Rick and Linda: The Beginning


"Wait," she said turning to look back at me over her shoulder, "Ok, you can keep your pants and underwear off and we'll go back in time one round. I'll have 40 spanks coming. Just think of it, 40 hard spanks on my rear while I lay over you, completely bottomless, arching my back and offering my ass to you. I'll pull up my shirt tail up to just under my breasts so I'll be 3/4 nude: completely naked from ribs to toes. Just picture it, Rick."

I did and it was delicious, but I wanted to see just how much she would concede if I continued to be reluctant. So, I just shook my head no.

"Ah!" she exclaimed in frustration. "Alright, I'll take off all my clothes. I'll be completely starkers, and I won't cover any part of me with my hands when we kiss. You can see it all."

I was amused at this, but I willed my face to look stern and disapproving.

"We're wasting time, Linda. We should finish it up," I said, like an impatient teacher.

In the meantime, I continued my ministrations of her pubic mound, bringing her closer and closer to the point where she would begin to twitch and moan in passion.

"No! Wait!" Her voice became a high pitched squeal of desperation. "I'll present myself to you better for spankings: I'll spread my legs. Yeah, that's it, besides arching my back and pressing the footboard with my toes, I'll spread my feet the whole width of the footboard. You'll see everything, Rick! Imagine me lying completely bare-naked in that position over your lap: offering my bottom to you for super hard spanks that I thank you for, every one of them! Picture it! Picture it!"

As usual, when she became excited and desperate, the volume of her voice rose. It wasn't quite audible outside the room yet but it was getting there.

At this point, my own arousal was pretty high, too. She must have felt my erection and realized that I was severely tempted by her increasingly salacious and submissive offers. Next she escalated again, hoping to put me over the edge of erotic excitment, but her voice dropped to a whisper at the sheer embarrassment of what she was saying:

"Alright, tell you what, when I'm in the 'offering' position, you can touch me and p-p-penetrate me. Not my sex but my anus. You can p-p-put your finger in there. You can put ... uh ... THINGS in there. And make me keep them there, during the spanking or the kissing or both."

"Uh, really, Linda, we need to finish up where we were-"

"Ahhh," She interrupted me in frustration, "Alright, I'll put my mouth on your penis. I'll give you, what do they call it? Air job? No, blow job. Right after each kiss, I'll lean over stark naked and put my mouth around your penis. I'll give you a blow job between every round of spankings."

When I said nothing but resumed rubbing her mons, she continued, almost hysterically now, to find some self-debasement that I would find acceptable.

"We'll combine the blow job and the spankings. I'll stand to one side of you while you sit on the bed and I'll bend over at the waist to put your penis in my mouth, but my legs will be standing up straight. I'll arch my back and rise up on tip toe to present my bottom. As I'm sucking you, you can spank me or put things in my anus, pump them in and out, if you want!"

"No! And that's final!" I said.

It was time to call a halt to this. I had no doubt that if I allowed her to continue making offers, she would offer anal sex next, just so long as her pubis wasn't touched. All her suggestions had merit and I fully intended to enact them someday, very possibly with her. But tonight my goal was intercourse. I had let her go on mainly out of curiosity to see just how humiliating it was going to be for her to discover that I knew I'd aroused her. Turns out she ranked that last bit of pride pretty high: she'd give me a naked blow jobs and let me play with her anus if doing so would save her from climaxing in my presence.

"You've 3 spanks left," I said as I continued my massage of her sex and she continued to make tiny squirms in response.

"Ask for one now! Hard or soft?"

But I had underestimated her. She had one last gambit she could play.

"Alright, Rick," her voice cracking at the embarrassment of the slutty offers she had just made to me, "Please give me hard ones, many of them, the hardest you can manage."

"Huh? Wha? B- B- But," I stammered.

"There's no rule that says I can't ask for extra," she pointed out, "and I want them fast, one after another, as fast and hard as you can spank."

"But you have to thank me for each one," I stalled for time trying to figure out her game.

"I will. I can thank as fast as you can spank. I'll thank you for every one. Just keep them coming until I'm crying so incoherently that I can't speak anymore."

"But, since you'll be thanking me, you'll have to leave the gag out," I pointed out.

She did hesitate at this, but only for a moment before she said "I don't care."

She did care, I knew, but she was trying to avoid a humiliation that in her mind was greater than what she would experience if people in the hallway heard her thanking me for a spanking.

At this point, her legs squeezed my hand involuntarily and she muttered a little "unnh" of desire. She was nearing orgasm.

"Come on," she said huskily and a little desperately, "I've made the request, now you must spank me."

I brought my hand down as hard as I was capable on one buttock and then the other. True to her word, Linda spat out her thanks as fast as I could lift my arm and slam it down again.

Spank. "Ahhh! Thanks!"

Spank. "Unnh! Appreciated!"

I continued without pause as I thought about that leg squeeze and little 'unnh' and the urgency with which she had then demanded I spank her.

Suddenly, I understood.

Linda was reasoning that if one hard spank could temporarily reduce her sexual desire, then maybe a long series of them would eliminate it altogether or at least keep it at bay long enough for her to get through the last kisses and last two rounds of spanks without revealing her sexual arousal.

Clever girl, I thought to myself, it just might work, too.

Frustrated, I decided that if I wasn't going to get laid, I would at least take a layer of her bottom-hide. I resumed with fury.

Spank. "Arrgghhh! I'mSoVeryGrateful!"

Spank. "Owwweee! Gracias!"

Spank. "Unuh! Merci!"

I smiled at her inventiveness. Knowing that she must not repeat herself, she was resorting to foreign words.

Spank. "Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Danke Shoen!"

Spank. "UH! Oh God! Domo Arigato!"

Before long, she ran out of explicit 'thank you' words and settled for the implicit thanks in complimenting each spank, or me, as tears streamed down her face.

Spank. "Owwwwwooooo" Good one!"

Spank. "EEEehuuh! You're the best!"

Spank. "Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh! Heavenly!"

Through all of this her body was jumping and jiving as never before. Limbs flew everywhere as she twisted and turned. She bucked and bumped and boogied. She whipped her head back and forth, her hair flying everywhere, like an angry, animated bird's nest. She would have thrashed completely off my lap were it not for my non-spanking arm wrapped around her waist and under her, my hand gripping her crotch.

After the 11th spank, her blubbering caused her words to slur.

Spank. "Ahhahah! SoGoodSoGooo!:

Spank. "YaYaeeeeeee! YesWunnerful!"

At this point she noticed that it was working. In the burning fire of the spanking her sexual desire had dropped. Now was the time to pour it on. If she could just endure this a bit longer, she thought to herself, she'd have made her butt such a mass of stinging pain that she'd be incapable of feeling anything sexual, or for that matter, anything at all except the pain. In her anxiousness, she shifted from compliments to another form of implicit thanks: asking for more.

Spank. "Yaaaauuuh! More! More!"

Spank. "MMMMmmmuuuuuhhh! Faster!"

It was around this point, that her calls became loud enough to be heard outside the room.

Spank. "Ohhhhhh God! More spanks!"

Spank. "UnnAaaaHuhHuhHuh! Harder and faster please!"

Provoked, I rained down the spanks as fast as I could. Neither of us made any attempt any longer to coordinate the spanks and the 'thank you's. And she stopped bothering to keep her thanks short, since they no longer needed to fit between spanks. Her gratitude now was quite sincere since the pain was reducing her arousal. I noticed this, too, because the dampness coming from her vagina was drying up.

The spanks, thanks, and cries of pain came in continuous, simultaneous, overlapping, streams of sound, as the room became a symphony of smacks, oowws, shouted demands for more spanks, and heavy breathing. The heavy breathing was from me as much as Linda.




Spank Spank

"Oh! ow! OW!"

"Thanks, but more more!"


"Smack my bare bottom! Smack it! Smack it!"

Spank Spank


"Yes, I like that!"


"Faster please, Rick"


Spank Spank


"More spanks, please!"


"Ahh! Ohhh!"

"Thanks, Rick, but ha-ahhhhh-rder!"


"Oh! Ah! Arrrr!"

"I can't thank you enough!"





"I love your swats, Rick!"


"That was good! I love that burning sting!




"I'm so- uh- very- ow- grateful for this- ahhuh- spanking"



"Un Ohh! Oooow!"

"Oh Rick! Rick! Oww! I deserve a longer and harder spank- ahh- ing!:



"I hope- arrgggh- my red bounc- unh- bouncing bottom- ahuh- pleases you Ri- ihuh- ick"



Spank Spank

"Please- uh- Rick keep the s- suhuh- slaps coming hard and fast"



"The le- eh- left side Rick, please, as hard as you c-c-c- arrrrrrgh- can!"

Spank Spank Spank


"Now my r- r- right bun! Uuuunuh! Yes! Pour it on! Don't slow down!"


"More of this- ow- exquisite spank- uh- ing please."


Spank Spank Spank

"Nnnnuuhhh! Urrgh! Ahan!

"Please, Rick, slap m- m- my naked bum!"

"Oooo! Oo! Oo!


"Thanks, more stinging spanks, please!"


"Thaaaaank yooooou, Rri- i- i- icckk!"

Spank Spank



"M- m- more! Ow! ow! I need more of your wonderful spanks, Rick."

At about this point, two realizations hit Linda. First, she realized that she had been shouting so loud there was no longer any question of "if" someone was in the hallway. Her shouts must have brought everyone in the neighboring rooms out into the hallway to listen. Even now between the sounds of the spanks and her own exclamations of pain, she could hear giggling out there and snatches of conversation:

"... Rick is spanking some girl ..."

"... she's begging for it ..."

"... said she was really grateful for this spanking. Ha ha! ..."

"... said she hoped her red bouncing bottom pleased him. No kidding! ..."

"... told him to 'smack my bare bottom' ... Can you believe it?"

"... said she needed 'more of your wonderful spanks, Rick' ... [Snicker]"

Linda pushed her face into the sheet in abject humiliation, taking only a little solace in the fact that no one outside knew who was in the room and no one in my dorm knew who she was. Although one last overheard snatch of conversation nearly erased even that small comfort.

"... been seeing someone lately, hasn't he? A very short blond I think ..."

Her second realization was that her sexual arousal, which had been diminishing through the first half of the spanking, was now rising again. The turn of the tide had begun when she started her especially self-denigrating pleas like "Smack my bare bottom" and her obsequious expressions of gratitude to me, like "I'm so very grateful for this spanking." These shouts had been intended to spur me on (and they did), but they also had the effect of reversing the trend of her sexual arousal. Indeed, a minute ago, she now remembered, when she heard herself being laughed at by those in the hallway, her vagina had flooded with a surge of love juice just as her mind was flooded with humiliation.

There is no getting around it, she thought, humiliation is turning me on.

I stopped the spank storm at this point, exhausted and aware that Linda had stopped talking. In a few seconds, the last of her lewd gyrations worked itself through her body and she lay still, sobbing into the sheet, her derriere a shiny red.

I resumed the massage of her bulge. I, too, had become aware in the early part of the spanking that her fluid seemed to be drying up. But now it was gushing forth again. There was no point in postponing her final humiliation any longer.

I pulled my massaging hand out from underneath her, not clenching it this time; but leaving it open so that her belly would be smeared with her juices. I pushed the other hand, the spanking hand, between her thighs and gripped her mons venus and rubbed in a circular pattern. The lips were open and engorged. Soon this hand too was wet and I painted her juices on both her inner thighs. Then I went back for more and used the juice to sooth her burning bum.

Lost as she was in her world of pain and embarrassment, she only gradually became aware of my movements. Then she raised her head and looked back over her shoulder, puzzlement on her tear-streaked face. Once, again, I could see the stages of realization pass over her:

What's that dampness on my belly, thighs, and bum? Is Rick putting a lotion on me? No, he hasn't gotten off the bed and there's no liquid within reach. No liquid at all, unless you count ... my love juice! He is spreading it! Rick knows I'm aroused! He knows he has turned me on!

I would not have thought it possible for her to experience a level of mortification deeper than what I'd already seen that night, but I did. The color drained from her face, her lower lip protruded and began to quiver, her eyes got bigger than ever, and she threw her face down into the mattress, pressing so hard I believe she was trying to push herself through it. Her body racked with her sobs.

There was silence from the hallway. My dorm neighbors had apparently concluded that the show was over and gone back to their rooms.

I resumed stroking her with both hands, paying special attention to her love mound. True to form, it was sopping. The humiliation of my knowing that she was aroused had aroused her even more. Within a few seconds, her hips started their involuntary side-to-side jerks. Soon she was making her little "oo" sounds of arousal. I continued, adding little wispy kisses all over her legs and bottom. The hip-jerking and "oo"ing both became rhythmic and my penis stiffened. She had raised her head and her eyes were closed but her mouth wide open. I took off my shirt and threw it aside. I slid my hands under her blouse and slid it up her flanks, raising it to her neck. She lay her arms up above her head without being asked, and I slid the shirt off of her. In another moment, the bra was off too.

By now she had begun rhythmically humping my lap.

I pulled up on her flanks and whispered "Up, Linda, as you did when I took my pants off."

Her eyes still closed, her mouth still open, in a near sexual rapture, she silently obeyed me, rising up to rest on her knees and elbows. I slid out from beneath her, and she herself lifted first one leg then the other as she pulled her panties off, the panties she had worked, and bargained, so hard to keep. I attempted to lay her down on her back. The moment that sore bottom touched the sheet, she jumped up again and knelt there on the bed rubbing her bottom furiously.

"I guess you'll have to be on top" I said, and I lay on my back as she straddled my hips.

She had no experience at this position, but with a little help from me she got my penis in. She was incredibly tight, but so lubricated that she slid down pretty quickly anyway. But as soon as her butt landed on my thighs, she winced and bounced up again, once again rubbing her bottom. With a little practice we found an angle that worked. She leaned forward and rested her weight on her arms planted at my sides. I inserted my penis and she pushed herself down and back on it. Then she started to pump.

The very low angle of her body positioned her rhythmically swinging breasts just above my chest so that her stiff nipples brushed back and forth against my pectorals, giving her a free nipple massage. It was like her lover had a couple extras hands. With my real hands I mostly stroked and clutched her back, flanks, and thighs; but occasionally I brushed my fingertips lightly on that supersensitive behind. This would send electric stings through her and her delirious rhythmic song of "oo, oo, oo, oo" would be temporarily interrupted by a louder, higher-pitched, chorus of "Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah."

Once, when she had pulled herself back to the outermost tip of my penis, I mischievously clamped both hands on that burning rear.

She gave a yelp and slammed herself down around my penis, then held herself there twisting and gyrating her hips manically, as she had when I'd been spanking her, saying "Ow! Oh! Ow!"

But the experience must have been something more than painful because, when she was very near her first orgasm and so delirious she wasn't entirely aware of what she was doing, she lifted one arm from the bed and, with her eyes tightly shut, lay her own hand briefly, but firmly, on her bottom, thereby producing a slightly milder version of the twisting hip dance and "Ow! Oh! Ow!" chorus. A few seconds later, she did it again with the other hand.

Finally, when her climax itself was on her, she pushed herself up from me and leaned back, thereby putting her sore bottom and weight on my thighs. She gave a gasp of pain, but did not rise; instead she did her wild gyration hip dance while sitting on me, calling out rhythmically a lyric that was a combination of an "Ow" of pain and and "Ah" of ecstasy.

When it was over, and we'd both come twice, she lay her head on my chest and dozed. It would not be till morning that her bottom would be healed enough that she could put clothes on again without excruciating pain.

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