tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRiddick in Chains Ch. 03

Riddick in Chains Ch. 03


The Escape

Riddick easily got to the hangar without being detected even though he had a captive with him now.

Once reaching Toombs' ship, he managed to take out two of the crews loitering there. They never knew what hit them. He strapped Bryant onto a cot behind the cockpit and tight up her hands and legs.

By the time the others realized what had happened, the ship had taken off into the night sky.

When they reached orbit, Riddick saw another ship entering the planet. He plotted course on the navigator console and set the ship on auto pilot.

Sore and vulnerable from the rape she had endured, Bryant fell asleep on the cot tired from the painful excitement. Riddick turned around and saw her sleeping.

"Make yourself comfortable little girl, you're gonna be here for awhile," he thought.

In Toombs'Ship

Ashka Bryant's eyes opened slowly to a strange surrounding. She didn't recognize the room she was in and through hazy vision she saw a black space with white dots in them.

Her brain woke up bit by bit to an uncomfortable feeling of being wet on the lower part of her body.

She sat up suddenly on the cot and her eyes watered from the stinging sensation between her legs. She remembered the violation on her body.

She also remembered where she was even before her eyes focused on the windscreen of the ship.

The black space with white dots was the space and stars. She saw Riddick sitting in the pilot's chair, sipping something in a cup.

The ship seemed to be moving at normal speed and the sight on the windscreen looked familiar, like Ursa Luna. She doubted it was Ursa Luna, the planets were aligned wrongly.

The sound of her getting out of the cot alerted Riddick. He turned his head slightly and watched her from the corner of his eye.

He put the cup down on the control console and said, "Don't try anything stupid."

Swaying erratically, she found a little lavatory cubicle in the back. It was fitted with a sink and a mirror.

She splashed water on her face and took off her khakis and panties, finding them spotted with dried blood. She splashed water on her crotch and used the paper towels next to the sink to wipe the blood away.

Sitting on the lavatory, she cried as she struggled to pee through the burning sensation. She talked to herself, thinking about how she was going to escape from this maniac.

Angrily, she screamed profanities at Riddick. The thought of cutting his throat from ear to ear consoled her rage.

After cleaning herself up, she walked to the cot and stared at him. "What're you gonna do with me? Why didn't you just kill me?" she snapped at him.

Riddick stretched himself like a cat and said, "I'm selling you to a brothel once we get to the Taurus system but before that I need to make a stopover."

She wiped the tears on her cheeks with her shirt sleeve and asked, "How long have I been here?"

"Two days," he answered.

Bryant had been sleeping for two days since they left LV 426. They must have traveled quite a distance so far. She wondered about the stopover and planned her escape.

She lied back on the cot and closed her eyes. Sensing movement, she opened them and saw Riddick standing in front of her. She cringed away from him pushing herself further into the walls of the ship.

"Please...no more...," she pleaded. The muscles on his arms flexed and a twitch developed on his forehead. The overhead lights sent a reflection on his gleaming bald head.

He knelt down and touched her arm. She cringed away even more. She couldn't see his eyes in the goggles and the goggles made him look as menacing as ever.

Suddenly he pulled her legs down to the floor and parted them. His upper body was now between her legs.

"If you struggle, it'll only hurt more," he warned her.

Bryant looked at him defiantly and to his amused amazement, she pushed him away and took off all her clothes.

"Just be quick," she snarled.

Pants dropping to his calves, he got on top of her. She quickly put her fingers in her mouth and reached down to her vagina to make it wet.

"I like a woman who takes the initiative," he laughed before sliding his cock into her welcoming opening.

Her forehead clenched with the stress she experienced while a small moan escaped her lips.

She only felt pain when he first entered then the moans turned into something akin to pleasure. Riddick's eyes lock onto hers and she became transfixed by his gaze, unable to let it go.

He fucked her swiftly, up and down, pulling his cock all the way out then sliding it back in again. She closed her eyes unable to withstand the strange feelings washing over her.

Tilting her head back, her fingers grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper inside her. He groaned. She tried to stop his rapid movement and eased him into a slower, rhythmic pattern.

His lips brushed against her breasts and she groaned when he bit her nipple. Her body shuddered while goose bumps spread all over her skin.

His mouth found the small gold chain on her neck and tugged at it while they were started moving against each other in sync.

Against her better judgment, Bryant enjoyed this sexual act, trying to close her mind to the earlier rape memories.

Her instincts told her to submit, to enjoy and to pleasure him so that he won't kill her before she escaped at the stopover.

Her legs encircled his body and she felt his groin rubbing against the sweet spot inside her labia, her clitoris.

The cool air inside the ship didn't prevent them from sweating profusely while they had sex. He reared his chest up and slipped off the black top he wore. The two bodies were now one, wet and slick.

She tried to kiss him, her tongue tried to part his thin lips but he turned his face away. Offended, she bit his cheek and he reacted by pinning her down strongly on the cot.

He gripped her waist and rode her faster, cock plunging into her. The new turn of events had made him so excited that he couldn't control himself. He almost came inside her.

She realized what was happening and she matched his hard thrusting movement in order get an orgasm out of him.

All the pain she felt previously was now forgotten as his cock slid in and out of her drenched vagina. She rubbed her clitoris furiously against the thick bush of hair on his groin.

As his movement became faster and faster, her orgasm built deep inside the recesses of her body and mind.

She moaned louder and although he didn't want her to come, he was too busy concentrating on his own building climax. She hugged his body tighter and tasted the sweet sweat on his neck.

"Yes, yes, yes Riddick, fuck me, fuck me harder," she bellowed at him, eyes still closed. Unable to control himself anymore, Riddick's hips rose, cock deeply lodged inside her vagina, rapidly pounded her in short, quick movements.

She screamed as her orgasm ripped out of her in waves, nails digging into his back leaving long, red welts.

It was so powerful that she saw stars and bit his neck, breaking the skin and opening a new bleeding wound.

"Fuuuck," he groaned and emptied himself deep in her womb, the veins in his cock twitching and almost bursting.

He kept fucking her as his cock squeezed out every last drop of semen into her. He sighed heavily and went limp on top her while she still felt him twitching at the opening of her vagina.

They lay on the cot still entwined together for a long time. Bryant stared at the ceiling, unblinking while she tried to make sense of what had just happened.

Riddick got up and dressed himself and she noticed that he didn't have his goggles on.

She had been so caught up in the encounter that she didn't realize he had taken the goggles off and she had been looking into his silvered eyes.

She fell asleep watching him doing something on the ship's control console. Later on, Riddick hears her moaning in her sleep. He touched her forehead and discovered she was burning with a fever.

The lip he busted while raping her looked raw and infected. He concluded the wounds she sustained during the rape and the subsequent sex they had had caused some internal problems.

He found a medic-kit and administered some antibiotics to her. Touching the healing wound on his stomach remembering her nursing him, he cleaned up her wounds and rationalized he needed a healthy specimen to sell later.

When she woke up ten hours later, she found healing gel on her lip and the stinging sensation between her legs was gone. Riddick gave her some food and asked her why she spent time in Slam City.

"I killed someone. I put a screwdriver in his brain. They gave me ten years for that but I took my chances with LV 426. Slam City is a fucked-up place," she said while sipping coffee.

He smirked sarcastically and said, "Guess you're not the demure lady I suspected you were."

With some food in her stomach and hot coffee in her hands, she was in a good mood and continued talking.

"I grew-up in a cargo ship. My parents were dock workers who put in 18 hours a day counting crates. My earliest memories were watching my mother loading and unloading crates on weird planets," wistfully she said.

"But they died in an explosion when was 10. I stayed in the cargo ship, doing the same job they did. When I turned 15, the supervisors used me as their personal fuck toy. I'm used to being raped, so you weren't the first one," she said with no remorse.

Riddick kept silent listening to her, trying to figure out if she was expecting him to care.

She stopped talking then abruptly she asked, "You never knew your parents did you? You have always been alone, that's why you don't care about anything."

"But there was a Jack...," she murmured to herself.

He turned around sharply from the console and barked, "What?!"

She looked at him and replied, "I said you don't care."

"You said something after that, what was it?" he asked and strode over to her menacingly.

She blinked into a cup for awhile and replied, "I didn't say anything after that, what are you talking about?"

"Don't play games with me...who are you? You said something you possibly couldn't have known," he barked and stared at her.

She kept quiet, thinking not to provoke him further.

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