tagIncest/TabooRick & Julie

Rick & Julie


By the time Julie was 20 and I was 23 it was apparent that our parents' marriage was in big trouble. This should have come as no surprise, and I really think it affected me more than her. They'd never been around much. I'd actually raised Julie myself. We'd been sleeping together ever since I was 21 and she was 18, when she'd begun giving me blowjobs. We were often alone in the house and once we started doing that, it seemed we wanted to do it all the time.

My senior year at city college was very stressful for me, and maybe because Julie was a Psychology Major herself, she always seemed to know what would ease my stress. Many times she'd massage my back and shoulders and often would kneel in front of me, smile as I'd put down my pen or book, unfasten my pants, and she'd say something like: "I know what you need, Rick."

I'd smile back; the thought of stopping her never entered my mind. For some reason, she just loved sucking my cock. And we got to where we'd pause in the evenings, I'd say "Hey, Julie", she'd smile like the little mind reader she is, and lovingly take hold of my stiff cock. She'd enthusiastically suck me deeply into her throat until I'd give her my reward. It seemed to me that this was her favorite pass time! And yeah, ok, it's mine as well.

Anyway by that time, my parents had had enough of each other. My mother was packing to move back to her hometown about a hundred miles away. I walked into a big argument one day; it wasn't my father she was arguing with, it was Julie! This is really surprising to me, you never hear Julie argue with anyone. But it was soon clear that Mom wanted her to accompany her in her flight from Dad and our house. Julie was adamant; "I'm in school, Mom. I can't move." Soon as she spotted me standing in the doorway, she enlisted me to come to her defense just with her eyes.

"She's over 20, Mom, You can't make her move."

"Well, I wasn't trying to Make her."

"You could've fooled me," Julie said. "I'm not going anywhere."

"Fine!" Mom snapped the last suitcase shut and said, "Will you two help carry these to my car?"

I swear it was like living in a movie. Then Julie and I waved to her as she drove away. She never even looked back. This part of the movie you'd expect to see me turn, hold and comfort Julie. What happened, though, is she turned to me, put her arms around me and I cried on her shoulders.

We walked back into the house just as the phone was ringing. Julie said,"Hi, Dad, yeah, she's gone. Ok, sure. No, that's all right, we're fine. Yes. Yes. Ok, bye."

"Dad's staying in the city."

I don't know what my face looked like right then but it must've touched something in her. "You look like you need to hit something."

"Huh? Yeah, I guess maybe I do." She handed me a wooden spoon from the counter. I took it in my hand, and she promptly dropped her shorts and panties to the floor, bent over the counter and said, "Ok, Rick, go ahead. Hit my ass and think about Dad."

Part of me wanted to say 'that's crazy.' But the part of me connected to my hand thought it was a great idea. I started whacking her ass, thinking of all the times Dad was never around. If I didn't know better, I'd think he had another woman. This lasted for a few minutes, as Julie was making little noises; then I stopped for a minute and said, "You ok?"

"Yeah, now hit my ass some more and think about Mom." This time it just felt Good. All my anger and frustration came out and was applied vigorously right onto Julie's ass. Smack!! Smack!! How did she know this would make me feel better? Ok, Ok, she's a psych major. Plus a mind reader.

I put the spoon back on the counter. She was crying, I was crying, we held each other for a minute then I led her into the living room and sat her on the couch. I guess she thought I wanted a blowjob, but no, this time I want to eat her pussy. I knelt in front of her; she was already naked from the waist down. I scooted her toward the edge of the couch, held her ass in my hands. God, it was still warm from the spanking. I began licking her pussy lips, running my tongue in and around the folds and ridges. Oh! She was moaning with pleasure.

"Please fuck me, Rick. I've been on the pill for some time now."

"Really? And you never told me? I should really spank you for that!"

"Well, you enjoy the blowjobs so much, I wasn't sure if you were ready to fuck me yet."

"Honey, you can still suck my cock, but I've been wanting to fuck you for a long time." I helped her to her feet and we went upstairs to my bed. She just had to take off her tee shirt. I undressed and we got into bed. It was still afternoon but my room's on the east side of the house, so it wasn't too sunny.

I went back to eating her sweet luscious pussy. She came on my face and then said, "That was marvelous." I wiped off my face on the sheet and took her into my arms. "Is it going to hurt much?"

"Not as much as that spanking."

"Oh, Ok, I liked that! No one's ever cared enough about me to give me a good spanking."

"Well sweetheart, you might not like the fucking much at first, but I'll be patient. I want you to like it."

"I'm not scared of anything with you, Rick."

She was already wet, between the spanking, which seems to have that effect, and coming on my face. I started caressing her all over and fingering her wet juicy cunt. Oh, yeah, this was going to be sweet.

"Ok, Rick how long are you going to make me wait? I already feel like I've been waiting for a long time." I was thinking, Dang, Julie this is the last time you'll be a virgin, but it's like her urgency made me want it quickly, too. I positioned my cock right into her pussy a little ways, and held onto her, not like she was going anywhere. "Oh, Honey, oh, yeah." I pushed up into her and she just had a surprised, "OH My!"

Oh, my is right, this was great. She wasn't protesting or complaining, so I just kind of took it slow. I mean I've only had real sex a couple times myself, but with Julie, it didn't feel like something dirty, it just felt……right.

"Oh, Yes, Rick, oh, yes!" I was going faster and faster until I knew I was coming and nothing in this world was going to stop me. I shot all over, inside her, running outside her, she was just looking at me like she couldn't believe all these confusing feelings. I laid on her, not all my weight, of course, but like I was exhausted. Yeah, I know, but I can't let her know it's taken so much out of me, right?

"That was fun! Can we do that again sometime?" This was the same thing she said after our first blowjob. "Sure, honey, just not this minute. "Ok," she just looked at me.

After she gave me the first blowjob, though, I felt like a king, held her in my arms as if to reassure her everything was going to be all right. This time, though, she was feeling like the royalty, and I laid in her arms, she held me close and said, "It's going to be ok, Rick, isn't it? I mean, Dad and Mom have abandoned us, but we're still in our home and we still have each other." I was listening to her words, though they weren't quite connecting to my brain.

"Yeah, honey, we'll be all right." I felt like I'd been turned inside out, and she was grinning. Grinning, I swear it, like the contented cat or something. She just hugged me closer, and that's all I remember.

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