The horses were spooked, that much was certain. In fact, he had never seen them act like this; the sound of their stress had woken him out of a deep sleep. He had stumbled out of his tiny little ranch house with a flashlight, groaning with sleeplessness and stress. Honestly, he hadn't really minded-his dreams were becoming horrifying nightmares that had left his mind racing and breath ragged. Although terrified, he noticed it had no effect on his then raging erection that was straining to be freed from his boxers. Leave it to him to get turned on by fucking nightmares. He sighed, and approached one of the horse stalls, calling out calmly for someone to reach their head out for a nice nose scratch.

"Haven?" He whispered, reaching into the dark stall. He heard a snort from the opposite side. "C'mere, buddy. What's the matter?" Joe's eyes strained to see the horse in the darkness. Suddenly, he felt the warm, soft touch of Haven's flank. The horse stepped into the light and Joe's brow furrowed. The poor thing was obviously terrified; its sides were slicked with sweat and the eyes wide and shining.

"Haven, buddy, it's all right now...shh..."

The horse whinnied softly as Joe gave him a reassuring pat on the neck. He paused then, feeling Haven's tangled mane. That was odd, considering he has just groomed Haven just this morning. He pushed the horse's head aside to cast light on the mane and was shocked to see several tiny braids scattered in the horse's hair. Aghast, he stepped back and Haven retreated back into the stall. Joe shook his head, obviously someone had braided the manes after he groomed today. Probably a trainer or something, he would have to talk to them tomorrow. Haven was a horse for fucks sake; he doesn't need his hair done.

Rubbing his tired face, Joe began to walk slowly back towards the house. The wind whipped though the trees, causing the trees and bend and creak...casting shadows that made him feel surrounded. The wind blew past his ears, carrying the sound of a contented woman's sigh. Joe looked around. He was just spooking himself now. As he reached the porch the contented sigh rose into more of a low laugh as the wind picked up speed and he began to walk faster...He stole a glance behind him, feeling like he wasn't alone when-


He slammed the house door behind him, cutting off the sound groans of the trees. It was dark inside, but at least it was quiet. He collapsed onto the bed, pushing his shaggy brown hair out of his eyes as he sighed and drifted off to sleep.

After what felt like hours, he woke slightly. His eyes opened a bit, fearing the bite of sunlight, but instead only saw a deep purple haze around his bed. He bolted upright, taking in a shocked gasp as he looked around. There was nothing, only his bed and this endless purple fog. Was he dreaming?

"They don't like me that much." A smooth female voice drifted from the fog.

Joe's head jerked in the general direction of the voice. "Hello?"

"The horses. They don't like me that much."

Joe sat still on his bed. This was a weird ass dream. This WAS a dream, right?

He saw an ivory leg first, bare-footed and gracile, step out of the fog. Joe's eyes traveled up that long, long leg as it met the body of a young woman wrapped in layers of sheer black fabric that was slitted high up the thigh. Her long blonde hair tumbled over her shoulders and over the shining silver pins that held the fabric up at her shoulders. Once glance into those icy eyes had Joe convinced he was dreaming now.

She smiled at his traveling eyes, but as he met her gaze, he looked away in embarrassment.

"I ride them at night."

"My horses?" Joe said suddenly, narrowing his eyes. "You're trespassing."

That sly grin on her face widened. "You don't ride them at night," She moved closer to him, and his body tightened. "They run for me, until they want to collapse from exhaustion. I braid their hair and sing them asleep, to rest until I want to gallop through the fields again."

He swallowed. "I thought you said they didn't like you."

Her eyes hardened and gleamed, "They may not like it. But they do as I command. They are obedient. If they rebel they know what I will do to them."

Joe was frightened by her suddenly dangerous tone. "Do you...like horses?"

"They are free," she sighed, tracing a finger down her body, over the curve of a breast. Joe felt himself harden at the sight of that subtle movement, at the idea of her hands moving over her body-his hands moving over her body...

"I've always had horses." He blurted, trying to remove himself from his fantasy. He didn't even know this woman. But...it WAS a dream.

"My uncle has a horse," Her voice was silky like the creamy skin on her thighs. "It has 8 legs."

"Horses..." Joe took in a breath as she put a knee on the edge of his bed. "Horses have four legs."

She laughed, and said matter-of-factly, "Yours do."

He was nervous now, having her so close to him, and there was no hiding hid rock hard dick popping up the think sheet over him.

"What do you want?" He whispered.

"I've been watching you. Showing you."

Joe looked horrified. "Showing me? All I've been having to fucking nightmares lately."

She lifted a shoulder as if to shrug. "Nightmares are delicious."

"Listen, Lady-"


"I'm sorry?"

"My name. It's Mapa."

"Ok, Mapa, but you have to tell me what you want. You're freaking me out, and honestly, I just want to wake up and go to work-"

"I want you."

Joe was fairly certain his brain dropped all the way down to his dick in that moment as she moved like lightening to straddle him and lean down to whisper in his ear:

"I want to ride you, Joseph. I want you to buck and moan and ask me for more. I want you to heave and sweat as I ride you all night and into the morning and please me until I tell you to stop."

He sputtered, speechless at her candor.

"Nightmares have reasons, Joseph, and if you were not worthy I would take what I wanted and leave you a scared and wounded shell. But I want you to fuck me into the oblivion from which I emerged," she nipped his earlobe and whispered dangerously, "Can you do that?"

All he could do was stare into her icy blue eyes. His erection that pressed against her stomach was answering that question for the both of them.

She moved back slowly, taking the sheet that separated them with her as she slithered back. He laid there, naked and splayed out-where the hell did his boxers go-as his dick arched upwards, head swollen and ready. She moved like lightening, lowering her mouth to take in his thickness. He groaned, bucking his hips upwards to press deeper down her throat. She moaned, like a voice on the wind and started to suck him, tip to root. Her black nails scraped his thighs as she pulsed up and down, in an endless moving and sucking that has his eyes rolling back into his head. More, he wanted more! He grasped her hair in a fist and tangled her white-gold locks in his fingers to gain more power over how deeply she took him. She seemed to have no end to how deep she could force that cock down her throat and watching his considerable length disappear into her wet, hot and willing mouth made him want to explode down her throat. But he held back, relishing in her skill as she gave him the best blowjob he'd ever had.

Her lips popped off his tip and she groaned, "Let me taste you!" Before she rammed him down once again. He had no complaints and he was already almost there...she reached down and squeezed his tight sack in her hand and he lost it, groaning and yelling as he came and emptied himself into her waiting mouth.

"Ughh, God dammit!" He yelled, pulling her hair even harder and slamming his cock into her mouth frantically. She sucked and sucked every bit of come from him, and as his orgasm faded, he loved the sensation of her lips still on his shaft, milking his dick like she couldn't get enough. She lifted her mouth off his tip and looked up at him while licking her lips and smiling.

"Now for the real fun," she crooned, crawling on all fours like a cat towards him.

Usually, he needed time to recharge. But shit, this woman made his dick rise like a sail in a storm, and soon his cock was ready and aching for another release. She lifted the fabric falling over her legs and he saw the pink flash of her folds and it made his dick jerk. Fuck, he wanted to be inside her. He wanted to bury himself deep in that pussy, up to the balls, and fuck her ragged. She climbed onto him and lowered slowly, frustratingly slow, onto his shaft. She moaned loudly at every inch, face lifted to the ceiling. The pins holding her dress up, crescent moon shaped, glinted in the purple light. He gripped her hips, digging his fingertips into her flesh.

"Usually I just watch," She whispered, still looking up, "give them nightmares and watch them suffer. It's so nice. So delicious..." She started to move, grinding up and down, around in circles.

Her wetness was so intense, so hot, so tight. He though nothing could get better than that blowjob but as she unpinned her fabrics and her large, round breasts fell in front of his face, he knew that this was so much better. She picked up speed and continued her loud moaning, which only turned him on more. He bit bruises with his hands into her thighs as they fucked, his eyes locked onto those beautiful bouncing breasts in front of them that begged for sucking and a really good tit-fuck. She rode him hard, her breath coming in panting gasps as she moved without stopping, his dick growing bigger and harder as he got hotter and hotter watching her move on top of him. Her legs started shuddering around him and her nipples were hard and jutting out as he raised himself to take one in his mouth. She screamed out as he clamped down on her nipple, her body shaking from the sudden and intense orgasm. He kept sucking, knowing that she loved it, until her moans subsided.

He suddenly lunged upwards, lifting her off his dick and throwing her down on her stomach. She looked surprised and highly aroused by this change, and lifted her buttocks into the air. He shoved one of her legs down and pushed the other knee upwards. Gripping her ass, he rammed himself home inside her, feeling another orgasm explode in her as he did. She bit the pillow as he pounded in balls deep, watching her ass jiggle with each impact, knowing that that this was the best fucking sex of his life. He could fuck this girl all night. He was getting close to exploding himself, of filling this mystery dream woman with every drop of come his body could muster.

"I'm close," He groaned leaning over her back to grab her hair and yank to get more leverage. "uuughhh so close, baby. I want to see you when I come." He pulled out and flipped her over. She knelt on the bed in front of him.

Smiling, she demanded, "I want you to come all over my face as you fuck my tits."

Christ, this woman was perfect. He watched happily as she lifted those creamy breasts up and pushed them together, letting a string of saliva wet the space between them. She leaned down so he could kneel.

He thought he might have come then and there as his felt his dick slide between those breasts and watched his taught, purple head come out the top of the slit. He started to pump frantically as his orgasm built higher.

"That's right. Come for me." She moaned, lowering her head to suck his tip when it came up through her tits.

Shitshitshitshit, he thought, he didn't know that was possible. He was thrusting as hard and fast as he could and he was on the brink when she pressed a hand on his chest and looked up at him.

"You've been ridden," she looked him in the eyes, her gaze burning. "You've been taken. I am one who gives nightmares, I am one who rides men till they yearn for more, I am the one who gallops horses in the night and sways the trees in the wind."

As he reached peak, she shoved him and he toppled back and off the bed...

He hit the hardwood floor on his back, finishing a mind-blowing orgasm and spraying himself and the floor with a huge load of come. He gasped in pain, rolling onto his side gulping in air. The room was bright and the sun came through the windows. He scrambled to his feet, looking to the bed to see his visitor, but saw only come stains and tossed sheets.

What the fuck? He exhaled, looked down at his deflating dick. That was the craziest dream in the goddamn world. He had had wet dreams, but SHIT. He stood at the foot of the bed, naked and still panting from exertion. He wish he could have seen that come go all over that beautiful body of hers. Maybe he could have the dream again. He sighed, and stole a glance at himself in the mirror by his bed.

"What the hell?" He exclaimed, running over to his reflection. In his hair were countless small braids, intricately woven by delicate fingers.


Interested? Look up the Germanic mythology of the Mare. It is a common theme across many cultures. Norse, Scandinavia and Slavic cultures all have mentions of the demon that "rides" men and gives them nightmares. Although rarely sexual in nature, let's face it, that's damn sexy!

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