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Riddick in Chains Ch. 02


This story is my version in the continuation of Riddick in Chains written by Moonscribe. Since it got so many good reviews, it was a shame to not write a follow-up. This is homage to the original story and the author. Some of the characters and places are copyrighted and owned by David Twohy, Jim & Ken Wheat and Universal Studios. No money is being made from this story and no infringement is intended.

Bryant, Riddick & Background

Maintenance Crew No.32 Ashka Bryant walked back to the security room situated above the holding cell in the basement, where Riddick was still chained to the walls.

She reached the security console just in time to catch a glimpse of red in monitor one, where the live feeds from a perimeter camera was being streamed. The others were returning to the Watch Outpost with supplies.

Planet LV 426 was discovered by a science cruiser about ten years ago. It was deemed suitable to set-up human colonies as long as the vast deserts that encompassed the planet were converted into livable conditions.

The only way to achieve that was to terraform the lands with Land Converter Towers (LCT), which had unmanned smart computers to search and mine water that subsisted below the deserts.

It had taken almost ten years to finish building the LCTs and the towers had started doing their actual job since two years ago.

Currently there were two LCTs, one in the southern hemisphere and one on the northern. They were monitored by a ten-man maintenance crew in the Watch Outposts.

Maintenance crew handpicked from prison planets on account of good behavior were trained and sent to the Watch Outposts.

The Outposts were the only human presence on the planet. As it was deemed too dangerous of a job, prisoners were recruited as a part of a service-pardon package.

If they survived the one year service, they will be pardoned and released no matter how heavy their crime had been.

The harsh conditions on the planet will probably kill them anyway and this was an insurance of sorts for legislators that many of them will not be released.

The maintenance crew consisted of a military supervisor who was also the Outpost's Commanding Officer, a volunteer medical officer and the rest were prisoners. Sometimes, there were no volunteer medical officers and to date, there has been 22 deaths on the planet.

The current CO of the southern hemisphere Watch Outpost is the second officer to take over leadership. The last one disappeared when he went out to retrieve supplies from orbital drop-ships.

Bryant had been posted here for the past six months to service the big machines that ran the LCT. Before she was sent to Slam City, she had been a tech engineer with a cargo ship. Her job was to repair anything that was busted.

Not too long ago, she repaired the brains of her ship captain who got aggressive on her. She ended-up in Slam City for a measly two years before she was recruited as a maintenance crew to LV 426.

The desert heat, utter boredom and the CO's lack of sexual finesse (her sometime lover) drove Bryant to take a shine on the new guest they unwittingly received a week ago.

They found him in a crashed escape pod half dead on a small hydro-phonic farm inside the Outpost complex. The left side of his body had sustained mild burns and there was a huge gaping wound in his stomach. It was a miracle his innards hadn't sprung out.

There wasn't a medical officer with this crew and part of Bryant's job was to attend to minor injuries. She had a Class 2 cert in nursing, something she picked during a boring layover on a planet called Earth. He was unconscious for over a week after they had brought him to the infirmary.

Being a vet of Slam City, she recognized who he was when she noticed the "shined" eyes while examining him.

During her attempt to suture the wound in his stomach, he regained consciousness long enough to strangle her almost to death.

If it wasn't for one of her colleagues who pinned down the sick man in time, she would've been casualty number 23.

She didn't forgive him for that and she vowed her revenge soon. A revenge she fulfilled when she raped him in the holding cell.

Bryant made sure that when he was healthy enough, he ended up in the holding cell in chains as a prisoner. She told her CO to check if there was a bounty on him.

If Riddick was not in prison, then he must be running away from something, which meant there was probably a bounty on his head.

She was right as they discovered a five million dollar bounty on him, client unknown. It was decided to be a ten-way split after they had sent a message across the system about their prisoner.

They had already received two feedbacks and one of them was a guy called Toombs. Toombs and company's ETA was 48 hours 20 minutes and 15 seconds counting. A ghost of a smile played on her lips when she thought about the split.

Toombs in LV 426

"2 million?!!!!! You gotta be kidding me man!!!" Toombs slammed his fists on CO Steiner's desk.

"Look man, if I take 3 million to my crew, they will cut my throat and throw my corpse into orbit on this shitty planet," he said, pacing around the small office.

Steiner stared at Toombs for a bit, and then he bent down and took out a bottle of whiskey from the desk drawer.

He poured two shots and offered one to Toombs. Toombs looked at the cup as if though he was looking at something nasty. He grabbed it and drank the amber liquid in one go.

Steiner took a small sip and said, "We took good care of the package so you don't bring back a corpse. If I'd let him die, nobody would get anything. Me and my crew got plans bout' the dough...if you ain't interested, I got someone else".

Outside the window, the sun set into a blazing orange haze. The sound of the LCT machines had change to a slow, rhythmic pulse.

Toombs poured himself another drink and said, "I'll give you 1.2 tops, no more and no fuckin' less. How much you think you can get outta the other merc, whoever the fuck he is?"

Steiner secretly thought how good he was at playing this bargaining game.

"Fine, 1.3 and I'll settle. We haven't had any casualties for awhile and it looks like most of us are going to survive this fuckin' piece o'shit place...we want to have a good time when we get outta here, you see?" he said.

"Deal! I appreciate you taking care of the package and I'm sure you wanna lessen the burden of feeding another mouth...hehehehe...you drive a hard bargain Steiner. I'll keep that in mind next time I see you," Toombs laughed.

Putting the whiskey bottle away, Steiner thought, "Not if Riddick cuts your throat and throw your corpse into orbit first Toombs". He pressed the com button on his desk and spoke into the microphone.

Outside of Riddicks's Holding Cell

"Bryant, get your ass to the holding cell and prepare the prisoner for transportation," Steiner's voice blared in the speakers over head.

Bryant was preparing a syringe to drug Riddick. She looked at her colleague, Maintenance Crew No. 29 Gopi, as he prepared the stretcher from the infirmary.

"Good riddance to bad rubbish. Hey Gopi, did you know this thing is as bad as cyanide but it can't kill you? It'll just give you a hangover you won't forget for a few years," she joked tapping the syringe.

Gopi continued checking the straps on the stretcher silently. Bryant opened the cell door and mumbled to herself, "You're fuckin'A-class bore Gopi..."

Riddick was awake and watched intently when they came inside with the stretcher.

He smiled and said, "Well, well, well.....look who's here to put me to sleep. Hmmm, do I smell a deal made over me?"

The sound of his laughter echoed through the room and Bryant stood in front of him.

She held the syringe to his admiringly. "Richard B. Riddick. Mr. Murder himself. The most dangerous criminal in the universe, all chained up and vulnerable. You make me sick!" She spat at him.

"I came to Slam City just after you escaped Riddick and heard all the stories about your...adventures. Are they all true? You don't look so dangerous right now to me. In fact, I think could...fuck you one more time before you go, right now, in front of this shithead. What you say?" she asked.

Riddick cocked his head to his right then his left looking at Bryant's eyes. He grinned and told her something that made her skin crawl.

"Little girl, your eyes betray you. Your mouth speaks tough but your eyes tell me what a scared little bitch you are. My offer's still open. Let me out of this chains and I'll think about sparing your life," he warned.

Bryant jabbed the needle in his arm and whispered into his ears, "Fuck you asshole."

Riddick's smile disappeared as his head lolled to his side. They unshackled the chains and put him on the stretcher.

Gopi pulled the straps across his chest and legs tightly and they wheeled him out of the holding cell towards the elevator.

A sound like fabric being ripped apart reached Bryant's ears but before she realized what was happening, she was thrown across the corridor.

Her body hit the elevator doors violently and she slid to the floor like a puppet. Her vision darkened for a few seconds. When it cleared, she saw Riddick, freed from the straps, muscles flexed breaking Gopi's neck.

The shock of being thrown, denied her body to get up and run away. She knew she was going to die but her body wasn't following her brain's orders.

Riddick walked over to her, smiling and sober. She realized fearfully that somehow the drug didn't work on him. Shit.

He grabbed her hair brutally and pulled her to her feet. She yelped an "ouch" and her hands automatically reached for her head.

He put his face in front of her and growled sickeningly, "You should've taken my offer bitch. I told you you're gonna pay."

Still holding her hair, he whacked her on the face and her body tried to slide down to the floor again.

He kept a strong hold on her and he whacked her on the face again. She felt her lips busting and something warm wets her chin.

The pain was so unbearable that she couldn't move her hands to protect her face.

"I'm gonna show you now the same hospitality you showed me you cunt," he whispered threateningly.

He dragged her by the hair to the stretcher and shoved her roughly on it. While pulling her khakis down, he felt something in the pockets. He found his goggles and puts them on.

He also found two shivs, his. He laughed at the stupidity of the woman in front of him.

He ripped her khakis and panties from her legs and threw them away. Through the blood and agonizing pain, she smelled his wild musky sweat. She could almost taste it in her mouth.

Though scared out of her wits, she felt a familiar stirring between her legs. The memory of her raping Riddick and how good he felt inside her made her juices flow.

She braced herself for what was coming. Hearing his pants being unzipped, her vagina quivered and wet itself. She smiled without realizing it.

She sensed him getting on the stretcher, on top of her. His hands roughly parted her legs and his knees dug into her thighs painfully, keeping them splayed open.

Her smile disappeared when she felt a searing hot pain between her legs. Her wet vagina was no match for his thick, long violent cock. His burning anger towards her made him mad enough to lose his mind.

He shoved his cock into her womb violently and it tears up all the soft flesh inside. Her eyes flew open and she saw him grinning like a maniac in the act of killing a small animal.

The excruciating pain in her vagina made her struggle against him but he put his hands around her throat and started strangling her. Just like that other time he strangled her.

First she panicked then her panic turned into rage. She struggled harder, trying to throw him off the stretcher while his cock battered her injured vagina.

Her hands found his face and she hit him repeatedly. Unfazed by the mild attack, he kept up the rhythm of his cock hammering into her without breaking.

A deep grunting sound escaped his throat every time he went in her, "Ungh, ungh, ungh." She felt him pulsing and throbbing between her legs and the violent act made her vagina dry-up.

The dry fiction made it ache even more like someone had poured hot water into it. His thrust became deeper and deeper and she felt as if though he was trying to split her body apart.

Bryant screamed through the blood in her mouth and she heard him laughing.

"So you do like it huh?" he said sarcastically, panting like he was running a marathon.

He pushed his body deeper into hers and she felt his cock entering all the way into her cervix. She thought this was a worse way to die than getting your neck broken.

Riddick's huge pulsating cock stretched her hole until a tear developed between her vagina and anus. He knew how he was hurting and injuring her and it excited him even more.

He battered her vagina faster and faster, while she screamed. The sound of her screams brought him near an explosive climax.

He persevered for a few seconds and without warning, he slid his cock out and flipped her around in one quick movement.

While she laid on her chest struggling to breath, he violently shoved his cock into her anus. The scorching new pain made her pass out.

Almost nearing climax, he grabbed her hair and tilted her neck to the back. She regained consciousness from the sudden movement just in time to hear him growl as she felt his cock swelled even more. It was like hearing a tiger getting ready to pounce on its prey.

He rammed his cock into her again and again as an explosive orgasm ripped through his body. He made a sound like someone had just stabbed him with a knife.

He ejaculated uncontrollably into her bowels and the massive amount of semen splashed out of her anus all over his groin. His spent body fell on top of hers while she struggled to breath.

She heard him pant aggressively behind her. She lied still hoping he would take his still hard cock out, painfully lodged inside her.

"Are you gonna kill me now motherfucker?" she cried through clenched teeth.

He pulled his cock out and stood up. She heard him putting his pants back on and turned her body to face him. She didn't want him to stab her in the back while she wasn't looking.

She felt so violated that she threw up. Every organ inside her body hurt like hell. The excruciating pain between her legs made them draw up automatically.

Picking up her khakis, Riddick threw it on her face and growled, "I ain't done with you yet. You're coming with me. I need some entertainment when I get outta here."

Coming Soon:-Riddick In Chains 3

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