tagMatureRich Bitch Pt. 06

Rich Bitch Pt. 06


I hope you enjoy this story.


Ivan make me another Sofia challenge

After letting Gavin off at the base, I was completely confused. There was no doubt I liked him. More than any man I had ever met. But he was gone, and it was likely I wouldn't see him again. At least I felt that way even though Proctor had assured me that giving me the knife was important. I knew I needed to get on with my life. My conclusion was that I needed to continue being Sofia. I was convinced that I was both the hard business woman, the rich bitch, Mercedes Ricci, lots of people knew and hated as well as the sex starved cougar, Sofia, many loved. While Sofia couldn't consume my time, it was very important for me to continue this thread and see where it went.

So, while I wanted to remember my time with Gavin, I was also anxious to get on with being Sofia.

When Ivan picked me up that Monday morning I was struggling to get into the Dr. Ricci mindset. As we neared the office Ivan said, "Dr. Ricci, I would like to discuss something with you, but it didn't appear that you wanted to be disturbed. Think there may be some time today I could come and talk about, ah, non-work-related stuff?"

Here was an opportunity for Sofia. I immediately knew what I was going to do. I was going to violate my keep Sofia and Mercedes time separate. But I needed this. At least I rationalized I did.

I smiled knowing what I was going to do and said, "Sure. Today I am going to be working out at the roof top area at lunch. We can talk there. Come there at 12:15 and I will leave the door unlocked. I will instruct Denise to have a sandwich prepared for both of us and you can bring those with you."

"I didn't know you were working out at lunch up there."

"Yes, my primary exercise is early morning at the gym at home, but I have made a routine of Yoga and lunch on the rooftop when I have time."

What I didn't tell him was that it was naked Yoga to get a full body tan. I used downloaded routines on an iPad.

Realizing that I would have a Sofia moment soon helped me with my longing for Gavin. I would invite Ivan to a quickie as we discussed what he wanted.

As usual my day was busy, but Denise managed to give me the hour and a half I wanted for myself. I went to the rooftop wearing a Yoga outfit at 11:30. This was my normal routine. I removed the yoga outfit as soon as I locked the room to the outdoor area and perform a 30 to 45-minute yoga routine, redress in the yoga outfit, have a quick sandwich and then change back in the Mercedes outfit in the private bathroom attached to my office.

As the routine was coming to the end, I unlocked the door. Ivan entered exactly at 12:15. I had just gotten into a downward facing dog with my ass pointed at the door. I could see it was Ivan by looking between my legs. I smiled at him with my mouth and my gapping pussy lips.

I said, "Glad it is you. Please lock the door. I will be with you in a minute."

He said as he repositioned his groin which I hoped was growing, "Don't mind me. I can watch this all afternoon. I can see you are tan all over and this is how. Lordy, you are sexy."

"Thank you, Ivan."

I stayed in downward facing dog long enough for him to memorize every inch of my fat pussy, then moved to a plank. I knew this accentuated my full bubble butt and my large breasts hung straight down. I stealthily observed him watching me. He couldn't take his eyes off my body. This was making me hot. Next, I moved to a Child's Pose. I was very flexible for a large woman. My breasts were mashed against my knees and my butt cheeks were flared to their max to display my tight rosebud. He was now visibly uncomfortable. He kept trying to position his hard penis in his pants where it wasn't uncomfortable.

My last pose was to get in the Reclined Cobbler's Pose which is the lying flat on your back with your feet together and knees spread as wide as possible. This gave him full view of a gapped open pussy and breast gently flattened on my chest from gravity.

I said, "Would you like a quickie? You look uncomfortable."

"What about the rule to keep Sofia and work separate."

"I am on my lunch break. But if you don't want this then fine." I pressed a finger into a sloppy wet pussy. Okay, no doubt I'm an exhibitionist.

He quickly removed his pants and underwear but kept his shirt on. He said, "Well, absolutely I want that fat pussy. That all over, no tan line luscious body is too sexy for words."

No foreplay was needed as he was hard already. He laid on me with his penis entering me in one movement. I wrapped my legs around his waist.

I said, "Humm... That feels good. Ivan, you have a nice dick."

"Thank you, Sofia. Your pussy is tight and warm. It wraps around my dick like no other."

He had a handful of one tit while bracing himself with the other hand. He was stroking my pussy slowly and steadily. I made a humming sound as a nice orgasm overtook me. I said, "That was nice one. Thank you. I needed that."

I unwrapped my legs from his back, placed them on the ground and elevated my hips into a bridge. I said, "This is the bridge pose in yoga. Like it."

"I like very much but won't that be tiring."

"Good for the abs and gluts."

"Glad I could be of help with your exercises." He picked up the pace. I could feel his penis deep inside me. Ivan really could fuck.

"Oh yeah, that is hitting such a good spot." The angle when I raised my hips helped his penis hit my extended clit. He was beginning to give me regular tremors throughout my body. I kept up a "Hummmm..."

Ivan said, "I am going to cum."

"Shoot it deep inside me. I want to feel you leaking out of me all afternoon."

As he started to erupt, so did I. The feel of his cum hitting my vulva increased the intensity of my orgasm. As he finished, I lower my hips, wrapped my legs around him, pulled him into me and kissed him. I said, "Thank you, Ivan. I needed that. But this won't become a habit. I will follow the separation rule from now on."

He said, "I think I know why this happened."

"Really. I would like to hear. But first let's get dressed and have a sandwich while you explain me to me."

After we dressed, I said, "Just curious, tell me why that happened."

"Kiko told me about Gavin, including the great blow job. You really like him a lot, but you have to get him out of your mind, well, you know. I was just a way to move on."

I laughed, "Close. You are pretty intuitive."

He laughed, "Actually, Kiko also predicted you would want to have a Sofia moment soon. I was a little surprised about today, so soon."

"Kiko knows me really well."

"She does. I wanted to talk to you about an opportunity to bring out Sofia. Big time. On Memorial Day, the apartment complex has a barbeque. It is by invitation which the boys have extended to you. The entertainment is a swimwear competition after we eat and drink beer the afternoon. They want you to enter."

"I'm not sure I understand. They want me to wear a bikini for someone to judge me against the twenty somethings that are likely to enter?"

"Sort of. Here is how it works. At about four the pool area is closed off to adult only. At seven the Sexiest Patriotic Outfit contest begins. The contest starts with the reveal of each contestant's outfit. Creativity and homemade is supposedly rewarded. Everyone not in the contest can buy votes represented by rubber bands with patriotic sayings on them. After the reveal, the contestants start lobbying to get votes. When the organizers decide the contest is over the rubber bands are counted. A male and female champion is crowned."

I thought for a minute. "Do the contestant change into the outfits just before the reveal?"


"What constitutes a legal outfit?"

"Now this is a matter of debate. Obviously the less worn the better. The bottom, ha, line for men is their penis must be covered. For women, the clit and nipples must be covered. There is also supposed to be something patriotic on it."

"What do you mean by lobbying?"

"Well to be honest, I don't know. It is up to the contestants. Last year the winner allowed a lot of groping and touching. And it may have gone further. I don't know. This is the third year the complex has done this, and it seems to get more and more raunchy. It didn't start that way but that seems to be the way to win the contest."

"How many people do you expect to be there?"

"Last year it was about forty. With more men than women."

"Are most of contestant very young?"

"So far, they have all been in their twenties, I think."

"Hum. That does sound like a challenge. Think I would embarrass myself? I mean I am older."

"I would say you have a good chance of winning. You will have the sexiest body there. I believe you or Linda would win against last year's winner. I think Linda will be your competition unless someone I don't know is entering. And let face it, Linda has no limits. But you have an excellent chance."

"Will you or Kiko be a contestant?"

"Not Kiko but I am considering it."

Here is the truth, I knew I was going to do it. I love a challenge. I wanted to win. I wanted the opportunity to entertain young men in any fashion required to please them.

"Count me in. I need to get back to work. I have to change back into Mercedes's clothing. Ah, thanks for the fuck. And for the invitation. I needed both."

I had meetings all afternoon but struggled to concentrate on them. I was thinking about the Memorial Day outing. It was so aggravating how this event was dominating my thoughts while I had such important and complex problems to solve at my business. I always had the ability to focus on problems.

I wanted a winning outfit. We had invested in a custom design business that could have designed me something special. But then how would Sofia the over-sexed cougar office worker come up with such an expensive outfit? I decided that Sofia would search on the internet for a ridiculous outfit. One that left nothing to the imagination.

So, I searched for sexy outfits on the internet. There was a category called micro-string bikinis I kept coming back to. Now I had never heard of such a thing. As I spent hours looking at these thin models I kept thinking what a big girl would look in these things. Most of them would be little to cover for my F's and fat dangling pussy. I imagined what I would look like to the twenty something boys. Thinking of them ogling my oversize proportions made me so hot. Over these nights, I masturbated several times with my largest vibrator with my largest butt plug ensconced in my ass. I had huge orgasms. Then I would fall asleep and dream either about Gavin fucking me or parading around Ivan pool wearing these next to nothing outfits.

I knew I had to decide on something. After nights of research, fanaticizing and masturbation session, I decided to order several outfits. None of them cost more than $25. Easier to buy them and pick the one I liked the best. While doing these searches I also came across any number of cheap body chains and adornments. I even wondered into some BDSM sites that had things I had never seen before. I was curious, so I ordered an assortment of stuff.

I knew the BBQ and contest would be more than just a tit show, but my imagination went wild with what it would be. My thoughts both excited me and dominated my thoughts. I wanted to win. After all, I like to win.

The stuff I ordered started coming. Each night I tried on the new arrivals. And each night I played with myself. I couldn't keep my hands off my pussy in spite of myself. Looking in the mirror, imagining walking around the pool, left me over wrought.

At some point I must have ordered a new type of vibrator. But when I opened the package I couldn't even remember buying it. I was out of control. It was called a Womanizer Deluxe. It advertised itself as a Clitoral Stimulator. It was small compared to the larger than life penis-like things I had been using and looked nothing like a penis. I read the directions and just the directions turned me on.

I put it down as I tried on a thing call a Microkini Slingshot Bikini that had a flag pattern on the small amount of material. I walked back and forth in front of a full-length mirror, thinking about the young men that would be looking at me that weekend. I got more and more excited. My knees got weak. I turned and looked in the mirror to see my F's pushed out both sides of the flag. My big fat pussy lips being pushed out both sides of a string like gusset. My small-penis looking clit was elongated and wanted attention.

I picked up the Womanizer, turned it on, and thought 'this thing won't do anything.' I placed it over my elongated pleasure spot and had a giant organism. Still looking in the mirror my body shook from the force of the pleasure this little device was giving me. I spread my legs a little more and squatted a little. Another wave past through me. I had to stop this or fall. I reluctantly pulled it away from my body, leaned against the mirror to get my breathing under control.

For hours I laid in bed with various devices being used in combination with the Womanizer. I put in an anal plug. I took a large dildo and shoved it all the up my oversized vagina and used the Womanizer and had more organisms. Eventually I fell asleep from the exhaustion of sex toys and fantasizing about being a spectacle for young men's desires.

This left me struggling at work to keep these thoughts out of my head. It was everything I could do be stay the hard ass logical engineer. Thinking though boring data became hard to do when the thoughts of being screwed by hard bodied twenty-year-old males. I craved dick.

On Friday before the party, I decided to test some clamps among the large selection I had. I wanted to see if the nipple and labia clamps could be worn for extended periods of time without too much pain. I couldn't wear panties while wearing the labia clamps. For the first time I went to work without underwear. I did wear a bra, but it was a thin stretchy bra that gave me room for the nipple clamps. I took several different style clamps to try during the day. That day my pussy stayed excited. I had to go to the bathroom several times to wipe the fluids from my thighs. I didn't want it to show on my dress. Yes, the clamps hurt but the pain made me more sensitive in these areas. I could feel additional sensations in my nipples just from the rubbing of the thin bra on my blood engorged clamped nipples.

The labia clamps didn't hurt so much as it did focus my attention between my legs. At one meeting, where a particular complex issue was being discussed, I had to have the lead analyst repeat his conclusions. Something that never happened to me.

At the end of the meeting my lead analyst, someone I had worked closely with since the beginnings of Ricci Security, asked, "Are you okay? You seemed to be somewhere else."

I told him, "I'm fine. I just have some personal things I am working through."

He asked, "Do you want to talk through it with me?"

This was something we did often. He was my favorite person to brainstorm with. He was smart and could think far ahead of most people. So, this was not a strange offer.

"Oh, no. I will be back to normal Monday."

"Always know, I am here for you. We have known each other a long time and I only want what is best for you."

I started to hug him, then realized this would make him even more concerned. I even had the bizarre thought of asking this old man to fuck me. I said, "Thanks. I know. And I you."

I got home late Friday night as we had dinner with a potential client for Ricci Security. It was strange to sit through this boring dinner wearing no panties with nipple and labia clamps. I again brought myself to the verge of an orgasm. This time using my vibrator and anal plug but not the womanizer. I knew I couldn't stop and would make myself tried for the next day. I must have gone for an hour, bringing myself to the verge and then stopping. Again, I dreamed of being fucked by an unceasing line of men. Men with large dicks. I awoke Saturday in a puddle of my own juices. I was in a state.

I worked out for more than an hour then sat in the sun nude. I had worked on my outfit all week and had it ready. I bathed, rubbed oil all over my body, and got every inch of myself ready to be viewed. Ivan had told me that we would have an opportunity to dress for the contest just before. I packed what I was going to wear for the contest and several large towels in a bag. I wore a pair of shorts with a tee shirt that had an American flag on the back.

"Are you ready?", Ivan asked as he picked me up.

"As ready as I can be."

"You look, anxious."

"I am."

"Don't be. This will be fun."

"I know. But, well, I am old, and this is a young person's game." I really was having doubts about doing this.

"I have to tell you the boys are betting you will win this."

"Oh, please don't tell me that. I don't want to let the boys down."

Memorial Day pool party

We arrived at the condo complex, just before four. There were cars everywhere. My stomach was tied in knots.

I knew Ivan could feel it as he said, "Please relax. Be Sofia. Have fun!"

"I will."

As we entered the pool area, there was a big sign, 'Memorial BBQ. Adults only. Don't enter if nudity offends you.'

I couldn't believe the number of people in this pool area. My best guess was that it was between fifty and a hundred people already. Mostly young but then I could see a few that were likely older than myself. I also guessed that there were twice as many males as females. Most of the females were in swimwear. I really wondered what I was doing here.

Ivan lead me to a table where his posse had congregated. They had brought lawn chairs.

Ray, Evan, and Alex were already there with Kiko and Linda. They were all in swimwear already. Linda and Kiko had on standard cut bikinis with beach covers.

Kiko and Linda jumped up and gave me a hug. They said, "So glad you came."

The boys standing said, "Good to have you here Sofia."

Evan asked, "How about a beer?" There were coolers all over the place. This was a bring your own party.

"Don't mind if I do? But I really need a shot of tequila."

Alex reached under his chair, "Now you're talking." He handed me a small plastic glass and poured me a shot.

I raised the glass, and said, "Here's to good friends."

The shot felt good going down. As I chased it with my first beer, I did relax a little.

Kiko said, "Ivan says you are going to enter the, ah, contest."

"I am unless I chicken out. Are you?"

"No, there is no way I can compete against you or Linda."

Linda said, "I am definitely going to enter."

I asked, "Have you done this before?"

"No this is my first time here. But the way Ivan describes it, it sounds like fun. Especially the part of, ah, lobbying for votes. I would think that would be why you would want to do it."

Ray said, "It is certainly the part we are excited about."

Ivan said, "So you are definitely going to enter?"

"If the boys really want me to. Sure. Am I going to get a vote from at least you boys? That way I won't be completely embarrassed. Who is going to give me a vote?"

They all raised their hands including Kiko.

Linda said, "I would give you a vote, but contestants can't vote."

Alex said, "I am also thinking about entering. There is a men's award also."

I asked, "Alex is the only one entering?"

They all shook their heads. Evan said, "We know that length matters in this contest so with him in we don't have a chance."

I was beginning to wonder what would be required to win. I could see a couple of girls already starting to go around to other tables. They were dressed in bikinis with beach covers. They seemed to be lobbying early.

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