Ride Home


This story really requires having read Booty Call for it to make sense.


Jen felt sick to her stomach as she combed out her long, black hair in the mirror. The dread that had filled her every day since Jason had forced her to do those nasty things all over campus was still there. She hated leaving her room, but like a robot she forced herself to go to class. Her campus, warm and safe for the past three plus years, was now filled with humiliating details. She couldn't even get to the dining hall without seeing reminders of her night. He had hit buildings in every part of the college, and even though she tried to block the memories, every time she looked up there was an image. She had managed, at least, to craft a path that scrupulously avoided the site of her final humiliation, where he fucked her against a wall while a small crowd cheered. She was thankful she hadn't heard anyone actually talking about her, but she was so on edge that every smile from a classmate became a knowing leer. Jen took a deep breath, picked up her book bag, and headed out to class.

Her second class was the worst, in the lecture hall where he had forced her to perform lewd acts. She could no longer sit in her customary seat in the front, instead hiding in the back of the room. She would listen to Dr. Gaines lecture from the stage she had been on, and it was all she could do to stay for the entire class. Her mind filled with images of how slutty she must have looked on the stage, like some immoral whore performing for her owner. She tried to focus, but was completely unsuccessful. She hoped she would be able to return to normal soon. As soon as classes were over she retreated to the relative safety of her room to study alone.

Karen, her freshman roommate, returned to their dorm that afternoon, bubbly and carefree as usual. She bounded into the room and handed Jen a flyer from her dance team.

"Our performance is Saturday night," she smiled. "Can you make it?"

"Sure, I wouldn't miss it for the world," Jen grinned.

"Great, I'm going to put out the rest of these on the bulletin boards."

Karen left and Jen turned to study the flyer. The bottom fell out of her stomach as she saw it's location: the old gymnasium. The place where he had forced her to hang on a basketball rim while he...ate her out. A wave of revulsion swept over her as the memory flooded back. There was no way she could go back there.

Saturday evening came and Jen and several of her friends gathered to walk to the event. Jen did her best to play it cool, but was extremely distracted. Worse, the group took the shortest path to the gymnasium, right past the wall she had been avoiding. Jen couldn't help glancing at it as they walked by, the image of what had happened burning brightly in her mind, the cries of her passion seeming to still echo in the night. They entered the gym early and took seats in the bleachers. As the gym filled up, Jen scooted to the end. As the last one in the line of her friends, she couldn't get involved in their conversations and was left with her own thoughts. Her eyes kept wandering to the basketball rim. Even though she had been totally into it, it had been so wrong of him to make her do that. She was so absorbed in her memory she didn't even notice that she was staring at the backboard and squeezing her thighs together, stimulating her already hot core.

"What are you looking at," a voice beside her shoulder purred, interrupting her thoughts.

Jen's head snapped around and came face to face with a grinning Jason. She stared at him wide-eyed, like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Jason's eyes detached from hers and locked on to the basketball rim. He started to nod.

"Yeah, me too," he chuckled.

His eyes returned to hers as his tongue licked his lips, sending a shiver down Jen's spine.

"Well, you take care, Dollface," he grinned and tapped her foot as he left.

Jen tore her eyes away from his receding figure and forced herself to watch the stage hands. Her insides were completely jellified. Why did he have such an effect on her? Why did he have to come over and tease her? Jen thought about leaving just to get out of the place, but moments later the lights went down and the show started. Karen's dance team emerged to loud applause, and the audience focused on their routines. Everyone except Jen, who was lost in her own thoughts as she slowly turned from the stage to stare at the basketball rim, flushed in humiliation as she imagined herself naked and hanging from the rim as the entire gym cheered her.

Jen could tell her panties were soaked as her little group walked home. Mercifully, Karen was going to an after-dance party and would be out late, so Jen took advantage of the private time to pleasure herself. Try as she might, she could not drive the memories of what Jason had done to her away. Even her safe fantasies were being poisoned by either being watched or exposed. She finally gave in and allowed her mind to return to the gym, imagining hanging naked from the rim while Jason ate her out, a spotlight on her as everyone cheered and whistled. She imagined the shocked looks in the eyes of strangers. The image of her academic Dean drifted into her mind, disbelief on her face, and Jen came almost immediately. She was so worked up she kept at it, hitting orgasm after orgasm until she was finally too exhausted to continue.

Jen stewed about Jason for the next few days. What he had made her do was wrong, and yet she had never told him off. He probably was dumb enough to think she was okay with what had happened. Back at her room after classes, she decided that she needed to tell him just how unacceptable his behavior was. She resolved to meet him to set the record straight. She called him just after lunch.

"Hello, Dollface," he answered easily.

"I need to talk to you. Meet me at the Student Union."

"No. I'll meet you at your dormroom."

"Jason, no," she said sharply. "The Student Union."

"You want to talk? I'll be at you dorm in twenty minutes. Take it or leave it."

"Jason, no," she repeated, but was met with a click on the line.

Jen shook her head in disgust. She had no desire to be alone with him, but most important was confronting him. If it had to be here in her room, then so be it.

Almost exactly twenty minutes later there was a knock on her door. Jen took a deep breath, fixed a scowl on her face, and opened the door. He was leaning on the door jam with a bored smile.

"What's up, Dollface?" he asked.

"Sit down," she ordered, motioning with her head.

Jason lurched off the door and sauntered past her to hop on her bed. He leaned back on his elbows and looked idly around the room as she closed her door.

"So what's up?"

"Jason," she said firmly, "What you did to me was wrong."

A smile cracked his face. "What did I do to you? Get you out of your shell?"

"You know perfectly well what you did. You forced me to have sex with you all over campus."

"Okay," he shrugged. "Dollface can't have sex on campus. Got it. Anything else?"

"That's not what I said. You purposefully forced me to expose myself."

"So the sex was rockin', you loved it, but you're too self-conscious about your own body to get naked," he smirked.

"Jason, it was wrong what you made me do," she said, stamping her foot for emphasis, her hands clenched in impotent fists. "I want you to delete those pictures I sent you."

"Nope," he shook his head, a grin peeking out.

"You are an asshole."

"I never claimed to be anything else," he chuckled, lacing his fingers behind his head as he leaned back against the wall, infuriating Jen with his cavalier attitude. "I'm just a squirrel looking for a nut. Don't blame me for an image you built yourself."

"You took advantage of me, and I do not appreciate it."

"Why? No one got hurt."

"That's not the point."

"Why not?"

"Well, because...," Jen stuttered. "It's just wrong to do those things in public."

"Says who?"

"It's against the law."

"So is speeding."

"This is worse."

"Really? Does it say in the Bible 'Thou shalt not get naked?'" he mocked.

"No," she answered, suddenly unsure of herself. "It's just wrong. It's against the law."

"Oh, yeah, sorry I forgot that you're such a goody-two-shoes that you never would do anything against the rules," he grinned, pantomiming quotes with his fingers.

Jen glared at him.

"You would never speed. You would never eat a grape in a grocery store. You probably would never go in through an out door." He casually reached over for her pillow and peeked into the case, producing the tag on the pillow. "Do not remove under penalty of law," he read solemnly. "What a good little girl you are," he grinned in mock approval.

"This isn't funny."

"Actually, Dollface, it is," he smirked. Jason hoisted himself forward to look lazily at her. "Listen, I got it," he said with a blasé wave of his hand. "Happens all the time. A goody-goody lets her hair down for once in her life, has a blast, and then is mortified by the next morning."

"I'm not a goody-goody."

Jason chuckled lightly. "Dollface, I warned you," he grinned, his eyes twinkling "I told you to find a boyfriend, I told you that I was going stretch your boundaries. And I think I stretched a few of you boundaries that night, huh?" he nodded in amusement.

"Jason, I don't want to do things like that."

"I got it, it's cool. You're a prude. Good for you, now you know what you want. Sexually. And you and I both know I won't give it to you like that. You want to have the lights off, a quiet, romantic, gentle love making session. I'm sure you're going to make some boy very happy, under the covers, missionary position every night. But that boy ain't me," he bit, leaning forward. "And when you call me again, and you will call me again, you can expect that I'm going to leave you drooling, gasping for air and sore."

"I'm not like that," she said defiantly, crossing her arms in front of her. "I don't want to do things like that."

"I already told you, this isn't about what you want." He said, standing suddenly. "It's about what I want," he woofed, gesturing violently to his chest for emphasis, suddenly filling the room with his presence.

Jen stepped back from him as he advanced, finally stopped by the desk behind her. He moved into her personal space and caged her between his arms planted on the desk. His eyes were hungry as he came in, and Jen leaned back as far as she could. His forehead only a half inch from hers, their eyes locked, he spoke again.

"I want to fuck you like an animal," he growled. "I want to hear sounds torn from your throat that no human makes. I want you to blush every time you think of me."

Jen could feel the heat rising in her cheeks and looked away despite herself. He stared at her face for a few quiet seconds before standing slowly.

"I warned you," he said pointedly. "I told you to get a boyfriend. I told you I was going to stretch your boundaries. You may be naïve, but you and I both know you ain't stupid. You wanted to get fucked and you knew what you were getting into."

Jen's eyes lunged to him and she shook her head vigorously.

"No," she snapped back, wagging a finger at him. "No I did not know what I was getting into. You had no right. You should have listened to me when I told you stop."

"Oh, I'm sorry," he mocked, eyes suddenly livid, "I must be thinking of a different slut. One that was begging me to fuck her. You mean that wasn't you?" he sneered. "How dare you say you told me to stop," he roared, jabbing a finger into her face, his red with anger.

Jason turned his back to her as she recovered, stunned by the turn of event. Silence filled the room for long moments as she stared at his back.

"Jason, I'm not saying you raped me," she said quietly, eliciting a disgusted snort from him. "I'm just saying I'm not comfortable with what happened. That girl that night...that's not me."

Jason's shoulders softened as he exhaled, shook his head and stroked the back of his head. "Then who was it?" he asked quietly.

Jen looked down and shook her head. "I don't know. Not me."

Jason turned softly to her. "Well, I'd sure like to meet that girl sometime. She was fun. Looked like she was enjoying life for once."

Jen shook her head, eyes downcast and starting to water. "No. It wasn't me."

Jason stepped forward and caged her in his arms again. This time Jen didn't lean back and his face stopped in front of hers.

"Look at me," he asked softly, and Jen complied, studying his face. "Tell me you've ever cum that hard before."

Jen started to say something before the memory rushed in. Her pause had given Jason what he wanted, and she looked aside but not before she saw something in his eyes—Pride? Confidence? Lust?—as she felt herself blush.

Jason pushed himself up. "That's what I thought. Me too."

Jen's eyes sought to his, wondering at the meaning of his last words. A small, sad smile forced its way onto his face, and Jen bit her knuckle, looking away in thought. The room was silent for a long moment.

"Well, I gotta get going," he offered.

Jen nodded, unwilling to look at him.

"We good?"

Jen nodded again, glancing again at his handsome face, seemingly devoid of malice. Jason held out his arms and a moment later Jen found herself stepping forward to hug him. They held each other lightly for a few moments before he released her.

"Goodbye, Jen," he said softly, stroking her hair. "You got my number."

Jen nodded quietly as he turned and left.


With the end of her undergraduate career coming in a few months, Jen was trying to decide between work and graduate school. She lined up three job interviews and would be spending four days flying across the country to meetings with the companies. She had cleared everything with her professors and had arranged to get notes from friends. The interviews all went well and she finished with two job offers and was expecting a third by the end of the week.

Jen arrived early at the airport as usual but found her flight was delayed. She and hundreds of other passengers looked glumly at the monitors as flight after flight was delayed or canceled. Heavy storms in Chicago and the rest of the Midwest were wreaking havoc with the entire air transportation system. Morning turned to afternoon, which turned to evening. Jen had been sent all over Hartsfield trying to get a flight and she finally secured a seat on a connecting plane, even though she was told her luggage wouldn't make it.

It was night when she finally landed at her local airport, almost an hour after its usual closing time. She stopped by a restroom to freshen up, and by the time she reached the curb she began discovering the awful reality: the last bus had left. All the other passengers had left. The airport was shutting down. Even the taxi stand was deserted. She started calling around to taxis and limo services, but they were asking outrageous fares to come out to the airport for her. She tried calling her friends, but most of them either didn't have a car or sounded smashed at a party. Jen studied her contact list. Mom and Dad couldn't help her now. There were two names left: her math professor from last year and Jason. She chose the math professor. The call went immediately to voicemail, and Jen discovered she had taken a sabbatical. That left Jason. Jen looked around and wracked her brain for another solution. If Jason was being a dick or didn't have a car, she would be forced to pay for a limo. Standing in her knee-length summer frock in the deserted airport loop she felt horribly vulnerable. She looked around, took a deep breath, and made her call.

"Hello," he greeted her.

"Hi, um, Jason, can I get a favor?"

"Depends, what's up?"

"I just got in at the airport and the last bus has left and there are no taxis. Can you come pick me up?"

"Uh, hang on a minute."

Jen heard the sound of muffled conversation, one voice sounding like a female. She wondered if he was with his girlfriend. She felt a pang of jealously in spite of herself.

"How much stuff do you have?" he asked as he came back on.

"Nothing, my bags didn't make it. Just me and my purse."

"Oh, okay, I can come get you. It'll be about thirty minutes."

"Really?" Jen smiled, relieved. "Thanks a bunch."

Jen let out a contented sigh as she sat down to wait. Slowly, her thoughts turned to her predicament. Usually, Jason wanted something in return, but he hadn't asked for anything on the phone. Her mind ran wild with the possibilities, and it started to piss her off. He better not be a jerk when he came by, she was not in the mood for his perverted games. Jen sighed, opened her book and started to read as she waited for him to arrive. The rumble of a motorcycle alerted her to his arrival, and she looked up in shock as he pulled up next to her. She was not expecting a motorcycle. As he took off his helmet and dismounted, she rose to meet him.

"Jason, no funny stuff, okay? I just need a ride."

Jason's eyes hardened as he stopped. "Bitch, you better fucking change your attitude or I'm just going to leave without you."

Jen swallowed at his brutal response. "Um, thanks for coming to pick me up, I really appreciate it," she said timidly. "Please don't leave."

"That's better," he said and broke into a small grin. "Let's go."

Jason took off his jacket and handed it to her. She put it on and was practically swimming in it, hanging down to her mid thighs. Jason laughed at her and helped fold it up around her waist before taking the other helmet and standing back to look at her. Jen looked at the motorcycle apprehensively. She had never been on one, and was a little unsure of how to get on. She made a couple of half-hearted attempts before looking at him watching her intently with a grin.

"What are you doing?"

"Hoping to catch a peek," he leered, glancing at her crotch.

"Turn around," she demanded.


"Jason, turn around," she repeated, stamping her foot for emphasis.

He grinned in a silent response, his eyes fixed on her. Jen could feel herself getting really upset.

"Please turn around," she begged.

"That's all you had to say," he smiled and turned to face the other way.

Jen sighed a thank you and appraised the bike again before throwing her leg over. She realized she wouldn't have shown anything anyway. Jason turned and handed her a helmet and helped her put it on before mounting and starting the bike. Jen wrapped her arms around him and they started with a lurch. Her helmet was pressed flat against his back and she couldn't see where they were going. She found it unnerving as they swerved and tilted and accelerated without her being able to see. She tried sitting up more, but his shoulders were still in the way, She leaned over to the left to try and peek under his arm. Again she was unsuccessful and she maneuvered to peek under his right arm. Suddenly they were stopping and Jason leapt off, spiking his helmet on the ground. Jen raised her visor in alarm.

"Jesus Christ, can you sit still?" he yelled at her. "I'm willing to give you a ride, but I ain't gonna be turned into street pizza for you. Com'on!" he snapped, smacking the side of her helmet and glowering at her.

"I'm sorry," she finally answered, wide-eyed in embarrassment.

Jason fumed at her for a few moments before picking up his helmet. "You almost made me lose balance back there." He paused for a moment, holding his forehead. "You've never ridden before?" Jen shook her head. "Well that explains a lot. Okay Dollface, it's like this. We got two wheels. If you lean when I'm not expecting it, we can tip over. If we're doing 70 and we tip, that helmet won't save you. So it's important to sit still."

Jen nodded vigorously. "I just wanted to see what was going on."

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