tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRicky's Daughter Ch. 09

Ricky's Daughter Ch. 09


Author's Note: This story contains straight-up sex, people watching, and some touching by unknown parties. Enjoy =)


Greg put his arm around Jackie as they walked down to the beach, caressing the top of her ass lightly and making her shiver with wanton need. When he'd first suggested she skip school to spend the day with him, Jackie had thought that they'd spend the whole day at his place fucking - something that she had been looking forward to with glee. Instead he'd had a teeny tiny bikini that she fitted herself into, and they'd taken off on the 45 minute drive to the beach.

It was fairly deserted, not too many people around although she thought she could see a group of rowdy college boys playing football down on the dunes. Steering her towards a secluded cove, Greg laid down a large beach blanket where they wouldn't be seen.

"Thanks Dad," Jackie giggled as he took the water cooler from her, referring to earlier that morning when he'd called the school as her "father" and told them that she was sick today, insuring that her real father would never find out about her little trip.

"Don't call me that," Greg said as he arranged everything to his liking. Looking back at the young woman accompanying him, he admired the way her firm assets were practically bursting from the bits of clothe covering her. He'd definitely picked the right size... and he was really looking forward to when she got in the water with that thin white fabric.

As he settled himself down on the blanket, setting down sun screen, his sun glasses, etc. Jackie squirmed with frustration. He was barely paying attention to her!

"I'm going to go into the water!" she announced, and he nodded. Humph! As if she needed his constant attention. Tossing her hair huffily, Jackie pranced down to the water's edge, unaware that behind her Greg was watching her jiggling ass.

Screeching as she plunged into the very cold waves, her ardor was cooled a little, although her nipples became very puckered and sensitive. Looking back, she could see Greg watching her and she splashed around some more, shrieking as a wave crashed over her head. Deciding to ignore him if he wasn't going to come join her, Jackie splashed around happily, bobbing in the waves and just enjoying the cool water against her skin.

"Hey there," the voice surprised her, and Jackie turned to see a couple of the young men who had been playing football down on the dunes. Three of them to be exact, all looking to be in their mid-twenties.

"Hi," Jackie brushed her hair out of her face, smiling at them. All three of them kept sneaking looks at her chest as they started talking to her, flirting outrageously. Jackie glanced down herself and blushed as she realized that the pretty white bathing suit was now practically transparent since it was soaked through!

Feeling deliciously naughty, Jackie maneuvered herself so that she was in slightly shallower water, allowing herself to bounce up and down to watch their heads move with her chest. She found she rather liked showing off for them, knowing that their eyes were roaming her body. Teasingly, she kept her waist below the water, she could tell they desperately wanted a look.

Suddenly, one of them - Dan she thought his name was - lunged forward and picked her up over his shoulder, dumping her into deeper water. It immediately turned into a game of catch and dunk, with all three guys eagerly trying to get their hands on her and cop a feel. Jackie felt her pussy moistening, even in the cold ocean water, as their hands glided slickly over her thighs and stomach, occasionally getting a handful of her large breasts. Sometimes she even brushed against their hard-ons.

They became more and more bold, one of them even groping her pussy under the water as she gasped.

"JACKIE!" Greg was standing at the water's edge, shouting her name, "JACKIE!"

Immediately all activity in the water stopped.

"Is that your dad?" asked one of them.

"No," said Jackie, "My dad's friend." Then she called back to Greg, "WHAT??"

"COME ON IN FOR LUNCH YOUNG LADY," he shouted back, and then turned and started walking towards the blanket without even waiting to see if she would follow.

"Sure sounds like a Dad," commented one of the nice young men. They were all standing well away from her now, and Jackie stifled a sigh of disappointment. Figures, just as things were getting really exciting... and it wasn't as if Greg had been paying any attention to her himself.

Ah well.

"Thanks for the fun guys," she said, smiling widely, and waved she trotted out of the ocean. She was pretty sure she heard them groan as they finally got to see her ass, revealed under the tightly stretched translucent fabric of her too small suit.

Arriving back up at the blanket, Jackie sat down next to Greg with a slight scowl, "Couldn't you have picked better timing?"

"Oh, I think I picked perfect timing," Greg smiled as he watched her watched the young men walk out of the ocean and quickly down the sands.

Jackie ate her food, somewhat piqued by Greg's lack of attention to her. He, however, was watching the slight rustling movement of the grasses at the top of the dune to the side of them. Quite sure that he recognized one of the face's as being the same as one of the young men playing with Jackie in the ocean, he leaned forward and undid the tie holding her bikini top in place.

Smiling, Jackie turned and kissed him, happy that they were finally where she wanted to be. Pulling away from the kiss, Greg gripped both of her breasts tightly in his hands, her flesh was still slightly chilled from being in the bathing suit. He was sure he heard a faint moan coming from the dune where he'd spotted the movement.

Leaning forward, he whispered in Jackie's ear as he began massaging her breasts, pinching the nipples, "You liked those boys huh? Didn't want a real man? You liked them touching you and looking at you, didn't you... you slut." Jackie shuddered as he tweaked her nipple, "You probably wish they were watching you now... looking at your breasts... watching you be a total whore for a man old enough to be your dad."

Closing her eyes, Jackie realized that she was turned on by the thought of having those boys watching her, not even guessing they really were. Greg stood up in front of her, and she willingly pulled his bathing suit down, leaning forward and catching his dick in her mouth before he could even tell her to. Moaning, Greg held onto her breasts as she started sucking him, playing with the heavy mounds of flesh, pinching and pulling at her sensitive nipples. Jackie practically writhed in front of him, fitting more and more of him into her mouth, swallowing him whole in her lust for cock.

Out of the corner of his eye he could see more eyes watching as Jackie blew him, bolder eyes because they thought that the couple on the blanket weren't paying any attention. Pulling his dick from Jackie's mouth, he wanted to give the boys a full show, Greg turned her around and pulled down her bathing suit bottom, pushing her down to all fours.

Smacking her upturned ass he told her, "Spread your legs you slut."

Jackie complied immediately, wiggling her hips as he slid his dick up and down between her very wet pussy lips. Moaning and whimpering, she begged, "Fuck me Greg... oh God fuck me please..."

Suddenly he lunged into her, making her jump and moan as half of his length forced itself into her pussy. Taking hold of her hips, he made sure to give the boys on the dune a good look as he started pumping in and out of her tight pussy. From the slight movement, he was sure that at least a couple of them were playing with themselves as they watched Jackie get royally fucked. Moaning and sighing she slammed herself back against him, enjoying her doggy-style fuck.

He knew that her tits were swaying like mad underneath her, her ass jiggled every time his groin slammed against it. Leaning forward, he gripped her breasts tightly, squeezing them roughly as he continued to fuck her hard, he began whispering in her ear...

"Don't you wish those boys were watching you now? On your hands and knees, while I plow you from behind... Don't you wish they could see how slutty you are. Fucking me, here on a beach, out in the open... begging me for more? It turns you on doesn't it you whore? Thinking about having an audience while you get fucked? Knowing that you're being watched?"

Jackie writhed and moaned, "Oh harder Greg... oh God... please, I do like it... oh FUCK ME!!!"

Greg pinched her nipples hard as he told her, "Well you're in luck beautiful, cuz they ARE watching."

And with that, he released her breasts and straightened up, grabbing a chunk of her hair at the same time. By grabbing more on one side, he was able to force her head up and in the direction of the boys, even see her eyes widen as she spotted them in the grasses. A couple quickly retreated, but one or two of them were lost in orgasm as they realized that Jackie had spotted them.

Jackie herself thrashed and screamed her own orgasm as it hit her that she'd had an audience the entire time. Gripping her hair tightly, Greg rode her like a stallion as her pussy flexed and convulsed around him, thrusting his own way to a tumultuous climax. Forcing her to practically straighten with his rough grip on her hair, his other hand went around to the front of her body, twisting and pinching her clit to force her orgasm to continue as he started spurting into her pussy.

By the time he let her go, and she fell to the blanket on all fours again in front of him, their audience was gone... spooked by the knowledge that they'd been caught. Sadly Greg shook his head.

"Too bad they disappeared... might've let them have some fun with you if any of them had the balls to stick around."

Jackie shuddered with pleasure and hesitation at the thought.

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