bra. Maxine is not a voluptuous woman like you but she looks good without clothes. Not a lot of fat and so her C-cups look about right for her size. She then undressed him. Then for the finale she took her bra and panties off in a very sensuous dance. He was sitting on the bed waiting my wife of twenty years dance for him in the nude. She stuck her finger in her pussy that was obviously wet. She stuck her fingers in his mouth for him to lick it off."

I was in a trance listening to this. I said, "I can't believe that you had to make her watch this in order to get her to admit it."

"It was like she wanted to see it. I think in a way she was proud. Her boss in several years older than us but I have to admit he is more handsome then me and has a dick twice my size."

The description of Maxine's adventure was making me very horny in spite of what it had done to Bob. I said, "Please continue."

"Next she knelt between his legs and sucked on his long hard dick. When we first married, I forced her to suck me, but she hated it and refused to do it for me again. In fact, for much of our marriage she only let me fuck her missionary and rarely removed her top for me. I didn't realize how sexy she could be until I saw her with this man. Anyway, she got most of this long hard thick dick into her mouth. Obviously experienced."

I was squirming in my seat. I could feel the dampness between my legs and knew I was going to have to remove these wet panties soon. This was making me so hot.

Bob continued, "She must have sucked him for five minutes before she pushed him back on the bed and got on him cowgirl style. She kissed him deeply as she pumped his penis slowly. Her tight twat took his double sized dick with no problem. She constantly complained to me that about my little wiener. She obviously loved this oversized bratwurst. Her juices were glistening on his thighs. Her head was back as he squeezed and abused her tits. She was obviously having big orgasms as she gyrated on his double sized dick."

As was I. The waitress came and cleared the plates and asked if we needed anything further. I said, "No."

Bob said, "A Glenlivet with water and a cube of ice."

I said, "I will have the same."

Bob said, "Do you want to hear more of this?"

I said, "I do. I find it interesting and I must admit that it is turning me on."

Bob laughed, "Well I am glad something good is coming for this. So, there is my ice queen of a wife fucking this man with a large cock Cowgirl style. She then reversed her position, with her ass visible to him. Now you could clearly see her twat in the video. Her chest was red and the juices were flowing from her pussy. They had been fucking for about fifteen minutes. I couldn't believe this guy was lasting this long with her pumping him like crazy. She stopped moving. She picked up a tube that was some kind of lubricant. I thought, 'She is plenty wet, why does she need more lubricant?'"

I knew where this was going, and my nasty bits made me move my hand down there. My skirt was hiked up, so I found my wet panties. It was dark enough where I thought I could pull them off. I did and handed them to Bob.

I said, "Look what you have done to me."

Bob stealthily felt and sniffed them. When he finished, I scooted closer to him and placed his hand on my wet pussy. As soon as his hand touched my clit, I had a big orgasm. The waitress arrived as I was in the throes of my orgasm. She put the Glenlivet in front of us and gave me a snarl. It was hard for me to believe she hadn't seen this before.

Bob offered this toast, "Here is to my beautiful Sofia. You are saving my life."

I blushed, clinked glasses as we sipped of this strong amber fluid. This was the first time I had scotch. It wasn't bad and with every sip it was better. I said as I helped his finger into my nasty slit, "Please continue."

Still with his hand in my twat, I moved my dress away from my gushing hole. Not sure why as the dress cost nothing in Dr. Ricci's world.

"She took the tube, squirted some on her finger, reached behind her and I could only guess that she put some in her asshole. She gave the tube to him as he put more in her. After a couple of rounds of lubing her ass, she raised up and took his penis out of her pussy. She levitated on her hands and feet with her ass just above his long hard dick and slowly lowered. He guided his penis to the right spot and the big thing entered her tight hole like it was nothing. She sat there for a little and began to smile. You could tell she then said, 'Oh baby that big thing feels good in my ass. Nothing like my small dicked husband.'"

It was here, I had another giant orgasm. The waitress arrived and put the bill in front of Bob. She looked at me and said, "Miss, if you are going to continue to do that then I will have to ask you to leave."

Bob said, "Here we are leaving anyway. But you just lost what would have been a big tip and probably a customer." He gave her his credit card.

I said, "I am sorry Bob. I hope I didn't embarrass you. But I am going to make it up to you."

I pulled him into me and gave him a kiss with a lot of tongue. The waitress came back with his credit card. My dress was bunched around my waist. She looked at me with disdain and said, "Young lady please cover yourself."

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