Ride Home


I could feel myself blushing, knowing damn well I was busted, and not sure how this was going to go.

"I'm sorry," was all I could come up with.

She cracked up laughing, which I totally didn't expect.

"You don't have to be sorry, no harm was done, it's just that I knew you must have been doing it on purpose," she said still laughing.

"You're not mad that I flashed your husband, twice," I asked with a little smile.

"Gloria that's something I fantasized about doing for years, but just didn't have enough nerve to do it. Does your husband know you do it?" she asked.

"No it's my little secret," I lied.

"I understand, Andy would think I was crazy if I mentioned to him that I wanted to do it."

"You've never given a little peek?" I asked.

"I noticed my boss looking down my blouse one time while I was leaning over his desk to point something out on a contract. It was purely accidental, but I got so excited over it."

We exchanged a few stories about accidental, real accidental flashes, and were both in agreement that it was very exciting. While we were chatting a few of other ladies joined us so we had to change the subject. It was getting to be late afternoon and the guys decided to play another game of softball while they still had sunlight.

I was saying my goodbyes to everyone. I walked over to Jennifer and asked her if she was going to hang around. She said she had no choice because she drove here with her husband. I told her I came in my own car and would be more than happy to give her a ride home. She said that would be great and she went and told her husband she had a ride and would see him at home.

She lived only a few miles from my home so it wasn't out of my way at all.

"I hope I didn't embarrass you when I asked you about flashing my husband," she said as we drove out of the park.

"I was more afraid you might go crazy and start yelling at me, now that would have been embarrassing," I answered with a smile and we both laughed.

I asked her" Would like to get naked in front of someone without it being an accidental peek or would you be comfortable just giving a peek," I asked.

"You mean just strip my clothes off with them standing there looking at me?"

"Yes, something like that," I said.

"That would be so sexy, I would love to see whoever was looking at me, but no way in the world would I want him to know I was actually undressing for him, so I guess I would feel safer with just a tease and I'm not sure how to go about doing that," she said disappointed.

"I think I can set that up, if you'll agree with a few things," I said.

"What do I have to agree too?" She asked.

"Mostly that you never tell anyone," I said

"I wouldn't tell a soul," she answered and added

"God, just talking about this is getting me excited."

"Yeah I know the feeling," I said and we both laughed.

I took her home and she asked me to come in for a cocktail, but I told her I had to get home, which I did. She told me to be sure to call her if I should come up with a plan.

The only plan I had from the start is to get David involved so I wouldn't be the only one he's interested in., but that just popped in my head when she told me she would like to flash someone.

A couple days passed and I was starting to think I was making way too much out of David's attention and I came to realize I was thinking about him more often and I liked that he saw me. I masturbated several times thinking about him.

I was sitting at my desk looking out the window in my home office and our hot tub caught my eye. I wonder if Jennifer would like to have some wine in the hot tub and perhaps I could get David to hide in the hedge to peek at us. I'll tell Jennifer he's hiding there, but she shouldn't let on that she knows he's there. I'll tell her I asked him to peek on me and a friend I'll then tell David, I have this fantasy about him peeking at me.

"Hi Jennifer," I said calling her from my car while on my ride home from the train station after my daily commute.

"Hi, I was hoping I would hear from you."

"This is what I'm thinking. You know David from the softball team last week right," I asked.

"Yes, actually he's friends with my nephew Johnny and he's been at my house few times. He knows my sons also, why?" she asked.

"This might not be to your liking then, but let me tell you anyway," I said thinking David just might be too close to her family for her to be comfortable with my plan. I then told her about how I teased him in the car and again at the ball game. "To be honest with you Jennifer I've enjoyed showing myself to him and he likes looking," I said with a laugh.

"How old is he?" she asked.

"He's a senior in High school, and he's 18."

"Same as my nephew, David is a very handsome boy," she said.

"I was thinking of telling him that you and I were going to get together, have some wine and go in our hot tub nude. I'll tell him that I want him to see me nude, that it's a fantasy I've had since I gave him the ride home. I'll say you're going to be there also so he'll have to hide in the shrubs.

"Oh my God Gloria," she whispered.

"Just think it over and let me know. No one will be at my house this Saturday evening," I was saying when she said "I'll do it."

"Great, let me see if I can get David and I'll get back to you, see ya," I said and hung up.

"Hi David, this is Gloria, have a minute?" I asked.

"Hi, I never thought in a million years I would hear from you," he said and I could tell he was smiling.

"I don't know if you'll want to do this, oh hell, I damn well know you'll want to do this," I laughed

"Do what?" he asked.

"David, I've always had a fantasy about someone peeking at me when I'm naked, you've experienced my teasing. I think you're a very handsome, sexy young man and well I was wondering if you would like to see me naked again, but as a peeper instead of me just undressing for you." I asked.

"I can't believe I'm even hearing you saying that, I'd do anything for you," He said.

"Thank you honey, this will be so sexy and there's a little more to this also,"

"Like what?" he asked.

"You know your friend Jimmy's Aunt Jennifer, Andy's wife from softball?"

"Sure I do, doesn't she look like."

"Jennifer Love Hewitt," I said.

"Yeah that's the one, what about her?"

"She's coming to my house on Saturday to have some cheese and wine and I mentioned to her that we could go in my hot tub she said it sounded like fun, so she'll be undressing with me."

"Wow, Jimmy and I always talk about hot she is, seeing her naked would be great."

I told him we would be on my rear patio near the hot tub and he could hide in the bushes that go right up to the patio fence.

He asked more questions about when to be there and if my husband and kids were going to be. I pretty much winged it as we spoke. I was starting to feel very excited about doing this. Planning something like this is a turn on also!

It was early Saturday evening. My husband was at his brothers' home down the shore and was going to spend the night so they could get an early start fishing the next morning. My son was with my husband and my daughter was at a sleepover at a friend's house. So that left me and Jennifer alone in the house.

She was wearing shorts with a blouse and I was wearing Capri's with a tub top. We had a light dinner and got to know each other a little better. I really liked her and I believe she felt the same way about me. As it was getting darker out I could tell she was getting anxious about the hot tub show we were about to perform.

"Getting worried?" I asked.

With a laugh she said," no getting horny."

"I'm sure David is here so let's go out on the deck, sit by the hot tub, sip some wine and after about 10 minutes I'll ask you if you want to get in the hot and we'll wing it from there."

We usually have the lights off around the hot tub and only keep the ones in the tub on, but for better viewing I kept the lights on.

We strolled out to the patio and admired the beautiful evening, it was actually quite warm for spring. I'm glad we both knew that David was going to be hiding because while we were standing there we both heard a twig snap which would have made us wonder who or what was out there.

We sat on the deck chairs and sipped our wine.

"Jennifer, do you want to get in the hot tub?" I asked.

"Oh damn, I forgot my bathing suit. I had it ready since you mentioned we go in it and walked out of the door without it."

"No one wears a bathing suit in a hot tub, we'll go bare ass," I told her.

I understand there will be no Emmy awards given for this performance, but we had fun.

I faced the shrub line where I knew David was and pulled my top off, it felt so good to have my breasts free, especially since I knew David was looking.

As I was doing that Jennifer removed her blouse and reached around and unhooked her bra. She had beautiful breasts, big and well shaped with dark erect nipples. Looking at them made me excited. I pulled my pants down and stood there in my thong; I picked up my wine and watched Jennifer.

She unbuttoned her shorts and stepped out of them. She had hips that I've heard guys say about similar hips that they were made for fucking. She too was wearing a thong and made a point to have her butt face David's hiding place as she got her glass of wine. We were standing there trying to act casual when I whispered to Jennifer "David must be so excited looking at you right now."

"This is so sexy Gloria," she said with a smile.

We walked around and talked giving David a good look. Jennifer walked right near the edge of the patio and pulled her thong down giving our peeping tom a perfect view of her pussy, completely shaved I might add.

I followed her lead and took mine off also. I'm not shaved, but I keep it well trimmed.

We both heard another twig snap and I was thinking David would never make it as a sniper or a real peeping tom. The snap was to our left and then we heard another one right in front of us. Jennifer whispered that she's beginning to think there is more than one person in the bushes. I told her if there was I didn't know anything about it, which I didn't.

We went back towards the hot tub and we heard more noise in the bushes.

I said to Jennifer "do you think we should pretend we're deaf or if you're up to being naked right in front of him we can call him out and have him come up here.

"Gloria I'm so horny I would have no problem if he was here next to me."

"Who's out there?" I said sticking to the script that Jennifer wasn't supposed to know she was being watched.

I repeated "come on we know someone is out there, come here now."

David walked around the edge of the shrubs with a grin on his face and right behind him was another guy!

"Johnny is that you?" said Jennifer

"Hi Aunt Jennifer," I heard a young mans voice say.

"What are you doing here?" Jennifer asked.

David said," I better answer that. I asked him to come along with me to spy on Gloria." I shot him a look.

"Gloria mentioned that she was going to relax this evening in the hot tub and I figured she would be naked so I decided to peek on her. John called me this afternoon and asked me what I was doing this evening and I told him, Sorry Gloria, I had no idea Aunt Jennifer would be here too," He lied.

The whole time he was talking he was looking at my tits and Johnny kept looking his Aunt over. I looked at Jennifer to see how she was handling this and she had a sexy look on her face and didn't seem at all pissed off.

I wasn't all that mad myself, mostly disappointed that David told someone, but this was very sexy having both boys staring at our naked bodies.

"Aunt Jennifer you're as hot as I always imagined you'd be," said Johnny.

"You've imagined me being naked?" she answered seeming surprised.

"Me and all my friends, you're a real milf," He said.

"Since I'm standing here without a stitch of clothing on will someone be kind enough to introduce me to Johnny," I said with a laugh.

Jennifer did the introduction explaining that Johnnies' father was her husbands' brother.

We were having a silent awkward moment when I suggested to Jennifer that we get in the hot tub. The boys looked surprised that they weren't being sent away, but at this point I figured Jennifer was apparently okay with her nephew seeing her and we both wanted David to see us, so let them stay.

The hot tub had steps on one side for easy access, but I hopped up with my butt on the edge and swung my legs around into the water. My legs were spread wide open when I did that and the boys got an eye full.

Jennifer hopped up like I did, but asked the boys to hold her hand so she wouldn't fall. David being the gentleman took her hand and was treated by seeing her shaved pussy open as she moved her leg into the water.

I asked the boys to get us our wine glasses as we sat back into the water.

They poured the wine and gave us our glasses. I was sitting back in the tub when Jennifer said "Why don't you boys join us."

I wasn't expecting that, but I suppose I should have figured out where this was heading.

"Great idea Jennifer," I heard David say. They both started to pull their tee-shirts over their head.

"Hey wait a minute," I said, while standing up and moving closer to get a better look. Jennifer who was down in the water stood up also.

"Okay now do this slowly for us, tee-shirts first." Which they both removed exposing nice firm bodies. David was tall and lean like I mentioned before, Johnny was shorter, but with a more muscular build. They both looked good!

"I want to see your cocks," Jennifer blurted out. She turned out to me a hot one!

I've always been the one that gave an "accidental" peek and never really gave much thought about seeing the guy naked, but when Jennifer asked the guys, I must confess I liked the idea.

The boys looked at each other for confirmation that they both agreed to do it and then started to take off their shorts and underwear.

"Do you like my cock Aunt Jennifer?" Johnny said. As he stood there with it sticking straight up

It did sound bizarre to hear those words, but at the same time very sexy.

"It's beautiful and you look good too David," Jennifer said in a whisper.

"Gloria, you are incredible, look how hard you've made my cock," David said. He posed with his hands on his hips with his cock looking so hard and sexy.

"You boys both have such sexy hard pricks, I love looking at them," I said.

"Get in the hot tub and enjoy the water," Jennifer said.

They climbed in and sat opposite us. As much as I was enjoying myself I was starting to worry how this was going to end. No way do I want, well okay I might want it, but no way will I have sex with high school boys no matter how sexy I think they are. Showing myself to them is bad enough.

Fortunately, the boys weren't overly aggressive and weren't forcing themselves on us. As we talked and laughed they would reach out and touch a boob or put a hand on our thighs and slide them to our pussies, which was fine with me and I didn't notice Jennifer minding at all.

"Gloria stand up and show us your cunt," said David. It sounded more like a demand than a request, but I was turned on by it.

I didn't answer but I stood up so they could see all of my body.

"Stand with you feet apart," said David. Again I did as I was told.

"Open your pussy lips so Johnny and I can see everything,"

I reached down with both hands and pulled my lips open, both boys faces were so close to me. I felt like such a slut and loving it!

Jennifer stood up next to me and opened her cunt, not wanting to be left out, both boys were looking from her to me and back and forth. Jennifer and I looked at each other and gave each other a smile. We gave them a long look then both of us sat back down into the water. The boys looked dazed from this experience.

"It's getting late so we'll have to wrap this up soon," I said.

"My husband is going to wonder where I am if I don't get home soon," added Jennifer.

"I knew this would have to end at sometime, but I was hoping it never would," said Johnny.

"You can't send us home like this," David said while standing and holding his cock.

"That really wouldn't be nice," Jennifer said as she reached over and took hold of David's cock and started to stroke it. Johnny stood and moved in front of me, what else could I do but to feel his cock and start stroking it. Just holding such a beautiful young cock was great, but stroking it and hearing Johnny whisper how this was the hottest thing that ever happened to him, made me want to pump it like it was my own. I would glance over at David's cock while he was being pumped by Jennifer and I must say I was a little jealous that I wasn't jerking him off instead of Jennifer, but that was just a passing thought and I continued to enjoy Johnny. I could feel him tense, then a strong stream of cum shot out of his cock and landed partly on his Aunts side. Shortly after David shot his cum almost across the hot tub, God, the power of a teenager's orgasm!

Jennifer gave me a big smile and she said," Now that was hot."

We all sat back in the water to catch our breath when David asked" Is there anything we can do for you lady's?"

"No, thanks for the offer," I laughed,"this was quite enough."

Jennifer added "Maybe some other time." This put big grins on their faces.

It took us about an hour to get the boys out of the tub, get dressed and leave.

Jennifer and I were now dressed and having one more wine.

"That was the most exciting thing I've ever experienced," said Jennifer.

"It was that for sure," I answered.

"I nearly fell over when I saw my nephew standing there."

"You seemed to handle it alright, "I said.

"Here I did, but can you imagine what it'll be like when I see him at my house?"

"I know what you mean I was wondering about that myself, what it'll be like when David stops by to see my son, fortunately he doesn't come over that often," I said.

"God that was so sexy looking at their hard cocks," Jennifer said.

"I know and didn't they feel so hot and hard," I added, "Christ we jerked off too boys!"

"Did you see how far the cum shot?" asked Jennifer.

"Did you know Johnnie's sperm hit the side of you?" I said.

"Oh my God, I didn't know. I guess with all the hot water splashing on me. Damn how hot is that?"

We sat around and sipped a few more wines and talked about the nights events.

"Gloria, do you think we can do something like this again?" Jennifer asked.

"I think we've had too much to drink to make a decision like that," I said," speaking of drinking are you okay to drive home."

"Actually I better call my husband and see if he'll give me a ride."

"I have a better idea, why don't you call him and tell him you're going to spend the night here," I suggested.

She made the call and it was okay with her husband.

"Looks like I'm spending the night here," Jennifer said after disconnecting with her husband.

"Good lets get undressed and back into the hot tub, there's something else I have to tell you about myself." I said with a grin.

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