Ride 'em Cowboys


"There you go," Steve said. "Enjoy it, baby. You're getting nice and wet. You're so hot, I think I could explode, fill you up with cum, and still keep fucking you. You're one hell of a ride."

His dirty talk put me right over the edge. I started moaning around the boy's dick, which made him thrust even faster. The next thing I knew, I was squirming for all I was worth, pumping as fast as I could on Steve's dick, and moaning out another orgasm.

"Oh, sweet Jesus," Steve said. His dick bursting forth hot seed inside me. The boy followed shortly after, gushing what seemed like a never-ending supply of cum down my throat. I tried pulling away so I could spit it out, but he held my head tight against his crotch only pulling away to stroke his dick slightly in and out as he finished up.

Steve lay on my back a moment, panting, before he pulled out of me and cum dribbled down my legs. The boy pulled his limp dick away from my lips, and I suddenly felt empty. It was strange, but I wanted more, wanted filled up from both ends again as fast as possible.

I looked over at Jeannie, who was now completely limp, bent over on her strap with one boy pistoning her mouth and another her pussy as Rocko looked on in satisfaction. Both boys looked as though they were in ecstasy, even though Jeannie wasn't moving at all. She looked like she was unconscious, and they were just using her like a blow up doll.

"Next," Steve announced, and I felt another dick, smaller than Steve's but still decent sized, jab at my cum soaked pussy. One thrust and it was inside, pumping away. Another dick appeared at my face, much smaller, probably the youngest boy. I took it willingly, and started sucking it like a sugar tit. He moaned as I sucked it to the base. The other boy behind me wrapped his arms around my legs and started playing with my clit just like Steve had, only more forceful, tugging it as though he was jacking off. It felt good. Different, but good.

The boy I was sucking leaned forward and started fondling my breasts with light fluttering fingers. I thought I was in heaven for a moment with one boy jacking me off and the other toying with the very tips of my nipples. It didn't seem to matter that the feeling came with two dicks thrusting in and out of me against my wishes. I started moaning out another orgasm and sperm started pumping into me from both ends.

"Damn," the boy behind me said. "She really likes it, doesn't she? You should'a felt her pussy clamp down. It was like a fist stroking me for all I was worth."

"I gotta try that," the oldest boy said.

"Patience. Patience," Steve said. "You'll have your chance, but you haven't learned everything yet."

"Yeah," Rocko said from the other side of the room, as he stroked his dick. It was already back to its full ten inches and ready to go for another round. Jeannie just hung there, completely limp, like she still wasn't conscious in the least, until Rocko jabbed her pussy hard, and she let out at light whimper. "I was wondering if you were awake," Rocko said. "You need to be good and awake if you're gonna make this ride worth while. The wild bronco. Wilder than anything you've ever seen before boys."

He pumped his dick in and out of Jeannie a few time, before he pulled out and positioned himself higher. I knew what he was about to come next and wondered if I that was what Steve had in mind for me, too.

Rocko gave one hard shove, and his dickhead entered Jeannie's tight little virgin asshole. Jeannie screamed, and her eyes popped wide open. She started scrambling forward on her knees with her arms flailing like she was trying to do the breaststroke in mid air. Rocko gave another thrust, and he was embedded in his ass clear up to his balls. He just stayed in her a minute, laughing while she sobbed and tried to pull away before he leaned forward on her back and gripped her shoulders. He then hopped completely up on her back and wrapped his legs around her thighs. One nudge with his dick up her ass, and "Go, giddy up, little doggie," put Jeannie into motion.

She jumped from the floor and had full rein to run around circling in about a ten-foot diameter. She kept shaking and trying to push his hands away from her tits and his legs off her thighs and she ran around, but he kept a firm hold and continued to hump her ass while she cried out in pain. She wiggled, shook, and ran around a good ten minutes before she fell to her knees, still sobbing, and tried to roll over. The ropes prevented her from flipping onto her side, though. The most she could do was hop around on her hands and knees, bouncing her butt up and down like a true bull, trying to buck its rider off.

Eventually, she tired and stopped, just staying on the floor with Rocko's legs wrapped around her thighs and his butt pistoning up and down as he drove his tool up her ass repeatedly. It didn't take long before his nuts started to swell and his ass stopped pumping. He let out a long moan, but stayed embedded in her ass, gently rolling his hips back and forth.

With a sigh, he pulled his dick out. It made a loud plopping sound, and he stood up. Jeannie was now back to the limp unconscious position she'd been in beforehand. He smacked her playfully on the ass and said, "Hell of a ride, little lady. I don't think I've ever had a filly buck that hard to throw me off, but I gotta say, your ass was the tightest I've ever fucked. Well worth the effort."

Steve yanked me around and said, "I doubt this one will give us that type of ride. She likes getting fucked too much. You ever have it up the ass?"

I shook my head no. The most I'd ever had up my ass was a couple fingers, and I didn't like it. It was too much for me in terms of orgasm, and the only thing I wanted out of sex was an orgasm.

"Well, maybe we can do something else for you."

I felt a flood of relief wash over me with the hope Steve didn't plan to impale my ass with his huge dick. I didn't think I could stand it.

But the next thing I knew, he pushed me forward and jammed his dick up my cunt. I squirmed a little as his hit bottom several times before pulling out and slamming it full force up my ass. I screamed. Loud. I scrambled to pull away, but he held me still. He didn't pump me. He just left his dick embedded in my ass like piece of meat stuck on the end of a eschewer.

"Hoist the rope a bit, boys," he said. I felt my feet moving off the floor again. "There, stop," he said.

I was now back on my tiptoes with his dick shoved in my ass. One of his fingers reached for my clit while the other reached for one of my nipple. He began a flicking motion with each hand. I moaned in spite of myself. His dick started moving in and out. Gently at first, but after a little bit he picked up the tempo until a few minutes, when he stopped and pulled his hands away from me. I whimper a bit in protest.

He laughed before he said, "Freddie, you said you wanted some pussy, right?"

"Hell, yeah!" Freddie stepped forward, dropped his pants, and kicked them aside.

I started struggling against the ropes at the thought of what was going to come next, but Steve held my hips firmly in place with his dick still stuck up my ass. Freddie stepped forward and yanked my legs around his waist. He made a few jabs before he found my pussy hole and wedged his dick inside. I grabbed him around the head and buried his face in my breasts, trying to lift up and away from both of them. He just laughed and pulled one of my tits into his mouth, sucking it, before he moved to the other, nibbling and biting on each of them.

Every time Freddie pushed, it shoved Steve's dick further up my ass. Every time Steve pushed back, it impaled me more on Freddie's dick. Soon they had a rhythm going, pumping me back and forth between them while I just let them.

Steve reached around and pulled my legs from Freddie's waist, leaving me to dangle between them on my tiptoes. Both of them stopped pumping me, and Steve said, "Start dancing if you don't want me to get the knife and shove it up your cunt."

I started dancing, which really didn't amount to anything more than bouncing up and down on my toes. By that point, it didn't matter, though. I was so horny with my body begging for release I started jumping up and down, letting both of them fill me. Freddie reached between our bodies and started teasing my clit. The more he teased the more I jumped. It didn't take long before I hit an earth shattering orgasm and fell limp between them. Steve grunted and lunged against my ass several time. I felt his seed spew in the depths of my bowels. Freddie grabbed my legs again and started hammering me, using his father as a backboard until he grunted and dumped his load inside of me.

I looked over at Jeannie. She was on top of Rocko, who was pistoning in and out of her, while one of the boys was nailing her ass and another plunging her mouth. I wondered if both one of us would ever be the same again, and I still wondered it as the other two boys filled me up and started bouncing me on their dicks.

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