tagIncest/TabooRide Home to Step-Daddy's

Ride Home to Step-Daddy's


Let me begin by saying that I am a sexually active 18 year old. My mother left my father to remarry a man I had never met. I got to stay with my father because my mother didn't want to be loaded down with baggage.

Little did she know that her new husband would bring his 19 year old son and 18 year old daughter to live with them. My dad didn't have time to monitor my behavior and when he found out I like to fuck, he sent me to live with my mom. See, I had fucked most of my dad's friends after one of them got a hold of me for the first time. So...

My mom sent her husband Dave and her step son (my step-brother) Ricky to come get me from the airport since she was still not done preparing my room. I would have to share the room with my step-sister Carla.

I spent the majority of the plane ride hot and bothered because this older man next to me kept looking down my shirt. I kept wishing he would stick his hand under my skirt and finger fuck me. He didn't. I guess he was intimidated by my 18 year-old voluptuous body. See, I am nice and curvy for my age. Not skinny and not fat. I have thick hips, a nice round ass, and my boobs are just right at a c cup. This is thanks to my Mexican heritage. My legs are also nice and thick. I have learned that men love it. I love men and prefer them over boys my age. Their dicks are bigger to suck on and I have always had a Daddy complex.

This "Daddy" complex is what gets me in trouble in this story. See, when Dave spots me I can tell that he is flabbergasted at what he sees. I look nothing like my mom. She is skin and bones. I get my curves from my father's side of the family. I am wearing a short mini skirt (which is the trend) and a fitted white t-shirt. The shirt contrasts nicely with my tan skin and black, long hair. The shirt is henley style, meaning it buttons up to my bra and then lets my cleavage hang out. (Most people wear a tank top under these type of shirts). I am also NOT wearing a bra and I am NOT wearing underwear (but he can't tell yet).

Along with Dave is Ricky, who is having a bit more of a problem controlling his eyes. I go up to them and introduce myself as Bella, his step-daughter. After an awkward meeting, Dave and Ricky walk me to their car. Their car is a two-seater Mercedes Mclaren. I thought to myself, "Man, this dad makes bank!" The problem with the two-seater is that I had nowhere to sit except for on Ricky's lap. This was a problem because, remember, I have no underwear on.

Ricky and Dave got in the car and I settled myself on Ricky's lap. I was already horny from my plane ride, and Dave wasn't making it any easier. He was wearing a nice cologne, he was very handsome in an older man way. And he was very authoritative, which I LOVE. Ricky was also hot for an 19 year old. He had a nice tan (not natural like mine). He also had dark hair and sports build.

My mom's house was about an hour's drive from the airport. It's a huge estate in the boonies. So, I tried to make myself comfortable for the long ride.

Dave asked me what type of music I liked and I told him anything. Ricky said he liked rap music so he put it on a rap station. They were playing "Oh" by Ciara. It's a slower, grinding kind of song. So, I start moving my hips slowly, grinding on Ricky's lap. I am really getting into the music. The friction on my pussy from the grinding is sending me over the top. I am so lost in my dancing and grinding, that I didn't realize my mini skirt had hitched itself almost completely all the way up. At this point I also felt a raging hard on coming from Ricky's lap. Yummmm! I thought. I just wished it was Dave's dick below me. I thought what the heck, Dave (my stepdaddy) may not notice me grinding my new step brother because he seemed to be on a business call.

I continue to grind slowly and firmly on Ricky's dick. At this point he has his hands on my hips and is guiding me closer and closer to his dick. His dick is fully erect through his shorts and my pussy is not covered. I start to rub my pussy on his dick through his sports shorts. Ricky's breath was getting shallow in my ear. I felt him slip his hands from my hips to under my skirt. His fingers found my pussy and began rubbing my clit as I continued to grind Ricky.

I was so into it, I didn't notice that Dave was off the phone and was watching the action while trying to drive. I could see his hard on through his jeans. At this point, I said "Fuck it". I hitched up my skirt and revealed my nice tan ass to Ricky. I said to Ricky and Dave, "I want to fuck...my pussy is so wet. I want a dick in me the whole way home." I was a little worried about what they might think, but their hardon's gave them away.

Ricky immediately pulled his dick out of his shorts. I awkwardly lifted myself and he guided me on to his dick. I started grinding slowly on it. Occasionally I would contract my pussy to tighten my grasp. As I did that I would life my ass ever so slightly, teasing Ricky's cock. I looked over and noticed Dave jacking off while driving. This sent me over the edge. His dick was HUGE. Ricky's was pretty big also. I started humping Ricky's cock faster. I leaned back against his body and placed my feet on the dash board. I put his hands between my legs and told him to rub my clit while I fucked him. I continued to bounce up and down on his dick until he came in me (birthcontrol). Ricky was spent, but I was just starting. I looked out the window as I continued to rub myself to another orgasm. A man in a truck was looking over at us. I smiled at him and continued to rub.

Dave continued to jack off, but I bent over and started sucking his dick while he drove. I used my hand to jack him, while I sucked his head. I told him to pull over and switch places with Ricky. Ricky was excited because Dave never lets him drive his car, but Dave made an exception this time. Dave got in the passenger side with his dick out and ready for me. I sat on it, facing the front window and I fucked his dick. I grinded and grinded.

"Oooh, your dick is so FAT!" His dick was big, but it was fat. It stretched my hole so big. I kept fucking it anyway. "Fuck me daddy! Fuck me while my brother watches. Fuck me while other people watch, daddy."

"Do you like it, daddy? Do you like your little girls pussy?" "Uh..huh, yes, fuck me baby" Never mind that we had just met.

I fucked him till he came and I came. Then Ricky pulled over to the side of a rural road. I got out with my skirt hiked up still. I propped one of my legs onto the hood and told Dave to put his dick in my ass. I felt his fingers playing with my ass, lubing it up. Then he slowly inserted one finger into my asshole. Then I felt him slap my ass cheeks with his dick a few times before it found my asshole. The tip of his dick put pressure on my asshole as it resisted. Slowly he pushed and pulled until his dick was all the way in. Then I told Ricky to bring his dick to my pussy. He rub his dick along my pussy then lifted me onto his dick, as he sat on the hood. He sat on the hood, I was on his dick, and his dad was standing behind me, fucking my ass. All of us had clothes on. They had their dicks pulled out, and my skirt was hiked up. We fucked with both of their dicks filling me up, and ahhh, it felt great.

Then we headed home where I would see my mom and meet my stepsister. Did I tell you that I love pussy also? Rooming with a hot girl will be fun!

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