tagGroup SexRichie's Place Ch. 01

Richie's Place Ch. 01


Elena had arrived at the communal house in the California hills.

The house was owned by Richie and he also was part owner of an old movie theatre/coffeehouse in town called the Nugget where Elena and her other housemates worked and bands played on the weekends, often in marathon jam sessions that ran into the early morning hours. They all shared duties in the rambling old farm house, which had a large parcel of land surrounding it. At one time, it had been part of a private school and though most of the buildings had been torn down, some still remained. It could probably be best described as an artists' commune and there were painters, writers and musicians around her. She loved the atmosphere in the house, and the activities at night were always fun too! She was certainly making up for the sex she'd missed out on when she was with her old boyfriend Joey. She felt truly free where she was now, it was 1971 and she was exploring her own new frontiers. Her friend Lucy was with her too, they'd been friends for years and when she told her of the good vibes at the house, she knew this was where she wanted to be. Elena and Lucy had known one another since high school, they both loved sex and they'd even lost their virginity at the same time.

Her first night at the house, as she was casually talking with Lucy and smoking a joint, she saw Lucy's friend Scott get close to her and begin nuzzling her neck and caress her tits through the thin blouse she had on. Then her shirt was open and her large breast out in the open as they kissed. Elena was immediately turned on and saw another girl practically topless across the room. Turning back to Lucy, her shirt was completely off and she had Scott's dick out and was starting to caress it to its full length.

"Lucy, what are you doing?" she asked with a mix of shock and interest.

"Getting naked, El...you should too, Scott's gonna love your tits." She said with a naughty smile

Elena looked around the room, lit by candles and a glowing fireplace. A soft haze of pot smoke gave the growing number of naked bodies in the room a sexy glow. Richie and his girl were naked too, and she was eagerly sucking his dick while Big Mary, the house cook was cupping her tits from behind. Redheaded Mary was probably the least likely occupant of the house, she had been a housewife from the Midwest who suddenly discovered she loved sex so much that suburbia wasn't good enough for her anymore. So she left her husband and went on the road, being a good cook she always kept those she knew well fed, and well fucked.

Elena knew her pussy was getting wet.

"Elena..." Lucy said in a pleading tone "...get naked..."

Elena saw Lucy's legs were spread and Scott's face was buried between them as she caressed her big tits. Elena was in awe of everything around her, and she could wait no longer.

She stood up and unhooked the buttons on her frilly peasant top, exposing her equally large tits as Richie and his girl watched. Then hesitating for a moment, she let her jeans drop to floor. She had on simple white panties. Then she slid her panties down. Lucy and Scott stood up and kissed her on the cheeks.

"You look beautiful." Lucy said as Scott began to feel her tits.

Elena closed her eyes and a shiver of giddy excitement came all over her as she knew she was about to join the fun.

Lucy picked up her panties and threw them in the fire.

"You won't need these anymore." She said with a giggle.

She couldn't believe this! She was among other totally naked people and she didn't know who to suck or fuck first, she just knew she was horny.

Before she knew it, she and Lucy were on their knees sucking Scott's dick as he sat on the couch.

"Pretty nice, huh?" Lucy said to her

Elena could only nod as Lucy passed Scott's dick to her and she took all of it into her mouth. She soon turned and saw a new face next to her, an equally pretty Asian girl.

"Hi, I'm Linda, Richie's girl." She said

Elena passed Scott's dick to her mouth which took it all in

"Elena." She said

She thought it was funny she was passing this to her like she would a joint. She looked around to see Lucy with Richie. She was sitting on top and rocking back and forth on his dick, her head thrown back and blonde hair swinging free. Elena took a swig of wine from a nearby bottle and sat on the floor with her legs spread, her fingers softly rubbing her pussy, it was wetter than she thought. Linda was still sucking Scott and now he started to groan.

"Gonna cum..."he moaned before jerking forward, climaxing in Linda's mouth.

"Wow!" she said as Linda swallowed, then handed her the wine bottle.

"Thanks...he had a lot in him." She said

"Seeing all this is so wild!" she said breathlessly

"I know, it's fun." She replied

Elena took another swig from the wine bottle and a few hits off a joint, she was still horny.

"Your boobs are beautiful." Linda said "Can I touch them?"

"Go ahead."

Linda began to touch Elena's tits while she watched Lucy climb off Richie's dick. He'd just cum too and she licked the remaining cum off his dick. Lucy looked over at Elena and Linda and joined them on the floor.

"Wow, he's something." She said to Elena as she ran her fingers through her brown hair "her boobs are great aren't they?"

"Uh-huh." Linda said "Nice enough to kiss." She said as she kissed her nipples.

Lucy moved over to Linda and parted her legs, she had a sparse bit of hair between them which looked sexy compared to the thicker hair Elena had between hers. Lucy now got down and her face disappeared between Linda's legs, making her gasp and moan.

Elena saw another housemate named Danny off to the side. He'd been with his girl, a big busted Latina-type with thick brunette hair that cascaded down her shoulders. The two saw Elena pretty much alone and wanted her. She knew she wanted one, or both, of them. Elena turned to Lucy who was getting her pussy licked by Linda and loving it. Elena stood and went over to Danny and his girl lying on a mattress. Danny had a nice fat dick and his girl had beautiful large tits made all the more exotic by her dark skin.

"Hi, I'm Elena." She said as she kissed Danny

"I'm Danny, that's Sofia." He said as she got closer to the pair

"Hi there, you looked hot with Scott." Sofia said in a thick accent

"Thanks, your tits are awesome!" Elena said

"Ah, gracias honey, yours are pretty too." Sofia reached out and held them

Elena was so turned on having her tits felt by someone with tits bigger than hers.

"So nice...very pretty...go ahead and touch mine E-layna..." she said in her thick accent.

Elena immediately reached out for a handful of her huge tits, the nipples were erect and Sofia immediately moaned in pleasure. Elena did too.

Danny sat up and immediately kissed Sofia's tits, making her giggle.

"Check out her pussy." Danny said

Elena reached down and felt Sofia's pussy, it was dripping wet and Danny's dick was hard too.

"We should have some fun, honey..." Sofia said with a huge smile as she turned to kiss Danny and then Elena with lots of tongue all around. Then Sofia leaned down and kissed Elena's nipples and began to lick them, her hand going down to Elena's pussy and rubbing it.

"Ah, muy bueno...you very wet, no?" she said with that smiling voice

Elena could only respond with a breathless "uh-huh."

"You wanna get fucked don't you, baby?" Sofia said

"Uh-huh...wanna fuck..." Elena's chest was rising and falling rapidly and she felt Danny kissing her neck.

"Ahhhhhyyyesssss...I want to fuck too." Sofia said with that accent.

Sofia kissed Elena deeply. Between being naked with other equally sexy people, seeing her best friend fucking and now this beautiful sexy woman, she was hornier than she'd ever been before.

She was ready!

Elena tuned to kiss Danny and then lay back on the mattress. Danny moved in front of her spread legs and she saw his fat dick as he rubbed it on her pussy and then watched as it slid effortlessly into her pussy. She and Sofia moaned as it entered, he was bigger than her old boyfriend's dick was. Sofia was just as turned on as she was watching Danny fucking her, his full length going in and out. He wanted to make this last as long as possible, but Sofia was so hot he knew he could easily go all night, especially now that Elena had joined them.

"Oh bay-beee...fuck her..." Sofia moaned as she looked down at Elena who was in heaven now. She looked over and saw Lucy had changed positions with Linda and was moaning up a storm, she always was pretty vocal.

Sofia leaned down and began to suck Elena's tits in between kissing her. Her tongue felt so hot on her nipples.

"Sit on her face, babe." Danny said

"Ahhh...yes. You like that E-layna?"

"Uh-huh...do it."

Sofia swung her leg over Elena and she saw a beautiful pussy just above her, super wet and super hot. Her tongue began licking where it could and Sofia immediately gasped as she felt this new tongue on her. Danny pulled his dick out of Elena, stood up and fed his dick to Sofia's mouth where it was getting a beautiful sucking.

"Mmm...oh your pussy tastes good on his cock" she said as she sucked him "Oh GOD!" she cried out as Elena found a new pleasure point on Sofia. Elena's tongue was inside the busty Latina, swirling around and drenched in her juices.

"You taste good Sofia."

"Ah...thank you bay-bee..." she said in between moans "So horny..."

Elena sat up now.

"I wanna watch you get fucked." She said

"Oh yes...very nice."

As Elena sat up, she saw Scott was watching her intently. She bit her lip and then beckoned him over with her finger.

"Let's see what Lucy's been getting." Elena said as she touched his rapidly growing dick.

Sofia and Danny had switched positions and she was about to mount his dick.

"Let me help." Elena said while Scott watched

"Ah, gracias, hun-ee."

Sofia squatted down onto Danny while Elena held his dick as it disappeared into Sofia's pussy making her gasp as she was filled up. Scott knelt down and licked one of her huge tits. Elena did the same to the other. Sofia's head was thrown back and she was moaning constantly.

Lucy came down to join them

"Just like back home, huh?" she said to Elena

"Only better." She said "Remember when we fucked together?"


"Let's do it again."


Lucy looked at Richie who was also getting hard again watching everyone and he knew what she wanted. Elena turned to Scott, he knew too.

Lucy and Elena both bent over, showing their asses to the guys who immediately took up positions behind them and eased their hard dicks into the girls' cunts. They both gasped and moaned as they were fucked from behind, then looked at each other. Both were in heaven.

It was an amazing sight.

Sofia, the hot busty Latina bouncing on Danny's dick, while Lucy was getting fucked from behind by Richie. Linda was getting a mouthful of Sofia's tits.

Big Mary was rubbing her red haired pussy, and Elena, the newcomer, was also getting it from behind by Lucy's friend Scott. Just when she thought it couldn't get any better, she felt a rush of ecstasy as she climaxed and Scott unloaded into her. Richie did the same to Lucy as she screamed. Sofia's head went back and a rush of Spanish words came from her before she fell backwards into Danny's arms.

Everyone was lying on the mattresses or on the floor and there was a mix of laughter or gasping thanks to the grass or wine. Not to mention the sex that seemed limitless. After awhile, the sounds died down and only the fire's crackling could be heard. The Beatles record had long since stopped playing. Elena looked over at Lucy who seemed asleep.

Danny and Sofia slowly stood and walked naked hand in hand towards the back door and outside.

"Where could they be going?" She asked Scott

"They'll keep going on their own, maybe all night." He said as he held her close.

Elena was getting quite an introduction into life at Richie's house in the country. She was gonna like it here!

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